12 places for people who like to have fun

Top 12 Best Entertainment Spots in Moscow

Entertainment in Moscow, if you want, you can find a wide variety. The capital, as in all other sectors, has been and remains a leader in the field of leisure. Numerous entertainment centers, cinemas, quest rooms, bowling alleys, skating rinks and other entertainment venues are ready to welcome guests and residents every day.

What kind of entertainment in Moscow – everyone decides for himself in accordance with individual preferences and financial capabilities. For children and young people, as well as people of more mature age, you can find a variety of activities that will help:

  • interesting and fun to spend time;
  • get maximum positive emotions;
  • get rid of fatigue and gain strength before a new work week.


What entertainments in Moscow are extraordinary? Such a question interests many people. We want to tell you what kind of entertainment will definitely be unexpected and unusual for you. A flight in a large hot air tube offered by Freezone Park will leave unforgettable impressions not only for children, but also for adults. Such entertainment for all ages is very popular in the capital.

Despite all the variety of recreational opportunities that are available, flying is the most unusual. Choose Freezone Park, which occupies two hectares for recreation and entertainment. Among the attractions in Moscow it is the most unusual, because the aero tub is the largest in the world.

Use the opportunity to get unforgettable and incomparable impressions – call and book a time to fly. You can find our rates here https://www.freezone.net/air/.

Most of us have never jumped and never will jump with a parachute, and such a flight will help to feel all the delights of free fall.

No less extravagant is another attraction and amusement park Freezone – this pool with artificial wave. It is produced by special equipment installed in the indoor pool of the park. The large capacity allows many guests to swim at the same time. In addition to just swimming here you can go surfing. This is quite a popular attraction of the entertainment park “Frison”, which is visited not only by guests, but also by professional surfers who prefer to prepare here for various competitions. Residents of the Russian capital gladly visit this attraction of the park, as it is a unique opportunity to catch an ocean wave without leaving the country.

Such attractions as the rope town and the interactive shooting gallery are very popular among the park’s guests. These are fascinating rides that are suitable for all ages of visitors. Especially exciting is the shooting gallery, where you can shoot with a variety of weapons. There is an opportunity to take part in combat operations, to hunt and just try your hand at marksmanship. Friendly companies often organize in an interactive shooting gallery a variety of tournaments on accuracy. All shots are made by means of a modern laser, which ensures absolute safety of visitors.

Lovers of a more relaxed holiday can visit the attraction virtual polygon, where they will become participants in the game plots. Here everyone will find a game to their liking, as presented a large number of played out situations:

  • endless showdowns between gangster gangs;
  • fight for survival after the apocalypse;
  • travel through galaxies and time;
  • ghost hunts and more.

After visiting the attractions you can refresh yourself in the park’s restaurant Freezone, where the menu offers a huge variety of dishes from different cuisines. Guests are cooked by a professional chef. The little guests of the park will not be left without attention either. There is a special children’s menu of delicious and healthy dishes for them.

You can stay for a longer period of time in the amusement park “Frison” by using the services of a cozy hotel. Rooms of different level and area will provide a comfortable stay for all guests regardless of age.

Capital entertainment comes in many forms, but we recommend you to try the most extraordinary. Freezone is a place you just can’t help but like. We hope that now you know what entertainments you should try in the capital.

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Freezone rope park

Today’s young people prefer an active lifestyle and are looking for the same kind of entertainment. The Freezone park has a rope town, which, unlike many others, is available at any time of the year. A large-scale area allowed installing a large number of trails of varying complexity. Therefore, children and adults can easily find the most interesting one. You can find out more at the link https://www.freezone.net/rope-park/.

In such a town will certainly offer protective equipment and provide safety support. Therefore, to overcome the trails is absolutely no fear and safe. Choosing a ropes course town will help to organize your leisure time in an interesting way, having fun, training your wits, coordination and endurance.

After a successful completion of the track you can go to a cafe or restaurant, fly in the hot air tube or plunge into virtual reality. In Freezone Park it is easy to organize your leisure in such a way that you will remember the time with bright emotions and impressions for a long time.

Labyrinth of Fear

An interesting and unusual place is the maze of fear. Total darkness, frightening sounds, flickering lights – everything in it inspires horror. Visitors are transported from the familiar Moscow into a mythical world where fear rules. This is the best place for those who like to tickle their nerves and get sharp emotions.


Address: Novy Arbat, 15.

Ticket price: 300 rubles, discounts for privileged categories.

Working schedule: daily, from 12:00 to 00:00.

Mirror labyrinth.

This funny mirror attraction, which will be interesting both for children and adults, is one of the attractions of Moscow. Many intricate corridors that seem endless to visitors. Elements of a psychological quest are enjoyed by all visitors. In the labyrinth you can have a good time and get bright impressions.


Address: Novy Arbat, 15.

Ticket price: 200 rubles.

Working schedule: daily, from 12:00 to 00:00.

Labyrinth “Mebius”

Ribbon unusual labyrinth, which is the attraction of infinity. It has no analogues in the world. Due to the dense wall of ribbons visitors have a feeling of infinity and weightlessness. Number of moves just a huge, their total length of 89 kilometers. This attraction is able to confuse each visitor.


Address: Novy Arbat, 15.

Ticket price: 300 rubles.

Working schedule: daily. From 12.00 to 00.00.

Museum of Soviet slot machines

Unique in its kind museum, which on the territory of a spacious pavilion collected a lot of Soviet automatic machines. All equipment is in perfect condition. A 15 kopecks coin acts as a token. In the halls you can not only play on different machines that were popular during the Soviet times, but also try soda, the taste of which is remembered by many since childhood.

Address: Kuznetsky most street, 12.

Ticket price: 450 rubles.

Working hours: every day from 11.00 to 21.00.

Museum “Bunker-42”.

Do you want to visit one of the most secret objects during the soviet period? Now everyone can visit the bunker and see with his own eyes what is the bunker. It is a unique structure because it is located under the ground at a distance of 65 meters. Today it is converted into a military-historical, cultural and entertainment complex. Everyone is interested in visiting it.


Address: per. Kotelnicheskiy lane, 11, the large green gate with a red star.

Working hours: daily from 10.00 to 22.00.

Museum of Death

A lot of amazing exhibits are in the collection of the museum, which has a rather unusual name. In it you can see a variety of non-standard coffins of the most bizarre forms. Also in the exposition are skeletons from Italy, dressed in different costumes, skulls from France. The museum is very non-standard, so it attracts the attention of many people.


Address: 15, Novy Arbat street.

Ticket price: 300 rubles.

Working hours: every day from 12.00 to 24.00.

Ames Room

The main feature of Ames room is an optical illusion. In just a few seconds a person can change from large to small and vice versa. The unique design of the room, at first it appears to be simply rectangular, but in fact the room is trapezoidal in shape. Many people come with pleasure to see the optical illusion, not even realizing that this invention is more than 60 years old.

Rest in Kemer, Turkey


Address: Krymsky Val, 9, in front of the main entrance to Gorky Park, on the Illusions Square.

Ticket price: 350 rubles.

Opening hours: daily, from 11.00 to 23.30.

Flight Control Center

As a kid, many wish to become space explorers. This dream may be realized by visiting the Mission Control Center, where everyone will become a cosmonaut. It offers not only a lot of interesting excursions. Visitors get a chance to try the food of astronauts from tubes, as well as experience what weightlessness is.


Address: 4, Pionerskaya street, Korolev, Moscow region.

Opening hours: every day from 9.00 to 16.30.

Paintball club “Vityaz”.

None of the athletic young people will refuse to play paintball. Develop a strategy and win against the opposing team, get a lot of bright impressions – all this you can do easily and simply visitors of the club “Vityaz”, which is located near the center of Moscow. The space allows organizing children’s competitions, team building and military tournaments.


Address: 37a Sevastopolsky Prospect.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 21:00.

Extreme game-simulator “Mars-2060

An interactive model of the Martian station allows players to fully immerse themselves in the game for two hours, dealing with various situations and completing a number of tasks. The total area of the game space is 1 000 m2. The most unusual tasks and difficult situations await the players, who will have to become astronauts for a while and manage the space station in 2060.


Address: Sadovaya-Kudrinskaya ul. 5k1, on the territory of the Moscow Planetarium.

Opening hours: every day from 10:00 to 21:00.

CSKA climbing wall.

Rock climbing wall is unique and equipped with a licensed reference track, the length of which is 15 meters. Everyone who wants to test themselves and improve their skills can visit this climbing wall that also has sectors with a slight overhang. The size of the room allows more than 30 athletes to train simultaneously.


Address: 39, Leningradsky Prospect.

Working hours: on weekdays from 17.00 to 22.30, on weekends from 10.00 to 22.00.

12 the best places for beach holidays

12 best places for beach holidays

Summer is coming, and it’s time to think about where to spend it. On the eve of the summer season we have compiled a rating of the best places for a beach vacation in Europe, Russia and exotic countries. Do not know where to go? Get to know!

Where not worthwhile to go?

  • Leave aside the European resorts that offer a holiday at the Black Sea. Service there, of course, is higher than domestic, but the sea is the same, and the pricing policy may well be comparable to the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean.
  • Do not go to those countries that you feel unsafe: Thailand, India, Bangladesh. And if you decide to go there, choose the place and the hotel carefully.
  • To resorts where there is even a hint of unfriendly attitudes towards Russians. Your vacation could turn into a nightmare, so read the reviews carefully.
  • To the countries where you have to overpay. Choose Montenegro over Croatia, the Philippines over Thailand, and the Bahamas over Grenada. There you will find everything the same, but much cheaper.

Rating of the best places for a beach vacation

Best Beach Vacations in Europe

Greece, Crete


Photo: www.turoboz.ru

Crete is the most popular place in Greece, where our tourists prefer to go on vacation. If you go on your own, you can get by with a modest sum and have a great time at the beach and on excursions. Advantages :

  • Clean sea, sandy beach;
  • excellent European service, friendly staff;
  • the rich history of Greece will not let you get bored during your vacation.

Disadvantages :

  • You need to get a visa.

Advice: if you don’t want to get to Crete in the heat of the day, you should choose either June or September. Reviews holidaymakers in Crete: “Greece is a perfect place, I went for the third time! I’m satisfied!”. “This year we vacationed near Heraklion and toured the eastern part of Crete. I really want to go back to Crete and see the west (they say it’s even better!).”

13 things to see in Crete, Greece

Montenegro, Budva


Photo: merealty.ru

They advise to go to Montenegro for those who have decided to rest at the sea abroad for the first time. The quality-price ratio here is obvious, and besides there are a lot of advantages of rest in distant countries. Also, many people prefer Montenegro to Bulgaria because of the Adriatic Sea, rather than the Black Sea.

The advantages :

  • The prices of almost everything are acceptable, Bulgaria and Croatia are much more expensive;
  • Similar mentality, there is no language and cultural barrier;
  • you do not need a visa;
  • The beach is both pebbly and sandy.

Disadvantages: with a properly planned trip, there are none.

Tips :

  • It is better to stay not in Budva, but in the nearby villages, such as in the village of Jaz. There are fewer people on the beach and prices are even lower;
  • The best time for a holiday – June.

The reviews of holidaymakers in Budva: “Excellent big beach in the village of Jaz. There are also fine pebbles, on the one hand, and sand on the other. In Budva itself on a beach – horror, to a crowd, so we have chosen really optimum option for us”. “As for the food, I will say that lunch and dinner we spent on the seafront. We took shawarma for 3 euros (they have such huge portions), I personally had enough until 9 pm. Beer – 1,5 euro, chicken in pita bread – 3 euro, expensive tea – 3 euro, ice cream – 1,5 euro (also a large portion). There is also a small one – 0,5 cents.

Spain, Mallorca


Photo: kervansaraymarmaris.com

The popular resort island in the Mediterranean Sea is chosen by people with above-average income. Spain is quite an expensive country, so the rest here will cost a penny. The advantages :

  • excellent European service;
  • beaches for every taste: sandy and rocky, clean sea;
  • the rich culture of Spain.

Disadvantages :

Reviews vacationers in Mallorca: “We vacationed in the area of Cala D’or – this is the southern part of the island, a few dozen kilometers from the capital Palma de Mallorca, in my opinion – a good place for a quiet, family vacation, in contrast to the areas near Palma.” “The island is like a miniature Spain. You can find a beach for all tastes and colors… It is also possible to choose the question of privacy: you can go to a very noisy beaches or visit a secluded beach, where there are very few people.

Italy, Calabria


Photo: www.putevoditel.nakurorte.ru

Calabria, which is located on the “toe” of the Italian boot, is perfect for beach lovers. There are not many attractions, but low prices, beautiful beaches and clean sea.

The advantages :

  • inexpensive hotels and life in general;
  • clean sea, sandy beaches;
  • excellent infrastructure and European service.

Disadvantages :

  • There is mostly nothing to see;
  • you need a visa.

The feedback of holidaymakers in Calabria: “If the beach, the sea, just rest is more important – better in Calabria. There are long and wide sandy beaches, a good clean sea. There are not many people there. And prices in hotels and restaurants are lower. “Calabria around Tropea (it has beautiful sea and not bad and relatively inexpensive hotels with their own beaches) is more suitable for a quiet beach holiday.

The best beach vacation in exotic countries

India, Goa


Photo: fionatravel.com.ua

Goa causes contradictory impressions of different people: someone tells that the holiday in Goa was unforgettable, and someone remembered it as a boring spending time surrounded by cows and dirty water. If you are used to the Turkish all-inclusive, a holiday in Goa is not for you.

The advantages :

  • Exoticism that will be remembered for a long time;
  • low prices (if you do not take 5 * hotels);
  • the rich culture of India.

Disadvantages :

  • The sea can be dirty depending on the season;
  • a long flight (7-8 hours without connections).
Canadian Climate and Weather

Tips :

  • Holiday in Goa is best from December to March;
  • Choose your hotel carefully, as in any exotic country;
  • Do not holidays in Goa with children. Many tourists take children with them, but it’s not safe.

Reviews holidaymakers in Goa: “Unique nature, excellent climate. We were at the end of December. The weather was about +30, +32, and there was no stuffiness. And the water was always equally warm!”. “When calculating the money spent on food it turned out that food, just food – for us for two for 9 days, with lunches and dinners, cost us 6000 rubles for two. I think it’s not expensive at all, provided that you can eat what you want, when you want, and in any quantities”.

Cuba, Cayo Largo


Photo: dsc.invia.sk

The island of Cayo Largo is famous for its gorgeous beaches and clear sea. Unlike the Dominican Republic, the Russians are very well treated here, so you can safely plan your trip.

The advantages :

  • Great sandy beach and crystal clear water;
  • Friendly staff at the hotels;
  • no visa required.

Disadvantages: with a properly planned trip, there are none.

Tip: Cuba is better to go in the spring, ie from March to May (sometimes in June).

Reviews holidaymakers on the island of Cayo Largo: “We liked it. The weather is very comfortable, always a breeze, so it’s not hot. The sea, the beach, the sand is just some cartoon color, all some unreal.” “It’s a wonderful place, just fabulous! The sea – it is impossible to describe its beauty! The sand – impossible to describe its whiteness! Palm trees – high! The dolphins are friendly!”

Bali, Tanjung Benoa


Photo: nsk-1001tur.ru

Bali has places for both quiet and noisy vacations. In Tanjung Benoa, the vacation is just a measured, relaxed vacation that will suit couples who prefer to lounge on the beach.

The advantages :

  • An exotic atmosphere for those who want something out of the ordinary;
  • friendly staff in the hotels;
  • you can live fairly cheaply;
  • the rich culture of the locals;
  • You can get a visa on arrival at the airport.

Disadvantages :

  • The beaches are not always clean;
  • Lack of attractions.

Tips :

  • Do not go to Bali if you want clean sand and crystal water. But if you want to add exoticism to your life – you’re there;
  • From November to the end of March on Bali – the rainy season, it is better to choose another time to go on vacation.

The reviews of holidaymakers in Tanjung Benoa: “Bali did not disappoint in the slightest. This is a very special place with a very special atmosphere, nature. You want to go back there again and again, and better yet, do not leave there at all… This place should be felt, felt, lived it, with its not always clean ocean, beaches not with white sand, lack of architecture…”. “We stayed at Novotel Benoa 4* (Tanjung Benoa): a quiet place, along the street – small (and inexpensive) restaurants – loved one of them and had dinner there every night”.

Malaysia, Borneo


Photo: www.sunplanet.ru

Malaysia is favored by those who like to lie on the beach and sunbathe. However, there are also many interesting sights, sightseeing which will diversify your vacation.

The advantages :

  • A large island, you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also get acquainted with local life;
  • clean sea and sandy beaches;
  • you can do scuba diving;
  • no visa required.

Disadvantages: with a properly planned trip, there are none.

Tip: It’s better to go to Borneo from April to October.

Feedback from vacationers on the island of Borneo: “We chose Borneo. We wanted to see Kinabalu Mountain, but got exotic: orangutans, cicada sounds, impenetrable jungle. Everyone who was, agrees that all that is in Borneo, together anywhere else can not be found. Exoticism surrounds you from all sides. The local population is treated with respect (almost reverence).” “In Borneo we lived on Semporn, and every day we took boats and rode to the islands. Especially liked Sibuan – white sand, palm trees, etc., you can swim even at low tide.”

Drottningholm Royal Residence, Sweden

The best beach vacation in Russia


Photo: www.incrimea.com

If you choose where to vacation by the sea in Russia, the Crimea, without a doubt, remains one of the most popular places. Here you can not only bask on the beach, but also visit all sorts of sights.

The advantages :

  • Clean air, beautiful mountains;
  • a huge variety of attractions;
  • there are sandy and pebble beaches;
  • quite reasonable prices.

Disadvantages :

  • service leaves much to be desired.

Reviews holidaymakers in the Crimea: “For me, the best place in the Crimea – Koktebel. I go there several years in a row, first with my girlfriends, now – with my husband. What do I like – a charming landscape – mountains, sea, blue sky with hang-gliders, prices for accommodation are relatively low, a good beach, long”. “We vacationed in Kurortnoye. The place is great! There’s incredible nature, air and energy! Infrastructure is underdeveloped very much, but you’re sure to find places where you can smoke a delicious hookah and a good dinner”.



Photo: yuzhnyi.gelotel.ru

Gelendzhik itself is not very interesting in terms of beach recreation. At sea it is better to go to the neighboring settlements: Divnomorskoye, Kabardinka. But in Gelendzhik you can have a nice walk.

The advantages :

  • beautiful nature;
  • you can find a relatively inexpensive housing.

Disadvantages :

  • Quite dirty sea;
  • Still overpriced.

Reviews holidaymakers in Gelendzhik: “In Gelendzhik is better to just walk in the evenings, and rest or in Kabardinka, or Divnomorsk, the sea and the beach are better, and in general nature. and in Gelendzhik sit on each other’s heads. “Go, really, to Divnomorskoye or Dzhankhot – always, if there are a lot of people, you can go away somewhere to the side. The sea is open, not a bay like in Gelendzhik, it means that it’s cleaner. There is nature all around – forests, fields, mountains”.



Photo: www.tyr74.ru

Quite a decent resort for a beach holiday in Russia. Here, of course, not Europe and not Turkey, but it is quite real to find a good place.

The advantages :

  • A sandy beach;
  • Almost all beaches are free;
  • If you vacation in the village near Anapa, it is relatively inexpensive.

Disadvantages :

  • Frequently, the water is dirty;
  • The level of service leaves much to be desired.

The reviews of holidaymakers in Anapa: “The sandy beach of Anapa is not just dirty, but very dirty. In the sand – cigarette butts, plastic bags, wrappers, etc. On the beach “Vysokiy Bereg” is less dirty, but in the season there is hardly a place to just stand”. “Regarding Anapa – if you have small children, it will suit you. If there are no children, and besides you are irritated by the incessant shouting on the beach, the sand flying in all directions from running and inadequate mothers – then do not even sue there.


Photo: best-tour62.ru

Budget holiday on the Azov Sea is suitable for families with children and those who want to spend your vacation in a calm atmosphere.

The advantages :

  • Suitable for holidays with children;
  • Relatively inexpensive vacation;
  • the beaches are sandy, pebbly, rocky;
  • a lot of entertainment venues.

Disadvantages :

  • Dirty sandy beaches, mostly.

Feedback from holidaymakers in Yeisk: “Yeisk is a quiet quiet town, there is no fuss. The population is friendly. They will tell you where you can go, where you can relax. The city has a dolphinarium, aquarium, water park, an exhibition of butterflies, a terrarium. “Dirty beach, children did not risk to let on such sand. We went to bathe on the rocks, it’s bad to go in the water, but at least it’s clean. For children there it is interesting – and the water park, and Dolphinarium, and the park, but if you want a clean sea and the sand to lie – this is not the place.

Where to go to rest?

We have made a rating of the best places for beach holidays in Russia and abroad. Choose, read reviews and pricing, and go wherever your heart is. We hope that your vacation will be unforgettable.

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