12 best sights of Amber – description and photos

12 sights worth visiting in Yantarny


In the Kaliningrad region is an amazing urban village of Yantarny. Since the middle of the XVII century the basis of its economy is amber mining.

This village is famous for its magnificent sandy beach on the Baltic Sea. But the attractions of Amber do not end there. Here is a park with rare relict trees, picturesque Lake Sinyavinskoye, and other natural and man-made objects, which attract thousands of tourists.

Amber beach

Amber Beach

Amber beach.

The beach, which is located in Yantarny, the first in the Russian Federation has won the prestigious “Blue Flag” award. This indicates a high level of environmental friendliness and cleanliness of the place. It was awarded three times: in 2014, 2019 and 2020.

The vast beach area covered with soft light sand is equipped according to international safety requirements. Parking is provided for cars. In a cozy modern cafe you can have a delicious meal. There are necessary facilities for recreation of disabled people. The beach has umbrellas, sun loungers and changing rooms.

The water entrance is gentle, the water is incredibly beautiful azure color. Vacationers often find pieces of amber in the beach sand of Yantarny.

Address: Beach, 2 Sportivniy lane, Kaliningrad region. 238580, Russia.




When asked what to see in Yantarny, residents of the village, first of all, will point a tourist to the promenade. The European Union has allocated a grant of 1.2 million euros for its construction. The floating path for pedestrians, 2 km long, is located along the coastline at a distance of 100 meters. 0.7 km of the footpath is raised on piles over the water.

The decking is made of larch, a wood that is resistant to breakage when in contact with salt water.

It’s an amazing feeling to walk along the walkway surrounded by the water. Thanks to the promenade, you can come here for recreation at any time of the year, to improve your health, to breathe in the salty sea breeze.

Address: Promenade Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Sinyavinskoye lake

Sinyavinskoye lake

Sinyavinskoye lake.

On the site of former quarries, where earlier an active extraction of amber was carried out, lakes were gradually formed. The largest of them is called Sinyavinskoye. It is located at a height of 9 meters above sea level, 700 meters to the Baltic coast.

Many people call the lake “Amber. Previously this area belonged to the quarry Walter, which was exploited from the beginning of the last century to the mid-70s of the last century. Subsequently, it was filled with spring water. At the bottom of the lake is an underwater forest and construction sites, narrow gauge railroad and trolleys, which were used during the operation of the quarry. This is a favorite place for divers. There are diving clubs near the lake.

The deepest point of Lake Sinyavinskoye sinks to a depth of 30 meters. The water here is surprisingly clear and the visibility is up to 15 meters. You can see how the fish swim.

Address: Lake Sinyavinskoye, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Best tours in Yantarny:

Mine “Anna” and Monument to victims of the death march

Anna mine and the Monument to the victims of the death march

Mine “Anna” and Monument to victims of the death march.

The granite monument is a statue of raised hands. It is seven meters high. The monument has numbers inscribed on it, which were assigned to concentration camp inmates. The monument was made by Spanish craftsmen Frank Meisler and Aryeh Ovladei and was transported here in parts. It stands near the Anna Mine, near where the Nazis presumably shot a column of prisoners from East Prussia who had made the long, grueling hike to this spot.

Nearby is a stone pyramid with the words: “In memory of the 7,000 victims of the Holocaust murdered by the Nazis on January 31, 1945” engraved on it.

Address: Monument to the Victims of the Death March, Sovetskaya Street, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Amber quarry and viewing platform

Amber quarry and viewing platform

Amber quarry and viewing platform.

The village is the only amber mine in Russia, where since the 19th century is organized the production of amber on an industrial scale. It was founded in the postwar years on the basis of Koenigsberg manufactory. Every year its quarries supply the industry with 300 tons of amber. Anyone can see how it is done in a special demonstration room.

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From the observation deck of the plant, one has a magnificent view of the quarry: excavators digging the ground, trucks transporting the soil. This is the initial stage of a complex technological process. After that, the solar stone is finished.

Tourists are invited to use the shovel to try to find elements of amber in the sand on their own. This is a very fascinating process.

Address: observation deck of amber quarry, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Amber pyramid

Amber pyramid

Amber pyramid.

Not far from the quarry is an amber pyramid. It was built not long ago, in the year of the 65th anniversary of the amber factory. The entrance door provides access to the inner chamber, which consists of one room. The base of the construction is 25 square meters, the highest point is about 3 meters. Inside the structure, up to 12 people can enter at the same time.

All sides of the pyramid are lined with stones of different colors weighing half a ton. For the construction of the amber pyramid went about 700 kg of amber. A smaller copy of the Egyptian site is built on the principle of the “Golden Ratio”.

Tourists come to the amber pyramid not only to admire its proportions and austere beauty. There are also noted curative properties of the object, which is compared to the Egyptian pyramids by its shape.

Address: Amber Pyramid, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Museum at the Amber Factory

Museum at the Amber Factory

Museum of Amber Factory.

At the plant operates an interactive museum. For tour groups every hour there are 45 minute excursions of informative character. Experienced guides tell how amber is produced, what is the difference between local petrified resin.

Here you can see a rich collection of nuggets found at different times and magnificent amber articles. You can buy a single ticket for the museum and the observation deck, which is cheaper than buying them separately.

In the stall at the entrance to the museum tourists buy jewelry and souvenirs made of amber. You can be sure that it is not fake.

Address: Museum of Amber Factory, Balebin Street, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Palmniken Water Tower

Palmniken water tower

The water tower of Palmniken.

Among the interesting objects of the village is a water tower, which has already turned 100 years old. The construction is included in the list of cultural heritage objects of regional importance. The tower was built with the proceeds from the sale of amber, which was allocated by entrepreneur Moritz Becker.

The construction was of such high quality that it still supplies water to the neighborhood today. The construction stands not far from the Amber Factory.

In 2007, the tower was extensively reconstructed. An unusual weathervane, a figure of a unicorn, was installed on the roof.

Address: Water Tower, Zheleznodorozhnaya Street, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Masters Square

Masters Square

Masters Square.

It is impossible to imagine such a village without trade infrastructure, where you can buy the products of local craftsmen. A modern square with shops located on it is dedicated to this. Each store in itself is an interesting attraction, because it is made in a vintage style.

There are amber paintings for sale, jewelry, souvenirs, fridge magnets, tableware, housewares, various interior items. Not far from the stores a number of restaurants, cafes and small snack bars are lined up.

There are always a lot of customers near the shops with cosmetics, based on sunstone. It sells decorative cosmetics and medicines with amber acid, which is known for its healing properties.

Address: Masters Square, Sovetskaya Street, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Church of Our Lady of Kazan

The Church of Kazan icon of Mother of God.

The church was built in the XIX century with money of the company “Stantien and Becker” the owner of which was Mariz Becker. It is Becker who is credited with the development of the village. Initially, the church served as a Catholic church Palmniken. During the Soviet era, the church was looted, the organ was dismantled, and the sacred objects were taken away. The building housed warehouses, a club and a billiard room. At the beginning of the nineties of the last century the former church was given to the Russian Orthodox Church.

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Now the church belongs to the objects of historical heritage. Its Neo-Gothic architecture echoes the St. George’s Chapel, which adorns the garden of the Royal Castle of Montbignon near Berlin.

Inside, tourists can see icons of extraordinary beauty. In the courtyard erected a tree made of amber and metal with an icon of the saint.

Address: Church of the Kazan Icon of the Mother of God, Sovetskaya Street, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Moritz Becker Park

Moritz Becker park

Moritz Becker Park in Yantarny.

The park, which leads to the shore of the Baltic Sea, was founded by Moritz Becker in 1881. Originally it was an old manor garden with poplars, beeches, lindens, maples, and chestnuts. For several decades, rare trees from various parts of the world were brought here. The park covers an area of 10 hectares.

At any time of the year it is pleasant to take a walk in the park. There are rare red-leaved beech trees, Sitka spruce, Japanese scarlet, and relict ginkgo trees. The park is worth visiting for the amazing tulip trees of the magnolia family. They live more than 500 years and normally tolerate temperature drops as low as -35℃. You can see flowers on the trees even in July.

The plaques have descriptions of each plant species. Sea and forest air, mixing together, creates an amazing revitalizing mix.

Address: Moritz Becker Park, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

Amber Castle Museum

Amber Castle Museum

Amber Castle Museum.

The old building, which was once part of the Palmniken fortress, has been given over to a local museum. It looks like a medieval castle and is itself a unique historical value. Its exhibits are devoted to the history of the village, the traditions of its inhabitants, tell about the local amber production.

Inside you can see a unique model of the pyramid of Cheops covered with amber, old photographs and collections of antique tableware. Tourists are also fascinated by antiques from the time of East Prussia.

Each hall represents a different historical era. There is an art space for exhibitions of modern famous artists.

Address: Amber Castle, Museum and Exhibition Complex, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

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From Yuzhny railway station to the village of Yantarny runs a shuttle bus number 120. Departs every half hour and makes several stops before leaving the city. Including the hotel “Kaliningrad” and the North Station in Kaliningrad.

Where to eat in Yantarny? What are some good cafes and restaurants in the center?

A popular and quite economical option is the coffee house “Dacha” (on Masters Square, where they sell souvenirs). Clean, fast, delicious (especially berry tea and dark beer). Of the minuses: disposable utensils, as the cafe budget-tourist. Nearby, on Sovetskaya Street 65B, there is a cafe “Ritterburg”. More suitable for a light snack or breakfast – coffee / tea, pancakes, cheesecakes, pastries.

Church of Our Lady of Kazan

Church of Our Lady of Kazan. 4

The church was built in the XIX century with money of the company “Stantien and Becker” the owner of which was Mariz Becker. It is Becker who is credited with the development of the village. Initially, the church served as a Catholic church Palmniken. During the Soviet era, the church was looted, the organ was dismantled, and the sacred objects were taken away. The building housed warehouses, a club and a billiard room. At the beginning of the nineties of the last century the former church was given to the Russian Orthodox Church.

Now the church belongs to the objects of historical heritage. Its Neo-Gothic architecture echoes the St. George’s Chapel, which adorns the garden of the Royal Castle of Montbignon near Berlin.

Inside, tourists can see icons of extraordinary beauty. In the courtyard erected a tree made of amber and metal with an icon of the saint.

Address: Church of Kazan icon of the Mother of God, Sovetskaya Street, Yantarny, Kaliningrad region, Russia.

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Sightseeing places and tourist programs

In Yantarny you can see:

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Beach “Mine Anna”

Address: Sovetskaya st., 1

The most comfortable and clean. The promenade near the Becker Park. Entrance is free. The promenade is equipped with benches and street lamps, nearby there are recreation and personal hygiene areas.

Address: Sovetskaya street, 76

It has sculptures from the 19th century, comfortable benches and stone paths for walks. The trees are tall and old, but well-groomed. It is very convenient to walk here in windy weather.

The Orthodox Church of the Kazan icon of the Mother of God

Address: Yantarny, Sovetskaya ul. 67A.

The building of the church is notable for the fact that it was formerly a Lutheran Kirche. The church was originally built in German style and preserved in its original form to this day. You can stay inside for service and then buy religious paraphernalia at a special stand (books, scarves, crosses, candles, etc.).

Address: Yantarny, Balebin str. 1

Partially preserved in its original form, and fully functioning. Nearby, a 5-minute walk, is the Amber Museum.

Address: Amber quarry. Phone: +7 (401) 231-08-55. It is a very interesting building, made of 800 kg of amber stones. All visitors are told that going inside the pyramid you can get a charge of vivacity, a burst of energy. Nearby is an observation deck, which offers amazing views.

Another place worth visiting is the museum, which is located right on the territory of the amber factory. Address: 1, Balebin str., tel.: +7 (401) 533-74-44. It takes about 1 hour to visit it. Here you can see different kinds of amber. There are separate expositions of articles made of it, as well as – heavy and large pieces and other things. Next to the museum there is an observation deck, from which you can see the quarry and how the sun stone is mined.

How to get to Yantarny

There is no direct train from Kaliningrad to Yantarny. You need to take a suburban train to Svetlogorsk or Zelenogradsk. And from there you can go to Yantarny by different ways. Earlier there was a diesel train to this settlement – the distance in a straight line is 41 km, the travel time – about 1 hour. Now, since 2016, the local authorities are solving the raised issue of the resumption of the railway and electric train connections.

Buses go from Kaliningrad to Yantarny from the bus station “Yuzhny”. The address is: Zheleznodorozhnaya Ulitsa, 7. Bus route 120 (Kaliningrad-Siniavino). You can get to Yantarny by this bus, because it goes through this village. Routes start running from 06:30 to 22:10. Goes through: Pereslavskoye, Kruglovka, Pokrovskoye and Yantarny. Travel time is almost 1.5 hours. Tickets cost from 110 rubles.

But there are also other routes:

  • 597 – Baltiysk-Yantarny-Zelenogradsk;
  • 286 – Pionerskiy-Yantarnoye-Pokrovskoye;
  • 282 – Pionersky-Yantarny-Sinyavino.

Those who come by plane are interested in the following ways of travel from Kaliningrad airport Khrabrovo to the urban-type settlement Yantarny:

  • bus;
  • cab;
  • transfer;
  • car rental.

The most expensive way is to order a cab; it exceeds the rates for ordering a transfer almost 2 times. What are the current prices and routes on a transfer if you need to come to Yantarny from Kaliningrad:

airport “Khrabrovo” – 1560 rubles;

  • Center and bus station – 2400 rubles;
  • Yuzhny railroad – 2040 rub;
  • region (Svetlogorsk, Zelenogradsk) – from 1500 rbl;
  • In border areas (Gdansk of Northern Poland – Lech Wałęsa airport) – 7,365 rub;
  • Border areas (Gdansk of Northern Poland – Lech Wałęsa airport – 9206 rub;
  • border area (Gdansk, railway station) – 8285 rubles.

The cost of renting a car from Hrabrovo Airport varies depending on the number of days of rent, the car brand, and even the age of the driver. For example, if the renter is 38 years old and needs a Hyundai Solaris (or something similar), then he will have to pay from 1300 rubles per day, read more here

If you need a rental car or a car of your own, you will need to calculate a different distance, fuel costs and travel time. The approximate fuel consumption will be – about 4 liters per 100 kilometers (if the fuel price is 42 rubles, the cost will be 168 rubles). The distance between Kaliningrad and Yantarny is 48 km. Time of driving will be about 40 minutes. Driving from Kaliningrad, you will need to pass: Kholmogorovka, Otkosovo, Pereslavskoe, Povarovka, Pokrovskoe.

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Amber beach

To visit the outskirts of Kaliningrad and not experience a promenade in Yantarny by the Baltic Sea is extremely silly. You can go down to the water by the stairs. There are several of them, so you won’t have to push yourself on the stairs. The length of the promenade is 2000 meters.

Part of the route goes through the salt lakes. These are not natural monuments, but the remains of the yellow resinous mineral. The beach strip is wider than other parts of the coast in the Kaliningrad region. Its length is 300 meters. The territory is covered with soft sand of a small fraction. The space is equipped with the excellent chaise lounges. Cabins for changing clothes and even a special recreation area for people with low mobility. You can go for a walk here and enjoy the promenade even in the nastiest weather.

How to get to Amber Beach

The address of Amber beach is: Kaliningrad region, village Yantarny. Since this settlement is small and it is impossible to get lost there (you will definitely find the way to the beach), we will tell you how to get to Yantarny from Kaliningrad.

Public transport

From Yuzhny bus station of Kaliningrad to the bus station in Yantarny there is a bus 120. It runs daily (see the schedule below). The trip will take 1 hour and 28 minutes. You should get off at the stop “Yantarny” in Sovetskaya Street. Then you need to walk through the Moritz Becker Park to the beach about 350 meters more.

Public transport stop “Yantarny” on the map of Kaliningrad region


To get to Amber beach from Kaliningrad take the following route: Sovetskiy avenue, then go straight ahead on the highway, past villages Kholmogorovka, Voloshino, Pereslavskoye, Kumachevo. Between settlements of Kruglovo and Tikhorechenskoye turn right in the direction of Kruglovo, then go by the settlements of Povarovo, Russkoe, Pokrovskoe to Yantarniy. In Yantarny take Sovetskaya street in the direction of the beach. The distance of 48 kilometers you’ll cover in about 52 minutes.

Driving from Kaliningrad to Yantarny Beach on the map


You can take a cab from Kaliningrad to Yantarny. Call a car through Yandex, Maxim or “Veset” apps.

Amber beach in Kaliningrad region on video

Monument at Shakhty Anna.

Represents a monument with two hands raised to the sky. It is made of granite. It reaches seven meters in height. If you look closely, then on it there are numbers that were assigned to prisoners in concentration camps. In the immediate vicinity of the monument there is a stone pyramid. Right on top of it is a plaque that reads, “In memory of the 7,000 victims of the Holocaust murdered by the Nazis on January 31, 1945.” The monument was made by famous craftsmen Frank Meisler and Aryeh Ovladia in Spain, then by frequent transports to the village of Jantarny. It is interesting that the money for its creation was given by Vladimir Katsman, a Kaliningrad entrepreneur.

Excursions to the Amber

Amber room – the search continues

Departure from Kaliningrad. Sightseeing by bus. Duration 6 hours, the price 1050 rubles per person.

You’ll travel by coach along the route Kaliningrad – the village of Amber – Baltijsk – Kaliningrad. The guide will show possible locations of the Amber Room and tell the story of its mysterious disappearance. In the village of Yantarny you’ll climb to the observation deck and see the quarry, where 90% of the world’s amber reserves are located. In Baltiysk you’ll walk through the sights and memorials associated with this mysterious history. Then you’ll walk along the Baltic Sea coast and see the lighthouse.

Excursion “Amber coast” Yantarny + Svetlogorsk

Departure from Kaliningrad. A sightseeing tour by bus. Duration 8 hours, the price of 1400 rubles for 1 person.

After you’ll know everything about the origin, extraction and processing of amber. You’ll visit the world’s largest deposit of the sun stone, from the observation deck which opens a beautiful view of the surroundings and the quarry of amber. In Svetlogorsk you are welcomed by wonderful nature, a sandy beach with a promenade, the atmosphere of Swiss resorts, pump room with mineral water, and a walk along cozy streets with ancient buildings.

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Excursion “On the traces of the Amber Room” (Baltiysk – Yantarny)

Departure from Kaliningrad. Sightseeing by bus. Duration 7 hours, the price 1300 rubles for 1 person.

Payment on a site or on a place to the organizer In the most western point of Russia you will have a tour of the historic center of Baltiysk, including a survey of the fortress of Pillau (Swedish fortress), the monument to Peter I, the lighthouse of the famous architect Shinkel, the Orthodox St. George’s sea cathedral (the former Reformed Church), and a walk along the waterfront to Elisavetinsky fort. You’ll also see the warships that serve in the Baltic Sea. During the excursion to the village of Yantarny you’ll visit the observation deck of the world’s largest amber deposit, where the sun stone is industrially mined.

Weather and water temperature

The Kaliningrad region is a corner of Russia with a unique climate. It changes from temperate marine to moderate continental. To put it simply, winters are mild and there are few hot days in summer.

The average annual temperature is quite high at +8 ° C. Summers here are usually cloudy and rainy. The average temperature during this time of year ranges from +19.7 ° C to +22.3 ° C.

The water in the Baltic Sea (this applies to the coastal areas) warms up to about +19 ° C. Bathing in such water may seem uncomfortable to some people, but the tanning during the day temperature of +22°C….+25°C is even, the sun does not burn the skin.

Sea and beach in Yantarny

Even in late June and July, the water in the sea can be cool. Compared with the southern resort, the water temperature here reaches the highest point in June – up to 19 degrees. Such temperatures are typical for the month of August. The water gets warm not so fast as, for example, on the Black Sea. Here the sun is not intense, mild.

The beach in the city of Yantarny was the first in the whole country to receive the “Blue Flag” as the best place for outdoor recreation by the sea. The flag was hoisted on the beach called “Mine Anna”, in the area of the former amber mine “Anna”. It is an award of international level, showing also the compliance with a high level of ecological purity.

Why is the Blue Flag award so important? Because many seasoned tourists are always guided by it when they want to visit an environmentally friendly and safe beach by the sea. There are specially equipped bathing areas for those who are physically inactive. There are many places for children to play, cafes and bungalows in the tourist complex “Galera”. Near the beach there is parking for cars – 200 rubles per day, as well as – the stadium.

  • clean water;
  • well-groomed coastline;
  • safe stay on the sand of children and adults;
  • equipped places for recreation, paths, observation or playgrounds;
  • soft white sand;
  • the expanse – the total length of the coast of Yantarny is about 6 km.

To rent a sunbed for the whole day will cost about 250 rubles. This includes a towel, while the operation of an umbrella from the sun is free. It is possible to buy the whole comfort basket for 800 rubles for the whole day. It includes: a soft folding lounge chair basket, a towel. The basket is designed for 2-3 people. Paid toilet – 15 rubles per visit. Here, in addition to cabins for changing, there is also a special open shower to wash off the sea salt water.

To reach the beach, where the legendary “Blue Flag” blows in the wind, you can follow Sovetskaya St. in Yantarny first. Then you need to go down by the bus stop “Zastava” to the beach. Hikers also reach the beach on foot by bus or by bus and then go down on foot.

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