10 most unusual museums around the world

Top 10 most unusual museums in the world

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Top 10 most unusual museums in the world

What is the difference between an unusual museum and a usual one?

Top 10 weirdest museums in the world

Strange museums can be interesting in different ways

Their exhibits are horrible or disgusting, too spicy or pointless. It would seem, well, who would think to pay to visit a trash museum? Or admire strands of hair that belonged to who knows when and to whom? But there are such unusual museums, and they do not lack attention of tourists!

Top 10 most unusual museums. Museum of Death

Unusual museum of death in Hollywood

What is the difference between an unusual museum and a usual one?

When we think of museums, we mean one of the kinds that every major city has:

  • art
  • historical
  • local history
  • ethnographic
  • archaeological

Top unusual museums. UFO museum

Where to see the aliens? At the Roswell Museum, of course.

Nor would it surprise us to see exhibits devoted to prominent people or branches of culture and industry significant to the area. But aside from these, there are plenty of strange museums around the world that show visitors things and aspects of life that they try not to advertise.

Unusual Smuggling Museum

The Drug Courier Bear from the Smuggling Museum (Odessa)

Top 10 weirdest museums in the world

The number of strange and unusual museums is certainly great. We have selected 10 of the most interesting ones. One of the conditions for getting into the rating is the proximity of tourist routes.

Bad Art Museum

This unusual museum in Boston (USA) offers visitors to appreciate the failed attempts of contemporary artists. Yes, they failed. But instead of a junkyard, the authors carry their canvases to an institution opened by antiques dealer Scott Wilson in 1993. The strange museum has managed to become popular with tourists, and now the exhibits are in competition. And only 1/4 of the “smears” are recognized as so bad that they end up in the collection.

All about exquisite Nepalese cuisine

Unusual Museum of Bad Art

And even such exhibits of the unusual museum are then sold

Museum of whispers

In Philadelphia (USA), not far from Boston, there is another unusual museum. It is, in fact, a Kunstkammer. Its exhibit consists entirely of spunked-up manifestations of disease and cleansed from the flesh of ugly bones. The view is not for the faint of heart. The fact that all this is taken from the corpses of people who once lived is horrifying. And it is called the museum of whispering because no one wants to talk loudly here.

Top unusual museums - museum of whispers

Strange museum is not for the faint-hearted.

Museum of broken hearts

In Croatian Zagreb is an unusual museum, organized by ex-spouses after a divorce. Its halls are full of memorable trinkets of the separated couples. Or things that caused the breakup (other people’s underwear in the bedroom, for example). And even revenge items like the axe one of the girls used to wreck her significant other’s room. The Strange Museum is interested in personal stories. And its purpose is to help people survive the loss of love.

Top unusual museums - museum of broken hearts

This unusual museum exhibit is the result of the revenge of an abandoned boyfriend

Museum of Deception

There is a strange museum in the German town of Küritz in which everything is an absolute lie. It looks like an old, untidy cottage and was built at the end of the 20th century. Its visitors are offered the elixir of eternal youth and cake – but instead they are served tea and a plastic moulage. Its owner brags that he inherited the mansion from the great-granddaughter of Baron Munchausen, but you understand it’s a lie… Though there is a lot to see there.

Unusual Museum of Lies

Everything in this museum is a lie and deception. But it’s still interesting.

Phallus Museum.

Icelanders don’t just do the best stargazing tours to attract tourists. In Reykjavik there is a strange museum which assembles a collection of preserved or dried male genitals. Although the number of exhibits has been approaching 300 since 1974, the human penis did not appear there until 2011. The rest of the curiosities were “donated” by animals, from hamsters to blue whales.

St. Lucia - a tropical paradise under the pointed peaks

Top unusual museums - museum of phalluses

The most frequent exhibit on selfies

Snowflake Museum

There is an unusual museum in the cold caves of Hokkaido Island, Japan. It displays incredible beauty – photographs and original snowflakes. The halls are constantly kept at minus temperatures. Each frozen drop of water is unique. And here they can be stored forever, to let you admire the wonder.

Top 50 Museums - Snowflake Museum

It is best to visit this unusual museum in summer, when you miss winter sincerely

Sewer Museum

Paris prides itself not only on exquisite perfume fragrances. But also a strange for the fashion capital museum of sewers. Underground tunnels have a length of up to 2100 km, but only a small part of them is open to tourists. The exhibition halls of the unusual museum are well ventilated and tell the story of how the life of the city has been maintained since 1800.

An unusual museum of sewage

Not all museums smell good. In this one, you’ll definitely have to cover your nose.

Marijuana Museum

In the Netherlands, a marijuana museum was created by a man who has dedicated his entire life to growing cannabis and making various preparations from it. And consumption, too, because in this country “pot” is legalized. In an unusual museum you will be told about the history of cannabis, its cultivation and useful properties. It is interesting and fun!

Top unusual museums - Marijuana Museum

Shakespeare’s sonnets with marijuana in them.

Museum of Sex

Only adults are allowed in this unusual museum. It is located in Amsterdam. Its exposition tickles the nerves and senses with a variety of intimate toys, pictures and statues in juicy poses, erotic drugs and lingerie. The museum is full of visitors: up to half a million tourists a year. Although this museum is no competitor to the Indian temples of sex and love.

Top unusual museums - sex museum

Not many of the exhibits at this unusual museum can pass the Facebook censorship process.

Underwater Museum in Cancun

Unlike the underwater ruins seen near Crete or Gujarat, Mexico’s unusual museum was created by contemporary sculptor Jason de Caires Taylor. The goal was to distract tourists from the disappearing coral reef. The effect was even cooler: divers, corals and fish have taken a fancy to the statues displayed in the shallow waters. Every year they add new figures, the old ones overgrow and turn into a fantastic symbiosis of art and nature.

3 ways to have fun and interesting vacations in October

Top unusual museums - underwater museum

You have to be able to snorkel to enjoy a museum visit

Strange museums can be interesting in different ways

It is impossible to cover the entire list of strange museums of the world in a short article. Behind the scenes are the Museum of Death, the Museum of Water, the Museum of Condoms, an exhibition of famous people’s underwear and many other strange places. Sometimes their meaning is in the exhibits (as in the largest collection of license plates). And sometimes it is the professionalism of the guide, who (as in the smuggling museum in Odessa) can tell a remarkable story of the city by the example of props.

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