10 things to do in Vienna, Austria

Top 10 things to do in Vienna

The capital of Austria attracts a lot of tourists because of its aristocratic and musical nature. Vienna is often compared to Paris because of its architecture. The city is an ideal place for leisurely strolls along the shady boulevards and for endless hours of coffee drinking Viennese coffee.

But besides the boulevards, coffee and delicious pastries, Vienna has many activities that must be experienced.

1. Take a boat trip down the Danube.

One of Vienna’s main attractions is the Danube River. It is considered one of the longest rivers in the European Union. We suggest you take a day or evening cruise and go on a little adventure along the banks of Vienna.

2. See the “dancing” clock at noon

If this is your first time in the city, you will sooner or later find yourself in the center of the city. The famous dancing clock (address: Hoher Markt 10) can be found in Vienna’s old Hoher Markt square, also known as the “Upper Market”.

The real name of the clock is the Anchor Clock and it stands on the square in 1914. Every day for 12 hours you can enjoy a wonderful show – important figures of history will show a real performance.

And if you are on the square at exactly 12 noon, you will see a parade of all the figures that are in these clocks. This attraction is included in many sightseeing tours of the city, and therefore it is worth to visit it absolutely every visitor of Vienna.

3. Museum Quarter

In 2001, the Museum District was opened in Vienna. It is located at the Museumsplatz 1. Exhibitions of all kinds were held here at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Today you can see masterpieces of various kinds of art. It will be interesting to connoisseurs of design, photography, painting, film and even dance art.

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On the area of 60 thousand square meters established museums of modern art, exhibition halls and a variety of art objects. And walking around the quarter, you can become a spectator of an interesting performance or concert.

4. Visit Belvedere Palace

Belvedere is a palace complex built in the early 18th century (address: Prinz-Eugen-Strasse 27). You can easily spend a day strolling around the Upper and Lower Palaces and enjoy the beauty of the landscape park.

5. Visit the Hofburg

Also in Vienna is the Hofburg Palace (address: Michaelerkuppel), which was the residence of the Austrian emperors from 1804 to 1918. On its territory there are 19 palaces, which are not similar to each other.

The fact that these palaces were built at different times and executed in different architectural styles. Inside you will find luxurious interiors, many golden vases, spacious halls and rooms.

You can not only walk around the territory of the residence, but also look into the imperial chambers and even visit the rooms of the most famous Austrian empress – Elisabeth of Bavaria.

6. Look at Hundertwasser’s house

In the 1980s, the artist and architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser decided to realize his idea of building an “eco-friendly” house.

Together with another architect, Hundertwasser was able to build the house using natural paints, glue, bricks, wood and tiles – everything that met his notion of sustainability.

In addition, the house became famous for its unusual appearance. It doesn’t have a single straight line, has a colorful façade and windows of different sizes, and is decorated with onion towers and ceramic columns. And what’s amazing is that the Viennese still live here (address: Kegelgasse 36-38).

7. Listen to organ music in the Cathedral of St. Stephen

St. Stephen’s Cathedral

St. Stephen’s Cathedral is a calling card of Vienna (address: Stephansplatz 3). The cathedral was built in the Gothic style. Here you can enjoy a real concert of classical organ music and see the miraculous icon of the Virgin Mary.

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8. Walk in the Vienna Woods

View of the Vienna Woods

Not far from the city there are a number of picturesque places. The Vienna Woods stands out among them. This place is loved not only by tourists, but also by locals.

The city of Vienna is famous for its UNESCO nature reserve, which is located not far from the city center.

There are about 2 thousand plant species, animals and 150 species of birds. You can walk through the forest on your own or you can order one of the exciting excursions.

9. Visit the Museum of Music

Since most tourists associate Vienna with music, it is not surprising that there is a Music House (address: Seilerstaette 30). Learn how different musical instruments work and even try on the role of a conductor.

10. Visit Schönbrunn Palace

Another interesting palace that many visitors to Vienna visit is Schönbrunn Palace (address: Schlosstrasse 47). It is often compared to Versailles.

Inside the palace, there are more than 1,000 rooms. If you want, you can even visit Maria Theresa’s study – this is where the young Mozart played his first pieces of music.

There’s also a greenhouse with exotic plants on the grounds of Schoenbrunn. And if you like theater, you’ll love the local puppet theater, where plays are still being staged.

The last thing you need to remember is that Vienna is not only known for its architecture. Every visitor should definitely try a cup of coffee à la mode de Vienne and order a slice of the legendary Sacher cake with it.

The recipe for this delicate chocolate cake was invented in the early 19th century by Viennese pastry chef Franz Sacher. You can now taste the “real” Sacher cake made according to the original recipe in the Demel Confectionery (Kohlmarkt 14) or in the café at the Sacher Hotel (Philharmonikerstrasse 4).

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