10 things to do in Nice in one day, France

10 ideas for things to do in Nice

The fountain in Nice

A picturesque city on the French Riviera, Nice attracts travelers from all over the world. Its history goes back to the era of the Roman Empire. Surprisingly beautiful nature and a rich cultural heritage make Nice one of the most interesting places of the Cote d’Azur.

In Nice there is a huge number of unique attractions and exciting things to do. It is simply impossible to get bored! And in this article we’ll offer you a list of 10 important things you absolutely can’t do without!

Take a walk on the Promenade des Anglais

Promenade des Anglais

To soak up the beauty of the azure waters of the Mediterranean, take a stroll along the famous Promenade des Anglais. It got its name because it was created by the English, who in the late 18th century often came to Nice for holidays.

The long street with a line of palm trees on one side and a strip of azure sea on the other is still one of the most beautiful and pleasant places in Nice. Here you can spend the whole day, strolling along the sea or sitting on a bench and gazing at the sea.

Explore the Old Town

Old Town

This narrow labyrinth of little streets appeared in Nice long before the invasion of the British and Russian aristocrats. Here, even today, the spirit is typically Provencal, and the shops of the local artisans offer a host of useful and lovely gifts, from olive oil to amusing cat figurines.

Explore the streets of the old town and you’ll find you can’t go on, discovering new places each time. If you get hungry, try to wander off the tourist-trodden paths and find a homemade restaurant hidden in the nooks and crannies to sample authentic Provençal cuisine.

You won’t get lost if you have the mobile app with a map of Nice. Download it at this link.

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And if you want a more thoughtful walk with interesting stories about the sights, take a mobile tour guide with you. A personalized in-app tour doesn’t cost more than a cup of coffee!

Go to museums

Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art

Nice is notable because it’s good for both beach and educational vacations. In Nice there are many old and new museums devoted to art, history and the sciences.

If you are interested in modern cultural trends, you must visit the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art. You can see the work of emerging local artists at the Jean Renoir Gallery. Among the most popular and famous attractions in Nice are two museums dedicated to great artists: the Matisse Museum and the Chagall Museum.

Go to the flower market Cours Saleya

There are several different markets on Cours Saleya, the most famous of which is the flower market, which is open Tuesday through Sunday. In fact, here you can buy not only flowers, but also fruits and vegetables. The market is called a flower market because the sale of flowers has always played an important role in the history of Nice. For example, in 1897, Nice was the first place in the world where they started selling fresh cut flowers in bulk.

The flower market in Cours Saleya is a realm of bright colors, flavors, smells and to some extent a sample of design art, as you can see when you see the imagination and skill with which the sellers lay out their goods.

See the religious sights

St Nicholas Orthodox Cathedral

Nice is adorned not only by the seashore and beautiful plants, but also by architectural structures, including cathedrals and chapels. In 1912, with the support of Tsar Nicholas II, the Cathedral of St. Nicholas was built in Nice in memory of his son who died in Nice. St. Nicholas Cathedral is one of the most amazing examples of Russian Orthodox architecture outside of Russia.

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Of particular note are the Chapel of Mercy as an example of French religious architecture and the Church of the Annunciation, which is notable for its rich baroque decoration and ornamentation.

Try the socca


Socca, a pancake made with chickpea flour and olive oil, is one of the favorite treats in the south of France, especially in Nice. The socca is baked in a large oven and served immediately. There are many places to try socca in Nice, one of the most popular is at the Cours Saleya market. A hot socca and a glass of local wine is a good option for a quick, tasty and cheap snack during the day when there is no time for a more filling meal.

Learn about the history of Nice


To learn more about Nice’s history, check out the remains of Roman ruins in the Simier Gardens. This way you can get an idea of what the capital of the Riviera looked like in ancient times. The Romans often visited these places to hide from persecution and sometimes to buy delicacies from southern France to send to Rome.

In the gardens of Cimiez you can see the ancient amphitheater, which now hosts the Jazz Festival of Nice, the Roman baths and the Archaeological Museum, which houses a vast collection of ancient artifacts.

Go to Monaco.


In just one day, you can take a trip from Nice to another country, the Principality of Monaco, and the trip is only 3 euros if you take the bus. As luxurious as Nice looks, it’s not until you get to Monaco that you realize what true chic is.

You can see the magnificent casino building, look at the princely palace, stroll through the Japanese garden arranged by Princess Grace, and simply observe the sedate life of the Monegasques, who without exaggeration can be counted among the most well-to-do people in the world.

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To enjoy home-made ice-cream

Ice cream

Nice is more Italian than French and you can tell by the menu in the restaurants, where the pasta and pizza are more present than the French. No wonder there are so many producers of delicious homemade ice cream in Nice, the influence of neighboring Italy can be felt in this too. In addition to traditional flavors, try some bolder options, like lavender, cactus or cinnamon-flavored ice cream.

Relaxing on the beach

Nice Beach

One of the main experiences in Nice is getting to know its beaches. There are many different beaches in the city: large and small, private and public. If you’re only in Nice for a few days, the easiest place to go is the beach near the Old Town. Keep in mind that Nice has pebble beaches, so if you don’t want to sit on the stones, you can go to a paid beach and rent a comfortable sunbed and an umbrella to protect you from the sun.

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