10 reasons to visit Norway

10 reasons to visit Norway

Have you already given up on traveling? And in vain! Viruses are not eternal, black stripes will pass, and again you want bright impressions and interesting trips! Surreal fjords, incredible scenery, fantastic “sky” show, fishing lodges, magnificent cathedrals, nature trails, soaring over the water cliffs: this Scandinavian country fascinates tourists. We found 10 reasons to visit Norway, but we’re sure there are even more.

Fishermen’s Houses

An impressive “collection” of islands off Norway’s northern coast, the Loften Archipelago is a haven for fishermen. The region is considered one of the most picturesque in the country. Don’t miss the beautiful fishermen’s houses built along the coastline. Some are built on stilts and are called “rorbu,” while others are available for long-term rentals, tours, or overnight stays. Such “huts” are often located on remote, secluded and breathtaking beaches.

Lofoten archipelago with fishing lodges

Ski resorts

In winter, many places in Norway are suitable for alpine or conventional skiing. But if you’re looking for an area that can compete with the alpine slopes, plan a trip to Hemsedal. It’s home to several world-class ski resorts, dozens of spectacular slopes and more than 20 elevators. Another destination for winter sports is Hafjell, with family-friendly sledding and tubing areas. But it’s also very beautiful in the summer!

Hemsedal ski resort

Hiking trails

Hiking in Norway is made easy thanks to right-of-way laws. You can easily find a camping spot and hundreds of fantastic hiking trails. Both among the rocks and on the “plains.” If you are ready for a serious challenge, you can climb closer to the summit of Galdhöpigen. If you don’t feel like a “rock climber,” take a trip through Rondane National Park to see deer in their natural habitat.

National park with hiking trails

Wooden Churches

It’s hard to surprise Russians with wooden churches: a tour to Karelia and Kizhi Island will be remembered for a lifetime. But in Europe churches are usually made of stone. Norway, as well as other Scandinavian countries can be a nice exception. Here you can find intricate churches made entirely of wood. This is due to the well-developed wood industry, which has long been part of Norwegian culture and history. One of the most famous landmarks is Heddal Church, built in the 13th century.

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Wooden church Heddal

Coastal cities

Norway boasts hundreds of kilometers of coastline, so there is no shortage of charming coastal towns. These are traditional settlements with simple architecture, and their residents are mostly fishermen. Local culinary delights are dried and salted cod. Olesund is a fantastic example of such a port, located on several islands. It’s amazing hiking opportunities! Hennigsver is another wonderful coastal town with brightly colored buildings that look like gingerbread houses from a fairy tale.

Traditional Beach Houses

Polar Bears

To the north of the Norwegian mainland is Spitsbergen. It is a collection of islands with a minimum of population, but with a huge population of incredible wildlife. Excursions to the archipelago are readily available, from the town of Longyear, for example. Take such a tour and see polar bears. They are incredible and majestic creatures! But don’t forget that these are wild and dangerous animals, so it’s important to go on a hike or trip with an experienced guide.

Polar bears on Spitsbergen

Impressive vistas for photos.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an experienced and professional photographer or if you’re just posting posts on social media. Norway will provide you with a staggering array of photo opportunities. Selfies on a steep cliff, rocky outcrops hundreds of feet above the river, a boulder between two cliffs, fjords – these will all become “historic” photos to remember your trip. Just be careful, the altitude can make you dizzy!

Breathtaking cliff top view


Thanks to the vast number of glaciers in Norway, there are many waterfalls. Some are just timid trickles awakening in the spring, but others are powerful, breathtaking sights. The western fjords and mountains have the most, but waterfalls are found all over the country. Remember the name – Mardalsfossen. It is a large, powerful and year-round waterfall where you can stand up close and even feel the splashing water.

Mardalsfossen waterfall


Norway’s most beautiful natural attractions are the fjords. These are places where there is a long sea bay between high cliffs. The fjords usually originated in the place of a flooded glacial valley. A trip to Scandinavia wouldn’t be complete without seeing Norwegian fjords! Most of these beauties are along the western coastline. And the Sogne Fjord is the longest in Europe (and the second-longest in the world).

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Amazing Norwegian fjords

Northern Lights.

The beautiful name – aurora borealis – refers to a stunning natural phenomenon, the Northern Lights. This is the main reason to visit Norway. The best chance to enjoy the spectacle is to come here in winter, when the nights are longer. The farther north and away from the big cities, the brighter and more beautiful the lights are. Many people consider Tromsø the best place to see it – because of its proximity to the North Pole. Dry weather and no clouds will make your experience perfect.

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