10 places to visit with kids in Copenhagen, Denmark

Where and how to vacation in Denmark with children in 2022?

Denmark is an amazing and interesting country, it can impress with its sights, although its size is small. Some people might know the history of this country from the stories of world famous authors. For this reason, holidays here will be unforgettable and interesting for all members of the family, including children. After all, the overall atmosphere of these places is harmonious and mysterious. Denmark – a country where families often vacation, as there are many places for children’s recreation, and in winter and summer is what to captivate his kid. Where and how to vacation in Denmark with children in 2022? Read the article.

General features of a holiday in Denmark with children

Approximate cost of traveling as a family

How much will tours to Denmark cost in 2022? This question is quite understandable, as any vacationer wants to know their costs. Such trips can be very diverse, as there are enough places. Approximately one person for a vacation of 10 days will require about 50 thousand rubles. But it’s worth it: the rest will be unforgettable. A little more will have to pay if the trip will include a round trip flight, three meals a day, extra meals are usually available for an extra fee and excursions are paid separately. You may have to pay between 90 and 100 thousand rubles for such a tour. If you don’t want to take the tour, then read about the approximate prices of transport, accommodation and entertainment below.

When should I go to Denmark with my children?

As for the climatic conditions, everything is serious. This country is distinguished by its beauty, but is a northern country. For this reason it has a cold winter, so if you decide to make such a trip in the winter months, you will need to prepare. But in this period it is possible to have a good rest at the ski resorts of Denmark.

In the summertime in Denmark usually go to those who want to relax by the sea. Yes, yes, even in this northern country is quite possible if you choose July or August: the water is quite suitable for swimming. Many at this time also agree to bike rides, which take place in large groups, it is interesting and attention-grabbing.

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For many become pleasant tours in the spring or autumn, as it is quite possible to walk around the cities of Denmark, while pleasantly warm in a cozy cafe, there are enough of them. In addition, for the off-season is quite suitable to visit cultural institutions, there are plenty of them for the whole family to spend even a long busy vacation.

In general, at any time of year here is easy to get a luggage of positive experiences and emotions. But where to go with the whole family – decide for yourself!

The best destinations in Denmark for recreation with children


Many tours are directed to the capital of the country – Copenhagen, there are enough sights, from modern monuments to ancient architecture. It is very interesting and saturated. It was in Copenhagen, just walking the streets, you can get the most real shows, festivals and other performances, both for children and adults.

The easiest way to get to the Danish capital is by air. A one-way flight in 2022 will cost about 7,000 rubles, the travel time is about 4.5 hours, including transfers. From the airport to the center of Copenhagen you can get by train, subway, bus or cab. Moving around the city is also not difficult, transport infrastructure is developed “hurrah”.

With an early booking will not be difficult to find a good place to stay in the Danish capital with the whole family. For the most economical will suit the guest house, accommodation for three people in such a place will cost about 7 thousand rubles a day. The closer to the center and the higher the category of the hotel – the more expensive, of course.

In Copenhagen, a lot of attractions and entertainment for all tastes, but in a family vacation to focus on what is interesting to young tourists:

  1. Copenhagen Zoo is one of the oldest and largest in Europe. It is divided into thematic areas: the tropics, the Arctic, islands and others. Among the inhabitants of the zoo are pandas, penguins, flamingos, lemurs, kangaroos and many other interesting and unusual animals. In addition to meeting with the fauna in the zoo you can ride a pony, eat ice cream, see how the animals are fed. The ticket price is 23 euros for adults and 13 euros for children.
  2. Direhavsbakken Amusement Park. It is considered the oldest institution of this type in the world. Long ago, street performers entertained the people here, and later there appeared rides. More than 100 attractions for children and adults are waiting for the guests of the park. It is interesting that all of them are stylized as antique, so the park has a unique spirit. The cost of the ticket depends on the attraction.
  3. Tivoli Amusement Park. Approximately 30 rides are part of this place. There is also a pantomime theater, and in the evening you can watch the fountain show. The cost of admission is 17 euros, and the tickets for the rides depend on the one you choose.
  4. Aquarium “Blue Planet”. The largest aquarium in the north of Europe includes more than 50 separate zones, an area with seals, a contact area and many other pleasures. The ticket price is 22 euros for adults, 13 euros for children.
  5. Monument to the Little Mermaid. Walking through the streets of the city, you should definitely look at this amazing monument to the girl with a kind and loving heart.
  6. Experimentarium Copenhagen. If your child is already fascinated by science – be sure to take him to this interactive museum. The fact that all of its exhibits can and even need to touch, while the child gets acquainted with the sciences and has fun. The ticket price is 23 Euros for adults, 15 Euros for children.
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If you want to surprise your child, then when vacationing in Denmark it is better to visit the town of Odense – it is a real fairy tale. When walking around this place, it becomes clear where Andersen took inspiration for his wonderful tales, because this is where his house is located.

To get to Odense from Copenhagen is easy by train: 1.5 hours and about 2.5 thousand rubles.

The town is not too big, but still options for accommodation are to suit all tastes. The most inexpensive of them when booking in advance is an accommodation in a hostel with a shared bathroom a few kilometers from the city center. For a family of three, such accommodation will cost about 5 thousand rubles per day.

On a summer day will be just nice to stroll through the streets of quiet Odense. But there are also places you should definitely visit with children:

  1. The village of Funen. It is an open-air museum, which is a reconstruction of a peasant settlement. Small houses, vegetable gardens and orchards – all in the spirit of the 18-19 centuries. You can visit the village for about 12 crowns for an adult, free for a child.
  2. Places Andersen in Odense – first of all, the park named after the great storyteller. It is very beautiful during the flowering of plants, of which there are many: roses, lianas, tulips and many other flowers will delight you with their beauty. In the park there is also a monument to the writer, and if you get to Odense on April 2, Andersen’s birthday, you will see a real show: the citizens sing and dance around the monument. In addition to the park, the streets of the city are about 20 sculptures associated with Andersen’s tales – it will be interesting to walk with children and recognize the famous characters. You can also visit the Andersen Museum (13 euros for adults and free for children), where there are archives and personal belongings, and many illustrations of fairy tales.
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This is not a city, but a theme park, which, however, looks like a city. To get to him will not be easy: either you should book a tour, or have to get by car, through the city of Billund. But families with children will not regret in any case: for adults, perhaps, it will be an occasion to nostalgia for the toys coveted in childhood, the kids will be just delighted.

Legoland consists of several thematic zones. Miniland is a copy of famous landmarks around the world, Duploland is a zone for the smallest, where you can ride in small cars, the World of Imagination suits the young designers, the World of Adventures – a lot of attractions. In addition, there are zones dedicated to exciting worlds such as the Wild West, Pirate Island, the Kingdom of Chivalry.

Spending a whole day in Legoland will be easy, because the amusement park also has restaurants with pizza, burgers and pasta dear to children’s hearts. There is also a buffet for those who prefer health food. Well, at the end of a busy day, you should definitely buy a keepsake of a princess dress, a knight costume, and, of course, a set of Lego.

The cost of the ticket to Legoland is about 47 euros for adults, 44 for children.

By the way, in Billund, through which you and will go to Legoland, there is another interesting place for children – water park, and even the largest in Europe. The ticket price will be 18 euros for children and 24 euros for adults. Water slides, artificial river, jacuzzi and children’s areas – all in abundance.

Leisure at sea in Denmark

Not many tourists choose this country for a beach holiday, but if you are planning a major trip in the summer, you may want to visit one of the resorts in Denmark in addition to the cities.

Interestingly, more than 400 beaches in Denmark are awarded the prestigious Blue Flag label, which in itself is an indicator of quality.

In July and August the water gets warm up to 22 degrees, which will be comfortable even for children. The most suitable resort areas for family vacations are:

  1. Amager beach. Located near Copenhagen. There are separate areas with shallow water for kids, teenagers and adults will enjoy diving, kayaking, beach sports fields.
  2. The islands of Funen and Falster. The beaches are characterized by a gentle entrance to the water and an abundance of playgrounds.
  3. Marielust. The purest ecology, snow-white sandy beaches, plenty of playgrounds for kids. The resort is called “Danish Riviera.
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Rest in the mountains in Denmark

Again, it is clear to everyone that Denmark is not first on the list of countries crazy fans of skiing. But just for families with children and beginners resorts are ideal, because the slopes of the hills are gentle enough that the little varmints were not afraid.

The best choice is the resort Silkeborg. The resort can be reached by bus from Copenhagen. You can rent an apartment for about 25 thousand rubles for two weeks. A ski pass for a day will cost around 36 euros along with the equipment. In the town will spend a pleasant time skiers, snowboarders, tobogganers. The tracks are not too extreme, and there are experienced instructors. Moreover, there is a whole separate hill for kids.

Cuisine and shopping

It must be said that the Danish cuisine will please both adults and children. After all, the dishes, loved by the Danes, are not only tasty, but also healthy. Fish and seafood are important for the growing organism, and they are loved and know how to cook them in the country. Desserts are also healthy: berry kissel is full of vitamins, carrot cake and apple pie will satiate you, and please you with the freshness and naturalness of ingredients. The Danes are very caring parents, so many cafes and restaurants will have high chairs, menus and play areas.

A snack at a fast-food in Denmark will cost an average of 9 euros, lunch at an inexpensive cafe – 13 euros, dinner at a restaurant – 40 euros (per person).

As a memory of a family trip, if we are talking about the pleasures it is worth buying marzipan, a miniature Viking ship for a brave sonny and amber jewelry, perhaps one of the first in the life of the little princess.

Denmark – a great country for holidays with children for many reasons. Safety is at a high level, the comfort is truly Scandinavian, the architecture is more cozy and fabulous than overwhelming some kind of grandeur. Well, as for entertainment you have already figured out from the article – no matter where you go in Denmark, the child will not be bored there. Consider this country with a more familiar to our body climate as a substitute for the tropics, if a trip there is impossible or undesirable for some reason – and you will not be disappointed!

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