10 things to do on Mallorca, Spain

Travel to Mallorca, tips for the tourist – what to do and what not to do in Mallorca


1. The height of the tourist season is from early July to mid-September. The weather is hot and sunny and perfect for a beach holiday. The rainy season is from late September to November, but the duration of rainfall is short and they fall very rarely.

2 Vacationers should definitely take with you sunscreen, you can get burnt, even during a normal walk through the city. On the beach, should follow the basic precautions and sunbathing should be taken only in the headgear.

The island offers hotels in various price categories, as a rule, the most expensive establishments are located in the capital. Economical travelers prefer to settle in the outskirts of Palma or in neighboring towns, and in the capital come for excursions and walks.

4. Among the gastronomic establishments are also found both high-end restaurants and modest budget cafes. Prices in small restaurants are at the most attractive level, and the quality of food at the same time deserves the highest praise.

5. Travelers should take into account that locals eat dinner rather late. For example, restaurants start serving dinner no earlier than 9 p.m. For a good service must leave a tip, 10 – 15% of the bill is enough. In small restaurants and cafes it is enough to round the received amount to any convenient upward. Copyright www.orangesmile.com.

6. The main type of public transport in Mallorca is the bus. Pay the fare passengers must pay directly to the driver, it must be done at the entrance. The fare depends on its distance, so be sure to name the stop to which you plan to go.

7. In any tobacco or newspaper kiosk you can buy a bus pass, the savings in this case will be about 50%. Typically, the card is designed for 10 trips and costs about 8 euros.

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On Mallorca, there are some unique hotels, the likes of which in the world can not be found. The most famous and unusual hotel on the island is the Hotel Hospes Maricel y Spa, an ultra-modern spa hotel was … Open

8. To rent a car you will need a standard set of documents, services may be denied to those under 23 years. The cost of renting a car starts from 30 euros per day and depends entirely on the brand of the car chosen.

9. Auto enthusiasts should consider that in large cities it is quite difficult to find a free parking space. In this case, numerous underground parking lots will come to the rescue, as well as paid parking lots.

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10.There are three ways to move around Spain: by bus, train or plane. Long distances (Madrid-Seville) are better to travel by plane, domestic airlines offer low prices. 11.It is safe to walk the streets of Spain both during the day and at night. Spaniards lead an active evening and nightlife, so the streets are almost always crowded. 12.All beaches in the country are free, but for the use of sun beds will have to pay. 13.Foreign tourists can be confused by girls and women sunbathing topless – in Spain it is quite normal and is not considered nudism. There are separate beaches for nudists. … Open

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