11 best day trips from Playa del Carmen, Mexico

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Excursions in Russian in Playa del Carmen, Mexico – we have 42 tours for 2022, 4 ⭐ reviews, prices from $75. A catalog of unusual sightseeing tours from guides in Mexico. Can be booked today for September, October and November.

The Temascal ceremony in a Mayan village.

Isla Mujeres: an unforgettable catamaran trip

Boat safari through the Sian Ka'an Reserve

Mexico: breathtaking cave diving

Mexico's two paradisiacal islands: Contoy and Isla Mujeres

Journey to Rio Lagartos Nature Reserve and the ancient city of Ec-Balam

Snorkeling with sea turtles and swimming in the cenote

Mexican Ranch: day and night (full moon) beach and jungle tours

Mexico: Yucatan-Chiapas 5-day VIP tour The 5-day itinerary is most about

Mexico: swimming with turtles in the open sea and some of the most beautiful Seno

Mexico: swimming in the ocean with Whale Sharks and Giant MantasGroup tour program:

The Eighth Wonder of the World: The Pyramid of Kukulcana, Chichen Itza, Ik Quil cenote

Mexico: VIP 3 day tour of the Yucatan

Sihan Ka'an and Tulum

Underwater harpoon hunting on Cosumel

Coba and Tangha

Shelha Park individually with guide

Snake Cave

Tulum and Acumal

Latest reviews of Playa del Carmen excursions.

Thank you so much for an interesting and informative tour! Special thanks to the guide Eugene for his pleasant accompaniment, utmost dedication, patience and willingness to answer any questions! We went out at 7 am, came back around 7 pm. The sights themselves require a separate post. To be in Mezsika and not to see them is unacceptable. The trip was comfortable. We traveled as a family with children. The youngest is 11 years old. We enjoyed it very much. Good luck! Thank you Tripster for the opportunity!

We enjoyed the trip very much! First of all, it was completely non-tiring, and secondly, very interesting for both adults and children! Our guide Eugene told us both about the Mayans and life in Mexico, which was just as interesting. Service on the road was excellent – they picked us up from the hotel on time, lunch was on schedule, water and beer were available. Thank you!

It was very busy and dynamic, yet informative and with great care for the group and each traveler. The feeling that we are some kind of VIP-group, queues and other troubles, which read about before the trip, we have not noticed. Many thanks to the guide Evgeny and his whole team.

Amazing trip through the history of the Yucatan Peninsula and the Mayan civilization! The guide with perfect Russian immersed us in the history of not only the peninsula, but the entire country. We practically had an individual tour of 4 people. All the transfers were made in a comfortable minibus Mercedes, which always had water, juices and beer. In all the archeological sites passed without queuing, as the assistants bought tickets in advance. Highly recommend this tour!

The most beautiful beaches in the world

In general, the tour in general is excellent! Our guide Victor spoke in great detail and very interesting. I, of course, was not prepared for the fact that the tour will last from 7 am to 9 pm, so if you are strong and steady, then go ahead, all very cool: Thank you!

Hi everyone, I recommend this tour to those who want to learn the history of the Maya World and get a little closer to their culture. The tour is not going to be anything straight up partying or explosive, but the information you will be given will open your eyes to what it was like 800-900 years ago and why it was happening. For historical knowledge, it’s a 100 out of 100 hit.

Wonderful tour, very well organized, the group was only 4 people, no crowds of tourists, everything is real, soulful and cool. Thanks to the guide Alina and the whole company

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