10 things to see in Helsinki, Finland

10 things to see and do in Finland

Evgeny Smirnov

The snow castle in the small town of Kemi in western Finland, 620 km north of Helsinki, is the largest in the world and is rebuilt every winter with different architecture. The snow castle LumiLinna covers an area of 13,000 to 20,000 square meters. High towers rise to a height of over 20 meters, the walls are more than 1000 meters long, and the castle itself is built up to three floors. The castle is open from late January to early April.

2. Go to a real Finnish sauna

Although saunas are quite popular in Russia, why not visit an authentic Finnish sauna on your trip? For example in a place called Muuram, which is a whole village of saunas, the age of which counts more than three centuries. Or in Tampere, which is famous for its popularity among Hollywood stars.

3. Try Finnish cuisine

Once you are in a new country, it is worth not only to explore the sights, but also to try the national cuisine, only then an immersion in local culture will be complete. 5 things you must try in Finland.

4. Visit a music festival

Finland – a country of festivals in the genres of rock, pop, metal, jazz, every year from March to November in large and small cities of Finland there are about two hundred. Of course, most of them take place in the summer in the open air. The most popular festivals in Finland: Ruisrock, Pori Jazz, Provinssirock, Tuska, Ilosaarirock, Ankkarock, Sonisphere.

5. To visit one of the lakes

The name of the country, translated from the Finnish language means “the country of swamps” (for tourists – “country of lakes”). And this is no coincidence, because in Finland there are in fact a lot of lakes, about 190 000. The largest lake Saimaa occupies 4400 square kilometers.

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6. Take part in the celebration of Juhannus

In many European countries, the summer solstice day is celebrated on June 24, in Russia it is Ivan’s day. In Finland, the summer solstice holiday is called Juhannus, celebrated on Saturday. On this day in Finland are popular folk festivals and performances of folk groups, trips out of town and much more.

7. See the northern lights

See the Aurora Borealis is possible almost everywhere in Lapland in winter (sometimes even in Helsinki, but it requires good weather conditions), but it is better to do it far from cities, in the countryside. The best time is from February to March and September to October.

8. Dog sledding.

Extraordinary speed and agility of Huskies will help you rush through the deep snow, giving you an unforgettable experience and a sense of extraordinary wonder. Dog sledding was once the only means of transportation in these snowy places. Over time, sledding would have fallen into oblivion if not for the increased interest of tourists in this form of transportation.

9. Visit Santa Claus

In Rovaniemi not far from the Arctic Circle there is a village of Santa Claus. It is considered his place of residence, and therefore one of the most visited tourist spots in Finland. Curiously, the first visitor was the wife of American President Roosevelt, in whose honor the hut was built.

10. Go Christmas shopping in Helsinki

What could be better than shopping, especially at Christmas time, when the discounts in stores reach 30-40%? That’s right, nothing : ) And if you do it wisely, making out Tax Free receipt in the store, you can get back a part of the money spent on the way home.

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