10 most beautiful bridges in the world

The 10 most beautiful bridges in the world

The ten most beautiful bridges in the world

There are an enormous number of automobile bridges in the world, with millions of cars driving over them 24 hours a day. Every day many of us don’t even notice as we drive across a ravine, a river or a lake. The daily gray of everyday life causes us to ignore the beauty of the architecture of the bridges that surely exist in your city. Our online edition of 1GAI.RU today, on the eve of the weekend, decided to introduce you to the most beautiful bridges in the world.

Some bridges were built in a matter of months, while others took decades to build. But despite their construction time, these architectural masterpieces are impressive in their imagination. Many structures amaze motorists with their scale, and we think they will continue to do so in the future.

We think most of us, at least once in our lives, would like to drive or walk across these amazing structures.

1) Tower Bridge, London, UK

A British amazing bridge with a 19th century design. A very competent and beautiful bridge. Many travelers who visit London have almost certainly bought a souvenir magnet depicting this architectural masterpiece. Recall that this bridge was opened in 1894. This structure is a symbol of London and the whole country.

The length of the bridge is 244 meters. The height of the intermediate towers, which support the bridge, is 65 meters. The construction cost 1,184,000 pounds sterling.

2) Millau Viaduct, France

A cable-stayed bridge structure. Many may think that this is not a real photo, but a “product” of Photoshop. But we hasten to disappoint the skeptics. This is a real bridge, which is located in the south of France in the suburb of Millau. It is one of the tallest vehicular bridges in the world (but not the tallest in the world). 394 million euros was spent to build it. The height of the bridge is 341 meters. The length of the bridge is 2,460 meters. The weight of the asphalt is 36,000 tons.

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3) Puente del Alamilo, Spain

Europe’s financial resources are not spent in vain. Construction of the bridge began in 1989 and lasted until 1992. The bridge is 200 meters long. The bridge connects the two peninsulas of Spain. The bridge was built as a monument and is intended for pedestrians.

4) Old Bridge, Bosnia and Herzegovina

This bridge was originally built during the Ottoman Empire, in the 16th century (1560s). In 1993 the bridge was destroyed during the war in Yugoslavia. In 2004, the monument of ancient architecture was restored.

5) Bixby Bridge in Big Sur, California, USA

Reinforced concrete arch bridge. One of the tallest single-span bridges in the world. The bridge was built in the 1930s. During the construction of the bridge, local residents of Big Sur were cut off from all major population centers in winter because other roads were not passable. The cost of construction was $199,861.

6) Salginatobel Bridge, Switzerland

The bridge connects the Alpine valley in the mountains. The bridge was built in 1930. The bridge serves a community of only 2,500 people. But because of its original design this structure is often visited by artists and designers from all over the world.

Surprisingly, after all these years, the bridge does not seem old-fashioned or ancient. Many people see this bridge and get the feeling that it was built only a few years ago. The engineers and designers of this structure were more than half a century ahead of its time.

7) Railway bridge of the Firth of Forth, Scotland.

A marvel of engineering. Construction of the bridge began in 1892 and lasted until 1890. It is one of the very first cantilevered bridges in the world. The railroad bed is at a height of 48.2 meters. The length of the bridge is 2.5 kilometers. This bridge from its construction until 1917 was the longest in the world.

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8) Confederation Bridge, Canada

The bridge structure was opened in 1997. The length of the bridge is 12.9 kilometers. In contrast to the amazing size of this bridge, moving across it is very boring because of the monotony and great length. It is the longest bridge in the world over water, which is covered with ice in winter.

The width of the bridge is 44 meters. The total construction cost is $13.9 billion.

9) Hardanger Bridge, Norway

The bridge replaces the ferry service between the cities of Oslo and Bergen. Hardanger Bridge is the longest suspension bridge in Norway. Construction began in 2009. Completion in 2013. The length of the structure is 1380 meters. The bridge has two lanes with a maximum speed limit of 80 km / hr. There is also a lane for pedestrians and cyclists.

10) Bridge in St. John’s, Oregon, USA

In the 30’s not only in Russia knew and knew how to build bridges. During these years American architects and engineers also knew how to build bridges. Hanging unique bridge in the Gothic style. The bridge is located over the river in Portland, Oregon. The bridge structure is 684 meters long. During the Great Depression, despite the lack of financial resources, it was decided to build this bridge. Construction began in 1929. The bridge was built in 1931. Thanks to the large number of vacancies that were required to build this masterpiece, the residents of Portland, avoided mass unemployment in times of financial crisis.

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