10 things to see and do in Tlaquepaque, Mexico

9 notes in tlaquepaque occupation, guadalajara

9 notes in tlaquepaque occupation, guadalajara

9 notes in tlaquepaque occupation, guadalajara

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Tlaquepaque (Tla-keh-pa-keh), a municipality of Guadalajara, has always been popular, not least for its reputation as an important pottery town that produces and sells beautiful, hand-painted, original artifacts. Given its proximity to Guadalajara, this quaint little municipality makes an ideal day trip during your stay in the capital of Jalisco. Read our guide to learn more.

See Mariachi in El Pariano.

Watching Mariachi play in El Parina is one of the unforgettable Tlaquepaque experiences you must take part in. The mariachi is a famous Mexican folk music that originated in the state of Jalisco and is a must-see during any visit to this country. El Parían is an array of restaurants that swirl around a central bandstand where traditionally dressed mariachis play guitar and violin, sing, and usually create an impressive spectacle. If culture is what you’re looking for, you can’t go wrong here. Order a pozole, a cazuela of tequila and citrus juices, and enjoy.

El Parin, Calle Juarez 84, Tlaquepaque, Mexico


Check out the tiles and mosaics in Cantu

Obviously, given its status as one of the most important pottery producing cities in all of Mexico, there are many stores and workshops where you can use artesans. We recommend checking out Cantú, which is centrally located and right around the corner from the Ceramic Museum. Open Monday through Saturday, this quaint little store has been in Tlaquepaque for over 20 years. Their tiles are stunning and made in the traditional method, which means they are authentic and quality as always. Even if you don’t want to buy in bulk, rock out and admire the beautiful patterned tiles and mosaics.

Cantu, Francisco de Miranda 60, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3635 5981


Buy tequila at Nuestros Dulces

If tiles aren’t your bag, why not stop by Nuestros Dulces and pick up a souvenir that equally evokes memories of Mexico: tequila. This store has one of the broadest tequila options you could wish for outside of, well, tequila itself. With two branches in Tlaquepaque, there’s no excuse, at least for a visit. They have a selection of over 1,000 tequilas from a variety of brands, which means there is something for everyone from tequila connoisseurs to beginners. They also have an impressive assortment of traditional Mexican sweets for kids.

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Juárez 154-A, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3659 9528

Independencia 131-B, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3659 9528


Pottery Shop

Artesanías are everywhere in Tlaquepaque and make excellent souvenirs to decorate your home or as Mexican gifts for friends and family. You can’t leave Tlaquepaque without buying some of the pottery for which it is so famous. A good place to start is the Mercado de Artesanías, which, while not offering the lowest prices, will allow you to get a feel for the type of souvenir you are looking for. Then go on to do your shopping.

Mercado de Artesanías, Independencia, Tlaquepaque, Mexico


Explore bars and nightclubs

Tlaquepaque is just as worth a visit in the evening as it is during the day, with great nightlife and bars to take advantage of. Or stay there in the evening before hiking or returning to your hotel and changing. A cab between Tlaquepaque and Guadalajara should set you back 100 to 150 pesos ($6 to $9), so there’s no excuse not to make the trip. You can take your pick from any of the bars that line up in Hidalgo or Juarez, as they are all good options and tend to offer great drinks, but we recommend checking out TlaquePulque for a selection of affordable packages and cheap beer, as well as an interesting Oaxacan-Japanese fusion menu.

Independencia 336, TlaquePulque, Mexico, +52 33 1732 016


Take part in a food tour.

If TlaquePulque’s fusion menu didn’t bring your fancy, how about checking out the food at Tlaquepaque? With Mexican food tours, you can enjoy an informative daytime food and art tour of this quaint city. You’ll learn about birría, tortas ahogadas, tejuino, chile en nogada and even tequila as well as the art history of Tlaquepaque. The price of $50 per adult and $25 per child includes all tastings and enough food for lunch, and the year-round Tue-Sun tours come rain or shine. If that seems too expensive, you can always lead by example and check out your tasting spots yourself.

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Tours depart from Juárez 145 int. 11, Plaza de Artesanías, Tlaquepaque, Mexico


Explore the center

The center of Tlaquepaque is great for pedestrians and has beautiful and colorful architecture. Enjoy the brightly colored buildings and the two imposing churches found here: San Pedro and El Santuari de Nuestra Señora de la Soledad. Just walking through the main streets of this municipality will really make you feel like you are in traditional Mexico, a feeling that is often lost in big cities like Guadalajara and Mexico City. If you’re looking for a place to sit down and collect your thoughts, go to El Jardín Hidalgo and admire the statue of the eponymous Miguel Hidalgo and Costilla.


Browse some articles

Tlaquepaque abounds with art, which is obvious to all who visit. Statues highlight the central alleys and art museums. Visit Pantaleón Panduro for ever-changing exhibitions featuring local talent and ceramics for which the area is known. If pottery is what you’re after, the local Regional de la Cerámica, located in an old colonial house, is an obvious choice. We also recommend visiting Galería Alejandro Calvillo if you want to capture some unique and beautiful works of art, including some by local artist Cesar Plascencia. Finally, the Sergio Bustamente Art Gallery is unmissable; pick up some exquisite jewelry and marvel at his easily recognizable bronze statues.

Pantallón Panduro, Prisiciano Sanchez 191, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3639 5646

Sergio Bustamente, Independencia 238, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3639 1272

Museo Regional de la Cerámica, Independencia 237, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 3635 5404

Galería Alejandro Calvillo, Cruz Verde 37, Tlaquepaque, Mexico, +52 33 1814 1024


Take a night tour of El Refugio

For something a little out of the ordinary and for the Spanish-speaking you, take part in the Centro Cultural El Refugio Night Tour. The tours run year-round, every Wednesday night at 10 p.m. and cost 80 pesos (about $5) per person. If you plan to bring children, make sure they are 12 or older or they will not be allowed. Tours explore the area’s most gruesome legends and buildings. Even the most skeptical attitudes will remain as believers.

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Purchase tickets from Pantaleón Panduro, Prisciliano Sanchez 191, Tlaquepaque, Mexico or call +52 33 3562 7036 for more information.

10 things to do in Mexico

The perfect combination of ancient monuments, snow-white beaches, delicious food, beautiful nature and nightlife.

Both those who want to swim in the Caribbean Sea and those who want to see ancient Indian cities or treasures from the Spanish rule will be interested in this country.

Dive into the cenotes

These karst caves with lakes are one of the features of the Yucatan Peninsula. Cenotes can look in many different ways: as caves with an inner lake or as wells. They hide numerous grottoes, passages with stalactites and stalagmites, are filled with clear spring water and are often beautifully illuminated.

Sunbathing on Cancun’s beaches

Resort Cancun is truly the pearl of all of Mexico: beautiful beaches with white sand, calm turquoise sea and many hotels. Here you can find entertainment for all tastes: restaurants, clubs, bars, sports games, jet ski rentals and much more. Isla Mujeres is located close to the town, and a ferry runs to it from Playa Tortugas, one of the most popular beaches in Cancun.

See the pyramids of Chichen Itza

The sacred city of Chichen Itza is located 200 km from Cancun, which is very convenient. And there is a lot to see here: the ancient structures of the Mayan civilization, including temples, pyramids, ruins, cenotes, observatories, and altars where sacrifices to the gods were made. In addition to architectural structures, Chichen Itza attracts thousands of tourists as a place with inexplicable energetic power.

Walking the streets of Mexico City

It is the largest metropolis in the world, and at the same time the oldest city in the New World, founded by the Aztec Indians in the 14th century. Walking through the center of the city, built with buildings in the colonial style, you can go to the beautiful Constitution Square and admire the largest cathedral in Latin America and the Palace of Cortez. It is also interesting to visit the “Mexican Venice” – Sochimilco district on the outskirts of the city, which is riddled with numerous canals.

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Learn to distinguish tequila varieties

Tequila, contrary to popular belief, is not made from cactus, but from the juice of the blue agave, which is related to asparagus. There are about 300 kinds of this drink in Mexico, but officially there are four varieties, depending on its “youthfulness: Blanco, Joven, Reposado, Anejo. A bottle of quality tequila will have the inscription “100% de agave” or “100% blue agave”. The right tequila is aged in oak barrels, which gives it a pleasant taste and aroma. You can try it in local bars and buy it in supermarkets.

Taste the delicious food

Mexican cuisine is said to be very spicy, but in fact, only the sauces and dressings are spicy. It is impossible not to try corn tortillas, tacos, burritos, fajitas, enchiladas served with rice, beans, vegetables, and potatoes. Also in this country, which has access to the sea, they love and know how to cook seafood. It is worth mentioning that cocoa and hot chocolate have Mexican roots and are served here with chili pepper and various seasonings. As a souvenir you can take back home a jar of guacamole sauce or a bunch of red peppers.

See the underwater world of the island of Cozumel

Cozumel Island is one of the popular resorts of the country. Divers from all over the world are attracted by the underwater coral reefs and tunnels with an amazingly beautiful and diverse underwater world. Above the water world on the island are beautiful beaches, though, sometimes with big waves and strong surf. From May to September you can see the big sea turtles, which at this time come here to lay their eggs. You can get to the island by ferry from Cancun.

Take a look at the Underwater Sculpture Museum

The sculptures of this museum are located on the seabed and over the years have managed to grow coral, algae and shells, which gives them a very unusual look. You can see this museum only by snorkeling or scuba diving. The purpose of this unusual museum was to protect the underwater world by giving extra space for marine life and corals. The statues are located near Cancun and Isla Mujeres.

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Visit Shel-Ha Natural Park

This national park is located 120 km from Cancun, near Playa del Carmen and the ruins of the ancient city of Tulum. Visitors will find mangroves, caves, coves, waterfalls, warm lakes, and views of the Caribbean Sea. Shel-Ha is also a huge natural aquarium with manatees, dolphins and turtles. The cost of a ticket to the park includes rental of snorkel and flipper gear, and for an additional fee, you can swim with the dolphins.

Pronounce Teotihuacan without stuttering

The ancient city of Teotihuacan, with its pyramids of the Sun and Moon, is perhaps the most impressive place in all of Mexico. The city was deserted as far back as 500 years before the Aztecs, who superstitiously believed that it was built by the gods. Many seek to come here not only to see these majestic structures, but also to try to find enlightenment here.

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