10 original attractions in Germany

The best amusement parks in Germany are a must for everyone.

Over the past 10 years, there has been a steady increase in visitors to amusement parks in Germany. In 2017 there were 38.8 million registered visitors, 1.2 million more than in 2016.

We will tell you about the ten best German amusement parks scattered across the country from the Alps to the Baltic Sea.

Hansa-Park in Lübeck


Hansa-Park in Sirksdorf near Lübeck is one of the largest amusement parks in Germany. And thanks to its location right on the seashore it is one of the most beautiful ones.

From the numerous attractions you can enjoy a beautiful view of the sea.

  • Kernan’s Curse roller coaster.
  • The main attraction of the park is the hundred-meter Holstein Tower.
  • New for 2018 is the family attraction Barcos del Mar, which translates from Spanish as “ships of the sea,” an aerial carousel of eight boats that the rider controls on his or her own. Even small captains from 90 cm tall are allowed.
  • Fans of hilarious rides will love the extreme attraction – “The Curse of Novgorod” with a steep descent at an angle of 97 degrees and acceleration to 100 km/h in 1.4 seconds.

Hansa-Park attractions are located in 12 zones of different themes.

2. Heide Park in Soltau


For 40 years Heide Park has been attracting tourists of all ages.

  • Little adventurers tame dragons.
  • A ghost hunt with 3D glasses.
  • The “Peppa Pig Land” area is dedicated to the characters from the Peppa Pig cartoon.
  • “Flight of the Demons” – the seats of the slide are on either side of the rails, in the course of the movement people lose their orientation in space.
  • “Octopus” diving slide – plunge into a wrecked ship from an impressive 90-degree angle.
  • The park’s 2018 anniversary year is all about horror. Brave guests of the “Escape the Zombies” quest will have to take shelter from ghouls.

Customers can spend the night in a hotel inside the park or camping.

3. Movie Park.

Muvie Park

Movie park rides and amusements allow guests to immerse themselves in the world of movies and TV series.

  • Steep Star Trek descent is a feature of new thematic zone “Federation”, dedicated to space and the spaceship Enterprise.
  • Animation and movie immersion zones, such as SpongeBob and Van Helsing.
  • Watch a short film with Ice Age characters in a 4D movie theater.
  • In the Santa Monica Pier area, the Crazy Surfer ride, which is a circular, rapidly spinning platform that simulates waves.
  • Kangaroo Trampoline Ride.
  • The Ferris Wheel, from which you can enjoy a view of a huge park of 45 hectares.

The most popular attraction has a new look. The water rafting “Mysterious River” is stylized as the cartoon Magic Sword and is called “Excalibur – Secrets of the Dark Forest”. At the command of the wizard Merlin the passengers will go in search of the legendary sword.

Portuguese Culture

4. Fort Fun: The Wild West in the Sauerland Mountains


“Fort Fun Adventureland” is an amusement park stylized in a Western atmosphere. Located in a picturesque corner of the Sauerland region among the wooded hills.

  • Ride on a rare Santa Fe Express locomotive through the forests of Sauerland.
  • Flight of the Wildhawk hang glider.
  • A treasure hunt in the goldfields.
  • A classic of the amusement park genre – roller coasters and water slides.
  • Riding on a summer sled.
  • Foxdome interactive video game.
  • For young children there is a contact zoo, a train ride “Ladybug”, a playground and a puppet theater.

Those who want to stay longer rent Canadian log cabins for the night.

5. Phantasialand: the Mayan ruins in Brule


Phantasialand is the “Best Amusement Park in Germany 2017” according to Parkscout-Publikumsaward and the winner in the “Best Value for Money” category according to Focus Money magazine.

Fantasieland was also chosen by respondents to a survey conducted by the German National Tourist Board as one of the most popular attractions in Germany (Top 10) – more famous than Cologne Cathedral!

The park, founded in 1967, is located in Bruhl near Cologne.

Visitors are treated to six exciting worlds, and Mexico, Africa, China and Germany are only a few steps away from each other.

  • The park’s newest attraction is the Klugheim. The two fantastic record-breaking slides “Taron” and “Raik” pass through a mysterious village surrounded by cliffs.
  • For thrill seekers, the water slide “Chiapas” in “Mexico” replicates the legendary ruins of the Mayan city of Palenque. Entertainers ride in a stylized canoe wagon around the Mayan temple before descending a steep 53-degree slope.
  • At China Town, you can admire palaces and art shows and ride Europe’s longest ghost road, the Ghost Riksha.

If you wish, you can stay in one of two hotels.

6. Belantis Park in Leipzig


The Belantis family amusement park near Leipzig offers 60 different rides and shows in eight themed areas, occupying 27,000 square meters of the former Zwenkau coal mine.

  • A boat ride inside the thirty-meter pyramid “Pharaoh’s Curse”, a climb to the very top and a steep descent down.
  • The “Revenge of Belantis” ride, which is a huge pendulum.
  • The “Olympus” area offers to experience the “Flight of the Gods”, an attraction that allows you to “flap” your wings on your own.
  • The dodgers will reach the top of the “Pillar of Athena” by lifting themselves on ropes.
  • In the “Temple of the Sun” area, adults will ride the “Huracan” roller coaster, and children ages three and up will ride the mini “Huracanito” version.
  • There is also a mini topspin, “Anca,” for children.
Santiago, Chile vineyards and wine production.

The park’s new owners, the Spanish company Parques Reunidos, are planning further expansion.

7. Playmobil FunPark – for little fairies and discoverers

Playmobile Fanpark

“Play, move, discover” is the motto of Playmobil FunPark, based in Zirndorf.

  • Games on a pirate ship.
  • A visit to a knight’s castle.
  • Western atmosphere.
  • Farm animals.
  • Magic Fairy Land – Becoming fairies and elves, you can meet unicorns and take care of them.
  • Little explorers go in search of a golden crystal on large enchanted shells.
  • Rope Park.

8. Holiday Park in Speyer.

Holiday Park

Holiday Park is located in the Rhineland-Palatinate district of Hasloh, near the town of Speyer.

A new indoor pavilion “Heidiland” opened in 2018, offering family slides, carousels, theater, ball pool and more.

  • The bigFM Expedition GeForce speed slide, speeding up to 120 km/h.
  • Freefall Tower ride.
  • Stuntmen show on water skis.
  • Water slide “Viking”.
  • At the “Beach” section visitors try their hand at the wheel of a rescue boat.
  • In the “Land of the Maya Bee” young guests explore the colorful floral world of the iconic bee, moving on the back of a large grasshopper Flip.
  • Children get their first free-fall experience in the 12-meter high Blumenturm children’s tower attraction.

Cartoon characters Heidi, Vicky, Maya and the park’s green parrot mascot Holly roam the park.

9. Europa-Park in Freiburg

Europa Park

Rating leader Europa-Park is located on the border of three states – Germany, France and Switzerland. A hundred rides and shows, five hotels and 5.6 million visitors a year – killer statistics.

The 95-hectare area offers visitors a fascinating journey through 15 themed zones and thrills on 13 impressive slides.

  • “Alpenexpress Coastiality is a favorite pastime of the park’s guests. Using virtual reality glasses, one enters a 3D world, experiencing the sensations of a real ride.
  • Dream to fly with the attraction “Voltarium” – an unforgettable fantastic trip through Europe!
  • In “Germany” guests will go on a family tour through Lummerland with Jim Pugovka and Lucas the typist.
  • After an upgrade in mid-September, the “Eurosat” indoor roller coaster in “France” opened. The “Eurosat” ride is also available in virtual reality.
  • One of the areas of the French zone is decorated in the style of the Parisian Moulin Rouge.

Very soon the park will get bigger. At the end of 2019, the new Rulantica pavilion, a water world with 25 rides, will open.

In 2017 Europa-Park became the most visited amusement park in Germany. The amount eaten was also record-breaking – for example, the amount of ketchup consumed corresponds to the weight of an Airbus A320.

10. Legoland – virtual reality in Günzburg

Legoland Germany

The Legoland entertainment park in the Bavarian town of Günzburg opened a virtual race. In the attraction “The Big Lego Races”, racers from 6 years of age compete with a Lego wizard, a Pirate leader and a surfer girl. The track is made entirely of virtual Lego parts, and the virtual locations perfectly match the real steep turns and descents. Fans of classic slides can also take a ride without VR glasses.

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The park offers more than 55 attractions for families with children ages 2 to 12 — from a pirate sea battle to an electric car ride in a driving school — in nine worlds. The highlight is Miniland – miniatures of real cities and landscapes created from Lego.

New for the season is a five-meter Star Destroyer from the movie Star Wars, assembled from 350,000 pieces.

The new hotel “Pirate Island” gives its guests a large playground in the center of the building and 142 rooms with beds in the form of pirate ships. It cost 26.6 million euros to build. The Legoland Park’s holiday village accommodates 2,644 residents.

Bonus – Skyline Park in Bad Woerishofen

Skyline Algau

Skyline Park in the Allgäu region opened seven new rides in 2017.

  • Young visitors remain enthralled by the Kids Spin children’s slide and the Kangaroo trampoline ride.
  • The most daring go on a water slide or float in weightlessness in a giant Zero Gravity centrifuge.
  • Adrenaline junkies will love the “High Fly” ride, which is a giant rotating swing of 33 meters high.
  • A new kind of extreme ride “Sky Dragster” – in a cabin in the form of a motorcycle, created especially for the Bavarian amusement park, the biker himself regulates the speed along the track.
  • The youngest have fun on a miniature crane and excavator.

The observation wheel offers beautiful views of the park area with sights and the lake.

Top 10 best amusement parks in Germany

Do you want to have an unforgettable experience as a family or experience real excitement with friends? Then treat yourself to a weekend trip or a short vacation in one of the best amusement parks in Germany. Hamburg, Cologne, Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stuttgart and other major theme parks are all within easy reach. We will help you with our list of the best amusement parks in Germany!

Europa-Park in Rust bei Freiburg, Baden-Württemberg

With more than 100 rides, 15 European theme zones and 13 roller coasters on 95 hectares, this amusement park is the undisputed #1 in Germany and some say in the world, as the place boasts 5.6 million visitors per year. Thanks to a special app, every visitor is able to keep track of the waiting times on the rides and can save valuable time. Thus, this amusement park not only provides unforgettable emotions, but also takes care of the comfort of the visitors.

Phantasialand Brühl, Nordrhein-Westfalen

With 35 attractions in five theme parks on an area of 28 hectares, the Phantasialand near Cologne is number 2 in our rating of the best theme parks in Germany with almost 2 million visitors a year. The park has two large hotels with African and Asian style restaurants. The rides, roller coasters and shows in this popular theme park have even won several awards. Various rides, roller coasters, upside down slides with loops, the world’s fastest multi-drop slides and a bungee-drop track with free-fall provide a unique thrill. However, the park also has enough rides for the youngest visitors. Want to take your mind off the strenuous city tour? Have a look at this fabulous theme park!

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Legoland Günzburg, Bayern

This 140 hectare park has received several tripadvisor awards and is especially suitable for families with children between 2 and 12 years old. This amusement park is a paradise for those who are keen on building Lego constructors. The park makes its guests’ stay as comfortable as possible; visitors have access to a special app that allows them to plan their itinerary, time and more. You can stay overnight in the Legoland Holiday Village or the new Pirate Island Hotel, in knight’s castles or in a campsite. More than 63 attractions ensure that your children can feel really big and children’s dreams come true. Legoland allows you to have a wonderful family trip into the Lego world!

Heide Park Resort Soltau, Niedersachsen

Germany’s second largest amusement park with 850,000 square meters, 40 rides and other attractions is one of the most popular parks. Germany’s only “Winged Slides” and Germany’s first “Diving Slides” await the already hardened roller coaster fans. The bobsled run, the freefall tower, the wooden roller coaster and the mountain rafting offer unforgettable thrills, along with other rides and shows. The park also has a Peppa Piggy Land for the youngest visitors. Ghostbusters fans are sure to love the park especially because of the 5D themed attraction and the special rooms in the park’s hotel.

Hansa-Park Siersdorf bei Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein

Holidays on the Baltic Sea? Please! Germany’s only amusement park by the sea offers a very special view of the Baltic Sea beach and more than 125 attractions on 460,000 square meters of floor space in 12 themed areas. Whether it is a hyper-coaster, family roller coaster, catapult, rope town, water ride, looping roller coaster, spinning raft, boat rides or oases of tranquility – you will find everything you need for a perfect short vacation here. Each year, 1.4 million visitors come to this park. There are restaurants, cafes and snack bars, so you won’t go hungry in between the live shows and 37 rides. There is something for everyone!

Movie Park Bottrop, Nordrhein-Westfalen

Covering an area of more than 45 hectares, the 1.3 million annual visitors find 40 attractions based on horror films (roller coaster, water slide, house of horrors) and corresponding shows in five thematic areas. Relatively new is the Catapult roller coaster, the only roller coaster in the world licensed for Star Trek. The twisting half-pipe and three accelerations provide the ultimate adrenaline rush. In the fall, as well as at Europa-Park and Heide Park, a special and very scary Halloween Horror Event awaits you.

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Erlebnispark Trippsdrill bei Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg

This award-winning adventure park with an adjacent nature reserve was founded in 1929. That makes it the oldest and the very first amusement park in Germany. What makes the park special is that you not only get to ride the roller coaster and walk the suspension bridges, but you also get to see over 40 species of wildlife. You will have the unique opportunity to watch falcons feeding and spend the night in a tree house or in a shepherd’s wagon.

Belantis bei Leipzig, Sachsen

With an area of 27 hectares this amusement park is the largest in eastern Germany. Over 60 attractions in 8 themed areas. Magic Kingdom, Knights’ castles, Indians, pirates, pharaohs and shows you will never get bored! Boating, a family roller coaster, desert rally, flying simulator, cable car, playground, pirate ship, interactive shows and free Wi-Fi – everything is carefully thought out and attracts over 600,000 people a year.

Holiday Park Haßloch bei Speyer, Rheinland-Pfalz

A small fairytale forest turned into an adventure park on 40 hectares with 630,000 visitors a year. A free fall tower, roller coaster, balloon pool, adventure forest, playground, merry-go-round, beach relaxation area, water attractions and boats, a castle and a special area with a theme of Maya the Bee and her friends, as well as trick shows and fireworks will make eyes sparkle for children and adults. A helpful app will guide you through the park and provide important information. On Halloween, the park hosts horror themed shows for all ages.

Skyline Park, Allgäu

The largest amusement park in Bavaria came up with 7 new rides in 2017 alone. From the most powerful motorcycle and roller coaster to children’s merry-go-rounds, there are more than 60 rides and grandiose shows that make visitors’ hearts beat faster, but there are also rides that will challenge even the most daring. The park has won several awards for best value for money, the Skyline Park by Night event and excellent gastronomy. The park was also awarded a prize in the “Top for Kids” category. This park is definitely worth a visit for the whole family.

We are sure that any amusement park from our top 10 will give you tons of fun and absolutely unforgettable emotions!

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