10 things to do in Manchester, UK

Top 15 facts about Manchester.

Greetings and salutations, everyone! Today let’s talk about the important city of England. Why important? Basically because Manchester is home to many great things that we all know and appreciate: it’s the home of vegetarianism, the first train station, the first free library, the rock band Oasis and veteran electronic musicians, the duo Chemical Brothers and so much more. Damn! Even the world’s first modern computer was assembled here!

Let’s face it – where would we be today without a computer? The city has a proud history behind it and a thriving culture ahead. It has something to offer you! Here’s a sampling of 15 impressive facts about this incredible city of development and inspiration. Let’s trip to Manchester!

Top 15 facts about Manchester.

Manchester, also called Madchester (because of its abundance of nightclubs and pubs), has evolved over the last hundred years into one of the largest cities in Britain. It is considered not only the second largest city in the United Kingdom, but also the center of Northern England.

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Although Manchester is a city with a very rich history, its main direction of development has always been industry. The city center is dotted with warehouses and factories, tangled in a network of canals and old railway bridges.

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  • Manchester can be considered the birthplace of programming. It was in that city that the world’s first machine with RAM-memory, the SSEM (Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine) aka “Baby”, was created.

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In 1948, Manchester professors Tom Kilburn and Sir Freddie Williams developed the first computer with program and memory. The commercial computer had a memory for as many as 32 words! Awww, isn’t that cute?

“Baby” weighed about half a ton and took up most of a fairly spacious room. An exact replica of the computer can be seen in Manchester’s Museum of Science and Industry.

  • This is the home of the Black Pudding. Black puddings (“blood pudding,” in common parlance) first arrived in Great Britain with European monks who first visited Yorkshire and then crossed the Pennines into Lancashire. There bloodwurst became known as Black Pudding.

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Bury, in Greater Manchester, is the undisputed home of “Black Pudding,” which not long ago was declared a “superfood.” Because of its “nutritial benefits. Super blood?

Like New York City, Greater Manchester is made up of its “boroughs. The 10 boroughs of Greater Manchester are Bolton, Bury, Oldham, Rochdale, Stockport, Tameside, Trafford, Wigan, and the cities of Manchester and Salford.

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  • With a population of 2.5 million, Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in Western Europe with more than 200 languages. It has, incidentally, more students than any city in Europe (about 100,000).
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The University of Manchester gave the world 25 Nobel laureates. In addition, the university has a course “Mummies” where they study ancient Egyptian mummies (strange as it may seem). No other university in the world has such a course.

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  • Besides the first splitting of the atom, Manchester is also the city where the first law of thermodynamics was discovered by James Prescott Joule in 1850.

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And in 2010, scientists at “The National Graphene Institute” (Andre Geim & Kostya Novoselov) have created the world’s thinnest material, graphene (a layer of carbon atoms), thus earning themselves the Nobel Prize in Physics.

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  • Manchester is the home of vegetarianism. Inspired by the sermons of Reverend William Kosherd, the vegetarian movement began in 1809 in the area of Salford. Now visitors can book a subscription to a cooking course at Cordon Vert School, located at the Vegetarian Community Headquarters.

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  • Manchester is the world’s first industrial city, rich in heritage and industrial architecture. As early as the 19th century, it was nicknamed “Cottonopolis” – “Cottonopolis” or “Cotton Capital” – because of its status as the center of the cotton industry.
  • First Spinning Machine . In 1769 the first “Waterframe” spinning machine was invented by Richard Arkwright. A large spinning mill was opened in Cromford, using waterwheel engines. From 1790 he converted his spinning machines to steam engines.

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In addition to the spinning machine, Arkwright invented several other revolutionary devices and machines that increased the efficiency of textile production. This innovation paved the way for mass production and greatly advanced the industrial revolution.

  • Manchester is home to popular bands like Joy Division, The Chemical Brothers, The Buzzcocks, The Smiths, Oasis, The Stone Roses and others. It is also famous for the world famous Halle Orchestra.
  • Manchester Airport is the biggest regional airport in Great Britain, serving more than 26 million passengers every year.

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  • On the ceiling of the main entrance of the majestic Manchester City Hall is a picture of a snake trying to eat its own tail. One of the world’s oldest symbols is called “Ouroboros” and is an ancient pagan icon, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.
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  • Manchester hosted the first international art exhibition, the Art Treasures of Great Britain, in 1857. It was and remains the largest art exhibition held in Britain, if not in the world.

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  • The world’s longest-running television soap opera, Coronation Street, is filmed in Manchester. Since December 9, 1960, it has been on TV screens of Englishmen every week.

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In Britain, the series is usually called Corrie for short. The series won four British awards for Best Soap TV Series. In 2013 it won Best Drama Series at the National Television Awards. Number of episodes: 9,573+.

  • “Manchester-Liverpool Railway Station” is the world’s first railway station.

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In fact, what is meant here is the British railroad, in the region of Northwest England, between Liverpool and Manchester. It was the first railroad in the world that used only steam engines, never used horse-drawn traction, and where trains ran strictly according to timetables.

It was the first railroad in the world with two tracks along its entire length; the first railroad with signaling; the first railway in the world to be used for carrying mail.

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The opening of the road took place on September 15, 1830. At this event William Huskisson, a member of the English Parliament, was hit by a train and died four hours later of his injuries; he became famous afterwards as the first man in the world to die under the wheels of a train.

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The station was closed when the line was extended in 1844 and Victoria Station was used as a station. It is now the oldest railway station terminal in the world. The building now houses the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry.

By the way, there are about 98 train stations in all of Manchester .

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  • The annual World Pie Eating Championship is held at Harry’s Bar in Wigan, Greater Manchester. Participants compete to eat meat and potato pies against the clock. The contest has been going on for more than 20 years, and the current record is 23:53 seconds. Would you try to take the first place?
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Two things to do in Manchester:

1) sample the Chinese food of local Chinatown, an East Asian slice right in the middle of Foggy Albion.

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Manchester’s Chinatown has been one of the largest in England since the 70s, but in recent years its population has been declining due to a massive shift of businesses to the suburbs.

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Nevertheless, it’s a real slice of Asia in the middle of Foggy Albion – in Manchester’s Chinatown you can find buildings of unique architecture, the Chinese Imperial Arch and most of all the East Asian restaurants in the city. In addition, the neon signs of Chinatown serve as a good guide at night.

2) To go around all the most popular nightclubs in Manchester overnight – Lola Lo, Gorilla, Antwerp Mansion, Hidden, The Warehouse Project and Albert Hall.

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  • It was here that Rolls met Royce . “Rolls-Royce Limited” (a British company, manufacturer of cars and aircraft engines) was created during a famous dinner in Manchester in 1904, when car salesman Charles Rolls met engineer Henry Royce at “The Midland Hotel.

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The Silver Ghost, produced in 1907, was a car of legendary coherence with 14,371 miles driven virtually nonstop. For this, the Ghost was awarded the title “the best car in the world.

Check out the modern Silver Ghost.

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This city is too cool to leave out. We hope we inspired you with another interesting and majestic corner of the world!

Travel to Manchester, tourist tips – what to do and what not to do in Manchester

MediaCityUK at night, Salford Quays, Manchester

The best way to pay for goods and services is in local currency and it’s best to exchange it before you travel. You can also change money in local banks and exchange offices, but they charge a fairly large fee for the services.

2. Travelers should keep in mind that the prices of goods in Manchester are much higher than in some other European cities. The cost of food and clothing in all shopping centers and supermarkets is about the same, discounts are possible only during the sale season.

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3. The prices in the cafes and restaurants are also quite high, for example, in a budget institution the cost of dinner will be not less than 10 pounds. It is recommended for thrifty tourists to buy food in supermarkets or pay attention to small open cafes, which sell takeaway food. It is worth noting that the quality of food in such places is very good, while the prices are several times lower than in the most modest cafes.

Even if you are traveling in summer, it is recommended to take some warm clothes with you. They are especially useful for those who like to walk in the evenings and expect to spend a lot of time in nature. It is also not recommended to go for a long walk without an umbrella, the rain can start very suddenly.

5. The actual tourist season is considered to be from April to September, and most travelers visit Manchester in July and August. Those who expect to travel during this period should book their hotel rooms in advance. You should also be prepared for a slight increase in prices. Copyright www.orangesmile.com

6. Locals are very responsive and hospitable, they are always happy to help foreign tourists and answer all questions. However, it is worth considering an important nuance – talk to locals only in English, they speak other languages very reluctantly.

7. Those who are planning to visit various excursions, should also take into account an important feature. Not all interesting excursions have a high price, most of the most important museums and galleries are free. If the ticket for a tour is very expensive, then most likely the sightseeing object belongs to one of the private foundations.

Manchester is not spared a variety of attractive design hotels, in the heart of the city is the Motel One Manchester-Piccadilly. The interior of this motel has been designed in noble gray and beige tones, and … Open

8. The mains voltage is 240 V, so you will need special adapters to operate many appliances. You can ask for them directly in the hotel or buy them in one of the specialized stores.

This article on preparing for your trip to Manchester is protected by copyright. It may be reproduced in full only if the source is cited with a direct link to www.orangesmile.com.

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Where to go while in Manchester – unique attractions

Lowry Cultural Centre

View on map: Distance from Manchester city center – 4.8km.

The area of the gallery located in the center is 22 000 square meters, the basis of its exposition consists of pictures by L. S. Lowry, there are more than 400 of them. A large part of the gallery is designed for temporary exhibitions, where you can see the work of contemporary artists, sculptors, photographers and artists of other genres of art. The complex also has two theaters, one for 1,730 spectators and the other for 466. Guests of these theaters will have the opportunity to watch opera, comedy and musical performances, their repertoire is very diverse. In the cultural center there is a cafe and a restaurant, the panoramic windows of which offer a wonderful view over the docks. … Read full story

Abney Hall building

View on map: Distance from Manchester city center – 9.2 km.

Several times a year Abney Hall participates in the Open House, when you can visit it absolutely free. The old house is very popular with fans of the works of writer Agatha Christie. One of the last owners of the house was the writer’s sister, and Agatha Christie herself also spent a lot of time here and wrote some of her outstanding works. The park neighboring the historic building is also valuable from the historical and natural point of view, and several years ago in this park was opened a cozy cafe. … Read full story

John Lennon House

View on map: distance from Manchester city center – 44.3 km

The world fans of The Beatles from all over the world yearn for this wonderful house. You can learn some of the details of John Lennon’s life and work just from an experienced guide. Complement the tour program, many travelers prefer a walk to the house of Paul McCartney, which is located on one of the neighboring streets. Not far from the mansion there is another object of note for the Beatlemans – the old Strawberry Field shelter, in honor of which the musicians named one of their songs. … Read more

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