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Birmingham is in second place in the ranking of the largest cities in terms of area, population, trading areas, educational, cultural and scientific centers. Tourists are attracted by its rich history and attractions. Considering that Birmingham is home to Ozzy Osborne, John Tolkien and Cadburry chocolate, the country is rightly proud of it.

History of Birmingham

Located in the county of the West Midlands in England, Birmingham is the second largest city after London. It was first mentioned as early as 1166, and by the 13th century it had become famous for its fairs. Three centuries later Birmingham was already a major trading center and one of the leaders in the production of metal products, weapons and jewelry. During World War II, the city was badly damaged by Nazi air raids. At the moment, many of the destroyed buildings have been fully restored.

In the 20th century more military factories were built in the city. Because of this, German aircraft bombed Birmingham heavily, leading to significant damage to the historic center. What Birmingham was like in England in those years, the photo will tell more accurately than a walk through the streets. As a modern administrative unit it exists since 1975.

History and description of Birmingham

The city today

Today Birmingham is a major British city with a lot of stores, pubs and clubs, which is constantly bustling with life. That’s why a huge number of tourists flock here every year in search of new experiences.

Birmingham’s population in 2019 is approximately 1 million people and is made up of many races. The city of Birmingham in England, like the rest of Europe, is the “youngest” in the sense that just under half of its residents are under the age of 25. The city of Birmingham on the map in England is located in the west of the Birmingham Plateau (Central England) and is the center of the county of West Midlands, a region of the West Midlands. It has been granted “city” status and has become a separate borough. The Birmingham index is 35201.

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Birmingham on the map of England

Interesting facts about Birmingham

There are such interesting facts associated with this settlement:

  1. Because the city’s residents didn’t stop at one type of manufacturing, but delved into everything at once, Birmingham was nicknamed “the workshop of the world” and “the city of 1001 crafts” during the Victorian era.
  2. There are more water channels here than Venice and Amsterdam, and only the west winds blow.
  3. The city has the largest library in Europe. It is also the largest building in the city.
  4. Residents of Birmingham call it “the heart of England” because it is the only city where many parks, gardens, greenhouses, and other green spaces have been created.
  5. Since there are about 30 communities named “Birmingham,” the city’s neighborhoods and some places are named “Hollywood,” “California” and “Broadway” and even “The Armory.”
  6. Like any other European city, Birmingham has a Gay Vilage. Its residents may not all be members of the LGBT community, but there are gay bars and clubs galore.
  7. Birmingham is a city that has a streetcar named after Ozzy Osbourne. All Black Sabbath fans should ride it.

Birmingham sights in England

If your time in the city is limited and you need to decide what to see in Birmingham in 1 day, it’s worth signing up for the Free Walking Tour. During the walk you will see the most interesting places, and later you can take a closer look at the ones that particularly intrigue you.

A must-see in Birmingham is the largest regional library in Europe – a building of 10 stories. About a hundred readers visit the library every day to find the right book out of a million. If reading is not a reason for you to visit the attraction, the rooftop terrace is definitely worth a visit.

To understand what the city of Birmingham is famous for, the following places will help:

  1. Birmingham Cathedral , or rather, as many as two. The Anglican Cathedral, built at the beginning of the 18th century, as well as the Catholic Cathedral of the middle of the 19th century, are some of the most famous sights in Birmingham.
  2. Birmingham’s Bull Ring Square is the city’s oldest market square. Tourists can still find farm produce, delicacies, exotic spices, clothing and more on it.
  3. Birmingham’s St. Andrews Stadium should also be visited – such a tour will appeal primarily to soccer fans.
  4. The museum of the city is known primarily for the picture gallery, which includes paintings of the Pre-Raphaelites and such famous masters as Rubens, Bellini and Claude Lorrain.
  5. Botanical Gardens and Nature Reserve, where in addition to a large number of animals, there are also two very rare red pandas.
  6. At the Underwater World Museum you can see turtles, stingrays and otters, and watch piranhas being fed.
  7. Aston Hall is perfect for lovers of architecture and history. It dates from the early 17th century.
  8. Victoria Square, which is the artistic pride of the city. There is a statue of Queen Victoria and a modern sculpture of The River.
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Food and Hotels

Hugely popular in England is balti cuisine, and the city of Birmingham can safely be called its capital. It is believed that the dishes of “balti” started to be cooked in the city in the 70s of the last century. The cuisine itself is an English way of cooking curry dishes in a wok.

It is easy to book a hotel in Birmingham. There are a lot of budget hostels in the city as well as world famous hotel chains.

The hotels in Birmingham are interesting because of the buildings they are located in. You can easily stay in Nottingham Castle, a former factory or factory building. There are also international corporate hotels in the city.

Birmingham Hotels

How to get there?

Having found Birmingham on a map of England, all that’s left to do is plot a route and buy a plane ticket. Birmingham International Airport is located 13 km east of the city. There are regular flights to the center, but you can also get there by train.

All InterCity routes and most local routes go from the New Street train station. Keep in mind that some other areas will have to be reached from the Snow Hill and More Street train stations. Birmingham also has the Digbeth bus station, a 10-minute walk from downtown.

You shouldn’t worry about how many lines the Birmingham subway has. There’s only one line, so it’s impossible to get confused.

Birmingham City Guide.

By Ella Sheikhova

The industrial heart of Great Britain is located in the central part of England, the County of Yorkshire. Birmingham is not just an amazing historical city that attracts more and more tourist attention every year, it is a major industrial city and an important transport hub of the country. It is one of the largest cities in the country, whose population is more than 50% employed in industry, the main industry is the iron and steel industry. Moreover, it is a major engineering center. Birmingham is also known to many as a manufacturer of chic jewelry; there is even a whole museum devoted to the industry on the city’s grounds.

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The first records date back to the 11th century, and as early as the 13th century the city was famous for its lavish fairs. By the 15th century, Birmingham began to manufacture metal products, which later turned the city into a major industrial center. During World War II, much of the city was destroyed by aerial bombardment, so the city’s current form blends ancient buildings with the beautiful architecture of modern structures. And it’s not just about architecture. Birmingham is full of contrasts, because despite the fact that on the territory of the city there are a lot of factories and plants, next to them there are botanical gardens and green parks. It is said that there are as many trees on the city’s territory as there are inhabitants of the city. The city is home to technical… read full

Where to stay in Birmingham?


There are plenty of options for accommodation in Birmingham. The city is big, and there is no shortage of hotels and apartments here. And the prices are reasonable. But still have to look for something really cheap. Well, there are more than 70 hotels in Birmingham.

Here are the most inexpensive of the hotels Birmingham Best Inn 2*, where you can get a room for two for £25-35 a night.

Birmingham Best Inn 2* (16-26 Wolverhampton Rd) – A 15-minute drive from Birmingham city center with a traditional restaurant, free parking, free Wi-Fi, smart rooms with en suite facilities, tea & coffee making facilities and breakfasts.

Campanile Hotel 2* (Aston Locks, Chester Street) – Contemporary canal-side hotel, near the NEC exhibition center, comfortable rooms with free Wi-Fi, flat-screen TV, en-suite bathroom, work desk. There is a bar and bistro-restaurant. Breakfast costs £8.75.

Nitenite (18 Holliday Street) is a budget boutique hotel in downtown Birmingham, with a bar, free WiFi, and a restaurant. Birmingham New Street train station is a 10-minute walk away. The rooms are decorated in the style of a ship’s cabin and have no windows, but TVs, air conditioning and a unique lighting system. read more

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Food and Drink


If you’re almost at zero or have to save money on your trip to the glorious city of Birmingham, here’s a list of the city’s most inexpensive restaurants and cafes.

“Urban Pie (Bullring Stairway).

It’s pie heaven! The small restaurant is located in the Bullring Shopping Center. Large homemade pies, sweet pies, fruit pies, mushroom pies, meat pies, and other fillings can be found here. Plus, you can order the pies to go – they’ll be boxed up so you can take the pies home safely. Besides pies, they sell some other inexpensive dishes. Check out the promotions at the restaurant: from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. Mon-Fri, all pies are on sale for half price. Otherwise, pies start at £3.95.

“Great British Eatery (13 Broadway Plaza, Francis Road) read in full

What to see in Birmingham?

By Ella Sheikhova

The second largest city in Britain. The city with the richest history, because the first settlements appeared here more than a thousand years ago. And all this is the beautiful city of Birmingham. Attractions of the city allow tourists to spend a very exciting and informative time visiting exhibitions, museums and other architectural structures of the city. Here are some of the places worth visiting when you come to Birmingham.

Barber Institute of Fine Arts. On the campus of Birmingham there is a special room in which there is an art gallery that is open for tourist visits. Robert Atkinson designed the building in 1930. This building was the first of its kind to become a study of British art. Originally, the patron of the museum was William Henry Barber, but after his death, the museum was supported by his family. Today, the institute has a very rich collection, including one of the largest collections of coins in the world, including Roman and Byzantine coins as well as sculptures and miniatures. And that’s not to mention the collection of paintings by Claude Monet, Auguste Rodin, Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Rembrandt and many others. Today, it is a cultural and historical treasure not only of Birmingham, but of the whole of Great Britain.

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