10 popular places to go on a honeymoon trip

The perfect honeymoon tour: 10 win-win options

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Imagine, the wind in your hair, the groom in jean shorts and the bride barefoot – a wonderful wedding atmosphere in warm lands! Now think about the hours-long driveway buyout, the boy and girl divination and the red and gold ribbons of the witnesses. Feel the difference? Then read the rest of the pros in favor of an overseas ring exchange!

The first and instinctive objection is that it’s expensive. In fact, simple arithmetic proves that registering a marriage in floral wreaths is cheaper than a banquet and toastmasters. And if we take into account possible force majeure – broken pyramid glasses of champagne or hooligan bachelor party on the eve of the wedding – you also save nerves.

The second thing that stops the newlyweds from the exchange of rings on the Pacific Ocean or in a haunted castle in Scotland – the illegitimacy of the most important event of life. Here there are two options. The first is a symbolic wedding ceremony abroad preceded by a quiet registration in the home country. The second is fiddling with documents for the sake of the official registration of marriages among the palm trees in Seychelles or in an Italian palazzo. Yes, there are plenty of places in the world where Russians can get married legally.

But if you do decide to respect the relatives, dancing lambada and get a wedding cake in the happy newlywed face – no one has the right to deprive you of their sacred right to a honeymoon. And then decide for yourself – do a double take on the wedding ceremony or just party all day and all night long. By the way, escape from the charms of the second and third day of the wedding was invented in France in the late XIX century. The newlyweds were so fed up with friends barging into the bedroom and giving “cat concerts” that they preferred to discreetly make a pen and take off on a trip.

Another reason for a wedding ceremony abroad is a wedding anniversary or simply the desire to once again beautifully declare their love for each other. This renewal of vows is no less touching than the original. All in all, let’s consider that we made you think about a wedding ceremony thousands of miles away from home. Then here are 10 top places where you can boldly say “Yes” – get it and sign it!


A typical wedding in the Maldives – a frisky buggy instead of a gaudy pink limo, a butler butler, a ceremony in the official language of Dihevi to the beat of bodu beru drums and the exchange of floral wreaths instead of rings. An atypical wedding in the Maldives is a diving wedding underwater. If the kiss in the scuba is uncomfortable, you can just visit an underwater restaurant on the island of Rangali.

Status : Russians can not officially marry in the Maldives, so the ceremony will be symbolic.

When : the best time for a wedding in the Maldives is from November to April. During this time the sea is calm and the weather is sunny and dry.

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On this Indonesian island, single adults are a rarity. A resident of Bali to create a unit of society – like an office worker to go to VKontakte: a matter of necessity. That’s why the island is considered a wedding paradise – where else to get married than in a place where everyone is already married.

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The Balinese marriage certificate is a lontar palm leaf, scrawled with ancient writings. An ordinary wedding ceremony is almost a complete copy of the Maldivian one. But if you’re ready to splurge, you’ll be treated to a stunning orchid wedding. Three laps around the village in a gilded chariot, vows made to each other in an ancient temple, and a visit to the theater of shadows vayang – and here you are already Balinese husband and wife.

And you can also get married at the volcanic Lake Batar or arrange a wedding on elephants. In general, Bali – a really fantastic place. Just be careful with the hashtags!

Status: For Russians the wedding in Bali will be only symbolic, so you have to get married before or after in your home country.

When: May, June, July, August – the weather on the island will be as clear as your love.

If you want to temporarily revive the Mayan civilization at your wedding – you go to Mexico. An unusual but very rousing wedding takes place at a spring in the heart of the jungle. The whole action is accompanied by live Mayan music – instead of a waltz, you will twirl in a dance of fire next to the Indians in battle paint. A beach version of a Mexican wedding is also possible – Cancun and the fabulous Riviera Maya await the newlyweds.

Status: Mexico – a country where Russian citizens can officially get married. Prepare documents in advance, and before the ceremony take a blood test.

When: Mexico’s high season is from October to May.

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Dominican Republic

A bamboo arch with tulips in soft pink, a heart of rose petals and a ceremony in Spanish is a classic beach wedding in the Dominican Republic. The most popular designs, floral or nautical, look equally gorgeous against a backdrop of white sand, turquoise waves and coconut palms.

One of the most popular places for a wedding ceremony is Saona Island. Yes, yes, the one from the Bounty candy commercials.

Status : You can register your marriage in the Dominican Republic officially.

When: High season in the Dominican Republic – February to May.

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If you dream of a wedding gondola trip, your choice is Venice. Exchanging rings at the Palazzo del Signoria in Florence is like stepping back into the Medici era. And to commemorate the most popular and unhappy couple according to Shakespeare, you can in Verona. In addition to these magical places, there are lakes Carda and Como, castles and palazzos in the suburbs of Rome, the Amalfi Coast – a combination of Mediterranean nature and European nobility. And after the celebration according to the Italian tradition you break the glasses – the more pieces there are, the longer your life together will last.

Status: the marriage certificate, obtained in the Italian municipality, is easily recognized in the Russian Federation.

Wales is an amazing country with beautiful historic cities

When : Summer, late May and early September are the best time for your wedding in Italy.

A true wedding Mecca that beckons many tourists who want to get married. According to statistics, only 40% of marriages on the island are between locals.

And this is not surprising – who does not want to tie the knot of Hymen on the white rocks of Aphrodite and get an impressive photo shoot. The wedding photos will be just as spectacular at the flowering bougainvillea alley in Ayia Napa, in the Cypriot capital Limassol, in Paphos, where Aphrodite was born, and in the quiet coastal town of Larnaca.

Status: here you can become officially husband and wife.

When: weddings in Cyprus can be done at any time of the year, but the best time is from April to September.

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Think it’s pretty cool to check out in a snow-white dress against the Eiffel Tower? The castles of the Loire Valley do not scare you with ghosts, but attract to the antiquity and rich history? Then feel free to go under the altar in France!

If you want also the sea – go to Aquitaine or the Cote d’Azur. Other options are no less chic – a yacht flitting in the Mediterranean Sea, a vineyard in Bordeaux, the lavender fields of Provence, medieval monasteries and mansions.

Status : To officially get married in France, you’ll have to live there for at least a month.

When: Getting married in Paris is best from May to September. In the south of France – almost all year round.


A wedding in the Seychelles is a win-win for lovers of beautiful nature, singing birds and the sound of waves. Each of the 115 tropical paradise islands of the archipelago is suitable for joining hearts. The ceremony is held in hotels, on secluded beaches or in gardens with direct access to the ocean. Popular Seychelles wedding destinations are Praslin, Mahe and La Digue.

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Status : By law, foreigners have the right to marry after staying in the archipelago for 11 days. But for a small remuneration this period is easily reduced to 3 days. Marriage in Seychelles has the same legal effect as if you got married in a regular district Registry Office of your city.

Las Vegas

If you’re a fan of the TV series Friends, you remember Ross and Rachel’s hasty wedding in Las Vegas. Heroes of the legendary show got married at Little White Wedding Chapel, where Frank Sinatra, Bruce Willis, Britney Spears, and Pamela Anderson took their vows. Weddings in Sin City are also available to ordinary mortals – just fill out the paperwork and pay the minister-weddings officiant.

The ceremony in Las Vegas can be held not only in a chapel. Depending on your budget, you can choose a gazebo, a car tunnel, a hotel, the bottom of the Grand Canyon, a helicopter or hot air balloon, or even a ranch. In Vegas, you can get married in heaven, in a chapel on the 103rd floor of the Stratosphere Hotel. Only here an Elvis Presley or Marilyn Monroe look-alike will perform your wedding ceremony.

Hungary is a country with a rich history and joined the European Union.

Status: The marriage is legal if the newlyweds have all the necessary documents.

When to go to Las Vegas: You should go in spring or fall as it is too hot in summer.


Kerala and Goa are the best places for your Indian wedding. Here you will be offered an exotic alternative to a beach wedding – a Hindu ceremony with mantras and bonfires, with the groom in a turban and the bride in a sari. And, of course, elephant rides as an alternative to the boring wedding cortege.

Status: If the future wife and husband are citizens of Russia, then the marriage can be officially registered when the bride is pregnant or signed a long contract to work in India.

When: getting married in India is better in winter – it’s hot and it doesn’t rain.

There are many places in the world where you can swear eternal love to each other and become spouses. But even more important than attractive entourage and sprigs of orange blossom is mutual love and respect. Love each other and wake up together even in different places!

Wedding Travel: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022

Wedding Travel: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022

Photo @ maryneumannphotography

The wedding date is set, the ceremony is prepared, relatives and friends are invited… But you want to make this celebration truly unforgettable. A wedding trip is a great option to be alone with the other half, get acquainted with a new culture, try an unknown cuisine. Event For Me experts picked ten countries where you can go in 2022 under the current restrictions and get tickets from our partner Aviasales for the best prices directly from the travel section on our site.

Photo. Wedding travel: top 10 places to fly to in 2022_02.jpg

Photo @sarahgodenziphotography


This Balkan country has been open to Russian tourists since 2021, yet it attracts travelers from all over Europe. The locals are very hospitable, and the Mediterranean cuisine will not leave anyone indifferent. Small area of the country will be a plus for those newlyweds who do not want to stay in one place for a long time. For a week in Croatia, you can see many sights, such as the famous Plitvice Lakes, Slavonia region, Pula with one of the Coliseum, Dubrovnik and so on.

Prices for accommodation can still be called democratic in comparison with European, and therefore tickets to Croatia quickly break up. So if Croatia attracts you as a honeymoon destination, hurry up to book tickets through Aviasales partner service offering direct flights from Russia to Dubrovnik.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_03.jpg

Photo @mirko.mihalj


The homeland of the Olympic gods has long been beloved by tourists from Russia. Being the center of Mediterranean cuisine, this country attracts with its history and sights left from time immemorial. Honeymooners can visit the famous Acropolis of Athens, which has withstood many bloody wars and natural disasters.

There, in Athens, is Panathinaikos, a stadium of white marble, where concerts and exhibitions dedicated to Greek history are now held.

If you want to get away from the capital, you can visit Mycenae, one of the oldest cities in Greece, or go to the picturesque island of Zakynthos, famous for the impregnable beach of Navagio.

For beach lovers, the coasts of Greece are full of comfortable hotels, where you can enjoy swimming in clean water and spa services. Thanks to the Aviasales partner system, you can book tickets to almost any city in Greece directly on the Event For Me portal in the travel section: so feel free to choose any destination based on your wishes.

Swiss Lakes.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_04.jpg

Photo @frank_kotsos_photography


This country in Central Europe is known to the world not only for being the birthplace of Count Dracula, but also for its thermal springs and unforgettable architecture.

A trip to Hungary after the wedding celebration allows you to relax your body and soul. In the capital itself, Budapest, you can check into spa hotels, spending time there in the healing baths, and then walk around one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The panoramic views of the Danube River are listed by UNESCO, and everyone has heard about the beauty of the Hungarian Parliament building. Apart from Budapest you can also explore the many castles scattered around the country.

Note that through the Aviasales service you can buy tickets not only to the capital of the country, but also to Debrecen, which would be an ideal choice for honeymooners trying to avoid the large crowds of tourists.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_05.jpg

Photo @say.yes.eskuvoi.mobilapp


The United Arab Emirates has long been synonymous with the phrase “beautiful vacation”. If the wedding is planned for the cold season, a holiday trip to the UAE will bring the newlyweds into summer.

In the Emirates really can find entertainment for all tastes. You can check into a beach hotel and lie on the white sand on the shores of the Persian Gulf, enjoy the cuisine club restaurants. Someone will like the nightclubs with performances of the best DJs in the world. For fans of extreme relaxation a good choice would be a trip to a safari or skydiving. Despite the fact that the UAE – a country of the Muslim world, the attitude towards tourists is more than loyal. And tickets for the best prices can be purchased on our portal through our partner service Aviasales, which currently has almost all the most popular destinations in the UAE.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_06.jpg

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This island state in Southwest Asia, its archipelago consists of 33 islands. The most famous resorts of the country are Zallak and Sitra. Beach holidays are most common in this country, which is just right for newlyweds who want to relax after the organizational hustle and bustle of their wedding.

Finding trips to Bahrain is more than realistic, as the country is just gaining momentum in the development of the tourism industry. Nevertheless, there are quite a number of four- and five-star hotels on the first line by the water. A trip to Bahrain is suitable for young families who are tired of traveled resorts and want to see something new: to try the Arab cuisine, see the monuments of different cultures, because Bahrain has long been part of different states. To enter Bahrain from the Russian Federation is simple – on arrival, a simple visa is issued, which allows you to stay in the country for up to 14 days.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_07.jpg

Photo @smurrayphoto


With the coronavirus restrictions, Mexico was and is a country where the tourism industry is operating at the same capacity as it was before the pandemic. If honeymooners want to spend their wedding trip on the other side of the globe, this country is worth considering as a destination. Since late November, there have been direct flights to Mexico City from Russia. If the couple wants to bask in the sun’s rays, Cancun, Riviera Maya and Los Cabos are worth a visit. To explore the history and culture of ancient civilizations, it is better to arrange a trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.

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The famous “Island of Liberty” is very controversial. Despite the socialist system, luxury hotels are built on the shores of Cuba, and luxury yachts sail on the water. Most of the entertainment is concentrated off the coast, where you can swim, surf and, of course, dive.

The best underwater world in the entire Caribbean attracts beginners and experienced divers alike. The most famous dive areas are Bucanero and Gardens of the Queen. Honeymooners who want to get a tan, enjoy the azure water and hotel entertainment should definitely visit Cuba. Through our booking service you can now buy tickets to Havana, Varadero, and Santa Clara: the Cuban destination is now fully open for honeymooners from Russia.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_09.jpg

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Thanks to social media, everyone has seen how beautiful the Maldives is. Island-hotels, away from the noise of the cities – a dream for newlyweds who want to take time for each other and themselves. Wake up in a villa on the water, have breakfast on the white sand, swim with turtles in the clear water – for the sake of this it is worth spending hours in the plane, and then get on a hydroplane to the desired island-hotel. A trip to the Maldives – a luxury vacation for those who are willing to go to the other end of the world.

Despite the widespread stereotype about the high cost of a honeymoon in the Maldives, Aviasales offers very favorable prices for this destination.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_10.jpg

Photo @miguelra boni_


Bright colors await honeymooners in India, a country that is often bypassed when looking for a vacation destination. The atmosphere of this country goes beyond the picture of the world, familiar to Russians and Europeans, and yet it is very rich in attractions – 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are located in India, of which there are 33 in Southeast Asia.

Relaxing on the beach in the state of Goa, exploring bustling Delhi, natural beauty – the choice for honeymooners, who plan a trip to this country, is fabulously huge. In our portal you can buy tickets for direct flights to Goa, Varanasi, Calcutta and many other cities.

Photo. Wedding Trip: Top 10 Places to Fly to in 2022_11.jpg

Photo @alexander_bornovalov

Costa Rica

This country in Central America is located between the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans. You have to travel all the way here to enjoy the beauty of nature, an experience that will last a lifetime. Much of the country is impenetrable jungle, travel through which will appeal to honeymooners who want to spend their honeymoon exploring.

There are no direct flights from Russia and the CIS to Costa Rica, but a layover in Frankfurt, Madrid or Havana is worth it to admire the rumbling waterfalls, black sand beaches and relict forests. Russian citizens can stay in Costa Rica without a visa for up to 30 days. Our partners now have tickets to San Jose, Liberia, and La Fortuna, so there is an interesting destination for those who like noisy holidays, and for those who value solitude.

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