10 places to see in Hong Kong, China

Hong Kong sights

Hong Kong, or as it’s also called, Xianggang, is a separate administrative district of China.

Hong Kong is a tourist city with amazing attractions, attracts travelers from all corners of the earth. For tourists Hong Kong is interesting with its Oriental culture, traditions, history.

When best to plan a trip

Avoid trips to Hong Kong in summer. The summer months are extremely hot and can be rainy.

Winters in Hong Kong can be quite cool. So if you’re planning a trip around New Year’s Eve, you’ll need to pack plenty of warm clothes and be prepared for fewer sunny days.

Experienced travellers know the best time to visit Hong Kong is in October or November. Heavy rainfall is rare during these months and daytime temperatures average around 25°C.

Fly to Hong Kong during the autumn months, no matter how many days the trip takes.

Hong Kong

There are familiarization day tours. You may argue that you can see everything in Hong Kong in one day. In fact, one day is enough to shop in the local stores, stroll the famous streets, and even catch a ride on the Ferris wheel.

How to get to the area

You can get to Hong Kong by almost any means of transportation.

Chek Lap Kok Airport

  1. Hong Kong has an airport, Chek Lap Kok, which receives flights from all over the world around the clock.
  2. From China you can get to Hong Kong by train. The cost of a single trip may be about 250 yuan. A trip in a comfortable and express coaches can be more expensive.
  3. You can take a bus from your hotel to any sightseeing location. Fares range from an average of 100 RMB.
  4. You can get to Hong Kong from Guangzhou by water. A boat ferry operates a daily route between the two Chinese cities.

Alternatively, you can rent a car or use the services of cab drivers to get to a specific destination.

Accommodation in Hong Kong

As an industrialized city, Xianggang has a large number of hotels and guesthouses for short-term stays. Travelers on a budget can find a suitable temporary home for their trip.

Hong Kong Hotel

  1. Five-star luxury hotels are not cheap. Accommodation in a five-star penthouse room will cost more than a hundred dollars. If funds allow, you can look for rooms in such hotel complexes as the Marriott, Ritz-Carlton, Sheraton.
  2. Four-star hotels practically does not differ in level of service and comfort from five-star facilities.
  3. Hostels and hostels (guest houses) are a budget option for those tourists who are used to spartan living conditions rather than luxury.
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hostel Hong Kong

Top 10 places to see

Hong Kong is a fascinating city that blends ancient monuments and modern architectural masterpieces. What to see in Hong Kong: sights, places to visit, museums, cultural monuments.

The Hong Kong travel guide allows tourists to see the city in all its glory, even if their stay in Hong Kong takes one or two days.

Victoria Peak

The mountain peak was named after the reigning 19th century English Queen Victoria. The famous landmark is located at an altitude of 554 meters. You can climb Victoria Peak in three ways: by bus, by Peak Tram or on foot.

Victoria Peak

There are several viewing platforms at the top of the peak. The viewpoints offer spectacular views of the metropolis, its surroundings, and the bay. If you get tired of viewing the picturesque panorama you can have a look at the cafes, buy souvenirs in the stores, and visit museums.

The Lion’s Rock

The Lion’s Rock is a rocky massif, which height reaches 495 meters. The panoramic view from the Lion’s Rock is breathtaking. Lion’s Rock is an alternative to the famous Victoria Peak.

Only people with good physical condition can climb the Lion’s Rock. There are no monorail and cableways. Climbing is possible only on foot. You have to be ready for the steep ascents.

But from the Lion’s Rock you can get such a great view that you can endure a tough hike.

A Huge Statue of Buddha

The pride of all Chinese is the giant statue of Buddha. The conspicuous, enormous monument can be seen on the island of Lantau. The bronze statue reaches a height of thirty-four meters. The seated Buddha faces north.

A huge Buddha statue

To get close to the famous statue, you need to overcome the stairs, which has 268 steps. For people who for some reason can not or do not want to climb the steps themselves, another option – a cable car. But you will have to pay for this option.

Star Avenue.

The Avenue of Stars in Hong Kong is the equivalent of Hollywood’s “Walk of Fame.” Star Avenue was opened to the public in 2004. A stroll along the Avenue of Stars will be of interest not only to movie buffs, but also to people who are not into film. Statues of famous figures of Chinese cinema can be seen on the Avenue.

Walking along the Avenue of Stars, tourists can see the handprints and autographs of famous Chinese actors. Not less popular is the monument to Bruce Lee. Also on the avenue there are restaurants and souvenir kiosks where you can take a break.

Two-Story Antiques

If you get the chance to visit Hong Kong, you must take a ride on the big, red streetcar. The rail line runs from west to east. Double-decker streetcars, so similar to the famous British buses, constantly maneuver along this line.

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double-decker streetcar

It is most comfortable to sit on the second floor of the streetcar and admire the city’s panoramas and famous landmarks. A one-way trip costs only a few Hong Kong dollars. You can pay the conductor in cash or with your bank card.


Tired of the bustling metropolis, you can relocate to the picturesque Kowloon Peninsula. For a quick trip from Hong Kong to Kowloon, take the subway. If you want to admire the water scenery, you can take a ride on a river streetcar or a boat.

The trip on the water will not be much of a drain on tourists’ wallets as the fare is only a few Hong Kong dollars.

Central Park

Hong Kong’s Central Park is perfect for hikers who get tired of the hustle and bustle of the city. It’s a perfect place to unwind and relax after a busy day. The picturesque park is located at the foot of Victoria Peak.

Visiting the park is free for visitors, and anyone can get in. The main thing is to keep the park clean and in public order.

Hong Kong Central Park

The park has an unusual, complex landscape relief. In the central part of the park you can find two lakes. Walking around the park, you can see a lot of amazing trees, flowers. You can admire the fountains and even miniature waterfalls. The park area has cafes, playgrounds, and a variety of exhibit-columns, which are home to various animals and reptiles.

central park in hong kong

Kowloon Gardening.

On the Kowloon Peninsula near Tsim Sha Tsui Subway Station is a park complex. The park area stretches for miles around and is designed to provide residents and visitors to the peninsula with a respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The garden area is famous for the magnificent lake where you can find various representatives of feathered birds: ducks, swans, and even pink flamingos.

Kowloon Park is famous for its picturesque alleys, labyrinth, and aviaries with various exotic animals. In addition, the park is equipped with a sports ground. What’s not there: swimming pools, and sports basketball and volleyball courts.

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The temple of three religions

In the northern part of the Kowloon Peninsula is the Wong Tai Sin Temple, an important attraction for the Chinese and foreigners. The temple complex is famous for including three religious movements at once: Buddhism, Confucianism, and Taoism. It is noteworthy that the temple building is built on a slope.

Temple of Three Religions

The Wong Tai Sin Temple is built in the Chinese tradition. The structure is equipped with massive red columns, decorated with multicolored carvings. The temple complex consists of several halls. Close to the temple there are shops where you can buy healing herbs and medicines, fragrant incense, souvenirs and religious products.

Temple Street Night Market

Hong Kong’s stores remain open until sunset. But the city has an amazing market that opens at night. The Temple Street Night Market isn’t just famous for being open at night. You can find diverse and rare goods at the market.

Temple Street Night Market

Temple Street vendors are always friendly to tourists and offer their products. At the night market you can buy clothes, electronics, souvenirs, antiques, jewelry and tea. The cost of shopping depends on the value of the product, but the buyer can always bargain with the seller to the latter to reduce the price of goods.

Temple Street Night Market

Near the night bazaar there are grocery stores where you can buy and try seafood and other Asian delicacies. There are also massage parlors nearby where you can relax with a relaxing massage.

What to see in Hong Kong in two days

Russian travel agencies often offer clients weekend tours. When buying a two-day tour to Hong Kong, it is better to plan in advance where to go, so that the time is not wasted on searching for sights. Some travelers wonder what they can see in Hong Kong in two days. Even in that short amount of time, there are many scenic, exciting things to see in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong

Ocean Park

At the southern end of Hong Kong lies the enormous oceanarium, which was completed in 1977. Ocean Park is one of the most-visited attractions in Hong Kong. The giant, two-level structure attracts adults and children alike as it features a variety of attractions.

On the first level you can go to the zoo, visit the theme theater. Also popular among travelers and locals is the museum, among the specimens of which are extinct animals. On the second level there are various attractions, as well as a sea lion sanctuary. There are several restaurants and cafes on the territory of the Oceanarium.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Families with children will be happy to visit another popular Hong Kong attraction, Disneyland, which opened in 2005.

Hong Kong Disneyland

The grounds of Disneyland offer exciting rides and other attractions. Disneyland Park consists of several themed sectors. One of the sectors is dedicated to space travel, another to fairy tales and fairy tale characters, and the third is for nature and danger lovers.

Hong Kong Disneyland

Madame Tussauds Museum

In Hong Kong you can visit Madame Tussauds and admire the wax figures of various celebrities.

The museum is located on Victoria Peak. All museum exhibits are life-size and look very realistic. Employees of the institution allow tourists to use their cell phones and take pictures next to the museum exhibits.

Lazy Pedestrian Street

Lazy Pedestrian Street

Lazy Pedestrian Street is well known in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Street is a giant escalator, the length of which reaches more than three kilometers. The escalator moves in two directions and runs slowly. This is done specifically so that residents and tourists can take a break from a long walk and, if necessary, at any time to get off at the site to go to the store or to eat in a cafe.

Ferris Wheel

Ferris Wheel

Tourists can take a ride on the sixty-meter Ferris Wheel.

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The ride of the whole circle will not take much time – about fifteen to twenty minutes. But during this time, travelers can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views of Hong Kong. The cabins are air-conditioned in hot weather and heated in cold weather.

Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The zoo and botanical garden at Victoria Peak deserve a special mention.

Visiting the zoo and garden is free for both adults and children.

Visitors can admire rare exotic plants in the garden. In the zoo you can see representatives of tropical plants, varieties of bamboo, many species of palm trees. The zoo contains more than seven hundred inhabitants, among which there are both predators and herbivores, reptiles and birds.

Tai O Fishing Village

Tai O Fishing Village

On the west side of Lantau Island sits a small fishing village that locals call ‘The Venice of Hong Kong’.

Fishermen’s houses are built on stilts. Fishing tourists can fish. Also in the village you can take a boat ride, taste the local delicacies, buy souvenirs.

How to see the metropolis in just three days

Some travelers buy a three-day Hong Kong vacation from an agent and worry that they won’t have time to see all the sights. These tourists are puzzled by the question of what to see in Hong Kong and its suburbs in three days.

Experienced travelers and experts in Hong Kong advise dividing sightseeing into days. One day should be devoted to a trip to the Kowloon Peninsula, because there are many noteworthy places that can interest both adults and children. Another day can be spent visiting the top and most visited places in Hong Kong (monasteries, museums, parks). The third day can be spent on entertainment. You can visit attractions, the zoo, do shopping or spend time on the beach, as beach tourism in Hong Kong is developed no less than street tourism.

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