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Our Slavic brother has some wrong stereotype about security in Serbia. Many believe that there is nothing but “gypsies”, impudence on the roads, lack of culture, fraud and of course “sovok”.

I hasten to congratulate you – there is none of this, and the attitude of Serbs to the Russians is worthy of respect. And the barbed wire is used only to prevent cows and sheep from running around.

Further in the article you will learn all about security in Serbia. And the issues that will be addressed:

  • Safety for tourists on the streets
  • Safety at the wheel: driving culture
  • Cheating in stores and markets
  • Serbian attitude towards Russians
  • Tips for the Tourist

Resources to help the traveler

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Safety in Serbia for tourists on the streets

Frequent travelers to Europe are accustomed to the fact that in the center of Naples or Madrid in the evening you will be almost openly offered weed or marijuana. That car thefts are not uncommon in Barcelona, it is only necessary to leave valuables in a prominent place in the cabin. The streets of European cities are full of African Americans, refugees, and homeless people. But that’s not the case in Serbia.

There are no refugees or homeless people here. Yes, the streets are not perfectly clean, as in Minsk, but nothing critical. In the evening, walking around town, you do not have to fear for your bag or purse. No one will molest you, be calm.

The number of street thefts, car break-ins is almost minimal. In Serbia, large cities are much safer than almost any capital in Europe. And in the mountains and small villages, they do not even lock the doors. Everyone knows each other.

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Safety at the wheel: driving culture

Holidays in Serbia imply renting a car, as public transport is not ideally developed here, and the best attractions are the natural beauties: mountains, gorges, canyons, rivers. To get acquainted with them a car is a must.

I’ve read reviews from some tourists that the driving here is terrible. There is no driving culture and there are only rude people behind the wheel, and it’s just not safe for a cultured driver to drive here.

After years of living in Serbia, I can say with certainty that yes, there are reckless and rude people here. But this is rare.

Drivers in Serbia are calm, always yield and yield, reckless drivers are rare. The only thing that bothers me a lot is when the drivers on the narrow road know each other and can stop right there, talk for about 20 seconds and only then drive away. And it doesn’t matter that there are five cars behind each other. That’s why the Serbs slow down on the roads more than the drivers.

driving safety in serbia

There are very few police officers on Serbian roads. These are the posts that appear during soccer derbies.

And most importantly: if you compare driving on the roads in Serbia and Moscow, believe me, in Russia there are a lot more boors and other fools behind the wheel. So you will feel quite comfortable on the road in Serbia.

Cheating in stores and markets

Be assured that the Serbs are honest with every customer. Here at the markets, they are almost always sold by the farmers who grew the goods. They know each and every one of their customers and everyone knows them.

Serbia’s markets are just as safe and pleasant as a store. No one will rip you off, and if they know you are Russian, you will get a bonus in the form of extra cucumber or tomato. But more about that later.

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In Serbia markets in general no haggling and all prices are fixed, but for souvenirs in tourist places, especially if you take 4 magnets at once, for example, you can ask for a discount.

Russian people have an opinion that the Serbs are like Gypsies, because of their swarthy skin color. But it is not so. They are kind, honest and hospitable people who love their country and never want to lose face in front of tourists. This will apply to everything, and shopping in the store, and renting apartments, and service in the restaurant. You are a guest – the best for you.

Serbian attitude towards Russians

Serbia is perhaps the only country in Europe and in the world where Russians, Belarussians and Ukrainians are loved with all their hearts. They are welcomed everywhere. And if they hear Russian, they immediately smile.

Just for the fact that you speak Russian they will give you small discounts, compliments of institutions and just trying to please you in every way.

Serbs even have such a proverb: “There are 200 million of us with Russians, and two wagons without Russians. Such love has its roots in ancient times. The Balkans have been conquered, fought in wars and other military conflicts hundreds of times throughout history. Such a “good” geographical location. And at no time have the Serbs been at war with the Russians, but on the contrary, we have often supported them.

This is the picture you can see all over the country, on every fifth fence.

Serbian attitude towards Russians

To have a vacation in Serbia is like to stay in a village with your grandmother, who loves you just for the fact that you are

Safety tips for the tourist

No matter how beautifully I sing about safety in Serbia, there are petty pickpockets, there are street fights among teenagers and there are also reckless drivers and fools on the road.

Do not forget that you are abroad and just need to observe the basic rules of safety and be a little more attentive.

  • Do not flash large sums of money or currency on the street.
  • do not leave valuables unattended, especially in big cities
  • always lock your car and put valuable things in the trunk or glove box
  • aggressive soccer fans in Serbia, especially in Belgrade, when the Belgrade derby is taking place. Try not to go to the stadium on that day.
  • Pickpocketing is possible in big crowded cities: in Belgrade, Novi Sad, and Nis. In all other places in the country, it is very rare.
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These are, perhaps, all measures to help avoid trouble on vacation. And separately read the article about coronavirus in Serbia – the information is not superfluous.

In conclusion: Serbia is a safe country for any traveler. You can feel comfortable here at any time of day.

Feel free to buy tickets to your dream vacation!

If you find an inaccuracy, write in the comments.

IMPORTANT: Below are useful links without which it is impossible to organize your trip to Serbia (immediately add to bookmarks).

Trip to Belgrade, tips for tourists – what to do and what not to do in Belgrade

Cathedral of Saint Sava, Belgrade by night

Don’t take any valuables and documents with you when you go for a walk. In public places you can easily become a victim of crooks and pickpockets.

2. It is best to exchange money only in banks and specialized exchange offices. It is not recommended to use the services of honest persons, no matter how profitable the offer of exchange.

The outlying areas of the city should be seen only with a guide and a tour group. Also, do not go for a walk too late.

4. Travelers can safely participate in rallies and public events on environmental or cultural themes, but political rallies and protests should not be interfered with.

5. In markets and private stores it is obligatory to bargain with sellers. Some vendors can purposely imitate a misunderstanding of “foreign language” or a lack of small bills for change. The money for the goods should be given only after the exact price is given, taking into account the discount to be given. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

6. Most of the city beaches are municipal, so entry is completely free. Additional fees may be charged only for renting beach equipment and sports equipment.

7. For drinking it is recommended to use only purified water, which can be purchased at any local supermarket.

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8. Filming and photographing public transportation, strategic and military objects is forbidden on the territory of Belgrade. Before photographing local residents, you should definitely ask their permission.

9. You can communicate with locals on any topic except politics and national peculiarities. They are always happy to help newcomers and are very respectful of those who try to speak their native language.

10. The mains voltage is 220 V, European standard outlets are installed everywhere. Before the trip be sure to check for compatibility of all electrical appliances that you plan to take with you, and stock up on the necessary adapters and adapters.

11. In local restaurants and cafes is customary to leave a tip, which is about 10% of the order. Those who expect to travel around the city by cab should negotiate the cost of the trip in advance with the drivers.

This article on preparing for a trip to Belgrade is protected by copyright. Full reprinting is permitted only when the source is cited with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

Places to visit in Belgrade – Unique Sights

St. Sava Cathedral

View on map: Distance from Belgrade city center – 0.3 km.

One of the most unusual elements of the decoration is considered to be the iconostasis, which is not filled with traditional icons, but very spectacular artistic paintings with biblical scenes. The main hall of the cathedral is illuminated by a huge chandelier in medieval style, during the decoration of the temple was used gilding. In close proximity to the cathedral is another interesting religious institution – the Patriarchate of the Serbian Orthodox Church. Within the walls of this large building, there is now a very interesting Orthodox Church Museum. … Read completely

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Monument to the Kosmaj partisan detachment

View on map: Distance from Belgrade city center – 37.4 km.

A huge monument commemorating their great heroic deeds was erected in 1971, and thanks to its unusual design it became world famous. The monument is made in the form of a huge star, it is interesting to admire it from close distance, as well as from the surrounding viewing platforms. On the nearby Mount Avala there are several excellent viewing platforms, from which the monument looks most impressive. … Read completely

Renting in Belgrade

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