10 reasons to visit Cyprus. Beautiful beaches, ancient cities, delicious wine and vibrant nightlife

9 reasons for which each of you could fall in love with Cyprus

This is one of the most heavenly places on Earth. From the moment you set foot on the island, you’re surrounded by tranquility, beautiful scenery, friendly and smiling people, and an azure sea and beautiful beaches. Once you’ve been here, you leave your heart and soul to Cyprus forever!

And there is a reason for that. Read more)

Compactness of the island

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Cyprus is a small island: 240km long and about 100km wide.

And that means that you can get from point A to point B in a minimum amount of time. Agree, this is very convenient! In fact, if much desire, a week you can travel around the island far and wide. And there is a lot to see on Cyprus. There are even places that you visit again and again, and each time you discover something new.

I think this advantage will be appreciated in the first place by the inhabitants of big cities, for whom rare “traffic jams” in Cyprus seem a mere trifle. I can say for myself that driving in Cyprus is a pure pleasure, just driving and enjoying the moment!


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About the beaches of Cyprus can talk a long time. The choice is so great that it can satisfy even the most demanding gourmets.

If you want gray sand – go to Larnaca or Limassol. If you want golden sand – the beaches of Ayia Napa and Protaras are at your service. Or completely wild Golden Beach in the north of the island, when the next “neighbor” is 100, 200 meters. For the lovers of gravel there is Faros Beach in Pervolia, or small beaches along the same line, such as those in Meneou… There are even beaches for nudists!

In general, everyone can find a beach in Cyprus, the one that is perfect for them. It’s not much of a stretch to say that there are even places where you get the absolute feeling of being on the ocean. Do not believe me, then go to Sandy Beach in Paphos! The beaches are our everything. Not for nothing, authoritative publications regularly include the beaches of Cyprus in the ratings of the best beaches in the world.

Atmosphere, or the Cypriot Shiga.

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As Omar Khayyam said, he who understood life, he no longer hurries, savoring every moment and watching.

And it follows that the Cypriots with their famous Shiga-Siga, are a very smart and wise people. They do not rush anywhere, their rhythm of life seems slow, and to many our compatriots even boring. However, they are very open and very hospitable.

At first, for people with our mentality, the eternal lack of time somewhere, it can seem strange and even irritating. But after living on the island for nth number of years, it tightens so much that coming back to your homeland you start suffering from lack of this very slowness and measured way of life. In general, Cyprus is an ideal place, where you can enjoy simply from the fact that you live.

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National Cuisine

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Cypriots are fond of feasts and believe me they know a lot about food!

Cypriot cuisine can feed not only your stomach, but also your eyes with its beauty. In addition, they are very healthy and undeniably delicious. Meat and seafood here prefer to be grilled, cheeses are made from fresh natural milk, and vegetables are usually eaten raw, made into various salads, which are dressed with the best olive oil in the world.

You can’t fully experience the land of Cyprus without tasting its national cuisine. The best place for this is Cyprus tavernas! Afelia, cheftalia, souvlaki, kleftiko and moussaka, halloumi, loukoumia, baklava… mmm… Cypriot food is like a real song! The main problem is that you just can’t stop!

Architectural Treasures

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Without exaggeration, Cyprus can be called a museum in the open air.

Wherever you go, you’ll find the ruins of ancient cities and a wealth of artifacts. The land of Cyprus holds a lot of evidence of the island’s history. Cyprus has absorbed the traditions and heritage of many cultures and civilizations.

Different peoples have ruled here at different times. Every settlement in Cyprus is a unique architectural monument, where ruins of ancient cities, ancient Orthodox churches and ancient monasteries, Roman theaters, Venetian palaces, Gothic castles and constructions of British colonial architecture coexist in a wonderful harmony.

If you have a good imagination, a walk, for example, through the ancient Curion will transfer you to more than 3 thousand years ago in just a few seconds. The feeling of walking through its “streets” is uncanny… And the huge ancient amphitheater for 3500 people, which is still used for its intended purpose will not leave anyone indifferent. Just imagine, a classic Greek tragedy on the background of dizzying scenery – sea, sky, boundless expanses … it’s fantastic!

In addition, Cyprus is known among pilgrims as an island with powerful Christian shrines – here and the places where the relics of saints were found, and life-giving icons, and ancient temples. And, of course, the beautiful and colorful Cypriot villages, which you fall in love with immediately and forever, and then come here again and again.


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Sunsets in Cyprus are unimaginable and breathtaking.

Just imagine, the sun slowly approaches the sea, coloring the sky in a hundred incredible shades. It’s as if time stands still, and you’re overwhelmed by a wave of awe and tenderness…

What could be more romantic than a sunset by the sea? You can stand there endlessly, watching the beautiful things. Unfortunately, in the hustle and bustle of days we often do not want to notice trivial and simple things. Things that are always near us, every day. And in vain.

Bonifacio is a city in the south of Corsica, France.

Choose a day, and after work or on your day off, go in the direction of Paphos. For example, on the beach of Petra tou Romiou or just on the seafront of the city. Why? It is very simple! This is where the most beautiful sunsets in Cyprus. 1000% that you will be impressed and will long remember the most stunning sunset of your life.

Oh, those delicious Cypriot wines.

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Perhaps wine is the most popular alcoholic drink in Cyprus.

And for good reason, because there are many vineyards on the island, respectively, there are a huge number of local wineries. And, just like the food, the wine is very tasty!

In addition, almost every tavern offers to try their own wine production. It proves its copyright for the production of wine, it confirms the patent and license. Gourmets will definitely appreciate it).

The most famous Cypriot wine is the dessert wine Commandaria. In my opinion, of course, it is a bit of an amateur (not everyone likes its sweet taste), but the story of wine does not end there. There are many more varieties, for different tastes and colors, as they say. For example, you can highlight the products of local wineries Vouni and Petrisis. Especially good are the varietal wines – white “Xinisteri” and red “Mavro” and “Marateftiko”, which are produced exclusively from local grapes.


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Young people will definitely appreciate the club life of the island.

Cyprus even has its own local “Ibiza. Probably everyone has already guessed that this is Ayia Napa – a place with an active nightlife, famous nightclubs (videos of which can even be found on adult websites), yacht rides and never ending beach parties. If you really want, you can shuttle through the night establishments of the city around the clock.

And then there are the ultra-modern nightclubs in Cyprus. Where? And let’s not go far, for example, Guaba. Don’t be surprised, it was Guaba that made it into the top 100 best clubs in the world in 2018. And, I’ll note, it ranked no less than 17th! So you can argue with those who think that there are no decent clubs on the island). As one of my friends says, can not like it only whiners and sociopaths. Because everything is incredible and enjoyable!)


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Now a lot of people will start saying, Cyprus is not what it used to be.

I hear this all the time lately. Especially from the “natives”. Yes, they steal! Yes, they sometimes break into homes of local “oligarchs”. But these are isolated cases.

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Friends, agree that this paradise island is one of the safest in the world. After all, not for nothing, many have chosen it as a place of residence, and I’m sure – this was one of the many reasons “for”. The same applies to tourists who can easily roam around the island (and not sit in a hotel for the whole vacation) knowing that their rights are well protected by local law.

The list could go on for a long time, but know that a lot, even a lot of new and interesting experience on the island you are guaranteed!

And every day and at every step! Adventures are waiting for you even in the most unexpected place! In general, it is impossible not to love Cyprus, and it’s a fact!

13 reasons to visit Cyprus

Cyprus is not just about the beach vacation. Cyprus is about love. The island, which is under the patronage of Aphrodite, keeps the imprint of the world history. Here they live in harmony with nature, drink wine, eat ripe fruit and talk about love. Here’s a list of reasons from KudaGo that will inspire you to buy tickets to Cyprus and embrace the philosophy of the locals.

You need a negative PCR test OR a certificate of vaccination to visit (“Sputnik V” qualifies); as of March 1, if you have a certificate of vaccination, you won’t have to take a PCR test (information updated in 2022).

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The Birthplace of Aphrodite

Aphrodite’s birthplace

According to legends, the goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite came ashore from the waters of the island of Cyprus. It was not far from the Rock of Petra tou Romiou – better known as the Rock of Aphrodite. Tourists from all over the world seek to bathe here to receive the blessing of the great goddess. She especially favors lovers, for whom she grants a long and happy life together.

Walk through an old garden.

Stroll through an ancient garden

Akamas National Park is named after the son of the great Theseus. Akamas was a hero of the Trojan War and one of the warriors who hid in the Trojan horse. After the victory of the Achaeans, he settled in the very place where the National Park now stands. This place is shrouded in mystery and legend. In addition to being full of rare plants and animals, it keeps the memory of ancient myths alive. The park has the baths of Aphrodite, the path on which the goddess met her lover Adonis, and the very Labyrinth of the Minotaur.

The luckiest country in the world!

Swim in the most beautiful bay.

Swim in the most beautiful bay

Blue Lagoon is part of the protected area Akamas (in general, there are two of them in Cyprus, do not confuse with the one in Ayia Napa). The water here is incredibly clean and clear, so you can see the sandy bottom and sea creatures. Place absolutely wild – no beach, cafes and infrastructure. And also because the bay is surrounded by rocks, the water here is calm.

Visit a family winery

Visit a family winery

Wine lovers should also go to Cyprus. This noble drink is an important part of local culture. There are several respected family wineries on the island with home vineyards and secrets of production, which are handed down from generation to generation. The Karceras winery in the village of Doros, the Gerolemo winery near Omodos and the family winery Chakas (Tsiakkas) near the picturesque village of Pelendri are definitely worth a visit.

Visit a flamingo

A visit to the flamingos

Larnaca Salt Lake is another unique natural landmark of Cyprus. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it changes its appearance depending on the season: in winter it is a beautiful clear reservoir, and in summer – the salt desert. And this is also a habitat for flamingos! They come here in winter to nest. And sometimes you can see a rare black bird in a flock – if you are lucky, then good luck will accompany you the whole year.

See what ancient settlements looked like

See what ancient settlements looked like

The village of Hirokitia, one of the oldest settlements, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to archaeologists, it was built somewhere between 7,000 and 4,000 years B.C. The village was discovered in the twentieth century, some of the buildings were reconstructed. Judging by the name, which comes from the ancient Greek word for “pig”, the locals bred pigs. Choiroquitia is open to tourists – you can come here on your own or as part of a tour group.

Explore two countries at once

Visit two states at once

The island of Cyprus is divided into two parts: 60% is occupied by the Republic of Cyprus and 40% by the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The EU and the UN recognize only the former. The border between the two states runs across the island, called the Green Line and divides the city of Nicosia in two. You can go to the unrecognized Turkish part of Cyprus. There is something to see there too, such as a ghost town. But before you must learn all the rules.

Explore a slew of contemporary art

Appreciate the diversity of modern art

In Cyprus, there is the city of Limassol, which has one of the most beautiful promenades in the Mediterranean basin. It is a coastal park, stretching for a kilometer, which is called Molos. It is a wide path framed by palm trees. Lost among them are a variety of sculptures, created not only by Cypriots and Greeks, but artists from all over the world.

Must see places in Cyprus

Eat delicious food

Eat a lot of goodies

If you decide to spend a vacation in Limassol, be sure to check out the city market Palea Agora. There are no endless rows of trinkets and souvenirs here, only fresh and ripe fruits, vegetables and, of course, traditional sweets. This is one of the city’s oldest retail outlets, which has undergone renovation and turned into a trendy urban space. There is also a food court with cozy cafes and bars.

Make a declaration of love

Confess to love.

There are two bays on the island, which are called the Blue Lagoon. About the first you already know (if not, learn the third point), and the second is located in the resort of Ayia Napa. In this place is located Bridge of Lovers – a rock arch, which appeared on their own, without human intervention. Swimming here is prohibited, but to admire the natural beauties from the bridge and to make a declaration of love – always welcome.

Forget about vanity

Forget about vanity

The mountain village of Omodos is always a welcoming place for tourists. Planted with vineyards, olive trees and mulberry trees, it preserves the centuries-old history of the island. There is a museum dedicated to the life of the ancient inhabitants – right in the house built about 400 years ago. The village makes sweets from grapes and treats with wine. And also come here to visit one of the oldest monasteries. By the way, the name of the village, according to rumors, comes from the Greek “modos” – “not to hurry”.

Lazy from the heart

Lazy from the heart

The fishing village of Latchi is suitable for those tourists who want to do nothing but eat well, lie on the beach and occasionally get out for leisurely hikes. The main attraction of this place is the natural beauty. The locals make their money from fishing, so the main treat here is seafood.

Have fun at the Almond Blossom Festival

Have fun at the Almond Blossom Festival.

Another tourist favorite, the village of Limnatis is famous for its almond trees. When they begin to bloom in February, the place transforms into a paradise garden with white-pink trees and incredible smells. During this time, the village hosts an almond blossom festival with songs, dances and, of course, tastings. In normal times, you can also buy a jar of almond jam or almond tincture here.

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