10 places to be photographed in Cannes

29 main attractions of the city of Cannes in France

Attractions in Cannes

Cannes is an amazing city in the wonderful country of France. It has managed to keep most of the old buildings, thereby preserving the spirit of Provence. Walking through the streets of the city, you involuntarily feel a sense of immersion in the culture of France, almost like walking through the sights of Bordeaux.

What sights to see in the city in a day

With one day at your disposal, you should start by walking the Boulevard de la Croisette, where it is located you will find on our map. Next, explore the Square named after May 8, 1945. After half an hour, Rue Antibes, dotted with restaurants and stores, also deserves a visit. To finish it is also worth a visit to one of the most famous places, the Palais des Festivals. This route is distinguished by its dynamism, because in one day you can get around quite a lot of remarkable places.

Beautiful places in Cannes for photo sessions

Beautiful pictures will turn out in the Palais des Festivals. A few pictures will remind you that you have been near such a popular building.

Beautiful pictures will turn out in or near the Palais des Festivals

Beautiful shots at or near the Palais des Festivals

The old port and sea deserves a separate photo. It is a kind of symbol of Cannes. Photographs against the backdrop of large ships are worthwhile.

For amazing photos it is worth a walk to the Maritime Museum: its elevated position allows to take breathtaking pictures.

How to get to Cannes

The easiest way to get to Cannes is to take a bus to Nice. From there, you can take a bus or train to your destination. There are direct flights to Nice from Moscow. The only thing that may cause difficulties is a big rush for airline tickets. It is worth booking tickets in advance so as not to inconvenience.

Five-Star Hotel Carlton

The hotel has earned each of the stars justifiably. It was built in 1911 by architect Charles Dalma. During its century-long existence more than 200 famous people stayed there. The hotel is remarkable for its grandiosity and grandeur. In 2011 Barack Obama became a guest of the Carlton. The hotel itself has Russian-speaking staff, all TVs have Russian TV channels.

Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Beatrice, the heiress of the richest 1st guild merchant buys a vacant lot. Seven years of construction lead to the creation of a unique building. Painstaking work on this Villa by 20 different architects created something exquisite. In addition, the area around the building is surrounded by a variety of vegetation. The garden is divided into sections which have been given individual names: the Rosarium, in which roses grow, and so on. Today the villa is open to the public and equipped for tourists.

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The Church of Notre Dame de l’Esperance

Every resident of Cannes can see the bell tower with a clock located on the Suquet hill. Located at one of the high points of the city, the church has a T-barrel shape. During World War II, part of the building was destroyed. Because of the use of cheapened materials, the restoration of the church brought only negative aspects to the landmark. The place deserves a visit for its observation deck, from which you can view the Bay of Caen.

Croix de Garde

The wooded area grows on the Côte d’Azur. Repeatedly, businessmen have made attempts to buy part of the area, but this is strictly forbidden. The park is supervised by mounted police with an important look. This place is also called the “Cross of the Guard” because the view from the park is very extensive. Noticed it King Francis I, who stationed a garrison of soldiers at this place. If you are lucky, a tourist may see an owl or a hoopoe.

Notre Dame de Bon Voyage Catholic Church

This landmark tourists tend to overlook. Although it is located in the center of the city, visitors are rare. However, few people know that in 1815 on March 1, Napoleon set up his camp here. At that time he was fleeing exile, and then spent the night in such an unremarkable place. Although some parts are left unfinished – the bell tower and two small towers – the church has an imposing appearance. Inside, the stained glass windows made in the transept are a must-see.

Carnot Boulevard

An enterprising banker, taking advantage of the cheap land at the time the railroad was built, bought up the land. The total length of the purchased area turned out to be more than 2 kilometers long. The entire boulevard is dotted with stores and houses. At the end of the street is the square named after Carnot. There is buried the former mayor of Cannes, who was elected 2 times – Andre Capron.

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Malmaison Art Center building

When you walk past this building, it catches your eye. Hidden among the modern buildings is the “Malmaison”, which has preserved the appearance and architecture of the 19th century. Since 1993, after the control restoration, the center has been open to the public. Every year it is possible to visit exhibitions of artists of past centuries. Today the center also has its own, unique collection of paintings.

Villa Domergue

It will not be quite easy to get to the place. The villa is not popular with tourists, but everyone should see it. The Italian style and atmosphere of the building attracts more and more connoisseurs. Jean-Gabriel Domergue, a famous painter, lived in the house. He was widely known in 1942-1950.

Orthodox Church of the Archangel and Michael.

Many famous people are buried in the building, including Prince Oldenburgsky. It was the Russian emigrants who erected this structure. They needed an additional temple. After creating a small building, the construction did not end there. After a few years the area became insufficient, and the church had to be expanded. It is spacious and quiet inside.

St. Honor’s Island

A tranquil island. Once on it there is no longer the desire to shout and dance loudly, one wants peace. For a long time the site was uninhabited, but frequent raids later turned it into a residential area. Today, the island’s permanent residents include 30 monks. And although a visit to this area will not be easy or cheap, it is worth it for every tourist.

Promenade de la Croisette

In the center of the city runs the popular Croisette promenade. It is from the promenade that you can see the Lérins Islands. Previously named as Empress Quay, which was changed in the mid-19th century to the name “Croisette”. A visit will cost zero rubles, but the impression will be enough.

Monument to Lord Broom

There was only a small fishing village on this site two centuries ago. However, everything changed at one point when Henry Broom and his daughter Eleanor stopped in the settlement. Although his arrival there was a forced measure because of an outbreak of cholera, Henry was struck by the view. He took a liking to the area, which caused a not modest investment to go into the run-down site.

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The Palace of Festivals and Congresses

As a popular place for various famous people, the palace also hosts ordinary people at ordinary times

As a popular destination for various famous people, the palace also welcomes ordinary people on a regular basis. Seeing the place where numerous movie stars walk in real life is priceless. The grounds also have their own alley of stars. In 1958, the film “The Cranes Are Flying” won the Palme d’Or. The main character of the movie was honored to leave a handprint on the boulevard, which is still clearly depicted today.

Île Saint-Marguerite

Less than a kilometer separates the island from the nearby town. The island was formerly referred to as “Lero”. The area of the site is covered with dense vegetation. It was formerly the site of a famous prison where a variety of criminals (including the Iron Mask, a criminal never recognized by anyone) were imprisoned.

Charles de Gaulle’s Alley of Liberty

The street is implemented as a pedestrian zone. Very close is the aforementioned Palace of Festivals and Congresses, but the alley also very much reeks of Provençal culture. Also on the territory is a special area for the game of petanque. Being a national sport, petanque is very popular among the inhabitants of the city. It is advisable to walk around this place in the evening.

Gran Jas Cemetery

On the territory of Gran Jas is the largest cemetery park. The attraction is rightly one of the most beautiful places in France. Burials here are multinational. Walking around the neighborhood you can find the graves of different Russian celebrities of the past centuries. The large area allows for a long time to study the history of Cannes.

Fort Royal

The building, shrouded in mystery and legends has a history of 4 centuries. Bloody battles turned the fort into something half-destroyed. After restoration, the building reopened, but already as a museum of the sea. A large number of artifacts that were found near the area are stored here. For its centuries-long history, the landmark is worth a visit.

Notre Dame de Pin Catholic Church

The premise has been subject to multiple expansions due to an increase in parishioners, and the building is now twice its original size

The church is popular with tourists. The name translates as “Church of Our Lady of the Pines.” The premise has had to be enlarged several times due to the increase in parishioners, and now the building is twice its original volume. At the time of the construction of the architectural structure there was only a dense pine forest around. Even afterwards a town was formed around it.

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Earlier on this promontory, the pilgrims were advancing tautly. Their way was to the Monastery of Lérins. In 2010, a memorial cross was solemnly erected. Today this place is somewhat separated from Cannes itself, but residents do not feel discomfort in this: landscaping in the form of stores and other things at a sufficient level.

Lérins Abbey

A monastery of the Catholic faith. You can visit the monastery church itself, the cloister and a small museum. Among the settlers in the monastery there are some famous in the circles of the faithful, which is another good reason to visit this site.


Once upon a time, the building of the present museum was an oil mill. Victor Tuby, an activist, bought it because he liked the architecture of the building and began to live there. As a lover of Provence and its culture, for decades he collected various items of Provence life. Today, the museum operates at the expense of the admirers of Victor Tuby himself. The man’s workroom itself has remained untouched, and the exhibits have been laconically arranged indoors.

Street Frescoes

The amazing history of the murals on the walls owes much to the city’s public administrators. Wanting to fill the lifeless, blank walls of high-rise buildings, several images were allowed to be done directly on the walls. Located in different places, the street murals are accessible to the eyes of any tourist. The first image was dedicated to the Cannes Film Festival, and in 2018 there are already 15 murals.

Castres Castle Museum

On top of Suquet Hill are the remains of a former castle. The tall, powerful tower is visible from a great distance. Not much architectural value has survived due to the passage of years. Tourists should also climb the tower itself, even if it is not easy: it is necessary to overcome 119 steps. From the observation deck you have a panoramic view, which will allow you to see Cannes in its entirety.

Miramar Cultural Center

Near the Croisette you can stumble upon the Miramar. 400 seats, a large space for a comfortable visit. For the most part, more than 5 expositions change in a year. It is worth knowing in advance what time it is better to come to the center, so as to visit the exhibition and not to be left without a ticket. The facade itself has an old architecture, which is due to the desire to preserve the spirit of a bygone era.

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Shuke Hill

The hill, on which the old Cannes is located. Time here as if stopped in the interval of the 19th century. The neighborhood does not boast a large area, but has accommodated as many different buildings as possible. The streets are quiet. There is a heliport nearby, where a helicopter occasionally lands. In general, the place is only suitable for a visit alone: noisy groups of tourists are not welcome here.

Monument to the Fallen

The monument was opened in 1927. It was originally dedicated to the Frenchmen who died during the First World War. The competition for the design and construction was eventually won by Albert Scherré, a famous sculptor. But later the monument also became a tribute to the soldiers who died in 1944 in the vicinity of Cannes. Every year, on August 24th, a memorial event takes place in the vicinity of the monument and the fallen soldiers.

Alley of Stars

One of the most famous places in Cannes that every movie buff has heard of. A huge number of imprinted on the monuments palms of movie stars rest today exactly on the Walk of Stars. Visiting this place you can see more than 400 palms of famous people, which greatly expands the horizons of any traveler.

Museum of the Sea

We have already talked about the attraction above, but a huge collection of exhibits deserves special mention. Located on St. Margaret’s Island, this museum once held a prisoner in an iron mask who was never revealed. Shrouded in mystery, the museum opens up new knowledge thanks to its extensive collection of items lifted from the depths.

Square of May 8, 1945

Located on the Croisette, the square is dedicated to the end of World War II. In the center of the premises there is a cross reminding of the terrible war. A garden densely dotted with roses has been created around the building. For this reason, many residents continue to call the place the Rose Garden.

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