10 things to do in Cannes in one day, France

The City of Cannes in 1 Day – Attractions

Is it worth going to the city of Cannes for at least 1 day for two sights. Walking around the city in search of interesting places.

You can tell from the first lines that I’m one of the army of those who didn’t like the city. I don’t mean to say that I didn’t like Cannes. In fact, any new place on the map is already interesting, but it happens that it doesn’t suit you.

The photos of the beaches and a few sights in the story I hope to confirm my point of view, but first, a technical digression.

How to get to Cannes

    . It’s cheaper and easy to get to Cannes. City bus #200 and 1,5€ per ticket, alternatively train for 7€. Here you have a choice between the bus for 5-10€ and the train for 27-35€.

Accommodation in Cannes

This is the most expensive item on your trip, as prices here are grossly overpriced. For example a room in Cannes we rented for 55€. If you want to save money, book your accommodation a couple of months before the tourist season.

  1. Apartments. Airbnb has almost no competition in this segment, especially if you need the apartment for 1-2 days. The only advice is to look for a large number of good reviews.
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Cannes attractions

Since you can get around the city in a couple of hours, here are a couple of links to excursions and tickets. It will make your stay more interesting and maybe you will change your opinion about the city to the opposite of mine.

    – 15€ – 180€ (per group)

What to see in Cannes

Cannes is proudly known as a seaside resort, but the beaches are mediocre and the prices of accommodation and restaurants are high. If the rich are still understandable, because they come to shake money and show their status, then the resorts are difficult to understand.

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Immediately after checking into our tiny room, we went to the old town, hoping to see the sights. Of course we knew that there are very few, but we hoped that the old streets make up for them.

Walking down Boulevard Carnot we practically walked back to the train station, where our bus from Nice had arrived. From this major crossroads we will begin to get acquainted with Cannes. The first thing that catches your eye is the painted facade of the house.

Graffiti on Cannes buildings

In Cannes, as it turned out, there are a lot of such pictures on film themes. So as not to break the story, here are a few of those that we found. Only the last one out of the 4 pictures made you think “so there must be” or was it a decoration removed from the wall.

Graffiti in Cannes

Le Cannes - Drawings on Facades

Graffiti, Cannes

Drawings on Facades in Cannes

This picture on the wall of the bus station will be shown separately. It can be considered as a Cannes landmark and if you don’t have it then you haven’t been to Cannes.

Graffiti on a bus terminal in Cannes

The old town and the closed market

Let’s go back to our walk. Just past the crossroads begins the old town. It’s about 4 streets if you look at the map and almost all of these streets have turned into a big market for tourists.

Old Town in Cannes

Old Town Streets in Cannes

After making a couple of circles around these streets, we came to the real market, but it was closed.

A market in Cannes

Near the market there is a small landmark – the Chapel of Mercy. Even though it looks very mediocre, it will still allow us to fill up on the number of attractions at least the fingers on one hand.

Chapel of Mercy, Cannes

Next to the market should be the main attractions of Cannes – the Church of Our Lady of Good Hope and the Castres Museum. We did not go to them, so as not to waste our energy on climbing. First the sea, then the mountains.

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We walked around the small mountain and came to the park Mistral, where we saw the national game of Petanque. Such a little piece of the real France. Too bad that we have not yet overcome the fear of taking pictures of strangers, so the picture was taken from afar with high magnification.

A game of Petanque at Cannes

Beaches in Cannes

Since it is a resort town, it is difficult to avoid the topic of beaches. We will start moving along them from west to east. It seemed to me that the beaches here are looser and wider than on the other side of Cannes. I should run ahead, the western part of the beaches almost no one knows, because all tend to the promoted Boulevard de la Croisette with its beaches.

Beach in Cannes - Right Bank

Beach in Cannes - West Bank

From the photo, you can see that everything is standard. There is a wild beach for the budget and the beach for those who are willing to pay for a deck chair, umbrella and probably a toilet. Since there is a beach, there is a promenade along it. And you also have to drive by it till the Cannes port.

Promenade seafront in Cannes

The beaches are more crowded closer to the center. Strange that people find it difficult to walk only 500 meters to a freer beach, or maybe they just like the communal spirit. Wild beaches are separated by small islands with elite spots over the water or an embankment of rocks.

The narrow beach in Cannes

Beach along the Boulevard de la Croisette

On one of these artificial breakwaters and we climbed for a little photo shoot.

The Stone Breakwater in Cannes

Port of Cannes

The beach promenade is not that big and we walked to the port very quickly. We did not take any pictures of the yachts but we took a picture of the place where the ferry to the island St. Margaret. It was necessary to go and see the place where according to the legend the prisoner Iron Mask was imprisoned.

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There was no time to take the ferry, because it is advisable to sail to the island in the morning or at least in the afternoon. You can’t tell from the pictures, but by that time it was about 4-5 in the afternoon, and we had to leave for Marseilles the next morning.

The ferry to the island of Saint Margaret.

Further along the coast we did not go, so as not to cut circles and not to come back later. We went to conquer the mountain, which we walked around a little earlier. I mentioned about the luxury of the city and here’s a typical example – the hotel and two Ferraris at the front door. It’s no big deal that they’re in the way, because the poorer guests will move in and go around.

Luxury at Cannes - Ferrari

The Church of Our Lady of Good Hope and the Castre Museum

Up the old streets and up the hill. This is where Cannes was born and the streets here are the oldest in the city.

Ascent to the Fortress in Cannes

Old Town - Cannes

The first after the ascent was the Castre Museum, which we did not go to. So there will be only a photo of the front entrance.

Musée du Castré, Cannes

The goal was not the museum, but the observation deck near it. Now there will be photos that everyone who was in Cannes and climbed up here has.

View of the Palais des Festivals et Congrès

Panorama of Cannes

The only thing left at the top was to go into the Church of Our Lady of Good Hope.

Church of Our Lady of Good Hope in Cannes

The Church of Our Lady of Good Hope in Cannes - Interior

If we had been a few minutes late, we wouldn’t have gotten into the church. There was a wedding to be held here and preparations were underway.

Wedding in Cannes

In front of the church there are the remains of a defensive wall worth climbing to see the residential part of old Cannes.

View of the old town in Cannes

Someone has arranged a little paradise on the balcony with a sun lounger from the commercials for the bounty beaches.

The Garden of Eden in Cannes

Palais des Festivals et des Congrès

No photo on the red carpet of Cannes Film Festival, so let’s go down and look for it. There is really nothing to look for, because the Palace of Festivals and Congresses is right in the center and it is hard to miss it. At the beginning there is a view of the casino.

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The Casino at Cannes

Then you have to take a little promenade along the starry walkway of film celebrities’ handprints.

The starry road at Cannes

We come out to the red carpet, or rather to its miniature staircase. During the festival, the walkway is extended to the roadway and everything looks much larger.

The red carpet at Cannes

It is almost unreal to take a picture without disturbing other tourists. After a few attempts we gave up and took a couple of pictures on the square nearby.

La Croisette in Cannes

Boulevard de la Croisette

All the guidebooks praise this place. It is a promenade from the Palais des Festivals et Congrès to the Palm Beach Casino. Somehow we managed to walk down this street and past the famous hotels, which are not really famous except for the fact that everyone who has enough money to buy them has stayed there.

The beaches on this side are considered even more elite and part of them belongs to the hotels. But there are of course and wild beaches, because this is France – the cradle of freedom and equality. Complement this motto and the occasional topless girls on the beach.

Beaches in Cannes - Left Bank

Hotel Beach in Cannes

We missed it all apparently because of an attempt to find another attraction the Church of Notre Dame de Bon Voyage. Located across the street from the Palace of Festivals and Congresses, but hidden behind another building.

Notre Dame de Bon Voyage Church in Cannes

While walking the streets around the church, we missed most of the boulevard, but we came across a fountain converted into a pool for children. We were surprised by this kind of care, like to let the children in the fountain and all, but no, deliberately added soft edges, so that no one would be hurt.

Courtyard in Cannes

We decided to walk to the casino Palm Beach, to take a couple of photos of Cannes from the other side and walk to the lighthouse. On the way we stumbled upon a little more luxury. How do you describe this photo? A battle formation or a vanity parade? How it is all right, strict and uniform. Another question-association arises, isn’t it boring for them when everything is the same?

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Yachts in Cannes

Here is the finale – Palm Beach and a little further along the embankment of the lighthouse. Photo of the lighthouse I show from afar, as up close it is a pathetic sight and generally not worth going to the lighthouse, especially in the heat. Do not make our mistake.

Palm Beach Casino, Cannes

The lighthouse in Cannes

I want to finish the story with a couple of pictures of views of the city of Cannes on the way to the lighthouse.

View of Cannes from the lighthouse

View of Cannes from the Lighthouse

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