10 things to see in Cantabria, Spain

13 sights of Cantabria.

13 sights of Cantabria

13 sights of Cantabria. Discover the region of Spain that is Cantabria. And you will return again and again to this unbridled land. Beaches, mountains, prehistoric caves, beautiful mountain towns – and this is not a complete list of charms of this region. 13 amazing places you’ll discover that are worth seeing in Cantabria. Although it’s 800 kilometers from Barcelona to Cantabria, we enjoy coming back here time after time.

But if you can’t get enough of the sights of Cantabria below, visit the Lighthouse of the Horse.

If you like surfing and live away from the beach or near the sea where the waves are weak, you will definitely count the days to get to a place where surfing pleasure is guaranteed. And this surfing paradise is undoubtedly Cantabria, where you can enjoy four surfing reserves: Ribamontan el Mar , Suanzes , Noja and San Vicente de la Barquera.

1. Cantabria – Potes

13 sights of Cantabria

Potes is the largest and most interesting town in Liébana. It is a must-see. Here four valleys converge, the river Quiviesa flows, and the setting of the horizon is the Picos de Europa. And it is the largest and most beautiful town in the Liébana Valley in northern Spain. The magnificent nature makes Potes an ideal place to stay. But the rustic cuisine can also surprise you. Be sure to try cocido lebaniego (chickpea casserole) and game stews. Potes is Cantabria.

2. Picos de Europa mountain range and the Fuente De cable car

13 sights of Cantabria

“The jewel of northern Spain” is what the Fuente Dé cable car is called . It is the longest single-section cable car in Europe. It takes its name from the town of Feente Dé, which is very close. But most importantly, with the help of “ropeway” anyone can quickly and safely rise to a height of 1623 meters.

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3. Santillana de Mar.

Oh, this is a small town deceiver. Because the name itself lies three times! “Santillana de Mar” loosely translated means: “Saint in the valley by the sea.” But there is no sea. Nor is there a valley. By the way, there is no saint either! But who could be embarrassed by that? Many tourists go to the sea town without the sea!

4. “Playa de los locos” – Crazy Beach / 13 sights of Cantabria

13 sights of Cantabria

One of the most famous beaches in Cantabria is the Beach of the Crazy. If you knew to what extent the Atlantic is picturesque in the fall! In those moments when the main mass of tourists has descended. Here the ocean furiously chews up the rocks, and the foam flakes fly over them. This is Cantabria, this is Suances, this is Crazy Beach!

5. The Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana

13 sights of Cantabria

At the dawn of Christianity, a few monks chose this quiet corner to seclude themselves and live by Benedictine rules. They founded the Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana.

Today, it is a place of pilgrimage, on par with Santiago de Compostella.

Monastery of Santo Toribio de Liebana

6. Viewpoints of the valley of Liebana

13 sights of Cantabria

13 sights of Cantabria.

One of the most interesting things to do when traveling in Cantabria would be to visit the viewpoints. Which sites can you visit?

The viewpoint of the Collado de Liesba. This is where the sculpture of the bear by Jesús Otero is located. It is located on top of Puerto de San Glorio.

Mirador de Piedrasluengas : it is located on what we can define as a natural pass leading from Mount Palencia to the valleys of Liebane and Nance. From there we will have a fantastic panoramic view of the region.

Viewpoint of Liebane: this viewpoint is located in the heart of the Liebane valley. Not far from the town of Cachejo.

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Mirador de Santa Catalina. From here you have the best panoramic view of the Hermida Gorge. If you want to visit this viewpoint, you must do so from the municipality of Piñera.

7. Bárcena Mayor

In one of the most inaccessible valleys in Cantabria, in the highlands of Spain, there is one of the most magical and amazing places. It is the village of Bárcena. Because it is the oldest village in Spain.

8. Santander – the capital of Cantabria

The city of Santander is the capital of Cantabria (Spain), a city overlooking the ocean. With a mild climate Santander attracts visitors all year round. The average air temperature in winter reaches +13 degrees, while in summer it is +23 degrees. Santander is not that exhausting heat, which rages in the Mediterranean. This is because the wind from the Atlantic Ocean brings not only frequent rainfall, but also coolness.

9. el Capriccio. Antonio Gaudi.

13 sights of Cantabria

Gaudi’s “El Capriccio” was built in just two years ( 1883-1885).

The name of the house – “Caprice” – was chosen by the client himself. The residence is made in the Oriental-fairy style. It was built at the same time as the Vicenç house in Barcelona. They are vaguely similar: the same oriental flavor, tiles, bricks, a lot of wrought iron details. But Caprice is more colorful and, “grown” among the green parkland, more fabulous. Not to be missed.

10. Comillas / 13 sights of Cantabria

The pearl of Cantabria (Spain) is the town of Comillas. If you find yourself in the area – be sure to check out this little town. When in the second half of the 19th century the Marquis Comillas chose this place for his permanent residence the town experienced rapid development and construction boom. The most famous architects, decorators and artists worked here.

11. the sequoia forest

13 sights of Cantabria

As we know – sequoia is a common species on the west coast of the United States. But certainly not in Cantabria! How did this wonder, the Sequoia Forest, come to be here?

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12. Cabarseno Nature Park / 13 sights of Cantabria

13 sights of Cantabria

Not far from the city of Santander is the Cabarseno Natural Park, a unique place. You can drive through the entire Cabarseno Natural Park in your own car. But, you can also use the Tele-Cabin (I have not seen this anywhere else.) And if you choose the Tele-Cabin, you will also see a lot. The length of the journey in the cabin is about six kilometers. You will have time to see everything. Because the tele-cabin moves slowly – 30-40 meters per minute.

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13. Altamira Cave / 13 sights of Cantabria

The sights of Cantabria are not only varied but also unique. One such example are the Altamira Caves. caves that contain rock paintings from Paleolithic times. They were discovered in the late 19th century. The history of the discovery of the drawings and subsequent accusations of falsification are also interesting.

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