10 things to do in Toledo, Spain in one day

Toledo sights: what to see in 1 day

When you don’t have much time (as we did on our 10-day trip to Spain), and you want to see everything, this mini guide can serve you well. We have collected all the most important sights in Toledo that can be visited in one day in one post.

What to see in Toledo in one day

  • Start your journey at the Old Town . Even if it only takes up 2 blocks, you’ll still be impressed. There are many interesting medieval buildings that are protected by UNESCO. In the old town you can see ancient synagogues and mosques.

Toledo Old Town - What to see in Toledo in 1 day

  • Right from the old town go to the El Greco Museum. Here you can observe monuments of civil architecture and religious exhibits. The famous painter El Greco once lived in this house-museum and created many of his now famous paintings. In the museum you can see things that once belonged to him and his paintings. The ticket costs 5 euros.

Of course, you’re in Toledo for a reason, so here’s a link to a guide to Madrid: https://geektrips.ru/v-madrid-samostoyatelno/

  • After El Greco, we highly recommend going to the Alcázar palace – there’s a very interesting military museum there.

Toledo Cathedral Church Dome Spain Castile

  • Then head to the Toledo Cathedral (pictured). It is unique in that it has a magnificent interior and is one of the most beautiful Gothic cathedrals in the country. Inside, thanks to the picturesque stained-glass windows, it creates a striking effect of playing with the rays of light in the room.

Toledo sightseeing videos

We recommend turning on the Toledo sightseeing video. It not only tells you what to see in Toledo, but also what to eat and where to relax. All in all, this Toledo video is a complete guide!

Toledo Excursions

Before a trip to Toledo, you can read many articles and memorize all the sights, or you can just take a tour of Toledo with a local tour guide, who speaks Russian! You can do this online booking site “Tripster.ru” .

How to get from Madrid to Toledo on your own

By the way, we forgot to tell you how to get to Toledo from Madrid. The easiest way to get to Toledo is by bus, but remember that you don’t have to buy tickets online (on the Alsa website)!

  1. buying a ticket online does NOT guarantee you a seat on that particular bus at that time-it’s a sad fact
  2. The prices at the station are exactly the same.
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So just go to the metro station Plaza Elíptica – go up to the third floor of the station, buy a ticket for the Alsa bus and in an hour you’re already in the center of Toledo!

You can also get to Toledo by train, but:

  • The train does not arrive in the center of Toledo.
  • The fare will be more expensive.

Additional attractions in Toledo (Spain)

  • In general, Toledo is a city of beautiful temples and cathedrals, so then we move on to the largest cathedral in the world of the Virgin Mary . It has greatness and beauty both outside and inside. Looking at it, one is amazed at how man could create such indescribable beauty.
  • San Servando Fortress is a must-see. It is built on the bank of the Tajo River. The view is breathtaking.


This concludes our article about Toledo itinerary with sights. Write your questions in the comments if you still have them, share it with your friends on social networks and catch cheap tickets to Madrid (because it’s better to fly there and get to Toledo by bus)!

    : where to eat, where to drink, how much it all costs
  • Not quite about Madrid, but nearby – flying to Tenerife!

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    What to see in Toledo in a day?

    Toledo was once such a large city that Madrid could not compare to it in importance, wealth or number of inhabitants.

    Madrid is now the country’s capital and Toledo has been overshadowed by it. However, the medieval core has been preserved and Toledo has many interesting sights.

    Toledo, photo by Pilar Azaña Talán

    Toledo, photo by Pilar Azaña Talán

    So a trip to Toledo in Spain, at least for a day, is possible and necessary.

    New Gate

    The tone of the whole introduction to Toledo is set by the ancient gate, through which almost all travelers who enter the city from the bus station side pass.

    This large structure looks very formidable and solid, quite medieval. In fact, the main gate of Toledo has nothing to do with the Middle Ages, as they were built in the middle of the sixteenth century by order of the Spanish Emperor Charles V – he wanted to decorate his triumphal entry into the city center.

    The Gateway to Toledo.

    The gateway to Toledo

    Therefore, on the site of the old building, built in the days when Spain was ruled by the Moors, built a new, large and wide gate. They were decorated with heraldic symbols, and the construction began to look so beautiful that it completely eclipsed the Bisagra Gates – here they are really old and medieval, but their appearance is not advantageous, and almost no one pays attention to them.

    Toledo Cathedral

    The narrow streets of old Toledo intricately meander, but eventually still lead to the heart of the city, the colossal cathedral.

    Facade of Toledo Cathedral, photo by Nikthestoned

    Facade of Toledo Cathedral, photo by Nikthestoned

    This hundred-meter-high giant was supposed to surpass the pearl of medieval architecture, Chartres Cathedral, and at the same time have its own style, taking into account the Spanish peculiarity.

    The plan did, in fact, succeed, albeit incompletely: the plan was to erect two towers, but only one was made. Construction of the building, reaching 60 meters in width and twice in length, lasted from 1226 to 1493 years, for the sake of a new construction was even demolished old temple, standing at the time of domination of the Visigoths.

    Toledo Cathedral, photo by Marc

    Toledo Cathedral, photo by Marc

    It is thought that a few centuries ago the Toledo Cathedral would have looked really majestic: in the past decades, the urban development approached it almost immediately, and you can estimate the size of the building now only from the main facade. But it has the most important shrine of Christianity – the portal of forgiveness, decorated with many figures of saints, it is believed that one who has passed through the gate receives absolution of all sins.

    The high altar of the Toledo Cathedral, photo by Divot

    The main altar of Toledo Cathedral, photo by Divot

    The interior of the cathedral was decorated by the most important artists of the time and although the entrance fee of 7€ is charged, do not skimp: inside you can see paintings by Caravaggio, Titian, El Greco and other precious works of art.

    Archbishop’s Palace

    While paying homage to the Toledo Cathedral, it’s easy to overlook another important landmark: the Archbishop’s Palace is located across from the main facade of the temple.

    The building is large and ornate, and would seem more suited to a rich man than to a spiritual pastor who calls for moderation and abstinence.

    The archbishop's palace in Toledo, photo by eric

    Archbishop’s palace in Toledo, photo by eric

    The formation of the appearance of the palace of the archbishops of Toledo began in the thirteenth century, when another hierarch combined several neighboring houses for his residence, and his successors continued the tradition. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, skilled architects carried out work to give the archbishops’ estates a common look and since then the palace has been considered one of Toledo’s most beautiful buildings.

    Churches of Toledo

    In the historic center of Toledo the churches can be counted in dozens and it is simply unrealistic to go around them all. It would be wiser to choose one or two churches in addition to the cathedral and devote time to them.

    Among the most interesting buildings that you can not miss is, in particular, the monastery of San Antonio. It looks a little bleak from the outside, but if you pay 2 € and go inside, you will find the old buildings of the former palace of the Arab rulers, subsequently adapted for the needs of the monastic cloister. Of interest are both the decor of the buildings and the interiors of the monastery church.

    Church of San Ildefonso, photo by Carlos Delgado

    Church of San Ildefonso, photo by Carlos Delgado

    There is another church that is a must-see. We are talking about the church of San Ildefonso, commissioned by the Jesuits. It is a true jewel of the Baroque style, which took almost a hundred and fifty years to build. After the building was finished in 1765, it immediately became famous for its ornate decoration and its many expressive statues.

    El Greco Museum

    Visitors to Toledo should not miss the museum El Greco, whose exhibition introduces the visitor to the life and work of this great Spanish artist.

    El Greco museum, photo by Rex Harris

    El Greco Museum, photo by Rex Harris

    He chose to live outside of Madrid after he became disillusioned with the royal court and rented a small house where he spent nearly three decades. Unfortunately, the historic structure has not survived, but about a century ago it was carefully rebuilt and given to the museum.

    The entrance fee of 3 € is not a big price to pay for the opportunity to touch the memory of one of the most brilliant painters of Spain.

    Toledo El Greco, photo by Rex Harris

    El Greco Toledo, photo by Rex Harris

    Those who want to deepen their acquaintance with El Greco’s work are also advised to visit the church of San Toma, which houses one of the artist’s masterpieces, The Funeral of the Count of Orgaz. El Greco painted this canvas in 1586-1588, commemorating the pious and religious aristocrat. The painting is notable for its unusually bright coloring and composition. Interestingly, it never left the confines of the church.


    Alcázar in Spain has long been called the city’s castle, which usually served as the residence of the rulers.

    Alcázar in Toledo, photo by Tim A. Bruening

    Alcázar in Toledo, photo by Tim A. Bruening

    Toledo’s Alcázar was built in the 12th century and at that time was used for defense against the Moors, who were constantly disturbing the border areas.

    The complex acquired a new look in the 16th century, when Emperor Charles V decided to set up his residence there. Then arches, columns and other features typical of a palace rather than a fortress appeared inside the alcazar, which was very bellicose and impregnable from the outside.

    Unfortunately, during the Spanish Civil War the ensemble underwent severe destruction as it became a stronghold of the Francoist group. The Republicans shelled and besieged the complex for two and a half months, but failed to take it. The Alcazar of Toledo was subsequently rebuilt as it was in the Middle Ages.

    Toledo, photo by Mario Lapid

    Toledo, photo by Mario Lapid

    Of course, even a week will not be enough to fully explore this Spanish city. But if you come for a day from Madrid to Toledo prepared, you have the opportunity to see the most interesting sights of Toledo and make a fairly complete opinion of it.

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