10 ideas for kids’ entertainment in Turin, Italy

Holidays with children in Turin: where to eat and where to go?


If you went to Turin with children, then, of course, they will also be very interesting and fun there. For starters, about where to go with the kids for lunch and dinner. After all, eating out with kids can be a problem for some families. First of all, when traveling with children, you need restaurants with quick service, it should be noisy enough not to have to yank your child, and the child should not disturb the rest of the restaurant guests, and, of course, in such a cafe must have a suitable menu. Here is list of restaurants where you can safely go with children. All of these restaurants have changing tables and high chairs and all but one have an entertainment corner with albums and colored pencils, mini-mountain or a house, in short, a place where you can leave your child for a while and have a quiet lunch.

The best area near the restaurant

Pizzeria Alberoni (Corso Moncalieri 288 )

Located on the banks of the River Po, this pizzeria is located in a lush park and offers a wonderful outdoor space next to the restaurant where kids can run around.

Best restaurant with a babysitter for kids

Art & Cafe Le Meridien (Via Nizza 230)

Adults can be seated in the gorgeous, modern dining room, while children can sit in a separate area, with caregivers, at their own small tables and choose something from the special children’s menu. When the kids are done eating, they can play in the playroom.

The best local restaurant

Circolo Arci La Crissa ( Via Ignazio Giulio 25)

An inexpensive place with fairly low prices offers families a large courtyard with slides and swings where kids can play to their hearts’ content. The restaurant serves local cuisine. True, you can only come to the restaurant for dinner.

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The most fun atmosphere with music and dancing

El Centenario (Via Biancamano 3)

An inexpensive restaurant with upbeat music where kids and adults can even dance and have a good time. The restaurant has a special children’s menu. However, the restaurant is open only during dinner.

The best restaurant for lunch outdoors

Quattro Con at the Esperia Circolo Canottieri ( Corso Moncalieri 2)

Next to the restaurant is an outdoor area for children, where you can play and run around. They have a wonderful view on the river and they make really good and fresh salads there!

Best Pizzeria.

Fratelli La Cozza (Corso Regio Parco 39)

A great restaurant with a nice friendly atmosphere and delicious pizza. They also make pizza for kids. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner.

The best restaurant for Sunday brunch.

Ham and You (Via Pietro Micca 15c).

The menu is centered on prosciutto, that is, on ham and dishes with it. Sunday brunch, or brunch, is a great place to eat. A quick service and central location, important when travelling with children, are definitely pluses of the hotel. Open for lunch and dinner every day except Sunday – on that day the cafe is open for brunch only.

Most interesting atmosphere

Kirkuk Café (Via Carlo Alberto 16/b)

The restaurant specializes in Greek, Turkish cuisine – falafels and grilled vegetables and baklava are available for kids. Not that it’s at all a kids’ cafe, but the low tables and lots of cushions on the floor make it an ideal place to go with kids. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner Tuesday through Friday. On Monday and Saturday, the cafe is open only in the evening, and Sunday is a day off.

Best restaurant in the department store

Old Wild West (Via Nizza 262)

An inexpensive restaurant with 4 different menus for kids. It’s a colorful, comfortable and spacious place for lunch and dinner. You do not need to book a table – there are plenty of places.

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Best family-oriented restaurant for kids

Peter Pan (Via Cigna 3)

This restaurant offers 2 games rooms with animators, one for 3-6 year olds and one for 6-12 year olds. Parents can have lunch and watch their children through the window of the playroom. These playrooms are open on Friday, Saturday and Sunday and the restaurant itself is open for lunch and dinner every day, Sunday for lunch only and Monday for dinner only.

The best macrobiotic restaurant for children with allergies and for vegans.

Ristohsawa (Largo Montebello 31/b)

No meat, fish, butter, cheese, milk or sugar are used in the cooking. Open for lunch and dinner except Sundays and Mondays for lunch.

Go with children to the Museo dell’Automobile. You can see a collection of about eighty brands of cars that are made in Italy, France, Britain, Germany, Holland, Spain, USA and Poland. Even girls will love this museum! The museum is located at Corso Unità d’Italia, 40 and is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10am to 6:30pm; and Sunday from 10am to 8:30pm.

You can come to the Lingotto building (Via Nizza, 262) – the five-storey factory building is not so interesting for the maschillas as the huge colorful letters in front of it, which you can climb to your heart’s content!

Be sure to check out the Egyptian Museum (Via Accademia delle Scienze, 6). This museum details the history of Egypt from the Paleolithic to the Coptic period and has one of the most extensive and impressive collections of Egyptian artifacts outside of Egypt itself. That is, you can look at 30,000 exhibits, if you don’t get tired, of course. All in all, an amazing museum! It’s hard to imagine that some items go back to 3500 BC!

Other interesting museums include the Environmental Museum (A Come Ambiente) at Corso Umbria, 90. This is the first museum in Europe that deals exclusively with environmental issues. It’s a fun, interactive museum aimed at children and their parents. The museum is divided into three parts: the energy and transport hall; the water hall; and the hall with the rest of the exhibits. Guides are waiting for their little visitors to play environmental games with them and explain what’s going on in the museum. By the way, the museum is located in the park area, Parco Dora, where it is great to walk along the river after visiting the museum, play and breathe the fresh air.

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