10 things to see and do in Apodaca, Mexico

10 things to do and generally worth trying in Mexico

March 19th, 2014.

Barber shop and barbershop, I've only seen this in movies.

Did you come to Mexico or are you just getting there? By the way, great job, this is a cool idea that will 100% pay for itself! Then here’s a little list of things to do in Mexico (under each item I give advice for extreme people google emphatically rules the word on “extremists” ))))

1. Look at the pyramids to death : mighty Teotihuacan, wild Calakmul, graceful Chichen Itza (general rating of the pyramids of Mexico). –e to meet the sunrise at the pyramids. Resolved by bribing a guard in the neighborhood of 100 pesos (8 u. E), for example, at Teotihuacan you can get energized at the pyramid of the Sun (it is just unreal when the thousand-year-old pyramids are gradually painted pink and the first ray first falls on you, then merrily descends the ancient steps announcing a new day), or meet the dawn in Palenque, and then there is a chance to meet a cougar or other exotic animals that feel like masters there before opening – around that wild jungle. Also in Ushmal you can watch a video show that shows the history of the Indians. 2. 2. To bathe in cenotes – caves with clear water and fish, some cenotes are inhabited by fish, which arrange SPA procedures (rating of cenotes in Mexico). –To snorkel with masks, and to pitch in the Cenotes, of course, if you have a special license. And you can also have a picnic there – usually there is a well-equipped area around. 3. Swimming and sunbathing on the fabulous and civilized beaches of the Yucatan or the powerful and wild beaches of the Pacific (rating of beaches in Mexico). –E – be sure to visit a wild beach. There are such around Puerto Escondido and on the Yucatan, such as Chicashel. Only there you will experience a real beach delight. And in the resort town, rent a bike, it will give you additional maneuvering and health, such as going fishing.

The water's exactly the same color and even better.

The water is exactly the same color and even better

4. Arrange a hike through one of the greatest canyons in the world – the Copper Canyon, riding there by train. Mountain lovers will appreciate it! -e – you can ride not only the cable car, but with the wind on extreme ropes stretched between the tops. 5. Swim with turtles, dolphins, whales, etc.. There are dolphins and turtles in Yucatan, and in the Pacific Ocean, for example in Puerto Escondido. Whales, on the other hand, are in La Paz. See wild birds, especially flamingos, in Rio Lagortas or Celestun. –e have the option to swim with whale sharks (Isla Holbox and Isla Contoy in Yucatan from May to September). 6. Drink real cocoa made in the Indian tradition and learn how it is grown and processed. You can try it in Oaxaca as well as in the Yucatan. –You can replace the cocoa with tequila/mescal/público if you want, there are small, welcoming industries (where you can not only taste it, but also see the production) on almost all the trails you’ve been to, but they are particularly concentrated around Oaxaca.

Pakistan - a country with beautiful nature and special architecture

We were at the cocoa museum near Ushmal.

We were at the Cocoa Museum near Ushmal

7. Try Mexican food: the most delicious quesadillas in Cancun, gorditas, tacos, huarachesas (and you will not believe it, but these are all kinds of filled tortillas), turkey in a spicy chocolate sauce or stuffed poblano peppers with a mind-blowing sauce. –e -special gourmands can try more exotic dishes, like grasshoppers.

This is what it all looks like when it's served, the plate isn't big.

this is what mini grasshoppers look like when served, the plate is not large

8. Interact with animals in an “almost natural environment. : African Safaris in Puebla will appeal to children and adults alike. -e -come there in your car so you do not depend on anyone, and take food for the animals (giraffes eat right out of their hands), it will give you an unforgettable experience with exotic animals.

it's a big one, it's higher than waist-high.

jump around you without any fences

9. Lay out the entire history of the Mesoamerican Indians at the National Museum of Anthropology in Mexico City . Everyone who is even slightly interested in history will be interesting and useful, and those who do not know which pyramids to look at – there are the best pieces, and there are copies of everything worthwhile that was in their history and found so far. –e – well I don’t know what’s so interesting to think of in a museum, it’s interesting in and of itself. I will say that the souvenirs in the lobby are not the cheapest, but not much more expensive than on the market, but there are original things that you won’t find anywhere else.

Mayan calendar, or rather Aztec calendar

Mayan calendar, or rather the Aztecs

10. Make a party in Mexican style – first we go to one bar, drink tequila and salsa dancing (an opportunity to dance in Mexico is in any institution), then we go to another bar, again we drink and dance, have fun until dawn, the minimum plan – 10 bars a night You can meet and make close relationships with many sociable Mexicans, who will teach you and dance and drink tequila, and treat margaritas. Color, dancing and fun in an easy and pleasant atmosphere is guaranteed. –Enroll in salsa classes. In the resort towns you can even for just a week. There you will be given the basics, and if you already know how, you can hone your skills and go all out.

Buenos Aires' Best Museums

Mumedy souvenirs Mexico

And… what else did I forget? Of course you did! 10+. Buy yourself and everyone else souvenirs of this unforgettable trip! –There is a separate voodoo market in Mexico City where they sell different potions, magic things and you can find witches, shamans and other dangerous people. p.s. All decisions what to watch in Mexico are made at your own risk and you’re fully responsible for all the events that will happen in this wonderful country. Where best to go, how best to behave and what to take with you to Mexico will be next.

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10 things to do in Mexico

Cancun Beach Mexico

If in Mexico you are going to spend all the time on the beach, go to the bar a couple of times to have a shot of tequila, and in the souvenir store before leaving to buy a sombrero – it is unforgivable and reckless decision. Such a “cultural program” means that you have not seen the country: did not swim with dolphins in the azure waters of the warm sea, were not in Tulum at the ruins of the Mayan civilization, not touched by nature in the national park and many other things with “not”. Lest this happen, here are some smart tips on what to do in Mexico.

Acapulco Beach Mexico

1. Visit the white beaches of Cancun and Acapulco

The sea lazes the snow-white shore, a school of fish swims by in the clear water and the sun lavishes its warmth. It seems that you can spend your whole life here serenely. In addition to spectacular views and contemplative recreation, Mexico offers a wide variety of water activities: sailing, diving, and scuba diving. You will definitely not be disappointed.

2: Experience the spirit of a bygone era at Chichen Itza

Chichen Itza Mexico

The Chichen Itza complex and the iconic archaeological finds that were made there have been listed as the New Seven Wonders of the World.

Learn about the mystery of the birth and death of the Mayan civilization, discover the achievements of ancient scientists, architects, and doctors, and try to decipher the message of the ancient tribes.

3. Escape from civilization on Playa Norte

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Playa Norte Mexico

The tiny island of Isla Mujeres is just a few kilometers from the bright lights of Cancun. This place, namely Playa Norte beach, appeals to lovers of a measured vacation. Glossy sparkling water, the cleanest fine sand, shallow coastal waters, endless rows of slender palm trees. The local nature is distinguished by a heavenly beauty. The rudiments of civilization in the usual sense are concentrated in a sleepy fishing village in the center of the island. Men spend all day at sea catching fish and women and children mending nets. Several restaurants are ready to offer tourists unpretentious dishes with a national flavor.

Rio Secreto Mexico

4 – Take a trip on the underground river in Rio Secreto

Relatively recently it became possible to visit a unique place – Rio Secreto. The silent underground river, the bizarre forms of the stalactites and stalagmites, the intricate patterns of which create a stunningly beautiful scene, are all worth a visit.

Shel-ha Underwater Dwellers Mexico

The caves, stalactites, and stalagmites of Rio Secto have been forming for several thousand years. This is how layer upon layer, millimeter upon millimeter, this natural wonder was formed. It would have remained undiscovered if it were not for an accident – a local farmer had fallen under the ground while he was farming.

5. Get to know the underwater inhabitants of Shel-Ha

Tulum Mexico

Shel-Ha is a national nature park located 122 km from Cancun. It is a natural aquarium formed as a result of tectonic changes. It is filled partly with sea water and partly with fresh water from underground rivers. Crystal clear water allows you to consider a variety of exotic fish, and a variety of colorful birds and unusual animals that inhabit the shores, strikes the imagination.

6. Uncover the mysteries of Tulum

Tulum is an amazing architectural complex that has come down to us from the depths of centuries past. It consists of a well-fortified fortress, whose main pyramid served as a lighthouse for the merchant ships that entered the city of the same name in ancient times, and several temples.

Mexico swimming with dolphins

Special attention should be paid to the Temple of Frescoes. The wall hieroglyphs have survived to this day. Some scholars believe that this temple was also used as an observatory. Its walls are precisely located on the sides of the world, and at the central column on the summer and winter solstice you can observe interesting light effects.

The Temple of the Sea and the Temple of the Wind God are not so majestic, but they have a picturesque view of the beautiful beaches of the Caribbean Sea.

Streets of Valladolid Mexico

7. Swim with dolphins

Every resort on the Mexican coast has aquatic entertainment centers where you can swim with dolphins, very intelligent and cute creatures. It’s an amazing experience that you can’t refuse. The feeling of communicating with dolphins is inexpressible. Positive emotions guaranteed.

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8. Walk the streets of Valladolid

The underwater world of Cozumel Mexico

Valladolid is not only named after the former capital of Spain, but it looks just like it. This old colonial city is notable for its exquisite architecture, especially the colorful houses and churches, one in each of the seven districts. Adjacent to the main square are the two temples of Santa Ana and Santa Lucia, which were erected for the congregation of Indians who converted to Christianity.

In the streets the locals sell handmade goods – blouses and shawls with fringes embroidered with crosses.

Jungle of Mexico

The city of Valladolid is also famous for its numerous natural wells, which are called “cenote”. They are located around the city. The most popular one, called the Cenote de Dsitnup, is accessed by an underground pathway. You can admire the rainbow fish that swim to the light of the electric lamps in the illuminated pool.

9. Dive into the underwater world of Cozumel

Jungle tour Mexico

The year 1961 was a watershed year for the Mexican island of Cozumel. The legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau declared it one of the best places to dive. As a result, its popularity skyrocketed. Even though more than half a century has passed since that big announcement, crowds of tourists come to Cosumel to enjoy its underwater beauty.

10. Get up the courage to go into the jungle

In addition to luxurious beaches and ruins of an ancient civilization, Mexico is famous for its pristine jungle. Lush vegetation, exotic animals, colorful birds and rushing rivers. A quad bike is a great way to see the natural sights. After a long ride, you can take a dip in the clearest waters of natural “cenote” wells surrounded by emerald forests.

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Mexico is located in North America. To the south and west it is washed by the Pacific Ocean, and to the north its border runs next to the United States. To the east, the country is washed by the Gulf of Mexico.

Recent articles

How to behave in Mexico

How to behave in Mexico and much more this article will tell you. Alas, gone, and if not irretrievably, for a very long time, are the times when in Mexico, answering the question “where are you from?” you could hear from.

Conditions for the purchase of real estate for foreigners

Conditions for the purchase of real estate for foreigners A country where cacti are not in a vase, where tequila flows a river, where the cuisine is spicy and spicy – fajitas, burritos, salsa, where the indigenous Aztec and Mayan settlers.

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Do you have money, time, and an irresistible desire to fly somewhere far away? A place where the turquoise sea, white sand and the heart sinks with unreal.

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Mexico. Almost frightfully beautiful pyramids of Chichen Itza

Mexico. Scary beautiful pyramids of Chichen Itza Mexico. Scary Beautiful Pyramids of Chichen Itza The pyramids of Chichen Itza are one of the most visited UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Mexico. Chichen Itza.

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