10 places to visit with the family in Aarhus, Denmark

Where to go with kids in Aarhus?


Today’s children are very different: some prefer to travel to different continents virtually with the help of the Internet, while others choose real trips with their parents even to the most boring corners of the earth. As for a trip to Aarhus, it will be interesting to both one and the other children. And all because Aarhus is a youth city, which has a special energy. It is not for nothing that this controversial resort is called the City of Smiles. And there is a popular opinion that the happiest people on the planet live here. By the way, hospitable Danes treat little tourists with special attention and create comfortable conditions for their pastime, wherever possible.

All shopping centers in Aarhus have baby lounges on their territory where you can feed a baby without unnecessary attention from strangers, or just take a break with an older toddler. Many restaurants in the small Danish resort have high chairs for babies, and children’s menus are available on request. And family-oriented eateries are often equipped with a children’s room with toys.

Depending on the interests of children in Aarhus and the surrounding area you can visit several entertainment and educational places: from the Rainbow Panorama in the ARoS Museum to the city amusement park Tivoli. Now I will try to tell in detail, where you can go and what is best to show inquisitive kid or schoolchildren in a popular Danish resort.

  • Walking or cycling through Aarhus – a unique opportunity for teenagers to walk through the streets and look at the centuries-old buildings, which, perhaps, visited the heroes of Shakespeare’s tragedy “Hamlet”. After all, we know that Ophelia, Hamlet and Horace lived in one of the castles of what is now Aarhus. And, consequently, they could have been in any of the monasteries or churches in the town, travelers can only guess which one. Thus, an ordinary walk through the old part of the resort can turn into a fascinating pastime, which will not only entertain younger travelers, but also greatly expand their horizons.
  • Aarhus Art Museum – an interesting, I tell you, place. And it impresses not only children but also parents. The first thing that catches the kids’ attention is the naturalistic 5-meter silicone sculpture of a boy on the first floor of the museum. The weight of this masterpiece is 500 kilograms. All visitors, young and old, begin their tour of the museum with this marvel.
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The wrinkles on the elbows and feet of the giant sculpture look like the real thing. It gives the impression that the boy is about to get up and walk. My youngest son, upon seeing the sculpture, immediately concluded that giants really do exist. The next interesting part of the museum is at the very top of the building above the observation terrace. It is a huge 52-meter diameter ring whose walls are made of colored glass. The construction is designed in such a way that the colors flow smoothly from one to another, creating a fabulous panorama of the city. The width of the rainbow corridor inside is three meters. So you can walk freely in a circle and enjoy a fantastic view of the city.

There are a lot of visitors with children in this part of the museum. And about half of them are locals with pre-schoolers and teenagers. This is probably the way they instill a love of art in Aarhus from an early age.

As for the rest of the museum, the younger generation will be interested in the fifth and sixth floors, where the exposition of contemporary art is on display. Many of its exhibits are quite meaningful. Often the meaning of what young visitors see and their parents do not match. Children can see things we adults can’t even imagine.

In ARoS children can not only enjoy the aesthetic pleasure, in the art café on the fourth floor, you can enjoy authentic Danish pastry and pieces of chocolate cake. Desserts start at 26 kronor. If the inquisitive kids get really hungry, they can order a full lunch or a snack for 55 kronor. The kids’ art snack reminds me a bit of a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, but it’s healthier with a drink, bread, jam, cheese, butter and fruit.

On Sunday afternoons, the museum offers a special tour for younger visitors. During the half-hour art guide introduces children to the most interesting parts of the museum, telling them in a fun way about the exhibits, artists and genres. Children’s tour costs 180 Danish kroner.

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The museum is open daily from 10:00 to 17:00, and on Wednesdays you can visit the ARoS until 22:00. The city art museum is located on the avenue Aros, 2.

  • There are several other places in town that should definitely be visited with your child. Among them, Deer Park with real wildlife roaming freely in the area. Roe deer, fallow deer, boars and spotted deer live just outside the center of Aarhus, a mere 3.5 kilometers to the south. You can look at the animals any day for free. The main thing is not to let children away. Local inhabitants are lovely, but still wild animals. And in order to avoid unwanted situations, it is better to stroke deer under adult supervision.

Tourists can find the wildlife corner at Ørneredevej, 6.

  • And finally, the most attractive place for children in Aarhus is Tivoli amusement park. Boats, roller coasters, merry-go-rounds and swings will make even adult tourists feel like children for a while. For younger visitors in the park there are many rides, among which educational and a little extreme.

On weekends, the park hosts concerts and all kinds of entertainment programs for children. If you prepare in advance for a trip to the park, you can have a small picnic on the spot. Your own barbecue will save money on food for children in the park cafe. And picnics in Tivoli are commonplace, and grill areas are equipped for this.

A visit to the park costs 230 CZK for adults and 75 CZK for kids. Tivoli is located at Skovbrynet, 5. You can get to the park by city bus number 16.

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