10 reasons to visit Cyprus

Why Do People Go to Cyprus?

Cyprus is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations, with over 2 million visitors a year. Once you actually get there, you will probably ask yourself why you haven’t been to Cyprus much earlier.

Why go on vacation in Cyprus?

Cyprus Vacation

Beautiful beaches, the best parties, and delicious cuisine are just a small part of the exciting things that Cyprus has to offer.

We’ve picked out the top 10 reasons why you should add this magical Mediterranean island to your list to visit. So let’s take a look at them!

Clean beaches and clear sea water

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and its beaches are amazing. The crystal clear sea along with the well-kept and clean beaches will make you think twice about visiting Cyprus again.

Why people come to Cyprus 3

Aphrodite’s Rock, Ayia Napa

And if you add the fact that most of the year is sunny, you get a recipe for an unforgettable experience.

Legend has it that it was on this beach that the birth of the Greek goddess took place, or rather, she rose from the sea surrounding the rock.

The most popular beaches are the beaches of Ayia Napa and the beach in Paphos with the famous “Rock of Aphrodite”.

Cultural diversity

Cypriot hospitality is legendary. The island is known for being home to some of the friendliest and most hospitable people in the world.

Why people come to Cyprus 5

Nicosia, Cyprus

The population of Cyprus is made up mainly of Greeks (78%), while about 18% of the population is made up of Turks. This is especially true of Nicosia, the only divided capital in the world.

The southern part of Nicosia is Greek, while the northern part is populated mostly by Turkish Cypriots.

In addition, the Turks have proclaimed an independent state called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which is recognized only by Turkey.

Thus, you can say that you actually visited two countries, not just one!

Traditional dishes of Cyprus

The traditions of Cypriot cuisine were strongly influenced by both Greece and Turkey. From these countries came to the island grill and ingredients such as parsley, garlic and yogurt.

Why people come to Cyprus 7

Cypriot Cuisine

Spicy spices are less common in Cyprus than in Turkey, but Italian herbs such as mint, cardamom, arugula and tarragon are extremely popular here. During the British occupation, Cypriots grew to love curry and ginger.

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The mild climate and fertile soil allow Cypriots to grow vegetables and fruits. The island is known for its oranges and grapefruit; even bananas are grown near Paphos.

The Troodos Mountains provide ideal conditions for growing walnut and olive trees. Most of Cyprus’ vineyards are also located in the mountains.

Why do people come to Cyprus on holiday 9

Halloumi Grilled Cheese

Most often used for meat dishes are lamb, pork and rabbit. The favorite fish of Cypriots is tuna and swordfish. “Meze platters” are served almost everywhere on the island – the best way to try a couple of dozen different dishes in one meal.

Here are 17 traditional Cypriot dishes you’re sure to enjoy:

  1. Halloumi (cheese made of goat and/or sheep milk)
  2. Kleftiko (roast lamb)
  3. Souvlaki (grilled meat)
  4. Tarkhana (dried mixture of yogurt, milk, and wheat)
  5. Moussaka (eggplants stuffed with meat and potatoes)
  6. Sheftali (meat balls)
  7. Koupepia (vine leaves stuffed with minced meat)
  8. Luvi (beans)
  9. Purguri pilaf (Cooked bulgur)
  10. Makaoronia Tou Fournou (pasta baked in the oven)
  11. Lukumades (honey dough balls)
  12. Stifado (beef stew in red wine)
  13. Tzatziki or Talaturi (yoghurt paste)
  14. Baklava (sweet pastry)
  15. Kotopoulo me Kolokassi (Chicken with Taro potatoes)
  16. Tirokftheri (Spicy spread)
  17. Taramosalata (Smoked pasta)

Cyprus Party

Cyprus is a very popular destination among young people. Ayia Napa is the unofficial “party capital” with more than 10 nightclubs and numerous bars.

Why Go on Holiday in Cyprus 11

Cyprus nightlife

Although some nightclubs are open all year round, the best parties are from June to August.

World famous DJs play every day and keep you entertained until the sun comes up!

In addition, the main square of Ayia Napa, in summer becomes an open-air hangout called Circus Square!

Journey to the past

The history of Cyprus is more than 10,000 years old and many monuments show the cultural changes over the past centuries.

Why come to Cyprus on holiday 13

The Ruins of the Byzantine Church of St. John in Famagusta

Since we have already mentioned that Cyprus is very culturally diverse, it is logical to expect a rich historical background.

The best “journey” into the past can be found at the Cyprus Museum in the capital Nicosia. The museum has an enviable collection of artifacts from the Neolithic and Byzantine periods.

In addition to ancient Greek ruins such as Amathus, Corion in Limassol and old Turkish mosques, there are even traces of the old Venetian culture.

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These are the Venetian walls in Nicosia, which are considered the best example of a perfect Renaissance city.

One of the safest countries in Europe

Cyprus is known as one of the safest countries in Europe because of its low crime rate.

Why do people come to Cyprus on holiday 15

Cyprus, the safest country

According to Eurostat statistics, Cyprus has the lowest number of reported crimes, including robbery and violent crimes.

This is very useful information because who would want to visit a country that can be potentially dangerous for tourists?

And considering the fact that these days pickpockets are just waiting for the tourist season to “make” some money, it’s a big relief to hear that Cyprus really doesn’t have to deal with these kinds of problems.

Good road connections between the cities

Since Cyprus is an island, you wouldn’t expect a very good road network, but here we have the exact opposite situation.

Why come to Cyprus on holiday 17

Roads of Cyprus

For example, you can get from Nicosia to Limassol in just one hour on the state highway.

And best of all, all major cities on the island can be reached in 2 hours or less.

This is great news for those who like to explore on their own, because in this case it is much easier and more economical to rent a car and make the trip there and back on your own.

365 days of perfect climate

Cyprus has one of the most stable and warmest climates in Europe, with an average annual temperature of 24°C.

Why do people come to Cyprus on holiday 19

Cyprus weather, perfect all year round

This means that Cyprus has warm winters with very few rainy days and summers are mostly dry and hot.

It should also be noted that Cyprus has an average of 3,000 hours of sunshine per year.

For example, compared to Glasgow in Scotland, which has just over 1200 hours of sunshine annually, Cyprus is very close to an ideal climate.

When we look at all the above data, we come to the conclusion that there really is no bad season to visit Cyprus.

If you want to go there in summer or winter, you can count on good weather and not be afraid to spend your vacation under an umbrella.

Skiing in Cyprus?

No, this is not a joke – skiing on the slopes of Mount Olympus is quite popular among the locals during the winter season.

Historical center of Vilnius

Although there are only 4 slopes, each one is designed for different categories of skiers, from beginners to experienced skiers.

In addition, each piste has its own elevator, so there is no need to be afraid to get in line. The ski center is also inexpensive (compared to larger European ski resorts).

A day pass to the elevator costs only 18 euros. Mount Olympus is actually the highest peak of the Troodos mountain range, where daytime temperatures rarely fall below 4 ° C.

The tree that grants wishes in Paphos

Not many people know that in Cyprus there is a real tree of wishes. The tree is located in Paphos, opposite the Christian catacombs of Ayia Solomon. The tradition is to tie a handkerchief to the tree and make a wish so that it can come true.

Why do people come to Cyprus on holiday 21

Wishing Tree, Paphos

Although the tree doesn’t look very pretty because of all the handkerchiefs hung up, the story behind the tree attracts tourists who come here in search of good luck.

Regardless of the season, Cyprus provides ample opportunities to experience something new, interesting and exciting, including hotel activities, events, customs and places unique and special to the island.

10 reasons to visit Cyprus

Russian tourists associate Cyprus with the sea, sun and relaxation all year round. There are at least ten reasons to visit the island.

Holidays for all

Holidays in Cyprus are considered universal. In a small area spreads the beaches and the mountain, forests and plains. Modern cities are next to colorful villages, fortress ruins and remnants of settlements. Fans of sightseeing, beach, sports, partying, romantic, recreational, family and leisure alone will be equally pleased here. The island is all set for skiing, diving, sailing, windsurfing, horseback riding, swimming in the sea, visiting historic and archaeological sites, Cyprus holy places and more. A trip to Cyprus is combined with a trip to Greece or Israel, buying a two-day cruise on a liner.

Climatic conditions

Beach Holidays in Cyprus

The island is dominated by the Mediterranean climate, which allows you to come here all year round. In the summer months it is hot and almost no rain, in winter – high humidity, the air temperature is always plus, and the sea in Cyprus is not cooled below eighteen degrees above zero. There are only ten or fifteen overcast days a year. The atmospheric pressure is stable, strong winds are rare and not cold. In the summer the average temperature is 30-35 degrees of heat, in winter – plus 20-23. The swimming season on the beaches of Cyprus lasts from April to October.

Read more about the weather conditions and the characteristics of the local climate in the article: Weather in Cyprus.

Variety of resorts

Cyprus has a large number of resort towns. Each of them is unique and suitable for different categories of tourists. Popular holiday destinations in Cyprus are Limassol, Larnaca, Ayia Napa, Paphos and Protaras. Hotels in Limassol are mostly located on the beachfront, separated from the city by entertainment centers, restaurants and stores. Larnaca is a port, it is a city for shopping and yachting. Cyprus Ibiza – Ayia Napa is suitable for young people, because there are different parties and discos every day. It’s comfortable to spend your holidays with children in Protaras. City hotels are equipped with a habitat for small guests, and the sea is clean and shallow. Paphos is always cooler than the rest of the island, it is known for the baths of Aphrodite.

What do holidaymakers think about the resort? Read about it in the reviews of tourists about Cyprus.

The plethora of attractions

Cyprus Attractions

Cyprus is called a museum in the open air. There are still archaeological excavations. Found artifacts are nine thousand years old. The island has the ruins of the ancient settlements, the functioning old temples and monasteries and other interesting facilities. Excursion in Cyprus is informative and varied.

Read more about all the historical and memorable places of the island in the article: Sights of Cyprus.

Developed tourism industry

Republic lives mainly due to the tourism industry. The island has many hotels of different levels, designed for every taste and purse. A trip to Cyprus can afford even a budget tourist. Hotel service is so high that even in two- and three-star hotels can feel quite comfortable. The beaches in Cyprus are equipped with everything you need for recreation, are clean. Prices for food, drinks and meals in restaurants are reasonable.


Holidays for the whole family

Holidays for the whole Family

Tourists often come to the sea in Cyprus with their families. A flight from Moscow takes only three hours, the climate is mild, the water and beaches are clean, the sea is shallow, infrastructure for children is developed, locals are very friendly. Hotels have playgrounds, swimming pools, water slides, an entertainment program and a separate menu for young guests. There are water parks, zoos, and other attractions for children.

Safe environment

Holidays in Cyprus with children tourists choose also because of the zero-crime, calm political situation. The legal system of the Republic protects the rights of holidaymakers in all spheres. All this allows you to walk around the island without worrying about your own safety.

Gastronomic delights

A trip to Cyprus can be spiced up by local cuisine. National dishes can be one more reason to return to the island. This cuisine combines Asian and Mediterranean features of cooking. The famous meze consists of twenty dishes:

  • appetizers;
  • sauces;
  • salads;
  • meat or fish for a hot meal;
  • desserts;
  • fruit;
  • a cup of coffee.

All about the peculiarities of the national cuisine will tell you in the article: Food in Cyprus.

When coming to Cyprus, Russian tourists order dolma, hummus, suzuko, seafood, kleftiko and other traditional dishes in taverns. Cyprus wine is famous for its taste. Winemaking develops on the island since ancient times. The recipe of the world famous “Kommandaria” has not changed for centuries. In the taverns, visitors are offered to taste the wine of their own making. All of them have the necessary permits for making the drink. Going on a trip to Cyprus with children do not have to worry about nutrition, the island has countless cafes and restaurants that serve food for younger visitors. Bars and eateries, which sell the usual hamburgers, operate everywhere.

The Weather in Cyprus

Simplified visa.

To travel to the sea in Cyprus requires a visa. Russians can get it in a simplified mode on the Internet. The so-called visa doesn’t demand a visit to the Cyprus Embassy in Moscow. One just needs to fill out the form electronically, and send it to the email address listed on it. Attached to the form scanned copy of your passport.

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Special atmosphere.

Not only the beaches of Cyprus, food, climate and archaeological sites can be a reason to visit the island. There is a special friendly atmosphere. Special vacation conditions are created for Russians in Cyprus: channels, press, menus, music in Russian. In some resort towns there are Russian stores and restaurants with a familiar assortment. Many locals know Russian, which greatly simplifies communication.

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