10 things to do for the whole family in Sorrento, Italy

What to see in Sorrento. TOP 10

What to see in Sorrento: 10 most interesting sights

What to see in Sorrento if you have little time? A small town, which you can walk around on foot in three hours, contains so many interesting things that even the eyes are running out. Of course, three hours will not be enough to get acquainted with all the sights. But a day is quite enough. Our top 10 “What to see in Sorrento” is for tourists who are just passing through the city.

1. The Valley of the Mills

What to see in Sorrento first of all? The famous “Valley of the Mills” of course! Right under your feet in the center of the city is a ravine in which lurks a small old mill, overgrown with ivy. You can admire this miracle only from the bridge. The townspeople are notorious for this little abandoned mill. It is said that it is still the residence of otherworldly forces. Wandering lights and strange sounds disturb at night especially sensitive individuals who live in the neighborhood. The town hall, just in case, closed the entrance there, just in case…

2. Torquado Tasso Square

This is the central square of the city, named after the Italian poet . All the main streets of the city start from the square, and it is surrounded by charming buildings, stores, and cafes. There are two monuments on the square – St. Antonio, the patron saint of Sorrento , and the great Italian poet of the 16th Century.

3. The Cathedral of Sorrento

Or the Cathedral of Saints Filippo and Giacomo. In this cathedral, the famous Italian poet, Torquado Tasso, was baptized. Even the baptismal font has been preserved. There is an organ in the church, decorated with baroque decorations. And Sorrento 19th century craftsmen worked on the decoration of the door panels. And Neapolitan artists of the 18th century created the ceiling frescoes. Stained glass windows and an archbishop’s marble throne are also present in the cathedral.

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4. Correale Museum.

Here you can see the collection of the Correale Counts, which was donated to the city by the last representatives of the family. Magnificent ceramics from Europe and even Japan, a collection of clocks, examples of wooden intarsia and much more can be seen in the rooms of this 18th-century villa surrounded by gardens with unique plants. The villa, by the way, the counts also donated to the city.

5. St. Francis Monastery

What to see in Sorrento for history lovers? Of course the monastery of St. Francis and the church attached to it. The church arose in the 14th century from a chapel that was already 8 centuries old. Each era left its mark on its architecture. Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque influenced it. In the first quarter of the 20th century its facade was faced with marble. It was the last restoration. The church has a monastery where Franciscan monks still live. Its architecture reflects pagan motifs, along with decorative elements typical of the late Middle Ages. One of its columns is decorated with the coats of arms of the families who financed its restoration.

6. Via Mayo

If you go down from Piazza Torcuado Tasso to the seafront, you can get to the unique Via de Mayo. It is at the bottom of a gorge formed after another earthquake. The sidewalks are on different levels. It is an amazingly beautiful street created by nature itself, so you must see it in Sorrento.

7. Basilica of St. Antonio

Here young people of Sorrento love to hold a wedding ceremony. The church was built on the site of an old chapel about ten centuries ago. It is said that the relics of St. Antonio were kept there. The basilica underwent a complete reconstruction in the 18th century, a bell tower was added to it, and some Baroque elements were added to the decor.

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8. Sedile Dominova.

This mansion used to be the gathering place for members of the privileged families of the city. They discussed current problems here and decided how to deal with them. This building was built in the 14th century at the request of the Noble Assembly of Sorrento . All the resolutions passed in this place by the assembly were considered full laws for all the inhabitants of the city.

9. The limoncello factory in the Gardens di Cataldo

This lemon garden is right in the center of the city and the entrance is free. For 8 euros you can book a small tour, during which you will be told about the types of this famous liquor and the nuances of its production. At the factory there is a tasting room and a store where you can buy your favorite copies of the liquor after the tasting.

10. What to see in Sorrento: Villa Comunale

And the last point of our top 10 “What to see in Sorrento” is Villa Comunale . It is very close to the central square of the city. It is a park with some species of exotic plants and flowers. Locals consider the park one of the most romantic places in town.

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