10 dream beaches in Sorrento, Italy

Beaches Sorrento: overview and photos

Sorrento is the most famous tourist resort in Italy. Drowning in fragrant citrus and olive trees, the peninsula is literally brimming with magnificent panoramas . Local beaches, situated in quiet, colorful bays, deserve special attention. Their main feature – pebble, partly diluted with sand surface. Each of them belongs to the municipality or hotel, so the access is paid. There are very few beaches where you do not have to pay.

Spiaggia La Pignatella

Pignatella (Spiaggia La Pignatella)

One of the few free beaches of Sorrento, located 2.5 km from the center. The whole coastline is covered with stones . It is sure to interest those who are not indifferent to the wildlife and beautiful scenery. The neighborhood with coniferous forests and cliffs has not deprived Pignatella of developed infrastructure.

At the disposal of vacationers there are snack bars, bars, toilets, marine rental and beach equipment. For an umbrella and a deck chair is better not to spend money – their placement on the uneven coast can be problematic. Suitable for family holidays. Nearby parking is available.

Spiaggia Meta di Sorrento

Meta (Spiaggia Meta di Sorrento)

Is the most coastal area of Sorrento . For those who are ready to come here in the early morning. At other times it is almost impossible to find a free spot on the beach. This applies to the period from June to September.

The beach is divided into 2 parts – pebbly and sandy . Each of them is equipped with recreational areas that are controlled by different companies. Thus, the “red” zone is characterized by budget and crowded. “Yellow” – the largest, is popular with local residents. The most comfortable and expensive is the “blue” zone. They are all equipped with cafes, restaurants, sports fields, changing cabins and toilets.

Bagni della Regina Giovanna

Bagni della Regina Giovanna (Bagni della Regina Giovanna)

Locals consider this cove an iconic place. And that’s because in the 14-15 centuries the Neapolitan rebel queen Giovanna Anjou liked to rest here, surrounded by many young favorites. Legend has it that all lovers in her bed were sooner or later found thrown off the cliff. Today the Bagni della Reggina Giovanna is included in the list of the most important historical monuments of Sorrento.

Despite the lack of tourist infrastructure, in high season an incredible number of holidaymakers flock to the beach. All of them are delighted by the white rocky bottom, the clear emerald water and the majestic arch, located directly in the rock. It is better to sunbathe on safe flat rocks. The beach is open from 09:00 to 18:00.

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Marina Piccola (Spiaggia di Marina Piccola)

Marina Piccola (Spiaggia di Marina Piccola)

Located on the eastern side of the peninsula, the beach line is covered with a mixture of pebbles and sand. Of the 5 equipped areas here, only one is free of charge. For the use of the others you have to pay between 10 and 15 EUR. Umbrellas and sun loungers are better to be booked in advance.

The water in the sea is clean and clear. If for some reason you do not want to dive into the sea, you can use the outdoor pool, equipped on the beach. There are showers and toilets. Prices in local cafes and restaurants are quite high. If you want to save money, it is advisable to bring your own food.

Punta Campanella

Punta Campanella

Not everyone enjoys lazy sunbathing in the heat of the Italian sun. Someone needs an active holiday, which can easily be organized within the Sorrento Peninsula. For this, just go to Punta Campanella.

The length of this picturesque marine reserve is more than 30 km . For many years true fans of diving have been coming here. Nature itself has made sure that the memory of every tourist who happened to be here, unobtrusively filled with the memories of this paradise. This will certainly contribute to the charming grottoes, bays, lonely reefs and coves hidden from prying eyes.

Baia di Ieranto

Ieranto (Baia di Ieranto)

If you make a little effort and head into the heart of the Punta Campanella Nature Reserve, you’ll be rewarded with a silent blue sea, clear seabed and no winds at all.

Located in the village of the same name, the bay of Geranto is a symbol of Sorrento. The tourists and the inhabitants of the peninsula, who know their way around the area, often prefer absolute solitude to the exhausting hustle and bustle of the city. It can be fully achieved here. Infrastructure is lacking, but all necessary facilities can be found in the village.

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Spiaggia Marina di Cassano

Marina di Cassano (Spiaggia Marina di Cassano)

Covered with black volcanic sand, Marina di Cassano has long been a youth vacation spot. To avoid the occasional nude sunbathers, couples with children should refrain from visiting it. In this case, the status of “nudist” the beach does not have.

The cove has a carefree and peaceful atmosphere, created by the visibility of yachts in the distance, steep cliffs and clean clear water. Despite its isolation the beach area boasts excellent service. Along the coast there are several cafes, trattorias and restaurants offering delicious Mediterranean cuisine.

Marina di Puolo

Marina di Puolo

A typical Mediterranean bay which fascinates with its unique landscape and exceptional aura. The narrow beach line is covered with a mixture of soft sand and fine pebbles. The warm, crystal clear water makes Lauro an ideal place for a holiday with children.

Entrance to the beach is free, but it is assumed that visitors must necessarily rent a deck chair. In the future, it will allow them to freely use the toilet and changing room. Taste and quality of food offered by local eateries fully justify the set prices, which can hardly be considered low.

Spiaggia di Marinella

Spiaggia di Marinella

Situated in a small cove, this area was artificially created. To become a visitor, you have to overcome a difficult road in the form of small bridges. There is also a special elevator, which costs 30 cents to use.

Marinella has a pay zone and a free zone. The latter is equipped for those who just want to swim. When planning a more complete vacation, you will have to buy an entrance ticket and rent the appropriate beach kit. Water accessories are rented separately. Within the beach there is one restaurant and several cafes.

A standard beach vacation can be combined with an excursion program that includes viewing the mesmerizing hills of Fontanella and exploring the local grottoes.

Sorrento beaches

Sorrento Beaches photo

Sorrento Peninsula beaches are surrounded by crystal clear waters and typical Mediterranean vegetation. Along the coastline of the stony Sorrentine coast there are many small coves, sheltered from prying eyes by rocky cliffs. In these bays you can easily spend a few hours on the beach and get a nice tan.

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The beaches of Sorrento are divided into several types: pebbly, gravel, sandy and covered with flat, kissed by the sea rocks. Many of them are well staffed and equipped with everything you need. But the most beautiful beaches of the peninsula are concentrated on islands in the sea, which can be reached by boat or by boat. Of course, they are completely deserted and resemble uninhabited.

Below we have listed the best beaches concentrated on the Sorrento Peninsula and in the city limits of the resort of Sorrento (there are two), in the top five you will find the ideal places for a beach holiday on the Sorrentine coast.

Sorrento beaches: the best on the coast

Regina Giovanna Baths, Capo di Sorrento

The name of the beach comes from the name of Giovanna Giovanna Baths, Capo di Sorrento, Queen of Naples who ruled from 1371 to 1435. Legends say that the queen often bathed in this place accompanied by her young admirers. Today the baths of Regina Giovanna are considered one of the important archaeological monuments of the Sorrento Peninsula. A picturesque road built around a huge rock will lead you to the ruins of an ancient Roman villa, standing against a beautiful natural archway on the sea.

Baths Regina Giovanna, Sorrento beaches

The villa in question is known as Villa Pollio Felice and dates back to the first century BC. The huge estate once consisted of two parts, a villa surrounded by fields and a mansion on the sea, and they were connected by tunnels and stairs.

At the height of the bathing season, the Regina Giovanni baths become one of the most visited places by bathers. The easiest way to get to the beach is by bus, using the stop at the train station in Sorrento. The route goes in the direction of Massa Lubrense, to Via Capo, then to Capo di Sorrento.

Pignatella, Capo di Sorrento

Along Via Capo, as soon as you pass the Sorrento promontory, you will see the descent on the right towards Marina di Puolo. At 20-30 steps from the beginning of the descent you will discover the beautiful beach of La Pignatella, Capo di Sorrento, accessible for a fee.

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 Pignatella Beach, Capo di Sorrento

The slice of sunbathing coast stretches along the rocky coastal cliff and is much loved by the people of Sorrento, but unfortunately not well known among tourists. Its greatest advantage is the ease of reaching it, while the inconvenience lies in the difficulty of descending and ascending to the sea.

Baia di Ieranto, Massa Lubrense

Baia di Ieranto, Massa Lubrense is considered the heart of the protected nature reserve of Punta Campanella and one of the symbols of the Sorrento Peninsula. Getting here is not easy – you should either use a non-motorized boat or walk quite a long distance on foot. But the effort will be rewarded – pristine blue sea, the clearest seabed, protection from the winds of the neighboring island of Capri.

Baia di Ieranto, Massa Lubrense

Nerano Beach, Massa Lubrense

Nerano (Spiaggia di Nerano, Massa Lubrense) is the name of a beautiful bay on the Amalfi coast, a few kilometers before Positano. Besides the famous spaghetti with the same name – spaghetti alla Nerano, offered by the local cafes, everyone is fascinated by the huge pebble beach, which is very easy to reach. The Nerano beach is especially popular with tourists from Germany, who have long paved the path here.

Nerano Gulf beach, Sorrento beaches


The very small natural bay of Crapolla preserves traces of the ancient port where, according to legend, the Apostle Peter once got off the ship when he fled from Palestine. Getting to Crapolla Bay is not easy – it is quite a long walk from the highway to the enchanting sea.

Crapola Bay and beach, Sorrento coast

The route of the persistent beach-goer begins in Torca (near the small village Sant’Agata Sui Due Golfi) and from there you reach the beach in about an hour and a half. Near Crapola an old Benedictine monastery is preserved and there are even traces of an ancient Greco-Roman village.

Sorrento beaches

Marina Picola

Marina Piccola, this pebbly-sandy corner of land along the coast, also represents Sorrento beaches. It can’t offer much space, so you have to arrive early. You should get to Marina Picola by going down the stairs next to Villa Comunale in the heart of Sorrento. The beach is also known as San Francesco and is easily and quickly accessed by tourists from the city center.

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Sorrento beaches, Marina Picola

Marina Grande

Marina Grande is a former ancient fishing village and today part of modern Sorrento. Finding the beach is not easy – head towards the west side of town, towards the coastal cliffs, down from Via Sopra Le Mura.

Marina Grande, Sorrento

Other beautiful beaches of the Sorrento Peninsula

La Baia di Puolo, Massa Lubrense

2. La Cala di Puolo, Massa Lubrense.

Il Bikini, Vico Equense

4. Marina d’Aequa Le Axidie, Vico Equense

5. Spiaggia di Meta.

6. Marina di Cassano, Piano di Sorrento

7. Lido Marinella, Sant’Agnello

8. La Conca Azzurra, Massa Lubrense

9. Marina della Lobra, Massa Lubrense

10. Cala di Mitigliano, Termini

11. Spiaggia di Recommone, Nerano, Massa Lubrense

12. Spiaggia di Tordigliano, Vico Equense

Sorrento Hotels First Line to the Beach

The Hilton Sorrento Palace is an excellent 4* hotel with a sea view and a beach front location. The hotel offers a swimming pool, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, room service.

Hotel La Residenza 4* – located in a beautiful park, 5 minutes walk from the sea. Has its own beach, on the territory – swimming pool, restaurant, prepare a delicious breakfast. 2-bed room – ca. 130 euros.

Surriento Suites – apartment next to the sea, beachfront, excellent breakfast. You can order a transfer from the hotel to the airport. Price approx. 100 euros / 2 bed deluxe rooms with sea view.

Parco dei Principi 5* – first line beach, outdoor swimming pool, restaurant, swimming pool, room service, delicious breakfast. Price from 200 euros / 2 bed room.

Divina House B&B – in the heart of Sorrento, on the first line of the beach. Guests can expect a great stay, great breakfast, stunning garden, private bathroom. Price approx. 70 euro/2-bed room.

Caruso sea view – beachfront, family rooms, good option for families and couples in love. Bathroom in the room, sea view. Price approx. 79 euros / 3 bed deluxe room.

Casa a Mare is very well located: close to the center and at the same time to the sea, the beach is first line, fine breakfast, free Wi Fi, delivery of food and drinks to the room, airport transfers. Price approx. 70 euros/2 – local room with sea view.

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