11 best beaches in Germany

Beaches on the lakes and seashores in Germany

Sea coast or the shores of German lakes is perfect for a measured family vacation and fun with friends. There is wonderful healing air, breathtaking dunes and pine trees. Modern comfortable beaches in Germany – it is impeccable cleanliness, well-developed infrastructure and comfortable accommodation for lovers of passive and active recreation.

German Seashore

Features of a beach holiday in Germany

Germany is famous for its ancient castles, resorts and health resorts. However, experienced travelers know that there are many beautiful beaches. The main advantages of a beach holiday in Germany are:

  • mild climatic conditions and scenic views;
  • wide sandy strips;
  • shallow entrance to the sea, which is especially important when vacationing with small children;
  • a variety of beaches, among which are specially equipped for holidays with children, nudist and even for those who want to spend time by the sea in the company of pets;
  • the ability to combine leisure and treatment;
  • well-developed infrastructure.

Beaches in Germany are equipped with toilets, cabins for changing clothes, everywhere there are hoses with fresh water. You can rent deck chairs and umbrellas almost everywhere. Nearby there are numerous cafes. However, there are also wild beaches, taking care of your own comfort.

Sea beaches are located on the coast of the Baltic and North Seas, and inland recreation areas can boast most of the large and medium-sized lakes.

On the coast of the sea summer is long, but not characterized by high temperatures: the water rarely gets warmer than +20 ° C. The air temperature at sea reaches +23 ° C only in mid-June – and then the beach season begins. It ends in mid-September, when the water is completely cold.

German Lakes

What beach to choose for a holiday in Germany

In 2019 at your service a huge number of beach resorts in the country, different in their capabilities and prices. It should be noted that the final cost of staying in the country depends on the region, the hotel and the set of services that you are interested in receiving. On average the cost of staying at the hotel with its own equipped beach is from 58 to 290 € per day.

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However, most hotels offer rooms for travelers at about 70-80 € per day. The cost of hotel accommodation, as a rule, includes breakfast. Hostel you can find for 48 € per day.

It is impossible to describe all the currently operating on the territory of the country beach areas, so let’s focus on those most popular among foreign tourists.

Many of them come here in search of peace and solitude. To realize the dreams of such a recreation will help wild beaches, where there are not many visitors and water sports enthusiasts. Among these areas are hidden dunes and bays beach island Sylt.

There are also many secluded corners on the wild beaches of the island of Hiddensee, literally buried in buckthorn groves. Despite the fact that these German beaches are considered wild, they are always very clean, and have toilets, and sometimes cabins to change clothes.

Below you will find the most famous German beaches and holiday areas by the lake and on the seashore.

  1. The beaches of the island of Rügen. It is one of the largest German islands and one of the most popular places for beach holidays. On the island of Rügen offers tourists two national parks and a castle right on the beach.
  2. Rest on the shores of Lake Alster. The lake is located in the outskirts of Hamburg. It is surrounded by well-kept park with gravel paths and sculptures. This is where the famous “Millionaires Coast” is located.
  3. Rest in Warnemünde. Local attractions include a 37-meter high lighthouse with an observation deck on top and a shopping and entertainment center. The 3 km long sandy beach is considered one of the best in Germany. Delicatessen lovers will enjoy the seafood market.
  4. The beach in Cuxhaven. Provide an opportunity to take a unique walk in the shallow water at low tide, when you can go deep into the North Sea for several kilometers. Curious tourists find much of interest in the Fisheries Museum and the Museum of wrecks. The region is also famous for its fish restaurants that serve crabs, shrimp and other seafood.
  5. The famous Plain of Six Lakes. This valley of artificial lakes was developed in 1912. Some of its areas are considered protected and closed to visitors. Here you can enjoy well-developed infrastructure: a lot of catering establishments, rental agencies, and hotels.
  6. Beach Zippendorf on the shore of Lake Schwerin. The place is more for sunbathers than swimmers, as the water temperature here rarely exceeds +17 ° C. But you can go fishing and beach volleyball.
  7. Luxurious vacation in Timmendorf. The famous landscaped beach length of 6 kilometers. Here often holiday celebrities. On the beach there is a special area for nudists. There is a safe fenced area for recreation with children.
  8. The beach on the island of Usedom. Located on the border with Poland. Excursions to picturesque coastal towns are very popular among the guests of the resort. There are bicycle paths in the local nature park. Many people combine their stay here with shopping in Polish border towns.
  9. Peninsula Fischland-Darse Zingst. Sand dunes, spas and the wildlife of the forest park are components of a great vacation in this Baltic resort.
  10. Unique nature and beach vacation on the island of Fehr. There are two famous beaches: Uterzum (15 km) and Knipsand (10 km). Vacationers are welcome to visit the Watt Sea National Park.
  11. Rest in Amrum. The choice of those who love oysters, because there are several farms for their cultivation. Thrill seekers will be able to look at the sea from the observation deck of the 41-meter lighthouse.
  12. Borkum is not only recreation, but also treatment. This renowned health resort for the treatment of allergic diseases is located on an island, which is considered one of the most beautiful in Germany. The local beach offers plenty of water fun for people of all ages – from kite flying to sailing.
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German beaches

To summarize

A beach holiday in Germany is an ideal choice for those who do not like hot resorts. A huge variety of beaches will allow you to choose the most suitable option for yourself, both in terms of price and level of comfort. In general, this is quite democratic type of recreation on the European coast, which can be combined with sightseeing and visiting cultural events. A whole lot of lakes surround Berlin. Holidays on the lakes in Germany will give you a true relaxation and complete rest, especially for those who appreciate comfort, beauty and tranquility of nature, love the outdoors and longing for a break from the noise of big cities.

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