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9 Weird Laws in the U.S.

Don’t drink Coke from a large container, don’t feed homeless people and don’t play snowballs in the desert: 9 weird laws in the US

1. Sodas in large glasses are illegal in New York.

Restaurants, movie theaters, sports fields and from grocery carts on the streets of New York City have banned the sale of soda drinks in containers larger than 16 ounces (0.45 liters).

Why was this done? The question is a pertinent one. We didn’t know ourselves. But it turned out to be simple:

“This is the biggest step any city, I think, has ever taken to curb obesity,” Mayor Michael Bloomberg told the New York Times.

2. Feeding homeless people is banned in Las Vegas

In an effort to encourage homeless people to hang around elsewhere, Las Vegas authorities have made handouts to homeless people in parks a crime that could lead anyone to six months in jail and a $1,000 fine.

“Families are afraid to walk in the park,” City Councilman Gary Reese told the New York Times. – “I don’t think anybody in America wants people to starve to death, but if you want to help somebody, you can go to McDonald’s or Kentucky Fried Chicken and feed them there.

Yeah, that’s a genius solution! What a load of crap!!!

3. “Happy Mill is illegal in San Francisco.

Restaurants in San Francisco are illegal to hand out free high-fat, high-calorie food toys. To get around the law, McDonald’s is offering toys for an extra ten cents. Fast-food restaurants such as Burger King, Carl’s Jr. and Subway are also affected by the law.

“Our efforts are aimed at combating the epidemic of childhood obesity.” ,” San Francisco City and County Supervisor Eric Mar, who brought forward the ordinance, told CNN.

Well here, in our opinion, is a logical step. After all, all those cheap toys at Happy Mills are nothing more than an attempt to attract kids to unhealthy foods and get money from their parents. But as you can see, the good deed is squeaky-clean; McDonald’s lawyers are swell.

Baku - capital and largest city of Azerbaijan

4. Plastic bags are banned in Portland.

Grocery stores prohibit the use of plastic bags in the city of Portland. The only exceptions are groceries, meats, and drugstores, which can wrap their products in cellophane.

“What are they for? – Bag-ban proponent Mark Gamba stated. – We can use other materials that we used before. In our family, we’ve been using canvas grocery bags for the last 15 years.”

5. Swearing is a criminal misdemeanor in Rockville, Md.

You can swear when no one can hear you, in Rockville, Maryland. But if you swear in public, it’s a misdemeanor.

“A person may not curse and swear or use profanity on or near any street, sidewalk or highway in the presence of persons walking by, on or along that street, sidewalk or highway,” ,” the law states.

6. Dirty cars outlawed in the city of Minnetonka, Minnesota

Vehicles with dirty wheels and dirty bodywork are considered a manifestation of disorderly conduct in the city of Minnetonka, Minnesota. If “dirt, dust, sticky substances, debris or other material/matter flies off of them on any street or highway,” , you could get in trouble with police officers.

7. Texting while crossing the street is an administrative offense in Fort Lee, New Jersey

In an effort to reduce traffic fatalities, citizens in Fort Lee, New Jersey, can be fined $85 if they type a text message while crossing the street. Even if they were walking at a green light on a zebra. And if they are crossing the road in the wrong place and are texting, the $85 fine for the second offense will be added to the fine for the traffic violation.

“We believe pedestrians should make eye contact with vehicles when the former cross the road in front of the latter,” Police Chief Thomas Ripoli told ABC news. And he added, “Technology gets in the way of public safety a little bit.

8. Snowball game banned in Provo, Utah

Throwing harmless snowballs in the city of Provo, Utah, is also an insidious violation! Funny thing is, city officials said it’s not even more of a law, but a “victory for common sense.”

Again, the official’s explanation: “If you have a couple of roommates playing snowballs, I don’t think the police would pay attention,” spokesman Mike Mauer told the Deseret News. – “But if you launch a big icy snowball at a nice female student – well, that’s not very nice, and we have laws in place to prevent not-so-nice moments.

By the way, if we were officials in Provo, Utah, we’d be wary of talking about a “victory for common sense.” The fact of the matter is that this state basically looks like this:

Ísafjarðardjúp, Iceland - the ice fjord abyss

Yes, temperatures can indeed drop below 0 degrees in winter in the northern parts of the state, but heavy and prolonged snowfalls are rare. Was it worth the paper and time to come up with such a “useful” law?

9. It is illegal to store trash in a vehicle in Hilton Head, South Carolina

The law in Hilton Head, SC, is designed to minimize the spread of rats. Less food, less nuisance rodent neighbors. But, right, then, why would you want to convert an under-eaten hamburger left halfway in the back seat of a car into an administrative violation? Does that even make sense? How would that affect the rodent population?!

The text of the law states that it is illegal to “place, leave, discard or accumulate any garbage, waste or junk in any building, vehicle and its vicinity in the city if the act could provide an opportunity to feed or become a haven for rats” .

But in Fairbanks, Alaska, there are no laws against getting a moose drunk.

There have been rumors of such, but they have not been officially confirmed. After hearing all this, it’s kind of weird!

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