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Sightseeing from Stalida. Where to go, what to see?

What are the sights of Crete to see, where to go and how to plan a route to make your trip to the island unforgettable? Gorges, monasteries, picturesque towns and villages, beautiful beaches, Minoan palaces, castles, museums and other places of interest with which Crete is truly rich.

Sightseeing from Stalida. Where to go, what to see?

Post sunny ” 24 Mar 2013, 14:27

Good day! We are going to Crete and plan to stay in Stalida. Any advice on where to go to get a glimpse of the vanishing Cretan flavor, how to properly plan an itinerary?

We can assume that there are 2 more people who are “sick” of Crete). Last August we were in Bali. We went by car to Balos, Chania, Knossos. But with Santorini we had no luck: we had tickets on FlyingCat ferry, and hotel booked, but the sea was rough, we didn’t get there, came back halfway. But we spent a day in Heraklion (it was my way of reassuring myself)).

Thanks a lot in advance for the help!

Re: sights in Stalida. Where to go, what to see?

Post Goalexa ” 24 Mar 2013, 15:54

Hello Sunny!!! Awww, well the east of Crete is very rich in sights. And Stalida is, in my opinion, a great starting point for visiting them! From Stalida, it is not so far to places like Agios Nikolaos, Spinalonga. From there you can ride along the Gulf of Mirabello and visit the local attractions: Gournia, Kritza, Lato, Mochlos.

By the way, you can find a lot of examples of routes from the resort of Stalida here: Routes and Sights from Stalida.

And here you can read more. Naturally, it is impossible not to mention one of the most popular destinations – Lassithi Plateau. On the website there is the route from Malia, since Stalida is very close to Malia, you understand that it is also relevant for Stalida: the route to Lassithi Plateau. It is interesting because on the way you can visit many sights. By the way, you should not try to visit everything described there in one day, otherwise it will be rather tedious. I suggest you choose the sights you are interested in and visit them.

West of Stalida you can visit the aquariums of Crete: Cretaquarium and Aquaworld Aquarium and Reptile Rescue Centre. Both are interesting and original in their own way. The Cretaquarium is one of the biggest in Europe, if I’m not mistaken. Of course it does not compare with the Barcelona one, but it is very informative. Having been there for the first time, we did not notice how several hours flew by, the second aquarium is quite small in size. We are really at home there. And very hospitable hosts, ready to show you and your children how the inhabitants of the aquarium and the center of reptile rescue eat, tell the story of this or that inhabitant. How is it original? Many of the aquarium inhabitants were rescued! And in addition to sea dwellers, there are reptiles living here. Children can play with turtles, look at iguanas close up, hold a Polozoan in their hands. Anyway, I already wrote about it in the link. I just can’t wait to get there again.

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South of Hersonissos is the large water park Acqua Plus. The second big water park Watercity is south of Kokkini Hani.

Basically, if you are ready to go further afield, I would go to Melidoni and Sphedoni caves, visit the traditional village of Anoia. Maybe I would risk a ride south towards Matala. There are also nearby: the palace of Phaistos, Agia Triada, Gortyna, Moni Odigitria. But these will all be quite long drives, for which, at a minimum, you have to get up earlier in the morning and calculate your time properly.

And finally, I can’t forget the most “must see” attractions: the Palace of Knossos and the Palace of Mali.

Of course, these are the main attractions.

All about vacations in Stalida and Malia

There are two splendid holiday resorts on the island of Crete in Southern Europe, which have been neighboring each other for many years and are almost a united whole in every tourist map. Stalida and Malia are chosen for vacation in 2022 by those who want to appreciate the luxurious resort life, to enjoy the sunshine on one of the many beaches or to give a happy memory to a loved one. All about holidays in Stalida and Malia in 2022, attractions, entertainment, prices, you will learn from this article, and you will be able to plan your summer trip in detail.

General information about the resorts

A brief historical background

Stalida appeared on the map of Crete just a few decades ago. At first, it was just a beautiful beach, where locals enjoyed spending their holidays. However, the tourism in Crete began to gain momentum and the beach became a holiday village.

On the other hand, Malia has been known since the Greek myths and legends. As a result of archaeological excavations, such objects as the Minoan Palace, the Necropolis, the houses that belonged to the time of a few thousand years BC have been discovered. Nowadays it is a developed resort town.

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A brief geographical background and climate

Stalida and Malia are located in northern Crete and are washed by the Cretan Sea. Administratively they are included in the community of Chersonesos. These villages are located just 30 kilometers from Heraklion, where the international airport is located.

The climate of the resort settlements is temperate, Mediterranean, mild and healthy for the human body. The weather in the summer, when the season reaches its peak, is luxurious: there are almost no precipitation, the average air temperature reaches 26 degrees Celsius. The sea gets warm to an average of 25 degrees.

Stalida and Malia on the map

Safety in the resorts

Like the other resorts of Crete, Stalida and Malia are safe areas for tourist travel. The authorities value the vacationers’ contribution to the region’s budget, so everything is done to ensure that travelers have a good time. However, wherever you are, always keep in mind the safety of your belongings in public places, do not swim if it is forbidden, and be sure to use sunscreen and protect your skin and head from sunstroke with clothing.

Planning your trip to Stalida and Malia: Transport and accommodation

How to get there?

The nearest airport is located in Heraklion. The first impressions of the upcoming vacation can be obtained by looking out the porthole, through which opens a stunning panorama at the head of the Aegean Sea and the islands, tightly adjoining each other. This view can be enjoyed only if the weather is good. Airfare from Moscow to Heraklion in the summer of 2022 will cost about 10 thousand rubles, the direct flight will last 4 hours.

From the airport to the resorts – about 30 kilometers. You can get to them by public transport: buses run several times a day, the trip will last about 1 hour. Do you have enough money? Take a cab or book a car in advance. In case you plan to move around Crete a lot, you may rent a car at the airport and you will be free to travel.

Where to stay?

You should book rooms well in advance, because when you arrive you may run into a lack of amenities, and more comfortable accommodation may not be affordable. If that happens, you should find one of the many hostels or ask for help from locals who are willing to provide additional accommodation for a reasonable price.

The cost of living will depend not so much on the nearby institutions, but on the view from the window. The farther from the beach, the lower the cost will be. The least expensive option is considered accommodation in a small apart-hotel: two tourists can stay in a modest, but clean and well furnished place for about 2.5 thousand rubles per day.

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A three-star hotel with a swimming pool, a restaurant and a garden will cost two travelers about 6 thousand rubles per day. If you can afford a luxury holiday – choose a spa hotel with its own beach, pools, restaurants for 15 thousand rubles for two per day. Where to live is up to you.

Journey to Stalida and Malia: what to see and do?

Beach and water sports

Stalida is a favorite vacation spot among families with children and elderly tourists. Sandy beaches, clear sea, gently sloping water – that’s what distinguishes the two main beaches of the resort. The width of the coastal strip allows everyone to be accommodated. There are cozy Greek taverns, cafes and restaurants near the beaches, among which you can find several jewelry and souvenir stores. There are playgrounds for children. You can go scuba diving – not far from Stalida there is an interesting diving spot – a sunken plane.

After Stalida stretches the beaches of Malia. They are also sandy and clean, have an excellent infrastructure: deck chairs, umbrellas, changing rooms, showers. Quay in Malia as such is not, and the center of the village is located just 750 meters from the shoreline. The center of entertainment here is more pronounced, and most hotels are located in close proximity to the beach. The main public in Malia is young people. For lovers of outdoor activities there is always the possibility to engage in one of the many water sports, especially popular is windsurfing, as well as jet-skiing or catamaran riding, for the kids – bananas.

Features, infrastructure and entertainment

Stalida and Malia, as already mentioned, are somewhat different in their orientation and will suit different categories of tourists.

Stalida is famous for its excellent promenade area, where entertainment such as evening stays in cafes and restaurants, going to souvenir shops in search of special gifts, hiking are mostly popular. There is a stable in Stalida, and you can ride a quiet horse through the beautiful surroundings. Be sure to devote an evening to leisurely shopping and choose the best memorabilia and useful things from Crete:

  • textiles with Greek ornaments;
  • Olive oil, olives, cosmetics on their basis;
  • Local alcoholic beverages;
  • pottery;
  • Antiques.

Malia will please fans of nightlife, which flows here merrily and actively. Almost all establishments offer interesting programs and evening shows with the participation of local people, color and cheerful mood of the resort town. Here are some of the institutions noted by tourists:

  1. Help Bar. A bar with an interesting interior and friendly staff, whose hospitality is noted in several dozen reviews.
  2. Reflex Malia. Vacationers note good DJs, rousing parties and an excellent dance floor.
  3. Squeeze Bar. An institution for fans of indie and rock, small and cozy.By the way, for fans of noisy parties we should also mention Chersonese, which is only a couple of kilometers from Stalida and Malia, which means it is quite possible to go there to spend the evening.
Features of British Cuisine


For a hearty dinner you will have to pay about 15-20 euros. If you go to a restaurant this cost increases by five or ten times. There is no doubt in the quality of products, because almost all products are grown right there, and the seafood is prepared only from what is caught by local fishermen. In the resorts there are also mini-markets, so if you prefer to cook your own food in the kitchen of the apartments, with this there will be no problem. In any case you should go to a tavern and treat yourself to an authentic Greek meal!

In Stalida you can find, for example, such places:

  1. Cretan Family Restaurant. Inexpensive place where you can eat in a hurry: gyros, pancakes, ice cream – the local fast food.
  2. Restaurant Creta. A restaurant with a view of the sea, tourists praise Greek cuisine and dishes from fish and seafood, good serving and presentation.
  3. Kelariko Restaurant. Traditional meze meal, Greek music and friendly staff, and very reasonable prices.

In Malia, tourists note, for example, these places:

  1. Restaurant Socrates. Classic family restaurant, where there is even a menu in Russian, as well as increased attention to the little guests of the institution.
  2. Cretan Family FISH AND GRILL. An abundance of grilled fish and seafood in an excellent traditional Cretan tavern.
  3. The Red Lion Gastropub and Restaurant. For those who miss international cuisine and meat and are tired of seafood, this place is perfect.

Where to go and where to go?

For a comfortable and active holiday in Stalida you can really find everything. For starters, it is recommended to rent a car and go on a fascinating journey through local towns and nearby villages. It will allow you to get to know the area around Stalida on your own, without unnecessary fuss, its customs, cultural heritage and the local people, who will be happy to show the way for a lost traveler and in addition will tell some ancient legends.

When visiting Malia, use exclusively walking routes through the ancient streets of this lovely village. It is on its territory that you will find the famous Minoan Palace, which is the third most important building of the period. Excavations in this area began in the first third of the 20th century and continue to the present day. Fragments of walls and buildings, necropolis and ancient vessels – in this place you can really feel the spirit of history.

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A visit to the village of Mojos, which still preserves the original way of life, will help you feel the value of local traditions. The village is located in the mountains, from the resorts there are buses, but it is easier to get by car or tourist train. On the way be sure to make a stop, breathe and enjoy the view from a height, and be sure to capture it in the memory. Overgrown houses, small churches, friendly people who are happy to pose and smile at tourists, are waiting for everyone in this village. Local taverns offer only Greek cuisine, which for centuries has been in demand and popular among workers and peasants.

It is worth to visit Heraklion, which is the most typical Greek city. Its port allows ships of all sizes to enter it. A huge collection of ancient relics and artifacts are stored in the local Archaeological Museum, which is considered one of the best in the whole island. Particular attention should be paid to a visit to the palace of Knossos, listening to a very interesting story of a local guide.

One of the intermediate points of your trip and vacation to Crete in 2022 could be the mystical Lake Voulismeni in Agios Nikolaos. According to legend, the goddess Athena herself bathed here, and now the body of water is surrounded by benches and pine trees, giving pleasant shade to vacationers.

If you like unusual nature, go on an excursion to Diktaia cave. It is also associated with ancient mythology and is otherwise known as the Zeus Cave. Archaeological finds from the cave has long been removed to museums, but you can admire the stalactites, stalagmites, an underground lake and the bizarre outlines of the walls in the mysterious lighting. The cave is equipped for tourists to visit, so do not be afraid and feel free to go there.

Stalida and Malia is a great choice for those who want to see the colorful life of Crete, but want to relax in comfort. There are no no noisy water parks or giant cathedrals, on the contrary, the attractions here are quite “chamber” and the entertainment is unhurried. The friendly locals, good beaches and sea, picturesque nature and small streets – all this will really suit those tourists who want to take a break from the bustle of megacities and feel the atmosphere of calm and kindness.

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