10 ideas for trips to Naples with kids, Italy

Naples, Italy – sights for children

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Naples is an Italian city with a wonderful atmosphere. Although the name means “new town,” the Italian word sounds the mystery and elegance of centuries of history. This third largest city in the country is located on the shores of the Bay of Naples. Most people have heard of Vesuvius, Naples’ main attraction and the largest active volcano, the one that lava-buried the cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, and Naples is right next door to the giant. In the bustling streets of this city, filled with a colorful exotic crowd, art is born in all its forms, be it song, dance, painting or sculpture.

If you’re traveling with children, they’ll love just watching this restless merriment and getting into the spirit of the festivities. Since you’ll find traces of Roman and Greek influences in Italian art, we suggest that you read Greek and Roman myths with your children to get a better understanding of what they’re seeing. Then many moments will be much clearer to them, and therefore more interesting.

napoli bus sightseeing tour bus in naples italy

Naples has a sightseeing bus that allows you to quickly build up an idea of the city. The routes of the red double-decker buses in Naples are all very interesting and in the summer (from April to September) there is even a route to Vesuvius. The city’s tourist bus lines (lines A, B, C) have an audio guide in Russian. Learn more about the sightseeing bus routes in Naples: http://www.napoli.city-sightseeing.it/eng/

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For museums, first visit the National Archaeological Museum. Here you can see unique exhibits from ancient cities: Greek and Roman sculptures, mosaics of Alexander the Great, a collection of jewelry of Medici, gladiator outfits, silver decorative objects. And on the first floor of the museum is a restored model of Pompeii. Address: Piazza Museo 19. Every day except Tuesday from 9.00 to 20.00.

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If children are already interested in painting, visit the Capodimonte Museum with its splendid collection of works by Italian masters. Address of Villa Capodimonte: Via Miano 1, opening hours Tuesday-Sunday 8.30-19.30

If time allows, you can visit the excavations of the ancient cities of Pompeii , which allow you to see how the Romans lived at the beginning of the era. So especially impressionable kids can vividly imagine the death of the glorious city. From Pompeii station you can take a bus to Vesuvius. If you leave Naples in the morning (about 8 am), you can easily see everything and return to the city in the evening.

villa communale park villa communale napoli italy

In Naples, you can walk along the alleys of Villa Communale, the oldest park in the city, and watch the water gurgle in the fountains. Under the wide canopy of large trees you can picnic in the open air, eat, and rest. And in the center of the park is located Aquarium in the style of the XIX century. It presents the marine flora and fauna of the Bay of Naples.

Young astronomers will enjoy a visit to the Capodimonte Observatory. In addition to astronomical observations, this oldest observatory has a museum with interesting exhibits: a collection of ancient wooden and copper telescopes, a clock and even a gilded globe of the starry sky from the 16th century. Or you can just enjoy the view of the city and the bay from the observation deck.

Napoli Sotterranea Naples catacombs

From contemplating the sky, let’s move on to underground life. Naples under the ground is literally paved with passages, some catacombs can still be visited without fear of being buried under the ground. What an adventure for your children! First, the catacombs of San Gennaro (St. Januarius). This saint is considered the patron saint of the city and was originally buried in the catacombs, the entrance to which is near the church of Madre Buon Consiglio. Frescoes depicting the saint are still preserved on the walls of the former burial ground.

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Near the other two churches, San Lorenzo Maggiore and San Paolo Maggiore, which can also be visited, there are also entrances to the Napoli Sotterranea catacombs. Wandering around these with a guide, you can see Greek and Roman aqueducts, a theater, markets, and abandoned peat pits.

Like any other city, Naples has its own fairly large amusement park Edenlandia with many rides. However, it is open seasonally, only from March to October, weekdays from 12 to 20 hours and weekends from 10:30 until midnight. Website http://www.edenlandia.it/

Red Rossa Napoli Pizza Neapolitan pizza

Naples is the birthplace of pizza and every year it holds a “Pizza Fest”, a festival of the dish. The best chefs compete for the title of the best at making this delicious flatbread with toppings that used to be the food of the poor. That’s why pizzerias are on every corner here, but the largest and most famous is Red Rossa Napoli Pizza. You can visit it with children, although the taste of pizza here is unusual, but the secret is a special kind of cheese, made only here. Back from Naples, you can cook Neapolitano pizza by yourself. And for dessert, try the Neapolitan ice cream Spumoni, which combines vanilla, chocolate and strawberry flavors. The result is both satiation and an introduction to the local cuisine.

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In Naples, castles and fortresses have survived to this day. Many of them are worth seeing, like Castel dell’Ovo, or the Egg Castle, which is located on an island, with yachts scurrying back and forth. You can stroll along the pier and see the view. While in Naples, you can also visit the beautiful nearby places of Sorrento and Ischia. Photos with amazing views are guaranteed.

But for all of these activities, if possible, it is better to allocate a few days to avoid overloading the children’s psyche from the mass of different impressions.

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