12 best sights of Kobuleti – description and photos

12 places worth seeing in and around Kobuleti


The small town of Kobuleti is the second largest resort in Adjara after Batumi. People come here to relax on the beach, experience the world of wildlife and visit popular tourist sites. There are few sights in Kobuleti, but they are certainly worth seeing.

Fortress of Petra

Peter Fortress

Fortress of Petra.

One of the most significant historical attractions of the resort is the Fortress of Petra, which once had a rather favorable strategic position. The ruins of this Byzantine fortress, located south of Kobuleti, in the village Tsikhisdziri, are well preserved.

Fortress of Peter is a whole historical and archaeological complex. During the excavations in 1961 – 1962 here were found stepped terraces, ruins of the basilica and baths, the remains of fortress walls and other urban buildings that were built in different historical periods.

Address: Peter’s Fortress, E70, Georgia.

Kintrishi State Reserve

State Reserve Kintrishi

Kintrishi State Reserve.

This protected area was established back in 1959 to preserve relict forests. It is located in a picturesque place between the mountains and the Black Sea – in the valley of the river Kintrishi. The national park has significant elevation differences: from 300 to 2500 meters above sea level. In the park there are mountain rivers, beautiful waterfalls streaming over the rocky ledges and a small picturesque lake Tbikeli stretches at an altitude of 2200 meters.

Park Kintrishi is located 20 km from Kobuleti. On its territory there are two tourist routes. The first route is hiking, it includes visiting waterfalls and sights, located in these places. Among them there are ancient stone bridges, ruins of ancient temples, fortresses and monasteries. The second route, laid out to Lake Tbikeli, is a two-day trip. Part of the way tourists go on foot and part of the way tourists go on horseback.

Address: Kintrishi State Reserve, Georgia.

Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park.

This national park, founded in 2006, spreads in the western part of the Lesser Caucasus. The name of the park, as well as the mountain of the same name located on its territory, is translated from the Georgian language as “crying”. This is due to the significant amount of precipitation that falls on this territory. For its special microclimate Mtirala Park is figuratively called the “Georgian jungle”, and meteorologists consider this place the wettest region in Europe.

There are two tourist routes in the park. The first of them is quite simple and suitable even for walks with children. Along the way you can see the mineral springs, clear springs, a picturesque waterfall and a freshwater lake with cold water. The second trail, which runs through subtropical virgin forests, is designed for physically enduring tourists. This trail stretches for 15 km past beautiful waterfalls and boxwoods. The park has landscaped picnic sites, camping, and tent rentals.

Address: Mtirala National Park, Georgia.

Kobuleti Beach

Kobuleti Beach

Kobuleti beach.

There are only two main streets in Kobuleti, which run parallel to the Black Sea coast. Along the coast stretches the city beach – its length is more than 10 km. Part of the territory belongs to the hotels, but there are also municipal areas, which are free of charge. Vacationers on the beach are offered the traditional services: scooter and catamaran rentals, banana and boat rides. There are cafes and restaurants on the seafront, and sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented.

The beach of Kobuleti has very different areas – with coarse sand, fine and coarse pebbles. The southern and central parts of the beach are covered with pebbles. Here is where all the tourist infrastructure is concentrated. In the northern part of the beach there are sandy areas, and a pine grove is almost close to the water. This part of the beach is the most “wild”, without any services and entertainment. The entrance to the sea is gentle everywhere, but there are stretches of stony day, so it’s better to buy special slippers for swimming.

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Address: Kobuleti Beach, Kobuleti, Georgia.

Tsitsinatela amusement park (Guria Park)

Tsitsinatela amusement park (Guria Park)

Tsitsinatela amusement park (Guria Park).

The main entertainment complex of Kobuleti is Tsitsinatela amusement park. In Russian the name of the park is translated as “Svetlyachok”, because it operates only at night and every evening is lit by thousands of lights of bright illumination. This place is very popular with tourists and locals.

There are several dozen modern rides in the park. Among them there are children’s, family and extreme entertainment. The territory of the park is decorated with picturesque flowerbeds and palm trees, there are green lawns, benches and a fountain. In the park you can go for a ride on the Ferris wheel, visit the “room of laughter” and “house of fear”, to sail the boat on the artificial river and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of carefree relaxation.

Address: Tsitsinatela, Ozurgeti, Georgia.

Choloki river and old bridge

Choloki River

Choloki River.

Small picturesque river Choloki flows on the border between Adjara and Guria regions. In the 19th century, the Choloki was the border between the Ottoman and Russian empires. Heroic battles in the history of the Russian-Turkish war, and episodes of conflict on the territory of modern Georgia are associated with this river.

In 2004, to prevent Georgian advances, Adjarian leaders decided to blow up the automobile bridge over the Choloki River, which was an important link connecting the autonomy with Georgia. After peace was restored in the republic, a new bridge was built across the river. However, the old bridge still stands ruined as a reminder of what such conflicts can lead to.

Address: Choloki, Georgia.

Museum “Georgia in Miniature

Museum “Georgia in Miniature”.

This park-museum is located 10 km from Kobuleti, on the outskirts of the resort village Shekvetili. In the open-air museum there are more than fifty scale models – as big as a man. They are exact copies of the most famous architectural monuments of Georgia. This park is especially popular with tourists with children.

In the park-museum almost the entire Georgia is reproduced in miniature. Here you can see copies of mountains and city buildings, famous buildings and the most important buildings of the country. The exposition includes Tbilisi houses with carved balconies and towers of Svaneti, famous churches and monasteries, fortresses, palaces and princely estates. In the evening the exhibits are illuminated, which adds to their fascination.

Address: Miniature Park (მინიატურების პარკი), Ozurgeti, Georgia.

Chele Arena soccer stadium

Chele Arena soccer stadium.

The multifunctional Chele Arena football stadium is located in the southern part of the city of Kobuleti. It is mainly used for soccer matches and is the home ground of two Georgian teams – FC Dynamo (Batumi) and FC Shukura (Kobuleti).

Its name the stadium Chele Arena was named after Kobuleti native Revaz Chelebadze, the player of the USSR national team and a bronze medalist of the 1980 Moscow Olympics. This famous Georgian footballer was famous for his brilliant technical game and talent for scoring goals. The best Georgian soccer teams often play matches at the Chele Arena. The capacity of the stadium is 6 000 fans.

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Address: Central Stadium, Kobuleti, Georgia.

Reserve “Bogs of Hispaniola”.

Reserve “Bogs of Hispaniola”.

This reserve created in 1999 has an area of more than 500 hectares. It was formed on a flat area, which is occupied by filtering sphagnum bogs. The unique natural zone is located to the north of Kobuleti. The territory of “Spani Swamps” is home to otters, nutria, frogs, black storks, other birds and animals, including rare ones. The flora of the reserve is represented by marsh plants, many of which are relict and endangered.

Before Christ, people lived in these places, as evidenced by archaeological finds made in the territory of the reserve. Nowadays, there are plankings on the swamp, bridges and towers. There are several tourist routes here. You can walk them by yourself or with the help of the Reserve’s employees that guide visitors on their excursions. You can walk on the planking or directly on the surface of the swamp, wearing special wooden shoes.

Address: Espani Bogs, Kobuleti, Georgia.

Local History Museum

Local History Museum

Museum of local history.

In the ancient times the legendary Colchis was located in the place where Kobuleti town and its suburbs are situated now. For tourists and citizens wishing to learn more about the history of Adjara and Kobuleti, the traditions and customs of local residents, the doors of the Museum of Regional Studies are open. It was created in 2012 through the efforts of local enthusiasts.

The museum exhibits archeological findings, ancient household items and tools, weapons and furniture, clothing and jewelry. Here you can also find unique handwritten prayer books of XVII-XIX centuries. A separate exhibition presents the works of Georgian sculptor Vazha Verulidze who creates unique artistic works of black wood. Tours of the museum can be conducted by a guide in Russian.

Address: Kobuleti Museum, Kobuleti, Georgia.

Tavisupleba Square

Tavisupleba Square

Tavisupleba Square.

Everything you can see in Kobuleti is within the city and its surroundings. Tavisupleba Square is the central square of the city, and no tourist sightseeing is complete without visiting it.

In the architectural ensemble of the square you can distinguish two notable buildings. These are the Municipal Council and the House of Culture. The latter is a futuristic building that is very popular with tourists. Here, on the cozy main square of the city, the tourist information office of Kobuleti is also located.

Address: Kobuleti, Kobuleti, Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia.

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension

Church of the Ascension.

At the entrance to Kobuleti on the south side is the Church of the Ascension, which is one of the cultural and historical landmarks of the city. This religious structure, built of gray stone, is considered a typical example of Georgian temple architecture.

The church is located on the very outskirts of Kobuleti, next to the road that takes you to Batumi. The gray stone building of the temple is topped by a tower with a red roof. You can enter the church through the arches decorated with columns. The Church of the Ascension is active.

Address: Davida Agmashenebeli Street, Kobuleti, the Autonomous Republic of Adjara, Georgia.

Top 10 sights in Kobuleti – what to see and where to go

Photo review of the most interesting sights of Kobuleti with descriptions and coordinates.

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Kobuleti is formed by four parallel streets stretching along the sea. The main traffic artery of the city is Davit Agmashenebeli (David the Builder) Avenue, along the beach stretches Tamar Mepe (Queen Tamara) promenade, and beyond the avenue, further from the sea are 9th of April and Rustaveli streets. Rustaveli street is a generally non-touristy part of the city, holidaymakers often drop in there and therefore the prices in cafes and restaurants are a bit lower and the quality of food is higher.

Contents of the article:

Sights of Kobuleti

1. Promenade and beach

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

The main tourist part of Kobuleti starts at the junction of Agmashenebeli Avenue and Megobroba Street (if you move from south to north). Then there is only one Aghmashenebeli Avenue that runs through the whole city, on both sides of which there are quite a lot of interesting things.

2. Ascension Church

Located at the southern entrance to the city (from Batumi) and is a typical example of Georgian temple architecture:

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Coordinates: 41.80762, 41.77778.

3. Museum of local history of Kobuleti.

An interesting place for those who want to know more about the history of Kobuleti and its surroundings. After all, the legendary Colchis was located about this place, so there is a lot to see in the museum.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

The site of museum: kobmuzeu.ge – there is a Russian version, but it works very badly.

Coordinates: 41.81807, 41.77452.

4. The central square of Tavisupleba

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

The building of the municipal council of Kobuleti

A futuristic building in front of the Municipal Council is the local House of Culture.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

To my question “does it work?” one local resident said: “er, why doesn’t it work?! I work there!”. So you can go in, join the Kobulet culture.

If you stand on the square facing the municipality, on the left side of the square (across the road, closer to the beach) is the tourist information office of Kobuleti:

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Coordinates: 41.81989, 41.77518.

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5. Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Church of Blessed Virgin Mary is located in the northern part of Kobuleti, just opposite the fashionable hotel Georgia Palace.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

The church was apparently built quite recently, apparently on the wave of Orthodox revival in independent Georgia.

Coordinates: 41.84044, 41.77855.

6. Hotel “Georgia Palace”.

Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA in the northern part of Kobuleti is the coolest hotel in town.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Located on the first line of Kobuleti, its own giant territory, planted with pine trees – there is even a bamboo garden.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Several swimming pools, its own beach – not that it is specially fenced, but there are few strangers on it.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

“The hotel has a lounge bar on the terrace above the beach:

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

View photos, check rates and make reservations at this link: Kobuleti Georgia Palace Hotel & SPA.

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Coordinates: 41.84056, 41.77759.

7. The seaside park of Kobuleti

North of the Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the “Georgia Palace” is a city park of Kobuleti with paths among the pines, a summer stage, children’s attractions, the House of Artists and a dancing fountain.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to goThe sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

The Sunset Café is also located there – as the name suggests, it is a good place to watch the sunset.

Coordinates: 41.84319, 41.77751.

8. The Moorlands of Ispani Reserve

Ispani is the only filtering sphagnum bog in the world. In addition to their intrinsic natural value, these peat bogs contain many archaeological monuments dating back to the 4th and 3rd centuries B.C. The reserve covers an area of 770 hectares.

Various rare birds tend to nest in the Spanish bogs and for this reason the reserve is considered an excellent place for bird-watching.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

There are wooden decks and bridges over the swamps. I didn’t see any birds there, but I didn’t look for them. But frogs were found in abundance – which is not surprising, because the marsh is, after all.

There is a wooden tower, the height of a two-story house, you can climb up to it and look around all these bogs.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

It is better to go for a walk in the marshes of Ispani either in the morning or in the evening: there is practically no shade and it can be very hot during the day on a sunny day.

The coordinates of the entrance to the park: 41.86346, 41.78404, the entrance is free.

Totally to the north (actually not in Kobuleti, but in Shekvetili ) there are big and very interesting amusement park “Tsitsinatela” and Miniatures park.

9. Tsitsinatela amusement park

Strictly speaking Tsitsinatela amusement park (Georgian for “Firefly”) is not located in Kobuleti, and not even in Adjara, but in Guria, on the southern outskirts of the resort town Shekvetili. But since the border between Adjara and Guria passes just a few kilometers north of Kobuleti, it is believed that “Tsitsinatela” is located on the northern exit of Kobuleti.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

If you come to the park for its opening, I recommend you to take a ride on the Ferris wheel while it is still light and then do the same after sunset, the impressions will be completely different.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

At night, thanks to the excellent lighting, the park looks not so provincial-style solid.

Payment for rides is organized “Soviet-style”: all guests can enter the park for free, and inside you have to buy tickets separately for each ride.

Coordinates: 41.90556, 41.77596. The park opens at 18:00 – before that time most of its visitors sunbathe on the beach – and works until midnight.

10. Miniature Park

If you don’t have time or desire to travel all over Georgia, you can get a rough idea of its most interesting places at the Park of Miniatures, located near “Tsitsinatela. There you will find models of Tbilisi’s most beautiful houses with their famous carved balconies, the most famous churches, Svanetian towers and much more.

Coordinates: 41.90444, 41.77772.

Sightseeing near Kobuleti

If you missed a lot of attractions of Kobuleti, you can always take a trip to Batumi, not far from Kobuleti, or even farther to the south – to Kvariati, Gonio, Sarpi and Turkey. Or you can go to the north – to Ureki and Shekvetili, famous for its beaches with magnetic therapeutic sand. By the way, the best way to travel around Georgia by car is to use Localrent or Economybookings – both are aggregators of all current offers, you can choose the best by price and other parameters. In terms of prices, convenience and transparency of conditions these are the best car finders in Georgia. Whatever blogs and forums you read, all roads lead to them.

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In addition, not far from Kobuleti there are two very interesting national parks:

Mtirala National Park

Mtirala National Park (“Weeping Mountain”) is located southeast of Kobuleti. The distance from Batumi is 30 km, from Kobuleti it is 12 km. “Mtirala” is considered the wettest place in Georgia, and on its 6,000 hectares the national park holds many endemic plants and animals included in the Red Book.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Mtirala National Park

Entrance to the park is free, visitors are offered two marked routes – 7 and 15 kilometers (a map with marked routes is given at the entrance to the national park).

The park entrance and ranger cabin coordinates: 41.69432, 41.82220.

How to get there: from Kobuleti to Chakvi by minibus, then by cab or by excursion, as there is no public transportation. Cab to the park from Chakvi costs 40-50 GEL (1000-1200 rub) round-trip with waiting.

Protected area “Kintrishi

The reserve “Kintrishi” is located 20 kilometers from Kobuleti, in the territory, which in ancient times was called Achara. The main attractions of “Kintrishi” are the gorge of the river Kintrishi with stunning mountain scenery, the village Tskhemolovani and mountain Hino.

Important: the road to the reserve is bad, off-road vehicle is highly desirable.

Entrance to the park: 41.74436, 42.01109.

How to get there: from the bus station in Kobuleti, take a cab for 70-80 GEL per car (5-7 hours). The price includes round-trip plus waiting in the reserve.

Trout Farm and Restaurant in the Village of Kokhi

The trout farm and restaurant are located on the way from Kobuleti to “Kintrishi” and their visit can be well combined. At the restaurant I recommend to order specialty – river trout baked with nuts in a wood-burning stove – not many other places one can taste such a delicious dish.

The sights of Kobuleti - what to see and where to go

Coordinates: 41.80120, 41.90498.

How to get there: the farm is situated 15 km from Kobuleti. By car: from Kobuleti take road to Chakhati, drive about half an hour. 2/3 of the road is of normal quality, 1/3 is actually paved (but in summer in the dry weather, cars will pass – if you drive carefully).

Excursions in Adjara by local residents

For a more complete acquaintance with the rich history, wonderful nature and hospitable people of Ajara, I recommend ordering one of the tours by local residents – your guides will be historians, artists, journalists, and just people who love their native places and know almost everything about them.

Below is a selection of the most interesting and popular tours of Adjara from Kobuleti. To see all available options, click “View All”. At the booking stage you will need to pay online only 23% of the cost of the tour – the rest of the amount must be given to the guide before it starts.

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