10 things to do in Cesenatico in a day, Italy

Cesenatico in Italy: what to see and how to get there

Cesenatico in Italy is a small town on the coast of the Adriatic Sea, located 23 km from Rimini in the Emilia-Romagna region. Cesenatico is famous for the ancient canal, designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself. The Italians condescendingly call it a fishing village, but it is here that the people come to taste the best fish in the region in the restaurants of Mediterranean cuisine.

Cesenatico dates back to 1302 and soon after its founding it became the most important port city in the region, receiving ships from all over the Mediterranean.

In the mid-nineteenth century the railroad line between Rimini and Ravenna was opened and Cesenatico became the destination of the Italian aristocracy, who appreciated the beautiful views and the provincial tranquillity of the place.

The history of the resort town goes back to 1302.

In the XX century the massive development of Cesenatico turned into a massive tourist center which took its rightful place among the resorts of the Italian eastern coast.

How to get to Cesenatico

The nearest airport to Cesenatico, where most Russian-speaking tourists arrive, is in Rimini.

You can book an airport transfer in advance with the help of an online service: you can save your time and effort by looking for a cab at the airport – by the time of arrival a driver will be waiting for you with a sign with your name on it.

Cab fare from Rimini airport to resorts

Cost of a cab from Rimini airport to resorts

If you prefer public transportation, you can get from Rimini to Cesenatico by train. Rimini’s central train station is located at Piazalle Cesare in the historic center of the city.

The Cesenatico railway station is located at Piazza Ugo Bassi, 47042 near the Museum of Vintage Ships.

Suburban trains start at 05:20 am and continue from Rimini to Cesenatico at approximately one hour intervals until 10:40 pm (with a break from 9 am to 12:30 pm). The trip takes 20-30 minutes and costs 3-4 euros.

The train covers the distance from Rimini to Cesenatico in 20-30 minutes.

To find out the current schedule and buy tickets for the train you can at the station ticket office or online at omio.ru. To Cesenatico there are also trains from Cervia and Ravenna.

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Rimini and Cesenatico are connected by a free state highway, so you can also reach the hotel by own or rented car. In this case, the road will take 20-25 minutes.

It is recommended to choose a car with the help of international service of price comparison, analyzing the rates of many car rentals simultaneously (for example, here) – it will help to avoid overpriced cars, typical for many car rentals of the tourist area.

Hotels and lodging

About 240 hotels stretch along the entire coast of the city, many of them located on the first line of the sea. Here you can find both luxury hotels and inexpensive hotels, as well as numerous campsites and old villas, equipped as guest houses.

The most famous hotel Grand Hotel, built in 1929, is recognized as an architectural monument of the XX century and is famous as one of the best places for family holidays.

You can save nicely on hotels in Cesenatico by searching for promotional offers. The form with the current hotel promotions in the resort is given below:

Climate and weather

Cesenatico’s mild maritime climate makes it a comfortable place to visit at any time of year. In winter the temperature usually does not drop below +5 C, and in summer stably stays around +26+30 C.

The swimming season opens in May and lasts till October.

The swimming season opens in May and lasts until October. The summer season is characterized by a large number of sunny days and the rains are very rare.

See and Do in Cesenatico

Arriving on the harbour side of the town is the Sailor’s Bride, a bronze statue in the square of the same name depicting a woman and her children gazing out at the sea in the hope of catching a glimpse of her husband’s boat.

The bronze Bride greets the city’s guests from the harbor side

Cesenatico in Italy is first and foremost a city of fishermen; the entire historic center of the city (Borgo) is lined with picturesque fishermen’s huts along an ancient canal.

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Designed 500 years ago by Leonardo da Vinci, this canal spared Cesenatico from constant flooding. Today the ships of the Antique Ships Museum are here: a fully equipped fishing fleet of the late nineteenth and mid-twentieth centuries.

In the museum itself you can find detailed information about the sailing ships themselves, the history and technology of the boats and admire the view of the canal from the upper terraces.

In the museum you can see fishing boats of XIX-XX centuries.

Next to the Museum of Old Ships there is the municipal theater (Teatro Communale), opened in 1865, but badly damaged during the war and rebuilt only at the beginning of the 90s. At the same time it resumed its performances.

The House-Museum of Marino Moretti was once the center of cultural life of the entire Adriatic coast of Italy. Today the books and documents of the famous poet are kept in the interiors that remained almost untouched.

The house of the poet Marino Moretti was a center of cultural life.

History buffs will appreciate the collection of the Antiquarium Museum, dedicated to the times of the Roman Empire. There are fragments of the statues of Daedalus and Icarus, a marble statue of the god Dionysus, everyday objects and coins of the XVI-XVII centuries. But the most interesting exhibit is a fully restored room of the ancient fortress tower.

Equally interesting is the Canned Museum, where there are preserved ancient cold rooms for storing fish in the form of conical wells, going deep into the ground. Ice was brought here from the slopes of the Apennines.

Monument to the national hero Giuseppe Garibaldi

Cesenatico has probably the first monument in Italy to the folk hero, general and revolutionary Giuseppe Garibaldi. And Cesenatico also has its own historic skyscraper: a 35-story building 126 meters high, for a time considered the tallest in Europe.

It was erected in 1958 and has become one of the symbols of the city, although the inhabitants themselves dislike it for its sharp discrepancy with the architectural appearance of the city.

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The ancient canal was designed by Leonardo da Vinci himself

To diversify recreation by the sea and walks through the historic sites can help the city’s parks, Cesenatico has two: the large Eastern Park with a total area of 40 hectares with two lakes surrounded by oak and pine forests and the small Western Park, equipped with sports fields, biking paths and areas for picnics and festivals.

Beaches in Cesenatico

The beaches of Cesenatico are 7 km long and the coastline is divided into five sections: Zadina, Ponente, Levante, Valverde and Villamarina.

The beaches are covered with golden sand and the water is crystal clear, which is sampled daily by a special scientific laboratory.

Cesenatico beaches with golden sand and crystal clear water

The beach area is served by a network of beach clubs bagno, ready to provide umbrellas, sun loungers, toilets and showers, as well as all kinds of entertainment for about 10 euros per day.

Here you can go water skiing, scuba diving, windsurfing, play golf, volleyball and basketball and even work out in the open-air gym. There are considerably fewer free spots in the beach area, with the most popular ones located on the eastern side of the resort.

There is everything for active recreation

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What to see in Cesenatico. Italy.


Resort city Cesenatico is nestled on the Adriatic coast between similar resort formations Cervia and Bellaria. Like the latter, the seaside beach vacations with all their amenities are cultivated here.

The Cesenatians themselves claim that their town was founded in Roman times. They may be right, but the first official mention of it dates back to 1302. And in 1320 Cesenatico received the right to be called a city, with the direct participation of Pope John XXII.


A little history.

It was built as a defensive port structure, to protect the nearby town of Cesena from the unpleasant tradition of looting coastal towns in those years. By the way, Cesena+tico got its name after its more famous counterpart.

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In 1379, Cesenatico was taken over by the ruler of Cesena, Domenico Malatesta, known as Malatesta Novello. This man turned out to be very economical and having rebuilt the port, he began trading salt from Cervia and phosphorus from the local mines.


Another historical reference links Cesenatico to the legendary Leonardo da Vinci. This famous sculptor, architect, painter and more, was invited in the early 16th century by the local boss Cesare Borgia to build a canal. Leonardo, as always, did well in this task as well. But his memory lives on to this day.

Today the canal is used as an open-air museum, featuring 19th-century fishing boats such as bragozzi and trabacollo. And some of them are private and still in operation today. There is also a museum on the bank of the canal where a similar class of ships is on display in dry-land form.


What to see.

The canal, built by Leonardo da Vinci, is located in the historic center of the city called Borgo. It is here best represented, preserved medieval architecture and it is also a desirable object for inspection, tired in the sun vacationers. One of the most interesting buildings in Cesenatico is the city’s theater.

Next to the museum of ancient ships is another archaeological museum. It is called the Antiquarium and, in full accordance with the name, its exhibits carry the meaning of bygone days. In the museum are widely represented archaeological finds found in these places. In addition, the everyday life and way of life of the Cesenaticians hundreds of years ago is revealed as much as possible.

Cesenatico.What to see

Not far from the Antiquarium, there is the house-museum of Marino Moretti. The name of the museum mentions another famous resident of these places and also a famous Italian poet.

The house was once the property of the poet and today retains the furnishings and furniture, remembering the warmth of the hands and the fiery words of the famous native of Cesenatico, who passed away long ago.

Cesenatico.What to see

And, of course, when talking about the resort, one cannot pass by the description of its beaches. Cesenatico has 7 kilometers of beach with golden sand and a smooth entrance to the sea. The beach is divided into five sections: Zadina, Ponente, Levante, Valverde and Villamarina.

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Activities are water skiing, windsurfing, volleyball, basketball and beach soccer. At a short distance from the shoreline you can also find golf courses and tennis courts. There are about 350 hotels along the beach every night.


Of relaxing activities can be highlighted by walks in the parks. In Cesenatico there are two: East and West. The Eastern Park is just behind Villamarina beach towards Bellaria and has two small lakes, the water surface of which is beloved by swans and ducks. And in their depths, according to knowledgeable people, there is a variety of fish.

But the park is Western, for the beach Zadina toward Cervia, although smaller in size than the Eastern, but not inferior to him in popularity. The thing is that here are equipped with picnic areas, bicycle paths, playgrounds for children and areas for musical performances.


Hotels and restaurants.

Another important attraction of Cesenatico is its fish restaurants. According to the critics it is here where the best fish dishes in the whole Adriatic coast of Italy are prepared. As for the best restaurants, in the expensive category these are: Magnolia Ristorante, 12 Ristorante, La Buca Ristorante, Locanda Da Vinci.

In the category of tasty and not expensive, the picture is as follows: Bar Piadineria Dalla Titti, Fuorionda, Trattoria Sirri Il Matto, Piadina E Crescione Da Gilli.

In the category of best hotels are: Hotel Smeraldo, Grand Hotel Da Vinci, Grand Hotel Cesenatico, Michelangelo Cesenatico, Hotel Colorado, Hotel Sirena, Miramare, Alexia Palace Hotel, Hotel Britannia.


How to get there.

Cesenatico can be reached by bus, train, cab or rented car. Rimini, with its international airport is 25 kilometers away. To Bologna, with the same airport, 95 km. It is best to rent a car in one of the airports, having reserved it in advance.



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