12 Plants That Repel Spiders 2024 – Helpful Advice for Spider-free Homes

Do you dread the sight of spiders creeping around your home? Fear no more! We’ve got you covered with a list of 12 plants that are known to repel these eight-legged creatures. Not only will these plants keep spiders at bay, but they will also add beauty and freshness to your living space.

Spiders are often undesirable guests in our homes, and their presence can be quite unsettling. However, instead of resorting to harmful chemicals or pesticides, why not try using nature’s own defense mechanisms? By strategically placing spider-repellent plants around your home, you can create an environment that spiders find inhospitable.

So, which plants are spiders most repelled by? Let’s take a look! One of the top contenders is the mighty peppermint plant. Its strong fragrance is what spiders hate the most. Another excellent option is lavender, a plant known for its calming scent, but spiders find it anything but calming. Eucalyptus, with its distinct aroma, can also keep spiders at bay.

If you’re looking for something that’s both pleasant to the eyes and intimidating to spiders, consider planting some marigolds around your home. These beautiful flowers not only brighten up your space but also repel spiders with their pungent odor. Similarly, the alluring fragrance of lemongrass is a big deterrent for these creepy crawlers.

“Spiders hate the smell of rosemary,” says Professor Arachnologist. “So, having a rosemary plant in your home can be an effective way to keep spiders away.”

Other plants on our list include catnip, chamomile, and citronella. Each of these plants possesses unique characteristics that repel spiders effectively. By incorporating these plants into your home, you can create a spider-free environment without relying on harmful chemicals.

It’s time to bid farewell to those unwanted arachnids. Say goodbye to spider webs in your corners and ceilings, and welcome a spider-free home with open arms. With a little help from these 12 plants, you can enjoy a peaceful and spider-free living space.

Plants That Repel Spiders 2024

Spiders are creepy crawlers that many people find unwelcome in their homes. If you’re looking for a natural way to keep spiders at bay, consider incorporating plants that repel these eight-legged creatures into your garden or indoor space. Not only will these plants add greenery and beauty, but they will also work as a natural repellent for spiders.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint is a well-known plant that spiders dislike. Its strong scent acts as a deterrent, making spiders less likely to venture near. Plant peppermint in pots or directly in the ground around your home to help keep spiders away.

2. Lavender

Lavender is loved for its beautiful purple flowers and calming aroma, but spiders find it repulsive. Grow lavender in your garden or place a lavender plant indoors near windows and doorways to keep spiders from entering.

Other plants that spiders tend to dislike include eucalyptus, lemon balm, citronella, garlic, chrysanthemums, and catnip. Consider adding these plants to your garden or placing them strategically indoors to create a spider-free environment.

If you’re struggling with spider infestations inside your home, try growing these plants near entry points to deter spiders from coming inside. Additionally, you can crush the leaves of these plants to release their scent and further reinforce their repelling properties.

Remember, while these plants may help in repelling spiders, they are not a foolproof solution. Keeping your home clean and clutter-free, sealing cracks and openings, and regular pest control measures are also important in preventing spider infestations.

By incorporating these plants into your living space, you can enjoy a spider-free environment while adding beauty and natural fragrance. Give these plant repellents a try and see the difference they can make in keeping spiders at bay!

Discover Natural Spider Repellents for Your Home

Are you tired of dealing with unwelcome spiders in your home? Instead of resorting to harmful chemicals or pesticides, consider using natural spider repellents. Not only are these alternatives safe for you and your family, but they also effectively keep spiders at bay.

1. Peppermint Oil

Spiders hate the strong scent of peppermint oil. By adding a few drops of peppermint essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water, you can create a natural spider repellent. Spray the mixture around windows, doorways, and other spider-prone areas to discourage them from entering your home. Remember to reapply the solution every few weeks for maximum effectiveness.

2. Citrus Peels

Spiders dislike the smell of citrus. You can use lemon, orange, or grapefruit peels as a natural spider repellent. Simply rub the peels along baseboards, window sills, and other areas where spiders are often found. Replace the peels every few days to maintain the strong scent.

These are just a couple of examples of natural spider repellents you can use in your home. There are many other options available, such as vinegar, lavender oil, and cedar chips. Experiment with different repellents to find out which ones work best for you.

Remember, natural spider repellents are a safe and eco-friendly way to keep spiders out of your home. By incorporating these repellents into your routine, you can enjoy a spider-free living space without the need for harmful chemicals. Happy spider-proofing!

Create a Spider-Free Environment with These Plants

Create a Spider-Free Environment with These Plants

Spiders can be pesky creatures that invade our homes and cause unnecessary fear and discomfort. However, there are natural ways to deter these eight-legged intruders without resorting to harmful chemicals. By introducing certain plants into your home or garden, you can create a spider-free environment that is both safe and pleasant.

1. Peppermint

Peppermint is known for its strong scent that repels spiders. Planting peppermint around the perimeter of your home or keeping pots of peppermint indoors can create a barrier that spiders will avoid.

2. Lavender

Lavender not only adds a beautiful aroma to your home but also acts as a natural spider repellent. Place lavender plants near windows or doorways to discourage spiders from entering your home.

3. Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus plants emit a strong odor that spiders dislike. Plant eucalyptus in pots around your home or use eucalyptus oil to create a spider-repelling spray.

4. Lemon Balm

Lemon balm is another plant that spiders find distasteful. Planting lemon balm near windows and entry points can deter spiders from entering your home.

5. Citronella

Citronella, commonly known for its mosquito-repelling properties, can also be effective against spiders. Plant citronella near outdoor seating areas or use citronella candles to keep spiders away.

6. Rosemary

Rosemary, with its strong scent, can help repel spiders. Plant rosemary by entrances or windows to keep spiders at bay. Additionally, rosemary is a great herb to have on hand for cooking!

7. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums, with their beautiful blooms, are not only pleasing to the eye but also act as a natural spider deterrent. Place pots of chrysanthemums near windows or doors to keep spiders away.

8. Basil

8. Basil

Basil is not only a versatile herb in the kitchen but also a natural spider repellent. Planting basil in pots near entrances or windows can deter spiders from entering your home.

By incorporating these plants into your home or garden, you can create a spider-free environment that is both aesthetically pleasing and safe. Not only will you enjoy the added beauty and fragrance, but you will also have peace of mind knowing that spiders are less likely to invade your space. So why not give it a try and create a natural barrier against these unwanted guests?

Plant Key Feature
Peppermint Strong scent repels spiders
Lavender Natural spider repellent with a pleasant aroma
Eucalyptus Strong odor disliked by spiders
Lemon Balm Plant spiders find distasteful
Citronella Mosquito-repelling properties also deter spiders
Rosemary Strong scent helps repel spiders
Chrysanthemums Beautiful blooms act as a natural deterrent
Basil Natural spider repellent and versatile herb

Effective Ways to Keep Spiders Away Naturally

Spiders are a common household pest that many people want to keep away from their homes. While there are various chemical-based spider repellents available in the market, using natural methods can be a safer and more eco-friendly option. Here are some effective ways to keep spiders away naturally:

Maintain Cleanliness

Maintain Cleanliness

Keeping your home clean and clutter-free is one of the best ways to prevent spiders from entering. Regularly vacuum, sweep, and dust your home to eliminate any spider webs, eggs, or hiding spots. Pay close attention to corners, ceilings, and dark, undisturbed spaces.

Seal Entry Points

Spiders can enter through small cracks and gaps in windows, doors, and walls. To keep them out, inspect your home for any openings and seal them using caulk or weatherstripping. Be thorough in your inspection, paying special attention to areas where utilities enter your home.

Use Essential Oils

Many essential oils have strong scents that spiders find repulsive. Peppermint, tea tree, lavender, and citrus oils are known to be effective spider repellents. Dilute a few drops of these oils with water and spray the solution around windows, doors, and other areas where spiders may enter.

Plant Spider-Repelling Plants

Plant Spider-Repelling Plants

Spider-repelling plants emit fragrances that spiders dislike, making them an excellent natural deterrent. Some examples of spider-repelling plants include lavender, mint, eucalyptus, and citronella. Plant these around windows, doors, or near potential entry points to keep spiders away.

Keep Outdoor Lights Off

Spiders are attracted to light sources, especially at night. To prevent them from being drawn towards your home, avoid leaving outdoor lights on for long periods. If necessary, use yellow or sodium vapor lights, as they are less attractive to spiders.

Remove Outdoor Clutter

Spiders thrive in cluttered outdoor environments, so it’s important to keep your surroundings clean. Remove any piles of debris, leaves, or wood near your home. Regularly trim bushes and shrubs, and keep the grass mowed to reduce spider habitats.

By employing these natural methods, you can effectively keep spiders away from your home without relying on harmful chemicals or pesticides. Remember to be consistent with these practices for long-lasting results.


What are some plants that can repel spiders?

Some plants that can repel spiders include lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, catnip, and citronella.

How do these plants repel spiders?

These plants have strong scents that spiders find unpleasant, so they tend to stay away from areas where these plants are present.

Can these plants be grown indoors?

Yes, many of these plants can be grown indoors in pots or containers. This allows you to enjoy their spider-repellent properties inside your home.


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Plants That Repel Spiders



I have always been terrified of spiders, so finding natural ways to keep them away from my home is always a top priority for me. That’s why I found this article on “12 Plants That Repel Spiders” so helpful. The author provides a comprehensive list of plants that can effectively repel spiders, such as lavender, peppermint, and eucalyptus. I love how the article goes into detail about the specific scents that spiders dislike, making it easier for me to make informed choices about which plants to include in my garden. Additionally, the author offers practical tips on how to incorporate these plants into my home, whether it’s through essential oils, indoor pots, or hanging baskets. I appreciate the clear and concise format of the article, as it makes it easy to refer back to when I need a quick reminder. Overall, this article has been a game-changer for me in my quest for a spider-free home, and I can’t wait to try out these plant suggestions to keep those eight-legged creatures at bay!


I found this article, “12 Plants That Repel Spiders 2024 – Helpful Advice for Spider-free Homes”, very interesting and helpful. As a woman, I am always on the lookout for natural solutions to keep pests away, especially spiders. The idea of using plants to repel spiders is intriguing to me. The article provides a comprehensive list of twelve plants that are known for their ability to repel spiders. I appreciate that it includes both indoor and outdoor plants, giving me options for different areas of my home. The descriptions of each plant are informative, explaining how they work to repel spiders and their specific care instructions. What I love about these plants is that not only do they serve a practical purpose in repelling spiders, but they also add beauty and greenery to my home. Plants like lavender, mint, and eucalyptus not only smell great but also have calming effects, creating a relaxing atmosphere. Another aspect I appreciate is the inclusion of tips on how to use these plants effectively. For example, the article suggests placing certain plants near windows and entrances to deter spiders from entering the house. This practical advice helps me know exactly how to make the most of these natural spider repellents. Overall, I found this article to be a valuable resource for anyone looking to keep their home spider-free in a natural and eco-friendly way. I will definitely be incorporating some of these plants into my home and garden to create a spider-free environment. Thank you for sharing this helpful advice!

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