10 ideas to fully experience Campania, Italy

Going to Italy? Visit these stunning Campania destinations

Want to be below the knee of Italy? Campania is guaranteed to delight and delight. There are rich archaeological ruins, paradisiacal coastlines, incomparable food and some of the most historic heritage sites in the entire world, walking through these Campania sites that you can’t miss is sure to make your travel passion work overtime!

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Get high, hang out in the sewers and work up an appetite in Naples

City vacations in Naples are filled with pizza scenes in pretty alleys.

Don’t let big Rome, trendy Milan or provincial paradise Palermo mislead you: Naples (which is over 2,400 years old) is more than worthy of being one of the best destinations in Italy. Whether you are looking for a starting point for a vacation in Campania or you only have time for a quick break in the city, Naples is one Campania destination that offers many ways to make the most of every moment. With archaeological ruins, stunning churches, spooky underground tunnels and sensational food, this city is sure to please.

And speaking of “hitting the spot,” there’s no better way to honor Campania’s most famous cities than with breakfast, lunch and dinner, because the underrated capital is where the world’s most beloved food was born: beloved pizza. And boy, oh boy, are they good at it. Unlike the varied (and sometimes terrifying) pizza options found around the world, Neapolitan pizza is as simple as it is high quality. The famous slice leaves no place to hide: thin crust, fresh ingredients, nothing extra and always delicious.

If you want to eat like the locals, complement your pizza buffet with regional specialties like parmigiana melanzane (eggplant parmesan, also known as “a mountain of eggplant slices with layers of melted cheese and tomato puree”), spaghetti with vongole. (spaghetti with clams) and caprese salad (which is perhaps not as much of a salad as buffalo milk mozzarella with fresh tomatoes, basil and olive oil).

However, if the moon hits your eyes like a big pizza pie and the prospect of a holiday in Naples has turned you into a cartoon character floating on the smell of pizza and one pizza . well, such a diet won’t even raise an eyebrow in the home of flying dough. If you have a fear of commitment that goes along with a fear of missing out on something, split the difference and try anything on a pizza-tasting walking tour through Naples. Fortunately, on this delightful day, the pizza tasting is the first, as the walk is as tiring as it takes to get to the next fresh pizza.

If, unfortunately, you find yourself feasting until you can’t anymore, don’t worry; During your Naples vacation, there are plenty of stunning places that have nothing to do with food. Make a beeline for San Lorenzo Maggiore, one of the city’s most beloved churches, located right in the heart of the Old Quarter. This impressive Gothic basilica is one stop for a walk through history, it was commissioned in the 6th century. th century, completed in the 13th , and received fresh and amusing updates during the 18th th . This stunning example of ancient Italian architecture can only be seen in a few places in Campania.

After taking in the splendor above ground, go right around the corner from San Lorenzo Maggiore, dive beneath the surface and explore the coolest underground experience around… An underground network of about 450 kilometers, Underground Naples is one of the most interesting and unique attractions of the city. Descend the more than 100 steps into these hallowed halls, where Neapolitans took refuge during the massive bombings of World War II.

Vacations in Naples are great for exploring the ruins underground

In this labyrinth of engraved stone, thousands of years of history await you, from the gleaming blue-tiled ancient sewers (don’t underline, they’re clean!) to the remains of the Greco-Roman theater, which even contains the theater of Emperor Nero. Discover the aqueduct that supplied the city with water for centuries, or take a chilling walk through not one but two historic catacombs: San Gennaro and San Gaudioso. Claustrophobes, beware: the wonders of the Neapolitan Underground may not be for you, but if ever there was a time to conquer your fear, there is no better place to do so.

Limassol excursion

If your underground adventures make you crave some fresh air, get on your bike and go! One of the best ways to see Naples is to take a bicycle tour of the city and nearby Flegran fields. The top tour, covering 85 kilometers in 7 hours, offers plenty of leisurely pauses for pizza and ice cream, and enough haste to see the ancient Roman temples and amphitheaters at Pozzuoli. See pristine lakes and craters created by volcanic eruptions long ago, and thank yourself for doing something damn useful during your vacation in Naples.

Take a walk through the history of Pompeii, Vesuvius and Herculaneum.

Is there a more important activity in Campania than visiting Pompeii? The tragic story of the lost city of Pompeii and neighboring Herculaneum has been told in elementary schools and depicted for centuries in film, literature, and art. The eruption of Vesuvius in 79 AD flooded the cities at the base of the volcano with dense layers of superheated ash and volcanic debris, covering its victims for all eternity.

A walk through the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum is a step back in time, a wander through once bustling and now ghostly streets. Soothing and unsettling at the same time, it is the process of watching statues of people clutching each other – choosing love, choosing connection – in their final moments, and then remembering with a queasy jolt that they are not statues at all, but a haunting cast. casts of the last moments of their victims.

This is what sets Pompeii apart from the carefree splendor for which Italy is otherwise famous. Pompeii and Herculaneum represent one of the worst moments in Campanian history, beautifully preserved through the centuries. But the magic is that it is so perfectly preserved – after all, more extensive kingdoms than the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum have fallen from the ravages of time and disappeared forever from the face of the earth. Those whose lives were lost in the eruption of Vesuvius will never disappear, let alone be forgotten.

Pompeii is one of the most visited places in Campania.

Pompeii is the most famous of the two cities, and its beautifully preserved streets make for an unmistakably breathtaking experience. Skip the line to beat the crowds and truly appreciate the atmosphere. For many who consider a trip to Pompeii something that deserves to be taken as seriously and respected as a pilgrimage, there is the opportunity to undertake a VIP experience in Pompeii, giving you a deeper insight into the lives lost and the legacy that lives on.

The lesser-known Herculaneum is worth a visit, if only because its remains showcase art, architecture and mosaics as rich as anything found in Pompeii. Tour the city with a trained archaeologist (wearing a BYO Indiana Jones hat) who can explain how volcanic ash (and cunning archaeological excavation techniques) were able to preserve the best time capsule of the Roman Empire.

If standing amidst the silence and stillness isn’t vivid enough for you, a trip to the Virtual Archaeological Museum of Herculaneum. If you’ve kind of always wanted a camera in “Game of Thrones” to move through the small streets and explore these epic cities, then VAM is the place for you. Its immersive multimedia installations will take you on an interactive tour of Pompeii, Herculaneum, Baia, Stabia and Capri, exactly as it would have been all centuries ago. It’s like exploring the Seven Kingdoms, only real and without the disappointing ending!

While in Herculaneum, do what the…er…Herculans did in this thrilling virtual time travel experience. Run through the tunnels of Bourbon, visit the Roman forums and fantasize about your past luxurious lives in the decadent papyrus villa, which was discovered simultaneously with the rest of the city in the mid-18th century.

Can’t decide which of these archaeological wonders to visit? Perché non entraambi? (Italian for “why not both!”). Check out Pompeii and Herculaneum at a great discount, courtesy of Double Deal Tiqets.

All the great video games require you to clear a few mini-bosses before you fight the Big Boss, and the same can do your holiday in Pompeii. It may shock you, but you have ample opportunity to climb the still very active Mount Vesuvius. Don’t worry, the volcano won’t erupt on you, but there is something to be said for the experience of climbing it. However, those with small (or easily tired) legs can get just as much for their money by climbing the volcano via Vesuvius Express, which offers a stunning panoramic view of Campania from the sky.

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Volcanic eruptions may bring destruction in the short term, but in the long term all that ash can become some of the most fertile soil. So it’s worth keeping this in mind when visiting Campania, as green earth means lush vineyards and produce. So take your loved one, head to the foot of Mount Vesuvius and enjoy appetizers and delicious pasta as you taste your way through Wine Tasting choices fit for the gods, and ponder Mufasa’s sermon “Circle of Life” from the Lion King.

Live the sweet life on the coast of Campania in Amalfi and Positano.

The Amalfi Coast is a classic example of Campania's tourist destinations.

When you’re pondering which Campania destinations to add to your itinerary, the Amalfi coast is probably already at the height of Pompeii. With a crystal-blue sea and an abundance of activities in and on the water, you could be forgiven for only exploring the waters around Amalfi and Positano. But as paradisiacal and gorgeous as the coastal scenery is, there’s just as much on land as there is on the big blue backdrop in these beautiful, pastel-colored towns.

If time is not on your side, a day trip to Sorrento and the Amalfi Coast is the perfect tonic for bustling Naples. Break out your white linen pants and button up your shirt halfway, because there’s no better place to be – or to be seen – than watching the Amalfi Coast as the wind gently flutters your hair like a Ralph Lauren ad in the early noughties.

For those with more time, the perfect way to enjoy this not-so-distant paradise is to settle down in one of the coastal towns and embark on a new adventure every day. Take an excursion from Amalfi to the spectacular Ferriere Falls, with a private tour of Valle delle Ferriere, one of Italy’s 41 biogenetic reserves, which features a fabulous trail to the waterfalls themselves. Keep an eye out for rare carnivorous plants as you walk, but resist the Super Mario urge to jump and squash them-they’re harmless to noninsects, and local natural heritage officials usually disapprove of such things.

Once your wilderness adventure is over, head into the water with a half-day boat and snorkeling excursion from Amalfi to Positano. Snorkel in crystal clear water and dive deep into grottoes and caves. If you want to feel the sand between your toes, take advantage of one of the many secluded beaches or use your guides to learn about the history, culture and knowledge of the region.

Take off your silk dresses and play king or queen for a day at Caserta Palace.

The Palace of Caserta is a must-visit destination on Campania holidays.

Naples serves as both the center of Campania and an ideal base from which to explore such unique and stunning sites as Caserta Palace. Located just north of the city, this expansive, magnificent sight more than deserves its own rapturous review.

The palace was built in the 18th Century, and if you’ve been paying attention to the dates in this blog post, you’ve probably already realized that it was a busy time in Campania’s archaeological and architectural history. It’s a champion among Campania destinations, and well worth a visit if you’re traveling in Naples. To put it mildly, the palace is replete with all the trimmings and paraphernalia that one might associate with the words, “Mad decadent.”

The Palace of Caserta is one of the largest royal palaces ever built, and in fact it is the largest if you measure the space by volume. The palace is set among some of the finest gardens in Europe. Not only are the gardens manicured, but they are surrounded by lively woods that seem to be teeming with Disney animals. The gardens are so vast that the architect who designed them had to integrate optical illusions to make them seem smaller, and apparently it was at this point that he realized the anti-aristocratic rumblings in France could spread!

Vilnius: Interesting places and monuments in the city known as "Little Rome

Say lemon- Hello to the island of Capri, one of the most picturesque places in Campania

Include Capri in your Campania vacation to admire bougainvillea views like this

No Campania holiday is without a day, week or month on the islands, and there’s a reason Capri is the most iconic region. With rugged coastal scenery, luxurious hotels, and a sprawling marina, the only thing more impressive than Capri’s attire is the aroma of homemade limoncello.

If you’re traveling from Naples to the island of Capri and worry that you don’t have enough time to do it all, fear not — it’s more than possible to live large in this paradise atop the Mediterranean Sea, even if you only have one day.

Escape the afternoon heat with a morning trip to the Blue Grotto, which even a non-Italian speaker would probably understand what “Blue Grotto” means if you squint a little. Italians are proud people, and by the old cliché, no matter what you praise, someone will be quick to tell you that it’s better in their region. But when it comes to clear water, sea air and magical atmosphere, few can argue that the Blue Grotto is among the best destinations in Campania. Watch the water shimmer beneath you as you cruise the gentle waves in a boat before exploring the depths of this beautiful cave that dates back thousands of years.

Climb from the sea to the sky during the day, living as the island’s elites once did. Villa San Michele. Home of Swedish physician and author Axel Munthe, not to mention his extensive collection of art from around the world, Villa San Michele is a Greco-Roman sanctuary located in front of Mount Barbarossa. Munte detailed not only his life but also Villa San Michele in his book. The Story of San Michele , which became one of the first modern bestsellers after its publication in 1929.

Munte’s collection of Roman, Etruscan and Egyptian art was described in the novel and primarily included a sphinx statue, said to be 3,200 years old. Whether this legend is based on truth or embellishment, it cannot be denied that Villa San Michele is much more than the sum of all its parts: it is a secluded paradise, a haven for migratory birds, a bold architectural vision of man and a romantic collection of art from around the world.

Alternatively, if you’d rather wander the Mediterranean all day like the world’s most bourgeois pirate, consider taking a day tour of the island of Capri from the coastal town of Sorrento. Armed with an English-speaking skipper, your mission-if you choose to accept it-will be to periodically dive off the boat into the gorgeous water as you sunbathe, snack and drink as much as you like, landing at your leisure in beautiful Campania. directions.

End your unforgettable vacation in Campania with one last special stop. A few kilometers from the town of Campania Anacapri, Punta Carena Lighthouse (active since 1867) is the perfect end point for a low-intensity hike. The island says that every sunset is sent from heaven, but that’s not necessarily true. And in Punta Carena? Heck, it does – every time. Head out with enough time to catch the sun swaying under the burnt orange skin of the sea and return to town under the glowing shrouds of stars left behind.

Need help navigating the Campaign? The Moovit app makes it easy to navigate a new city. Find the best routes between attractions, get real-time schedules, discover all the transportation options in the area, and more. Moovit is your pocket guide to transportation!

10 things to do in Italy

Victoria Shostak

Italy is home to several volcanoes, active and not so active. The most distinctive of them, of course, is Etna on the island of Sicily. This beauty can be admired at any time: if the volcano is dormant, it is climbed daily by hundreds of travelers, if there is an eruption, it is better to watch it from a safe distance, for example from nearby Catania. In any case, you will be guaranteed an unforgettable experience and a spectacle.

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In addition to raging Etna is also worth to visit the no less restless volcano islands Stromboli (emphasis on the first syllable) and Vulcano, which lie in the Tyrrhenian Sea, close to Sicily. Also of interest are the giants that have already calmed down: the famous Vesuvius (in Campania) or the lakes formed in the craters of extinct volcanoes, such as Bracciano or Albano (both in Lazio).

2. swimming in the four seas

The Italian boot is surrounded on all sides by the waters of four seas, each beautiful in its own way. The Adriatic (to the east) offers recreation on the magnificent sandy beaches of resorts such as the partying Rimini or the calm Lido di Jesolo, which is very close to Venice. The Northwest coast of Liguria is the Côte d’Azur, literally a stone’s throw from Monaco, Nice and Cannes. There are hundreds of romantic coves, the many kilometers of the Road of Love, built on rocks along the coast and one of the most beautiful places in Italy, which is called Cinque Terre. The Tyrrhenian Sea (in the southwest) will appeal to both sandy beach lovers and rocky shore adherents. Also Tyrrhenian waters bathe one of the most colorful regions of Italy – Campania. And finally, the Ionian Sea (south-east), which part of the coast is the most undeveloped tourist area of the country (the regions of Puglia and Calabria). There are still no chartered aircraft, hundreds of five-star hotels are not built, so most beaches of the Ionian Sea you have a good chance to rest easy.

3. See the Alps and the lakes

In addition to the four seas, Italy also has four beautiful lakes. In fact, there are many more, but it is the four Alpine lakes that have become world-famous. Lake Maggiore is located on the border of two regions, Lombardy and Piedmont, but it is best reached from Milan, although it is also possible from Turin. The islands (Isola Bella, Isola Madre and Isola dei Pescatore) are a must visit. Lake Como is not far from Maggiore and Bellagio, Varenna and Villa Carlotta are recommended places to visit. The most unknown and small lake is Lake Iseo, near Bergamo. In addition to the town of the same name, be sure to visit the tiny island of Loreto with its castle. And the largest of the four lakes is gorgeous Garda where you can spend more than a day. Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Riva del Garda, Limone del Garda, Malcesine, Salo (emphasis in “o”) – this is not a complete list of things to admire on Lake Garda. By the way, just half an hour away is the famous city of Romeo and Juliet, Verona.

4. Live in a lemon grove or vineyard

If you are tired of traditional city or resort hotels, then you should consider agrotourism. In Italy it is very well developed. For example in the region of Tuscany you can stay in an old villa in an olive grove or vineyard. Farmers’ hotels La Loccaia and Podere San Giusto will be happy to host you, and maybe even allow to watch or to take part in the production of olive oil or wine. For those traveling to the island of Sicily, the Galea Farm House Hotel, surrounded by lemon groves, can be recommended as a habitat. Cook your own Limoncello every day there.

5. Buy excellent wine for a couple of euros.

Since we started talking about alcohol, it’s a sin not to mention the delicious wine that is produced in Italy. And the prices for it are not the same as in our supermarkets. At the same time you can find on the shelves absolutely adequately priced cheeses (Mozzarella, Parmesan), ham (Parma) and delicious Italian “pomodori”. Add some bread to the basket and you have a great, and most importantly, a profitable Italian lunch/lunch/dinner (underline).

6. Try as many local dishes as possible.

Speaking of Italian wines, you can’t overlook the local cuisine, which is rightfully considered one of the best in the world, and for some, the best without options. Pasta, pizza, lasagna, risotto are the first things that come to mind. But there are also all kinds of variations of meat, fish and vegetable dishes. And what desserts are in Italy! One tiramisu is worth giving half your life for. Save the other half for panna cotta, cannoli or gelato.

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7. Have breakfast in a bar and dinner in a real trattoria

We’ve discussed the cuisine, and now we need to decide where it’s best to experience it. Try to get away from the main attractions in the major cities, or generally go for dinner somewhere in the countryside (you can also stay overnight there). Avoid restaurants that offer menus in English (half of the dishes you can easily understand even in Italian), and be sure to look closely, who among the visitors, tourists or locals. If you want to feel like a hundred percent of locals, then in the morning run into small bars and eat a traditional coffee with croissant right at the bar, because this is how all Italians have breakfast, often on the way from home to work.

8. Experience provincial Italy

Once you’ve had enough of the big and pompous cities, where you’ll find tourist information offices and leaflets in different languages, head for the countryside, preferably somewhere in the south. Without knowledge of Italian in just a couple of hours you’ll learn to communicate masterfully with the help of gestures, facial expressions and, perhaps, some Russian words, because so much of our languages are similar. If you have problems with local transport or get lost – you will have a great chance to get a free guide, and sometimes a driver with a car, in the face of one of the locals. And with luck, your excessive curiosity or in any other unusual situation you risk to be invited to dinner or at least a glass of wine from the personal cellars of the owner. And all this against a background of wonderful Italian flavor: laundry hung under the windows, medieval streets and squares and, of course, shouting locals.

9. Go to a soccer match

It’s no secret that along with pasta, wine and pretty Russian girls, Italians are crazy about soccer. To feel the true heat of passion, of course, you have to go to the stadium. The best way to go to a match of the Italian national team, because the locals are fierce patriots of their country, and if everything is mixed up with soccer, then it will be just great. No worse than going to a Champions League game or, at worst, Europa League, where the best clubs of the continent are fighting. Well, if none of the above mentioned are expected during your visit to Italy, do not worry, you will not be left without a show. Check the calendar of the national championship and go to a match of one of the three whales of Italian soccer: Juventus, Inter or Milan. If the game itself is less important to you than the atmosphere in the stadium, then choose a match involving Napoli, whose fans are considered the craziest in Italy.

10. Not forgetting the shopping.

You’ve had your rest, you’ve eaten and you’ve had your fun. Well, time to pack your bags and head back home. But first let’s remember that Italy – is also the world’s trendsetter in fashion, which means that it would be absolutely unforgivable to leave here without a couple or three new things. For them you should go to Milan, or rather in its suburbs – Fashion Village Fidenza Village. Here you can find more than 90 boutiques, offering discounts on clothing and shoes up to 70%, and during the sales even more.

And the last, bonus point #11 What do I have to do in Italy? Once you have visited this country, you need to fall in love with it out of your mind and leave here a piece of yourself to return to the Apennines again and again … During one trip you can hardly fulfill all ten points. Then do at least the last eleventh, and all the rest, sooner or later, will come true by itself.

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