11 best sights of Kabardinka – description and photos

30 Main Sights of Kabardinka

The village on the outskirts of Gelendzhik is deservedly popular among tourists. It has everything that vacationers expect from the southern coast – comfortable beaches, warm sea, beautiful nature. On the territory of the resort settlement is located about 50 hotels and resorts, many private mini-hotels. Special recreational atmosphere is achieved by relict juniper groves on the outskirts of Kabardinka.

For vacationers prepared by the usual set of attractions – water parks, dolphinarium, crocodile farm. Almost all attractions are concentrated in the area called “Central Kabardinka” in a place where the bay of Tsemess passes into the cape Doob. Cape Doob is an interesting place for tourists. There are cultural and historical monuments, viewing platform and the beach.

The most interesting and beautiful places

List, photos with names and brief descriptions of the best sights Kabardinka. It will help you plan your routes and choose excursions to explore the top places of the city and its surroundings for 2-3 days.

Old Park Cultural Center

An amazing park on Chernomorskaya Street, which combines a botanical garden and a museum complex, including the Museum of Orthodox Culture and the Museum of Paleontology. Under the canopy of century-old ash trees there are about 20 copies of architectural masterpieces from around the world. In the Art Nouveau style is a gallery of modern art. Interesting historical facts you can learn in the House of the East and the House of the Caucasus.


Kabardinka embankment

A 1.5 km long promenade along the Tsemesskaya Bay. The path is paved with gray-pink stone, intricate flower gardens are broken, fountains with night illumination are installed. Installed beautiful sculptures and interesting art objects – the Eiffel Tower, 12 meters high, the inscription “I love Kabardinka. From the embankment offers an excellent view of Novorossiysk, located on the other side of the bay.


Sukhoy “Rio”

The seagoing vessel ran aground off the coast of Kabardinka in 2018. Its length – 141 meters, width – 22 meters, height of the side – 12 meters, the total height – 42 meters. Local businessmen have turned the dry-cargo ship into a popular tourist object. Anyone can see the unusual object from the outside and climb aboard for a small fee. All the infrastructure and instruments on board have been preserved.


Kabardino Dolphinarium

Located near the waterfront. Works since 2015 and immediately fell in love with the public. Before the audience funny numbers show clumsy and charming seals, as well as charming Black Sea dolphins-aphalins. The artists perform complicated tricks – jumping through rings, dancing and singing. The performance lasts an hour. At the end of the show you can take a photo with the sea animals and swim with dolphins for a fee.


“Glass Park.

Unique park in the area of “Wild Place” between Kabardinka and Novorossiysk, where you can not only see the interesting work, but also watch the work of craftsmen. Original installations of unexpected shapes of glass, glass paintings and colorful stained glass windows, a collection of designer bijouterie are exposed. Masters make small objects of glass under the flame of burners in front of the guests. They hold master classes, where everyone can try himself as a glassblower.


Monument “Admiral Nakhimov”

A monument to the victims of the steamship “Admiral Nakhimov” is installed on Cape Doob near the lighthouse. The tragedy that took the lives of 400 people took place in 1986. The monument was set up a year later, on August 31st, 1987. The composition is made in the form of iron pipes of different heights, which symbolize the broken human lives, concrete circle represents the wave that slammed the ship.


Central beach

The main beach of Kabardinka is 250 meters long and 25 meters wide. Public free beach is covered with a small size of pebbles. Entrance to the water is gentle, but the depth increases rapidly. From strong waves are protected by breakwaters. In July, the water here warms up to 28 degrees. Infrastructure – sun beds, awnings from the sun, cafes and fast food, massages and hydromassages, peeling fish.


Amusement Park LunaPark

The amusement park for children and adults is located near the waterfront. On a relatively small area of the park there is a large area of attractions. They are divided into different categories – for kids, family rides, and extreme rides for adrenaline seekers. From the Ferris wheel you can see almost the whole Kabardinka and the sea area. There are 3D-stimulators, pavilions with arcades and game locations, where you can win prizes.

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Doob lighthouse

The highest and the oldest lighthouse on the whole Kuban coast. The lighthouse on the cape Doob was built in the late 19th century. In 1875 the lighthouse was 101 meters above sea level, its light was distributed for 22 miles around. The destruction of the lighthouse occurred in 1942, but in 1950 it was rebuilt, and its height above the shore was 23 meters. Near the lighthouse are “wild” beaches.


Captain Zubkov’s Battery

Military open-air museum is situated on the hills of Cape Penai, 6 km from Kabardinka. Here you can see anti-aircraft guns, naval guns, air bomb craters of World War II. In addition, from the height of the mountain slope you can enjoy picturesque views of the Tsemesskaya Bay. It is no coincidence that this very place was chosen to build a battery in 1941, after fierce battles took place here.


Beach “Pearl of the Sea

Located 70 meters from the sanatorium of the same name. The shore, covered with pebbles, is divided into adult and children’s areas. Set sunbeds, guests are protected from the sun beach umbrellas and awnings. There are toilets, changing rooms, showers, lockers. Equipped with water attractions. You can ride a water motorcycle and water skis, as well as fly on a paraglider.


Crocodile Canyon Farm

There are about 70 exotic animals living in the crocodile farm located near the dolphinarium. Visitors will see not only crocodiles, but also iguanas, monitor lizards, turtles and chameleons. The largest alligators and crocodiles are up to 3 meters long. The enclosures have safe fences, which are equipped with information signs. You can take a photo with crocodiles and take a ride on a large turtle.


Underwater World” Aquarium

Visitors to the four-story complex in the center of Kabardinka will see hundreds of species of fish from the seas and oceans around the world. Also live in the oceanarium reptiles, mammals, equipped with exoterrarium. The most interesting inhabitants are starfish, hermit crabs, stonefish, seahorses. There is also a separate aquarium for aggressive fish, such as moray eels, reef sharks, piranhas, and stingrays.


Church of Panteleimon the Healer

The first church in honor of Healer Panteleimon in Kabardinka was built in 1875 by Greek settlers. However, during the Soviet regime in 1937, the church was destroyed almost to the ground. Revival of the temple began in 1994. For many decades, parishioners kept valuable relics of the church, including the icon of St. Panteleimon the Healer with parts of his relics, brought from Turkey in 1870.


Water park “Nadezhda

It is located on the territory of hotel complex. There are 4 water slides for fun activities. The most extreme one is Kamikaze slide, which is as high as a five-story house. When sliding down it, you can reach speeds of up to 15 meters per second. There is a more gentle “yellow” slide, 60 meters long, with lots of twists. The “blue” and “blue” slides are the most relaxing. There are swimming pools, sun loungers, restaurants.


Fountain cake on the waterfront

One of the brightest and most unusual sights of Kabardinka is located on the waterfront. The lush fountain is richly decorated with patterns and golden statuettes of angels, swans, dragons, flowers, mermaids, swans. Gilded figures of dolphins jump into the water from the sides of the round fountain bowl. The sculpture composition in the center of the fountain is made in several tiers, for which the fountain was named “Cake”.


Hellas Water Park

Located next to the beach “Pearl of the Sea”. The water park area is small – only 1.6 km 2 . However, its infrastructure allows having fun during the day. The center of the water park is a complex of water rides for children and adults. For the kids a separate water playground with mini slides and a mini swimming pool is equipped. There is a large sunbathing area near the swimming pool.


Upside Down House

Unusual attraction, where you can feel like a hero of a fantastic movie and take bright pictures. The upside-down house is located in the central part of Kabardinka, near the attractions of the Old Park. The house consists of two floors and an attic, it rests in the ground with a brick pipe. The rooms are recreated home furnishings – tables, chairs, plumbing, appliances, chandeliers, crockery.

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Juniper Grove.

Located on the outskirts of Kabardinka, near the children’s camp “Star”. Evergreen coniferous shrubbery is remarkable in that it creates health-giving air – its antiseptic essential properties have a beneficial effect on the respiratory system. On the territory of the grove is equipped with an area for camping. There are trails along the grove, especially the views from the hill at an altitude of 736 meters above sea level are beautiful.


Dinosaur Park Dinopark

The park is 300 m 2 in size and opened in 2015. Visitors will see realistic figures of the Mesozoic era, made of silicone. The dinosaurs can move and roar. The height of the figures is 2 to 3 meters, length – 4 to 6 meters. There are 12 figures in total, the most impressive looking ones are Centrosaurus, Oviraptor, Hipsifolodon, Caprosuchus, Pachycephalosaurus. Unusual photo-zones are decorated.


The Big Adego waterfall

It is formed by the brook in the tract called Ivanovskaya slit. It is situated 2 kilometers from the road from Shapsugskaya village to Afonka village. It is not hard to get to the waterfall. You can take a path from Lead Mountain to the waterfall. On the way you can see ancient burial grounds, burial mounds, a monument to pilots. Big Adegoy is called the main stream of water with a height of 11 meters, and the height of all three cascades is 40 meters.


Theater in the “Old Park”

Opened in 2017 at the initiative of the creator of “Old Park” Alexander Alexeev. The small theater building is designed in the Greek style in the form of a rotunda, decorated with bas-reliefs, columns, and sculptures. Capacity of the auditorium is 150 people. The repertoire is varied: concert performances, dramas, comedies, operettas, children’s shows. The theater does not have its own troupe, touring groups perform.


Kastalskaya Kupel” restaurant

The font on the mountain key Kastal is a popular tourist attraction. Several years ago a local businessman improved the area around the spring by clearing the area and the lake. He laid out a landscaped park and built a restaurant in the style of a pseudo Castilian castle with a Spanish theme. The restaurant has a capacity for 140 people. The menu is based on dishes from fish caught in Lake Castile.


Eiffel Tower on the waterfront

A copy of the famous Paris landmark has a height of 12 meters. It is surrounded by beautiful clubs and decorative fountains. At night, the Kabardinoff Eiffel Tower turns on a colorful bright illumination of dozens of bulbs. The tower is painted in white, to comply with the uniform stylistics in the design of the embankment. The special atmosphere is created by the music playing – they include French compositions.


Golden Straw Gallery

The private gallery of arts and crafts is located in the village of Maryina Roscha between Kabardinka and Gelendzhik. The gallery was opened in 2012 on the initiative of local craftswoman Galina Shiripova. In the three halls of the gallery exhibited compositions made of straw and seashells – flowers, paintings, dolls, pendants. In the souvenir shop you can buy interesting works made by craftsmen.


Rope Park “Uzelok”.

Located next to the “Old Park”. There are several rope courses where you can test your dexterity. At a small height there is a track for children from 5 years old. The track for teenagers uses bridges over “passes” and “ladders in the trees”. On the route of next difficulty instead of bridges there are just ropes, on the most difficult route you must overcome constantly swinging obstacles.


Swallow” beach

A wide pebble beach is part of the namesake resort. Nearby there are pine and juniper groves, which make the air on the beach healthy. For a comfortable stay guests are provided with sun beds and umbrellas, there are changing rooms and restrooms, lockers, food outlets. Near the beach there are recreational areas – playgrounds, rides, cafes and stores.

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Church of St. Nicholas the Wonderworker in the “Old Park”.

Built according to the best traditions of orthodox temple architecture. The walls of church are painted in warm beige colors. The facades are decorated with a vegetable ornament. On the northern and southern facades are carved images of the apostles Luke, Mark, Matthew and John. The church was built in 2010 and consecrated in 2011. High arches of the church create excellent acoustics, which is perfectly felt when singing the church choir.


Monument “Sailors of the Revolution

Granite monument is 12 meters high and is located on a 60-meter hill on the shore of the Tsemesskaya Bay. It was erected in 1980. The sculptor V. Tsigal and architects V. Khavin, Ya. The monument depicts a kneeling sailor, painfully looking into the distance. Nearby there are bronze figures of ships in the form of pointers with the distance to the sunken ship.


Cape Doob beach

Wild beach is located on a high steep hillside. Vacationers appreciate the beach for its crystal clear water, through which you can see every pebble at the bottom. The beach is 2 km long. It is covered with coarse pebbles. The maximum width is no more than 10 meters. There is no beach infrastructure here, so those who want to enjoy silence and solitude, as well as beautiful landscapes of the sea and relict forests come here.

11 Sights of Kabardinka worth seeing


Kabardinka is a picturesque resort village on the Black Sea coast. Located in the valley of the bay of Tsemess, close to big noisy towns, the village looks like a quiet, calm, drowning in greenery oasis.

Tourists are attracted here by the dry climate, sunny, little windy weather, warm sea and a lot of entertainment venues. In addition, Kabardinka is famous for its sights, both natural and man-made, located in the village and its surroundings.

Old Park

Old Park

Old Park.

In the heart of Kabardinka there is an amazing natural and man-made attraction – the Old Park. The name – an oxymoron, the park is quite “young”, it was opened in 2007. Its inspirer and author of most of the objects is local native, sculptor and artist Alexander Alexeev. His fantasy has turned an insignificant area (less than a hectare) into a unique, eclectic art-space.

Amidst well-groomed green bushes and bright flower gardens, there are scattered whimsical and whimsical copies of almost all the world’s important landmarks. There is a miniature Egyptian pyramid and an antique Zeus temple “twin”, a medieval castle and a Gothic fountain, a Japanese stone garden and a luxurious Oriental palace, a lot of religious buildings: mausoleums, chapels, mosques, datsans, pagodas, Orthodox temples. Extremely picturesque is an aqueduct, performing in addition to the decorative and utilitarian function – the water supply.

On the territory of the park in a beautiful old mansion, there are expositions of the Contemporary Art Gallery. In the building, built in the Greek style, there is a theater, where different genre performances and concerts take place.

Address: Old Park, Chernomorskaya Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Kabardinka embankment

The embankment of Kabardinka

Kabardinka quay.

Kabardinka embankment is a landscaped and well-groomed area stretching along the coast of the bay Tsemess, the best place for a quiet, unhurried promenade.

On one side of the quay there are beaches with comfortable stair descents to the water, separated from the pedestrian area by a beautiful low fence, on the other side there is a park area with intricate flower beds, shady alleys, benches for rest, souvenir shops and cafes. There are all kinds of entertainment and attractions for adults and children. On the waterfront there is a special path for cycling.

Along the embankment in the park zone, there are curious art objects. Among them stands out the installation “I love Kabardinka” and snow-white copy of the Eiffel Tower, sparkling in the twilight with colored lights.

Address: Kabardinka Quay, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

City of Kuban craftsmen

City of Kuban craftsmen

City of Kuban craftsmen.

One of the most authentic museums of the Black Sea coast is the City of Kuban Masters. Located in the park, in the open air, the museum is a kind of settlement “from the past” of the economic and handy Cossacks, and demonstrates the life, historical and everyday traditions of the indigenous population of Kuban.

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The exhibits in the city-museum are traditional Cossack mazanchas, covered with reeds, with a stove, a stable and a well in the yard. In Kuban huts one can see real household items, from kitchen utensils to furniture, men’s and women’s military uniforms, working tools and military implements.

Workshops “frozen in time” of the city are still open and give master classes to all comers. You can learn the skills of blacksmithing and artistic forging, learn the art of pottery, learn to sew dolls, learn the secrets of beadwork. In memory of visiting the City of Kuban craftsmen will leave your own handmade craft. Or you can buy a souvenir in one of the many shops.

Address: City of Kuban craftsmen, Peace Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Best Tours in Kabardinka:




Kabardinka Oceanarium, compact, but with a rich collection of numerous and diverse “quarters” – like a “living”, visual encyclopedia of the inhabitants of the underwater world of the planet. In addition to well-known fish and aquatic mammals, the aquarium is also inhabited by rare, exotic and little-studied specimens.

Kabardino Oceanarium is divided into thematic zones. There is a group of aquariums with representatives of freshwater lakes and rivers, there are aquariums with inhabitants of the ocean depths; separately bloodthirsty predators are kept – sharks, rays, morays, piranhas. An entire swimming pool is home to “giants” – Baltic Sea seals.

Entourage of the oceanarium is appropriate: the walls are decorated as steep cliffs, here and there covered with “moss”, the halls are in mysterious blue twilight, from which lighted aquariums appear, and at the entrance a huge, toothy shark meets guests.

Address: Oceanarium and Terrarium, Revolution Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Kastalskaya Baptismal Font

Kastal font

Kastalskaya font.

Quiet, tranquil and calming place is the landscape park Kastalskaya Kupel. The park owes its name to an old, beautiful legend. Lydia, the daughter of the Greek king, chose Kabardinka bay for her residence because of the identity of local nature with the Kastalsky area of her native Hellas.

Located at the village’s exit, the park is a wonderful oasis of wildlife, carefully and delicately landscaped and decorated. Among the lush greenery and blooming, fragrant flower beds laid alleys and paths, equipped with benches and pavilions. During the walk there are original sculptures and elegant fountains, intricate bridges and stairs, mysterious grottos and wells, quaint stone installations.

The pearl of the park is a lake full of sturgeon and trout. You can try to catch valuable fish. And professional chefs will lightning cook the “trophy” of the lucky fisherman and serve it to the table.

Address: Kastalskaya Kupel, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.




Exotarium – “home” for exotic animals found in different parts of the world. More than 40 species of all kinds of reptiles – small and large lizards and turtles, monochrome and patterned snakes, formidable or good-natured crocodiles live in Kabardinka exotarium. There is also a rich collection of various spiders.

The arrangement of the terrariums is as close as possible to the natural living conditions of the “guests”. Miniature rocks rise in spacious, transparent boxes, water splashes in tiny lakes, dwarf trees grow, the bottom is covered with sand or stones. Warm guides will tell you about the life of exotic animals, their individual habits and features.

Address: Oceanarium and Terrarium, Revolution Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Sukhoy “Rio”

Sukhoyship “Rio”.

“Fresh” landmark of Kabardinka – a giant cargo ship that ran aground near the village. In 2018, the dry cargo ship “Rio”, sailing under the flag of the West African Republic of Togo, was caught in a severe storm and, having lost its anchor, was thrown ashore.

The costs of repairing and transporting the ship proved to be too high and beyond the crew’s means, so the dry cargo ship was abandoned. Now the ship, with its front on the shore and its stern drowning in the water, is a curious tourist attraction.

The dimensions of the ship are impressive: length – 146 meters, width – 22 meters, height – practically the height of a five-storey house. All the electronics and tools, household items, the lifeboat are intact. It is possible not only to walk around the deck, but also to look into the cabins and engine room, to go up to the captain’s cabin. During the forced downtime ashore the boards of the ship are covered with various graffiti.

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Address: Ship “Rio”, Gelendzhik, Krasnodar region, Russia.

Juniper Grove.

Juniper grove

Juniper grove.

Outstanding natural attraction of Kabardinka is a marvelous juniper grove. Juniper bushes, creating curative and health-improving air, occupy an area of about 800 hectares. Besides juniper grows on the territory of the grove many other flora species, including red-listed. The area looks especially picturesque in the spring, when the plants are in bloom.

You can take an independent walk through the grove, or use the services of a professional guide, who will lead a tour along the paved paths. Usually the tour ends at the top (more than 700 meters above sea level), which offers enchanting views of the surrounding area. Some biologists, understanding the value and importance of juniper grove and advocating the preservation of unique flora, propose to limit the access of tourists to the protected area, leaving the possibility of visiting only to scientists.

Address: Juniper Grove . Autocamping, Revolution Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Glass Workshop

Glass Workshop

Glass Workshop.

One of the colorful sights Kabardinka, to see which tend to all tourists – Glass Workshop. In the showroom, which occupies almost 200 square meters, presents amazing, large and small glass exhibits.

Among them are openwork, “airy” items made of Murano glass and rock crystal, exquisite painted dishes, intricate figures of animals and birds, large-scale thematic installations. During the tour you can learn about the development of glassmaking in Russia, unique technologies and peculiarities of creating a separate exhibit.

At the workshop there is a production workshop, where glass craftsmen work. Everyone can see with their own eyes the process of creating a glass masterpiece. You can also attend a master class on decorating glass products. Souvenir shop offers all kinds of glass crafts, including beautiful, “transparent” costume jewelry.

Address: Glass Workshop, Peace Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

Memorial complex “Zubkov’s Battery”.

The Battery Zubkov

The Zubkov’s Battery Memorial Complex.

The memorial complex “Zubkov’s Battery”, located near Kabardinka, is a memory of the unprecedented bravery of the soldiers who fought here during the Great Patriotic War. The composition of the memorial complex pillbox, artillery cannon, and a military cemetery, where are buried soldiers who gave their lives for their country.

The memorial is located in the place where the 394th Guards battery under the command of Captain Andrei Zubkov was once stationed. Artillerymen held German ships at gunpoint in the Tsemesskaya Bay and did not let them approach the Russian coast. The fortification was continuously subjected to air raids and bombardment, during the entire time about 7000 air bombs and 5000 artillery shells fell on the battery.

Thousands of soldiers were killed here, and more than once had to replace damaged guns. However, the Germans never managed to capture or destroy the Zubkov battery. In rare moments of respite between bombardments the fortification was visited by the brigades of artists. There is a photograph, depicting Arkady Raikin and soldiers of the battery.

Address: Captain Zubkov’s Battery, Krasnodar Territory, Russia.

Church of Panteleimon the Healer

Church of Panteleimon the Healer

Church of Panteleimon the Healer.

In the eastern part of Kabardinka is located St. Panteleimon’s Church. The date of the church is considered to be 1870, when the Greeks settled on the site of the village. There is a tradition that the Hellenes took the icon with the relics of the revered saint – healer Panteleimon, in honor of him and erected a church. Initially services were conducted in Greek, but by the end of 19 century, with the growth of the village, switched to Russian.

The first building of the church did not survive the Soviet regime. First, the church was closed, looted, and then completely destroyed. And only nearly a century later, at the end of the 20th century, a new church was built on this site. The main key sacred thing that has been preserved is a miraculous icon of Panteleimon. Now it is stored in the temple under glass. Those who wish can turn to the saint with a request for help and intercession.

Address: Church of Panteleimon the Healer, Kollektivnaya Street, Kabardinka, Krasnodar Krai, Russia.

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