10 things to do in Tenerife, Spain

Ten things you should do in Tenerife

The whole world beneath your feet - on top of Teide volcano

A moderately extreme and memorable adventure at an altitude of 3,718 meters above sea level.

What do you need to do?

Read about Teide volcano in our guidebook.

Closer to the closing of the cable car, go up, find the Altavista, stay overnight (advance booking required), get up in the morning and make your way to the crater. You do not need a permit to visit the crater.

To get to “Altavista” without the help of ropeway: 4-5 hours through the mountains and good physical preparation.

Altavista Shelter

Altavista Shelter

Theoretically possible at any time of year, but in winter at the top is very cold.

Cable car: 25 € each way. Overnight stay at Altavista: 20-24 € for a Spartan bed. Booking: www.telefericoteide.com

2. Spend the night in the parador.

This is a great alternative for those who are too lazy to climb the volcano in the morning, but still want some romance. But comfortable.

Paradoras is a chain of Spanish quaint hotels. In Tenerife, a parador hotel was built in the caldera (old ruined crater) of Las Cañadas at a height of 2,152 meters with a view of Teide Peak. Here in the evenings the fireplace is lit in the living room, the old staircase creaks cozily, and in the restaurant the chef cooked particularly delicious meat. There’s not a soul around, just you and the bizarre silhouettes of rocks against the sky, the incredible stars hanging right overhead, and the ringing silence.

Las Canadas del Teide Parador

Las Canadas del Teide Parador

Las Canadas del Teide Parador

Las Canadas del Teide Parador

What do you need to do?

Book a hotel room in advance at www.paradores.es and get yourself in the mood for romance.

From 90 € for a double room per night, but be prepared to pay twice as much depending on the season.

3. Roll down the Tower of Power slide.

A new water park, Siam Park, opened in the south of Tenerife in 2008. The biggest attraction in the park is the Tower of Power slide. From the height of a ten-story building offers a gorgeous view of the coast, and the chute is almost steep. The main thing here is not to let the instinct of self-preservation and not to go down the same way that you went up. Braking you will start in a glass tube inside the pool with fish, which in itself is already original. However, you will not care about the fish.

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Tower of Power waterslide

What do you need to do?

Read in our guidebook about “Siam Park”, where it is located and how to get there. Website of the water park – www.siampark.net

The water park is open all year round, but in winter avoid days with cloudy or windy weather.

For 33 € (22 € for children) you can ride all rides in the park all day without restrictions.

4. Wander the streets of La Laguna

La Laguna is the first capital and oldest town of Tenerife. At a time when the current capital was a dull village, here the noble nobles and the homeless, but rich merchants competed in building mansions. Many of which have survived to this day. The historic center of La Laguna, with its cobblestone narrow streets, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and is a wonderful place for a leisurely stroll through the colonial era scenery.

City of La Laguna

City of La Laguna

What do you need to do?

Read our guidebook about the city of La Laguna and properly plan your itinerary.

5. See whales.

A large colony of pilot whales (grinde) permanently lives off the coast of Tenerife. They can easily be distinguished from dolphins by their rounded dorsal fin. Local whales are relatively small, up to six meters, but still worthy of attention. Whales after all, even if small.

Sea cruise to whales

What do you need to do?

Go to the port of Costa Adeje or Los Cristianos yourself, or buy an excursion on the street or from your tour operator. You can probably see whales on almost any boat trip.

At any time of the year.

Big boat rides are 20-50€ per person depending on the length of the event. You can rent a yacht like on the photo just for yourself, but this is quite another money.

6. Lunch at Tachao

Tajao is a small coastal village 30 km away from Las Americas by the highway. Famous for its fish restaurants. Local establishments catering simple and plain, but delicious and inexpensive. For real.

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Lunch in Tachao

Lunch in Tachao

What do you need to do?

You need to turn off the TF-1 highway, follow the sign for Tajao and take TF-632 towards the ocean. The first restaurants along the road will appear before you even enter the village. You can opt for them, or drive a little farther – they are all good. At the restaurant, you have to go to the showcase and point your finger at what you want to eat: fish and seafood will be put in a tray and taken away to cook.

For about 60 € for two people it will cost you a nice and hearty meal with a bottle of wine.

7. Go visit the dinosaurs.

If the science is to be believed, the island of Tenerife “emerged” from the ocean after the last dinosaurs died out on our planet. But here in the mountains survived the relict forest, very similar to their prehistoric habitat. Monteverde, an evergreen deciduous forest, disappeared from the face of the Earth before the Ice Age. But on Tenerife and elsewhere, they remain as an open-air museum. Want to see what Europe looked like tens of millions of years ago?



What do you need to do?

Drive the TF-12 in the northeast of Tenerife.

Drive off TF-12 onto dead-end road TF-123.

8. Buy honey rum.

A special rum (ron miel) with honey added is made in the Canaries. It’s milder than traditional rum, 20-30° and quite sweet. It’s good to add on winter evenings to hot tea with lemon or give to friends as a souvenir from the island. There are several brands of Canary Honey Rum in different capacity bottles – it tastes pretty much the same, so buy any.

Canary Honey Rum

What do you need to do?

Go to the nearest store. If you’re worried about being overweight, you can buy it at the “dutytik” at the south airport, but it’s more expensive.

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It’s about 10 € for a liter bottle.

9. Hang out at the carnival

Every year in February or early March the capital of Tenerife hosts the main canarian carnival. You can take part in official events only as spectators, but when they are over, the evening begins the informal part of the festivities. Everyone’s having fun, enjoying life, dressing up in their best, drinking (or having had a lot to drink), but without excesses and not stressing each other out. The atmosphere is positive and welcoming.

Carnival in Santa Cruz

What do you need to do?

Check out the Santa Cruz carnival calendar in our guidebook, wear something eccentric, and blend in with the crowd.

10. Bring home some colorful sand

Tenerife has beaches with sand of different colors. Artificial ones are light and gray. The natural ones are dark gray and completely black. And it varies in texture. You can collect sand from different beaches by contrasting layers in some suitable glass vessel – it will be something to remember then, and a subject of decor again.

Tenerife Beaches

Tenerife Beaches

What do you need to do?

Look at the pictures of Tenerife beaches in our guidebook, find a container for the sand.

10 things to do in Tenerife, Spain

1. Visit volcano Teide . Take the cable car to the site, which is located at an altitude of 3555 meters. And if you can strength and health, go even higher. If you get permission in advance you can go to the top of the crater at an altitude of 3718 meters.

Volcano Teide - Spain's highest point

2. Admire the view from the Miracle of Garachico . It is very convenient to combine a visit to the second most beautiful place after the Teide funicular, of course, the mirador, with a visit to Garachico and Icod de los Vinos itself.

View of Garachico from the mirador

3. swim among the rocks in the pools in Garachico. I don’t know if they are artificially made or so nature intended, but they are the most real pools in the rocks with ocean water, but protected from the harsh Atlantic waves.

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Pools in the rocks in Garachico

4. Visit Los Gigantes . These are steep cliffs 300-600 meters high, such peculiar walls, against which the powerful ocean waves crash. Guidebooks say that the best way to rent a boat and look at the cliffs from the water. Maybe so, but from the land they look just as majestic. Especially since there is a very small beach with black sand where you can snorkel in the waves.

Los Gigantes. Cliffs about 300 meters high

5. Walk through Hell’s Gorge . Just a very nice and easy route. It can handle it a person with any physical condition. And at the end of the route you can enjoy the view of the waterfall, surrounded on all sides by rocks.

View of Tenerife from Hell's Gorge (Barranco del Infierno)

6. Swim in the rough ocean on the beach Benijo . This is probably the most beautiful wild beach of the island with black sand. People come here just to contemplate, but some brave ones dare to engage in a battle with the elements.

Panorama of Benijo Beach

7. Drive through the Anaga Mountains . It is a pity that there are not many places where you can park your car and enjoy the view, but there are still some. And to contemplate the beauty while driving nobody forbade, most importantly, do not forget to watch the road, these turns are very tricky. And from time to time you will drive into the impenetrable thickets, where the trees will overhang the road, creating natural natural tunnels.

Tunnel of trees overhanging the road in the Anaga Mountains

8. Breathe in the eucalyptus forest . All the tourists who drive from the south of the island to the volcano pass through the forest, but these rare pine trees do not dare to call it a forest. Another thing, the forest Esperanza, where you can breathe plenty of clean and fresh air. Closer to La Laguna, the eucalyptus groves begin. You will recognize the eucalyptus trees by their stripped trunks. You can leave the car and go for a walk, especially since there is nothing and no one dangerous in the forest.

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Mist in the Esperanza eucalyptus forest

9. Cross the island from south to north through the volcano Teide, the Esperanza highway and the Esperanza forest. Perfectly combined with a visit to the forest. All tourists living in the south of the island usually reach the cable car and turn back. But if you go further, you will see a road of unprecedented beauty. The scenery will be more inviting than what you have seen before.

10. Meet the sunrise/sunset in Teide National Park. Of course, the nature and scenery of the park cannot but evoke admiring emotions, but the same views will play with new colors in the rays of the rising/setting sun. The mountains will light up pink so that you can appreciate their topography, and the shrubs will cast long shadows, adding to the atmosphere of the place.

Sunset over Tenerife. In the distance you can see the island of La Gomera

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