10 things to do in one day in Bergen, Norway

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Going on a Vision of the Seas fjord cruise on 18.05.2013. We will be in Bergen on Thursday, the 23rd of May. Let’s talk about what you can do/watch during the day. So far I have a preliminary plan for Bergen like this:

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Re: Bergen in one day

Autotraveler ” 10 Mar 2013, 16:47

Does the numbering match the chronology? Oh yeah, saw the whole chronology on the link. In that case,would have swapped the Fish Market and the Oceanarium. And 17 minutes to the market. You’ll want to try some seafood there. I’d put an hour on Bryggen + Fish Market on the way from Oceanarium. I don’t know why the train station and the mall. And the theater.

Are you going to go as a group, or do you want to split up by interest.

Bergen is one of the rainiest cities in Europe. Don’t forget your rain gear.

Please “fellow Norwegians” to help as much as possible.

Re: Bergen in one day

Forum Cruises ” 10 March 2013, 16:54

The numbering is not just consistent with the chronology, but each number has a specific time written on it to visit that point. The itinerary starts at the blue ship, and ends at the same one. In the middle of the route the point is obligatory at a specific time (10:17), because at this time a forum member from our collective farm leaves for the airport. The route can be changed before and after this point. Also, we go with this forum lady and her suitcase before that time, and after that time we go without her and her suitcase.

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Re: Bergen in one day

Linarina ” 10 March 2013, 20:29

Here are posted mast si in Bergen for all tastes (though in Norwegian, hope google can handle it ) http://no.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g190502-Activities-Bergen_Hordaland_Western_Norway.html

For those yearning for a closer acquaintance with the nature of Norway, you can take the cable car up to Ulriken.

If you have any questions about the information posted, ask.

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Re: Bergen in one day

yammosov ” 11 Mar 2013, 09:24

I will add my five cents. Busy day.

In general, it seems quite realistic. Personally, I would highlight the following:

9. Nyg√•rdsparken is just a nice park, nothing more, and the detour is decent. 5. Bergen Aquarium – they say that Olesund is better, and now in our dear capital in the “TC RIO” on Dmitrovka was found quite comparable to Olesund oceanarium, except that the stingrays are not allowed to stroke, and the fish shrimp to feed.

Otherwise, it’s nice to walk through the streets. During the two visits to Bergen, I became convinced that the quarter between the theater and the pond is a pretty standard “polished” and dull shopping district with a lot of boutiques, however, as well as the area between numbers 5 and 7. You can walk around the perimeter, but there’s nothing to see there IMHO. At the theater is a funny Ibsen, beautiful flowerbeds and that’s it. (in our opinion). But up the hill behind Briggen (between 11 and 12 on your map) is very scenic and nice! You can take the cable car up there and walk back. The “wooden” block somewhere between numbers 10 and 12 is very nice.

The fish market has a lot of good stuff, but never tried it. Had a bite to eat at a restaurant near Briggen. Sometimes you just want to stop somewhere and contemplate/meditate, observe the residents/tourists. If there’s flexibility in planning as you walk, that’s a good thing.

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We haven’t been to St Mary’s Church (14), but it looks very interesting from afar.

On the subject of raincoats – I definitely join in. Umbrellas can be useless – strong winds. Someone even wrote that “Bergen is a city of broken umbrellas”.

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