10 safest countries in the world

The safest countries in the world in 2021-2022

Countries of the world

There are more than 150 countries on our planet. Each of them has its own culture, ethnic composition, customs, laws and mentality. Because of these features all the countries of the world are not similar to each other. At the same time not all of them are economically stable and safe. Every year many authoritative periodicals and Internet-resources compile lists that include the safest countries of the planet.

Choice criteria

When compiling the rating of safe countries a huge number of criteria is taken into account, starting from the pace of economic development and ending with the standard of living. It takes into account absolutely all the details that characterize a particular state to some extent. The most important of them are:


  • the state of medicine;
  • transport infrastructure;
  • crime rate;
  • terrorist threats;
  • domestic and foreign policy of the state;
  • level of political stability;
  • number of violent deaths;
  • availability and circulation of lethal weapons within the country.

Today almost every state compiles its own ratings. In most cases they do not reflect the real picture and are created to strengthen their own positions in the eyes of the world community. In this case, the international rating, which is compiled by the joint efforts of all states of the planet, includes 162 positions.

The most dangerous countries for tourists in 2022

Unfortunately, most of the countries of the former socialist camp are located at the bottom of the list, and the ten most dangerous states are as follows:

    ; ; ; ;
  1. Somalia; ; ; ;
  2. Chad; ; ; .

According to the rating, the most dangerous place on the planet is Syria, which is currently in a state of civil war. In general, the bottom lines of the list are the poorest countries in Africa and Asia. Russia, however, has not gone far either, ranking only 145th, belonging to the class of states with a dynamically developing variability of risks. The same applies to Belarus.

Ukraine is at a very low level.

Top 10 safe and comfortable countries for recreation and life

The top 10 rankings in 2022 include developed European countries, New Zealand and Canada, as well as the only representative of the Asian continent – Japan.

Slovenia – 10th place

Despite the fact that the lists are updated annually, the top 10 safest countries in the world have remained unchanged. Although there have been minor changes within the top 10, no one has left it. In 2022, the tenth place is still occupied by Slovenia.


Thanks to its favorable geographical location in the heart of Europe and its membership in the EU, Slovenia has managed to achieve great economic success in a short time. This has had an impact on the standard of living, infrastructure development and social guarantees.

Most of the country’s citizens are employed in the industrial sector, which is not only growing dynamically, but also requires a systematic increase in the number of employees. Stability, prosperity and the availability of jobs contribute to the reduction of street crime. In addition, the majority of the population has a negative attitude toward violence and condemns it in every possible way.

Slovenia is a unitary republic with a stable political structure and developed foreign economic relations. All these factors combined with a low crime rate make it one of the top safest countries in the world.

Japan – 9th place

Japan is one of the world’s economic leaders, second only to the United States and China. The country has a high standard of living and its residents are dedicated and hardworking. Most Japanese prefer to work 12-14 hours a day and don’t take vacations.


Receiving huge profits contributes to the development of all sectors, from the quality of road surfaces to the introduction of advanced technologies in the industrial sphere. Japanese medicine is also considered one of the best in the world, which is confirmed by the low rate of infant mortality and a large number of long-livers.

The low crime rate is due to the peculiarities of the mentality and attitude of people to the manifestations of cruelty. The number of violent deaths in the country is one of the lowest in the world, at 4.4 per million inhabitants.

Adelaide is a city in Australia

Ninth place in the world ranking is due to geographical location, as almost the entire territory of the state is within the Great Ring of Fire. The tsunami threat, seismic activity and small area played a role. Japan did not become a leader in the level of safety for life, which could have been expected.

Canada – 8th place

Canada is the second largest country in terms of area, second only to the Russian Federation. The high level of economic development is due to the abundance of minerals and other natural resources, which are exported. Money received from trade operations contributes to industrial modernization and improvement of citizens’ living standards.


Introduction of the newest technologies and a high level of skill of the personnel has made the Canadian medicine famous all over the world. Excellent infrastructure and high quality highways also play a role.

Canada’s only geographical neighbor is the USA, which significantly reduces the flow of illegal immigrants trying to enter the country. Despite its large area, the country’s population density is quite low. More than 75% of the population lives along the border with the United States, where most of the cities are located. Meanwhile, the northern regions of the state are occupied by taiga forests.

Canadians are fiercely opposed to any form of violence and have a zero tolerance for crime. Street thefts and robberies are rare, and cases of violent deaths are virtually unrecorded. Therefore, to live in such a country is not only safe, but also comfortable enough.

To travel to Canada it is necessary to obtain a visa.

Switzerland – 7th place

Switzerland is a multinational country with at least 3-4 peoples living in peace and harmony. Despite their different views and cultures, they get along and almost never clash. This national composition has not only helped to attract foreign capital, but also contributed to the development of tolerance among people of different nations.


The economy of Switzerland is based on tourism, for which all necessary conditions are created. A large part of the population of the country is employed in the service sector, focused on foreign visitors. Every year the infrastructure is upgraded, and living conditions of people are improved.

Tourist orientation contributes to the improvement of all areas of economic activity and medicine, which is one of the best in the world. Despite the different ethnic composition, the level of terrorist threats is practically absent, as well as crime in general.

Large flow of foreign tourists, the possibility to start their own business and independently plan their activities make Switzerland one of the most hospitable and safe countries in Europe.

Czech Republic – 6th place

Of all the countries, whose expanses have tried to build a socialist society, the Czech Republic is the most progressive. Economic growth and political stability ensure a calm atmosphere within the state. The dynamic development of the economy is connected with the achievements in the field of industry.

Goods made in the Czech Republic are famous throughout the world, just look at the car brand Skoda, which is a standard of quality and sophistication.

Prague, Czech Republic

The low crime rate is due to the lack of class division of society, as most of the population is on the same financial level. In addition, the high cultural level of residents, social security and rejection of violence make the state one of the safest places to live in the world.

Today in the Czech Republic only a few monuments remind of the Soviet past. All other spheres of life have long since been reoriented to market relations. Part of the income from the export of domestic production goes to improve the standard of living of the people who provide the progress of the economy.

It is necessary to get visa to visit the country.

Portugal – 5th place.

Portugal has always been considered one of the safest countries in the world, since 2016 it has been in the top ten. The main source of income of the state is the agricultural and industrial sector, which ensures the planned growth of the economy. The main trading partners are the European Union countries, to which about 95% of all manufactured products are exported.

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Despite the development of the agricultural sector, the standard of living of the population is very high. Most of the profits go to modernize the existing infrastructure and improve social standards. Medicine is distinguished by its professionalism.

A favorable geographical location in the south of Europe and endless beaches make Portugal a tidbit for tourists from all over the world. The high level of economic development and lack of class inequality contributes to the reduction of crime. Despite the southern temperament, the inhabitants of the state categorically do not accept and condemn displays of violence. That makes it possible not only to live in safety, but also to move freely in the country at any time of the day. To travel, you need to get a visa to Portugal.

New Zealand – 4th place

New Zealand is a unique state not only in its structure, but also in its isolation from the rest of the world. It is located in the Pacific Ocean and occupies two islands of the same name. Its peculiarity is the lack of territorial proximity with other countries, since the nearest state is located at a distance of 1 thousand kilometers.

New Zealand

Due to geographical isolation, New Zealand is practically not involved in any military conflicts, which also significantly reduces the threat of terrorist attacks. The main areas of economic activity of the state are agricultural and industrial sectors, which employ most of the population.

The islands are famous for their huge deposits of minerals, with gold and silver at the top of the list. Revenues from their extraction form the backbone of the economy and allow it to develop dynamically.

The attitude of New Zealanders is sharply negative to crime and corruption, and the favorable conditions for business development only help to attract foreign investment. It is safe and comfortable to live on its territory. New Zealand could very well be the safest country in the world, if it were not located in an active seismic zone. Over the past 10 years at least 5 major earthquakes were recorded on the islands. It is necessary to get a visa to visit New Zealand.

Austria – 3rd place

Austria is one of the richest countries in Europe. Despite the small area and relatively adverse climatic conditions, the country is at the peak of its economic development. The main activities of the state are agriculture and industry.


The policy of neutrality and non-participation in military blocs greatly increases the country’s foreign economic opportunities and reduces the risk of terrorist attacks. Austria is an excellent place not only for recreation but also for permanent residence, because it has well-developed medicine and social standards. The standard of living is one of the highest in Europe. The rejection of crime and low violent deaths makes it one of the safest countries in the world. Getting a visa to Austria is not difficult.

Denmark – 2nd place

Denmark is an agrarian-industrial state characterized by high rates of economic development. Thanks to low inflation and steady growth of GDP, the standard of living of its residents is constantly growing. The country occupies a leading position in the quality of its products.

Low unemployment and national unity help to maintain a peaceful atmosphere within the state, and its neighborhood policy only strengthens its influence in the Council of Europe. However, to live in it, one must not just be imbued with the national idea, but be committed to it.

The level of crime in the country is extremely low, as all its citizens are engaged in one activity. There are even fewer murders and street thefts, because the mentality of Danes does not accept deviation from the norms of humanity and law.

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The state has an excellent infrastructure, high social standards and excellent medicine.

However, to get on the territory of Denmark is extremely difficult, since its migration policy is quite strict, and not only for the Russians, but also citizens of other countries.

To travel to Denmark you need to apply for a visa.

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Iceland – 1st place

The list of safe countries in the world is headed by Iceland. People’s unity, cohesive society, peaceful way of life and isolation from mainland Europe made it a leader in terms of security.


The main source of income of the state is tourism. On this basis, a large part of the population is employed in the provision of services. Tourists in Iceland have all the necessary conditions. Quality roads, high level of medicine, excellent service and developed infrastructure are the hallmark of this state. To travel to Iceland you must obtain a visa.

The cohesion of society has contributed to the eradication of street crime, and violent deaths are extremely rare. In general, Icelanders are extremely friendly and cheerful people who are willing to help solve problems and level any conflicts.

Despite the relatively low level of economic development compared to other countries in the ranking, it is Iceland is the safest country for tourists and living in general. However, which country to live in everyone chooses for himself.

The 10 safest countries in the world to live in

Every traveler thinks about his safety when planning a foreign trip. How many tourists prefer to visit unstable, conflict zones or war-torn countries? Not many, if their instinct for self-preservation is working. For example, only 300,000 people visited Syria last year, another 25 percent higher than in 2016.

The Institute for Economics and Peace (IEP) publishes an annual list of the most peaceful countries in the world, choosing them according to 23 different parameters. These countries are safe to visit at any time of the year.

Let’s take a closer look at the 10 safest countries in the world and the full Global Peace Index 2018 list.

10. Ireland


The land of leprechauns, shamrocks and St. Patrick ranks tenth on the list of the world’s most peaceful countries to live in. Ireland is not directly involved in any external conflicts or wars. It has a very low crime rate, high rates of political stability and good results in financing UN peacekeeping operations.

9. Japan


The second Asian country to be included in the 2018 Global Peace Index. Japan is not involved in any major conflict, external or internal. The people of Japan are known for their hard work, politeness, and honesty.

Last year, the good people of Tokyo returned a staggering 3.7 billion yen (or $32.7 million) in lost money to the Metropolitan Police Department. It’s hard to imagine such civic awareness in many other countries around the world.

8. Singapore


This tiny city-state was among the top 10 safest countries in the world for the first time. The Republic of Singapore is not involved in hostilities and is one of the wealthiest nations on earth. It has risen by 13 positions compared to last year. Such a rapid jump is explained by the creators of the Global Peace Index by high scores on such parameters as social security and the level of internal and international conflicts.

Singapore’s low crime rate, excellent job prospects and terrific business opportunities put it at the top of the IEP list. And that means that instead of worrying about your safety, your energy can be focused on choosing which malls and museums you want to visit first.

7. Czech Republic


The Czech Republic is another European country on the list of the most peace-loving nations. It is one of the smallest countries in the world, and it is the least interested in any conflict. The Czech Republic is home to 10.5 million people and boasts the lowest unemployment rate in the European Union (2.2%).

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The Czech Republic is also known for its hospitality and excellent beer.

6. Canada


The homeland of modern hockey is not directly involved in any external conflict. It doesn’t care about that, because it needs to maintain its image as one of the richest countries in the world.

Add to that excellent job opportunities, well-functioning medical facilities and efficient management, and you get one of the best countries on the planet.

5. Denmark


LEGO’s homeland ranked fifth because of its progressive policies, low crime rate, and low number of internal and external conflicts. It is quite a safe country to travel and live in.

The people of Denmark believe in a peaceful life instead of wars. Not for nothing that the Danish nation is one of the happiest, which, however, did not prevent the Danish government to introduce one of the strangest bans in the world.

4. Portugal


Another country that is not directly involved in any major conflict ranks fourth on the list of the most peaceful nations of 2018. Portugal has recently struggled with low population growth. But its crime rate is low compared to other countries with lower rankings.

Moreover, there is no need to rob a bank to enjoy the Portuguese way of life. The Republic remains one of the most affordable tourist destinations on the European continent.

3. Austria.


Robert Frost wrote that “a neighbor is good when the fence is good,” and this is true for Austria, whose neighbors (including Germany and the Czech Republic) also scored high on the 2018 Peacefulness Index.

The third most peaceful state in the IEP ranking is not involved in either external or internal conflicts. Austria has become a very peaceful country since World War II. It has picturesque Alps, rich culture, low crime rate and active business promotion – before the war?

2. New Zealand


The crime rate in the “land of hobbits” (both “The Hobbit” and “Lord of the Rings” were filmed there) is one of the lowest in the world. It has limited military forces and has no internal or external conflicts, which makes it an ideal place for a quiet life. It is also the most popular tourist destination, with many beautiful mountains, stunning beaches, and one of the most beautiful lakes in the world.

However, behind the fairly prosperous facade lies a number of problems. Among them is a shortage of affordable housing, and a significant income gap between the rich and poor.



That’s the answer to the question, “which is the most peaceful country in the world?” And there are three reasons for that.

  1. On the one hand, Iceland has no standing army and very few armed police.
  2. On the other hand, although about a third of the population owns guns – usually shotguns or rifles designed for hunting. There are almost no guns in Iceland, and deaths by firearms are extremely rare. The last gun homicide occurred in 2007.
  3. Third, Icelandic society itself is progressive and peaceful, and the country’s isolated position in a part of the world where there are no aggressive countries means that Iceland is more or less free from concern about possible military aggression.

Overall results of the Global Peace Index 2018

Place Country Index
1 Iceland 1.096
2 New Zealand 1.192
3 Austria 1.274
4 Portugal 1.318
5 Denmark 1.353
6 Canada 1.372
7 Czech Republic 1.381
8 Singapore 1.382
9 Japan 1.391
10 Ireland 1.393
11 Slovenia 1.396
12 Switzerland 1.407
13 Australia 1.435
14 Sweden 1.502
15 Finland 1.506
16 Norway 1.519
17 Germany 1.531
17 Hungary 1.531
19 Bhutan 1.545
20 Mauritius 1.548
21 Belgium 1.56
22 Slovakia 1.568
23 Netherlands 1.574
24 Romania 1.596
25 Malaysia 1.619
26 Bulgaria 1.635
27 Croatia 1.639
28 Chile 1.649
29 Botswana 1.659
30 Spain 1.678
31 Latvia 1.689
32 Poland 1.727
33 Estonia 1.732
34 Taiwan 1.736
35 Sierra Leone 1.74
36 Lithuania 1.749
37 Uruguay 1.761
38 Italy 1.766
38 Madagascar 1.766
40 Costa Rica 1.767
41 Ghana 1.772
42 Kuwait 1.799
43 Namibia 1.806
44 Malawi 1.811
46 Laos 1.821
46 Mongolia 1.821
48 Zambia 1.822
49 South Korea 1.823
50 Panama 1.826
51 Tanzania 1.837
52 Albania 1.849
52 Senegal 1.849
54 Serbia 1.851
55 Indonesia 1.853
56 Qatar 1.869
57 UK 1.876
58 Montenegro 1.893
59 East Timor 1.895
60 Vietnam 1.905
61 France 1.909
62 Cyprus 1.913
63 Liberia 1.931
64 Moldova 1.939
65 Equatorial Guinea 1.946
66 Argentina 1.947
67 Sri Lanka 1.954
68 Nicaragua 1.96
69 Benin 1.973
70 Kazakhstan 1.974
71 Morocco 1.979
72 Swaziland 1.98
73 Oman 1.984
74 Peru 1.986
75 Ecuador 1.987
76 Gambia 1.989
77 Paraguay 1.997
78 Tunisia 1.998
79 Greece 2.02
80 Burkina Faso 2.029
81 Cuba 2.037
82 Guyana 2.043
83 Angola 2.048
84 Nepal 2.053
84 Trinidad and Tobago 2.053
86 Mozambique 2.056
87 Macedonia (FYR) 2.058
88 Haiti 2.064
89 Bosnia-Herzegovina 2.065
90 Jamaica 2.068
91 Dominican Republic 2.073
92 Kosovo 2.078
93 Bangladesh 2.084
94 Bolivia 2.092
95 Gabon 2.099
96 Cambodia 2.101
96 Guinea 2.101
98 Jordan 2.104
98 Togo 2.104
100 Papua New Guinea 2.109
101 Belarus 2.112
102 Georgia 2.13
103 Rwanda 2.14
104 Lesotho 2.144
104 Uzbekistan 2.144
106 Brazil 2.16
107 Uganda 2.168
108 Kyrgyz Republic 2.181
109 Algeria 2.182
110 Cote d’Ivoire 2.207
111 Guatemala 2.214
112 China 2.243
113 Thailand 2.259
114 Tajikistan 2.266
115 Djibouti 2.269
116 El Salvador 2.275
116 Guinea Bissau 2.275
118 Honduras 2.282
119 Turkmenistan 2.283
120 Armenia 2.287
121 USA 2.3
122 Myanmar 2.302
123 Kenya 2.354
124 Zimbabwe 2.326
125 South Africa 2.328
126 Republic of Congo 2.343
127 Mauritania 2.355
128 Niger 2.359
129 Saudi Arabia 2.417
130 Bahrain 2.437
131 Iran 2.439
132 Azerbaijan 2.454
133 Cameroon 2.484
134 Burundi 2.488
135 Chad 2.498
136 India 2.504
137 Philippines 2.512
138 Eritrea 2.522
139 Ethiopia 2.524
140 Mexico 2.583
141 Palestine 2.621
142 Egypt 2.632
143 Venezuela 2.642
144 Mali 2.686
145 Colombia 2.729
146 Israel 2.764
147 Lebanon 2.778
148 Nigeria 2.873
149 Turkey 2.898
150 North Korea 2.95
151 Pakistan 3.079
152 Ukraine 3.113
153 Sudan 3.155
154 Russia 3.16
155 Central African Republic 3.236
156 Democratic Republic of Congo 3.251
157 Libya 3.262
158 Yemen 3.305
159 Somalia 3.367
160 Iraq 3.425
161 South Sudan 3.508
162 Afghanistan 3.585
163 Syria 3.6
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In eight of the past ten years, the world has gradually become a less peaceful place, thanks in large part to increased terrorism and internal conflicts. In 2017 alone, the global level of peacefulness fell by 0.27 percent, the fourth consecutive drop. This is due to rising tensions among leading players on the global political scene and unresolved conflicts, mostly in the Middle East.


Syria is the most dangerous country on Earth, a title it has held for five years. Afghanistan, South Sudan, Iraq and Somalia make up the rest of the top five most dangerous countries.

Most dangerous countries

Russia is also one of the most dangerous countries. It ranks 154th, between Sudan and the Central African Republic. This is mainly due to the high degree of weaponry and nuclear capabilities.

The region that saw the most growth in peaceful sentiment was South Asia. Such countries as India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka became safer.

And the Gambia showed the highest increase in the Global Peace Index. It moved up to 35th place from its previous rank of 75 due to the election of a new president, Adama Barrow. This increased political stability and improved the country’s relations with its neighbors.

Changes by World Region

Qatar fell the most in the ranking due to political instability and deteriorating relations with its neighbors. This was due to the political and economic boycott by the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Bahrain.

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