10 Best resorts in Montenegro

20 best resorts in Montenegro

Montenegrin resorts are located as close to each other as possible. This is convenient for tourists: it is cheaper to stay in one, and you can walk to the other with the best beaches. The country as a place to stay is more suitable for people who like peace. In many towns and fishing villages life goes on unhurriedly. But the service is at a high level.

Restaurants offer a varied menu, based on seafood, and excursions allow you to see the most interesting objects of Montenegro in a short time. The most popular resort is Budva, with Herceg Novi slightly behind. In more modest Risan and Perast there are less people, but also less entertainment. In Montenegro there is an opportunity to go skiing on the slopes of the mountains. The best place for this purpose is Zabljak.

List of major resorts in Montenegro

The most popular cities and resorts for recreation by the sea in Montenegro.


The most popular resort in the country, so the prices are a little higher. There are 5 public beaches within the city. Most of the entertainment and people on Slavyansky. And the water is cleaner on the beach Mogren. From the center to the coast it takes about 20 minutes on foot. Attractions: the island of St. Nicholas, visited during a boat trip, Podostrog monastery with free admission and the compact Old Town. The latter has an observation deck.


Herceg Novi

A green town: plants were brought here from all over the world and planted in the streets, many have taken root. The beaches are mostly concrete, to a more comfortable coast tourists get to by boat. The water temperature is lower than in other resorts, but it is cleaner, and the prices around here are democratic. Herceg Novi suits lovers of walks: kilometers of stairs, descents, promenade and well-kept suburbs.


The Island of St. Stefan

The island is connected to the mainland by a natural isthmus. The resort is quiet, although the entertainment in nearby Bedva is about 20 minutes by car. The beach is 2 km long. There is a private beach for guests “Aman Sveti Stefan”. Coverage – in some places a fine pebble, in some places a pinkish sand. The island itself is a full-fledged tourist attraction with its villas and winding streets. Nearby is a national park Durmitor.



Adriatic coast is built up with hotel complexes with restaurants, stores and entertainment centers. Pebble beach is wide and long. There are areas for various sports, paragliding is popular. There is a pedestrian tunnel under the cape Zavala, which leads from Becici to Budva. From here often go excursions to Albania. For lovers of fishing there is a tour “Fish Picnic”.


Rafailovichi .

Located on the edge of the beach Becici. The resort grew out of a fishing village and has preserved many of the traditions of the past. The most visited restaurant is “The Three Fishermen”. Hotels and villas are built on the coast. The beach offers all the standard services, there is an opportunity to do sports on land, as well as diving and rafting. Nearby attractions: the Monastery of Ostrog, Moraca River Canyon, and the Valley of 18 Lakes.



The location in the bay with picturesque grottoes opens up additional opportunities for tourists. It is 17 km away from Budva. The resort is surrounded by pine forests and olive groves, which creates a special microclimate. There is only one beach within the town, the length is just over half a kilometer. On a small island near Petrovac a chapel is built. In the city itself there is a Venetian-style fortress, dating back to the 16th century.



The translation of the name is “land and sea”. The total length of sandy beaches is 2.5 km. Strong winds are rare here because of the cypress and pine growths covering the coastline. Dozens of cafes and stores are close to the rest zones. There is a fish market. During the season, traffic is restricted in order to expand the pedestrian zones. The location of the resort makes it possible to get quickly to any part of the country.



It is located on the border with Albania. The resort is preferred by locals. The beaches are sandy, which is rare for Montenegro. Velika plaza has a length of 12 km. The water gets warm faster, but it is turbid. It is worth to visit the citadel and the ancient capital of Cetinje, as well as Lake Skadar – a paradise for bird watchers. On the island of Ada Bojana there is an official nudist beach.



Located on the coast of the Bay of Kotor. Here is the main airport of the country. There are many restaurants focused on fish and seafood dishes. There are 17 municipal beaches. Three islands belong to Tivat: St. Mark, Mercy Virgin and the island of flowers. On the site of the old shipyard built a marina for yachts. Many of them are for rent, you can also hire a skipper.

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The local architecture shows the influence of the Ottomans. Not only the mosque and the clock tower have been preserved but also the stone aqueduct. The main beach is centrally located and covered with pebbles. There is also a red beach, so called because of the color of the sand. Conditionally, the city is divided into Old and New. The first is full of architectural and historical sites. The second is more suitable for entertainment and walks through cypress groves.



Kotor is situated in a cozy bay. The beaches are pebbly, the hotels are mostly 4 stars with reasonable prices. Old Town of Kotor is on UNESCO World Heritage List. Its appearance is influenced by Roman, Italian, Venetian and other cultures. The port is heavily used, due to which the water is turbid. Interesting places in the area are the open-air museum of Perast and the fortress of St. John.



Located in the Boka Kotorska bay. From here to Herceg Novi is about 6 km. The main beach is concrete, but the more comfortable part of the coast can be reached on foot in 20 minutes. There are few hotels, most often there are rentals in the private sector. The architecture of the city was influenced by different countries and their peculiarities. Old churches are the main attractions, and they are quite different from each other.



Better known as a suburb of Herceg Novi. Suitable for family or leisure time. The water is characterized by particular transparency. Fish restaurants are found at every step. The beaches are covered with fine pebbles. Entrance is free, but you have to pay for a chair or umbrella. Working center for sports and fishing, where you can find something to your liking. Attractions – the ruins of the fortress Kulina and the church of St. Nicholas.



The town became popular because of the large park attached to the royal residence. Later it grew into a resort, and it is only 6 km away from Budva. The beach is small – about 200 meters, covered with pebbles. In the restaurants are dominated by local cuisine. Places of interest: Botanical Garden, Praskvica Monastery, founded in the XVII century, several churches of different periods of construction.


Przno .

Originally it was a fishing village. After the construction of the royal residence the resort began to develop. There are no special frills, but everything you need is present. Prices are slightly higher than in nearby towns. The beaches are covered with fine pebbles or coarse sand. The season is long, there are some days when cold currents prevent swimming. In the area there are ruins of forts, monasteries and parks.



Risan is situated at the foot of the mountain on the shore of the Bay of Kotor. There is only one hotel in the town, but there are villas for rent. The life in the town runs slowly, so there is practically no entertainment infrastructure. On the beach is an old castle, which is available for inspection. Another architectural attraction is the Roman courts, a complex of buildings. The products in the restaurants and stores for the most part are locally produced.



The history of the city is related to the navigation: it stood guard over the other settlements, closing the passage to them. There is nowhere for it to expand, as the cliffs come close to the shore, so the territory of Perast includes two nearby islands. You can get to them as part of a guided tour or on a private boat. There are not many accommodation options. There are a few small restaurants.



The most famous Montenegrin health resort. You can walk to Herceg Novi from here along the promenade. The sanatorium treatment covers a wide range of diseases, including skin and joint problems. Muds from Igalka and coniferous air help to recover. Along with small pensions on the coast, modern spa centers have been built. The beaches have different surfaces, from concrete to sand and pebbles.


The best ski resorts in Montenegro

The main places for winter holidays in the mountains of Montenegro

Zabljak ski resort

Established within the Durmitor National Park at an altitude of 1,465 meters. The landscape of Zabljak can be compared with the Swiss Alps. Service here is also up to the level of the best resorts in Europe. The thickness of the snow layer is 40 cm, which along with the large drops provides comfortable skiing. In total, there are 12 tracks on the three slopes, their total length is 11 km. The hotels have 2 to 4 stars.

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Kolasin ski resort

Kolasin is 8.5 kilometers away from here. The resort was built on the slopes of Biogradska Gora back in the days of socialist Yugoslavia. However, in 2008, it received a new impetus to the development, it was modernized and expanded. The central part of the complex is located at an altitude of 1450 meters. There are 16 slopes of total length of 15 km. There is a slope for snowboarding. There are gyms, a swimming pool, an ice rink.

10 Best resorts in Montenegro – Rating 2021

Updated: 05.11.2021 The small Balkan country of Montenegro is rich in wonderful places for vacation. Here you can enjoy a beach holiday on the Adriatic Sea, visit historical sites, relax surrounded by the magnificent local vegetation or rocky mountains.

Photo: Pixabay.com

Montenegro is good to vacation all year round. The uniqueness of this country is that for its small size, it is located in three climatic zones. Therefore, the optimum time for a holiday at the resorts of Montenegro is different.

Part of the country, washed by the Adriatic Sea, has a Mediterranean climate. Here the beach season lasts from May to October. It should be noted that in the towns located on the shores of the Bay of Kotor the water gets warmer, so bathe here begin earlier. At the end of October begins to rain, so from November to April a holiday at the seaside resorts of Montenegro is not relevant.

From early December to late March begins the tourist season in the north. You can enjoy your holidays at ski resorts. There is a well-developed infrastructure, many small restaurants and cafes, held recreational activities, there are schools for skiing and snowboarding.

And you can enjoy the cultural and historical sights of Montenegro at any time of year. But it is worth noting that from September to April there is quite a lot of rainfall.

We present the rating of Montenegro resorts 2021. The top 10 vacation spots were selected by our experts based on reviews and ratings of tourists.

10 Zabljak (ski resort)

Opens the rating a small ski resort Zabljak, located in the north of the country. The town is considered the center of mountain tourism in Montenegro.

Zabljak stands in the center of the Durmidor mountain range. On the whole European continent this is the highest settlement (about fifteen hundred meters above sea level). These places are ideal for skiing. Here are very beautiful landscapes, in the vicinity of the town spread 18 glacial lakes, there are also relict forests and pine forests.

The resort is ideal for fans of outdoor activities. Moreover, there is something to do all year round. In winter tourists are offered snowboarding and mountain skiing. In summer, too, there is a lot of entertainment – walks on mountain slopes on foot, on bikes or horses, rafting on the mountain rivers, paraglider flights. And for those who want to see the snow, even in summer, there is a track called Debeli Namet, where the snow cover stays all year round.

Resort infrastructure in Zabljak is rather well-developed. There are skiing equipment rentals, professional instructors and a lot of lifeguards watch over tourists’ safety. Service for tourists is organized according to European standards. However, the cost of recreation compared to European ski resorts is significantly lower.

9 Sveti Stefan

On the ninth place among the best resorts in Montenegro is Sveti Stefan. This is a small village in the middle of the Budva Riviera, located on the Adriatic Sea.

Sveti Stefan consists of two parts: the mainland and the island. They are connected to each other by a natural isthmus, which was formed as a result of the layers of gravel. The mainland is rich in greenery, especially olive trees. The scenery in the area is very attractive – the sea and the rocks. The water and the coast are clean.

The land adjacent to the island has a well-developed tourist infrastructure. There are shopping centers, cafes, restaurants, playgrounds and observation points overlooking the island. There is also a famous park (botanical garden) Milocer nearby. It can be reached on foot. Holidays on the island is a great pleasure, which only very wealthy tourists can afford. It also has everything you need for a quality holiday, plus there is an opportunity for privacy – the island is open only to residents of the hotel.

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The village essentially has one beach, but the isthmus divides it into two parts. The section to the right of the island is free only for hotel guests, and for others it is paid. The left part of the beach is much longer, it is municipal. The beach has a mixed surface of sand, shells and pebbles. Both beaches are equipped with showers, toilets and changing rooms.

Moreover, on the outskirts of the village, behind the rocks, there are a few small secluded beaches, including nudist beaches. Some of them are comfortable – with sun loungers. There is also a paid campsite near the village.

8 Petrovac

On the eighth place in the ranking is Petrovac, located 17 kilometers from the city of Budva. It is a cultural and administrative center that has, a cinema, a library, a post office, an art gallery and a medical center.

Petrovac is a very picturesque place. It is located in a bay in the shape of a horseshoe. The beach is sandy and has a reddish tint, it is not very big – about 600 meters long. Around the city are scattered olive and pine groves, so the local air is especially clean and curative. There are also many other southern plants. The microclimate is very mild.

Tourist infrastructure is well developed. The beach is equipped with showers, changing rooms and toilets, you can rent chairs with umbrellas, kayaks and catamarans. There are many hotels, restaurants, cafes, bars and souvenir stores. There is a playground for children. It is worth noting that at night everything is quiet here, holidaymakers have the opportunity to sleep in silence. Therefore, Petrovac is most popular as a place for family holidays with children. For tourists in addition to beach holidays will be interesting excursions to the islands of St. Week and Katic, as well as a visit to the Venetian fortress “Castello”.

7 Becici

The seventh place in the ranking is Becici, a resort village located in the municipality of Budva. It is a modern tourist center on the Adriatic Sea, which is completely tourist-oriented.

The village is known for its long beach, which is 1,950 meters long and 70 meters wide. The coast here is golden sand and at the bottom there are fine pebbles. Therefore, the sea in this area is clean and clear. The entrance to the water is shallow, suitable for recreation with children.

The beach in Becici is well-equipped with sun loungers and umbrellas, changing rooms and toilets. On the west side there are rental facilities for scooters, catamarans and water skis. Guests can also play beach volleyball, basketball and tennis. It is a municipal beach, which means it is free.

Along the coastline there are many restaurants, bars and cafes. Tourists are offered a wide range of accommodations from hotels of socialist type to modern hotels that meet European standards, it is also possible to rent a private villa. Guests of the village can take a boat trip. Popular among tourists excursions to the island of St. Nicholas.

6 Bar

On the sixth place of the rating is the city of Bar, located in the southern part of Montenegro between the Adriatic Sea and Lake Skadar. It is the largest seaport in the country and the administrative center of the Bar Riviera.

Bar is one of the sunniest cities in Europe – there are more than 270 sunny days a year. This city is full of greenery, with many orchards and olive groves. Bar Riviera is rich with a variety of beaches. There are long and wide landscaped beaches and small secluded areas where you can enjoy nature, untouched civilization. There are also many bays and lagoons, allowing tourists to choose a vacation to their liking.

The most popular is the central beach Topolitsa, located in the center of Bar. The coastline is pebbly and is about a kilometer long. The beach is fully equipped for comfortable rest – there are deck chairs, umbrellas, showers, locker rooms, toilets and shops. Although locals rarely swim here because of the proximity to the port.

In the northern part of the bar there is also a landscaped Royal Beach. It is not very big – about 150 meters. Nearby there is a large tennis club. On the territory there are interesting attractions for adults and children.

There is also Red beach with sand and pebbles. However, there are also rocky areas. It is called so because of the red sand.

The beach Zukotrlitsa is popular among tourists. It is spacious and roomy, consisting of coarse and fine pebbles. In the vicinity is a pine forest, saturating the air with useful substances.

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5 Kotor

In fifth place is the city of Kotor, located on the shore of the Bay of Kotor on the Adriatic Sea. It is known for its fortress walls, narrow streets paved with marble slabs, churches and palaces of the nobility. The unique look of the town was given by the Venetians, who had possessed it for 400 years. The old part of Kotor is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

In addition to the historical sites, tourists are attracted to rest on the local beaches. There are two types of beaches: small pebble areas or concrete piers, reaching into the sea, equipped with stairs for entering the water.

There is the well-organized city beach near the ferry pier. Here the guests are offered to rent beach equipment, cafes and shopping stalls. However, the water on this beach is not very clean. Therefore, many tourists go to the beach of Dobrota which is 15 minutes walk from Kotor and has everything you need for a comfortable beach holiday – sun loungers, umbrellas, showers, toilets, playgrounds, cafes and bars.

4 Ulcinj

The fourth place is occupied by the city of Ulcinj. It is located near the border with Albania. This is the southernmost city in the country, there are 217 sunny days a year.

The beaches of Ulcinj are very popular among tourists. The length of the coastline here is more than 30 km, and the sea is the warmest in Montenegro. There are no factories around the city for 100 km, so the place is very environmentally friendly. The most popular is the Big Beach, 13 km long, which ends with the famous nudist rookery. All necessary facilities for recreation are available here. Guests also like the Small beach, which is about 600 meters long. There is a beautiful view of the Old Town, and the sandy coast has curative properties, due to the increased natural radioactive background. In the mountainous part of the city there is a beach Valdanos and 18 beautiful bays.

For tourist accommodation in Ulcinj mainly offer guest houses and private hotels, there are few upscale hotels or tourist complexes. The city itself is divided into four parts: Liman, the central part, the Old Town and the Business District. For fans of a quiet, measured recreation will suit Liman. There are not many tourists and can choose from private hotels or villas. The sea in this area is very clean. In the center of a very dense building and a wide variety of options for accommodation. The advantage of living here is that all the tourist attractions are within walking distance.

The old town is full of architectural sights. The area is surrounded by medieval fortifications, and tourists love to stroll in these places. There you can visit the city’s Historical Museum, Palazzo Venezia, Balšić Palace, the Oriental Bazaar, and many other sites. Accommodation in this area will cost tourists considerably more. Guests do not usually stay in the Business district, as it is far from the tourist infrastructure.

3 Herceg Novi

The top three opens the greenest city in Montenegro in the southern part – Herceg Novi. It is called the “botanical garden of the country” because of the abundance of diverse vegetation and relict trees.

This resort has curative air and clean sea. Beaches in the city are small pebble or concrete. However, you can get to a good sandy beach by boat. There is a diverse underwater world, as well as several famous shipwrecks, so it will be interesting to divers here. There are many diving schools in the city.

In Herceg Novi there is also the old town, rich in architectural sights: fortresses, bastions, churches and springs. Also it is interesting to visit the Park with a lot of plants, Local history museum or Art gallery.

Of particular interest is the center of spa treatment Igalo. It is known throughout the world, as it treats a huge number of diseases. Igalo is situated 7 kilometers from Herceg Novi and has a very developed infrastructure – from budget pensions to luxurious spa complexes.

2 Tivat

In second place is Tivat, located on the peninsula Vrmac on the Bay of Kotor. Here is the main airport of Montenegro. This is a modern city, which does not have a lot of historical sights. However, the convenient location and a large number of comfortable beaches makes it very popular among tourists. A few years ago here opened a modern marina – a place for the mooring of luxury yachts.

There are 17 city and hotel beaches around the city. There are also separate small bays with developed tourist infrastructure. The most beautiful in Tivat Riviera and one of the best in Montenegro is considered to be Plavi Horizonti beach. Its length is short – about 300 meters. There are very soft sand with curative properties, shallow sea and pine forests and olive groves in the region. The beach of Opatovo is 3 km away from the center. It is well arranged for beach recreation and a lighthouse, which divides the beach into two parts, gives an interesting view to this place. There is also a picturesque and comparatively long (1,7 km) sandy beach at Selyanovo cape. There is a parking lot, pier, cafes, bars and restaurants. There are also many other nice beaches in Tivat area. Most of them are sandy, but you can also find a pebble beach, such as Krasici.

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In addition to the beach recreation in the city, you can also visit the local islands of Flowers, St. Mark and the merciful Virgin. For this, guests are offered to rent a sailboat or boat. Tivat is one of the largest rental centers for these modes of transport in the Mediterranean. There are also bike rental stations. In terms of accommodation in the city are a lot of options, from five-star hotels to budget apartments or even rooms in the private sector.

1 Budva

The leader among the best resorts in Montenegro is Budva, which is known not only for its beaches, but also for nightclubs and Mediterranean architecture. The city is rightly considered the most important tourist center of Montenegro. It is very interesting for the youth, families with children and the elderly.

Budva is surrounded by beaches, their total length is more than 10 km. And both the beach and the sea are very clean. Some of them have been awarded the Blue Flag mark (a pan-European standard for the quality of beaches). There are 6 beaches directly in the town and the rest are in the suburbs, which can be reached by bus or cab, and some by sea.

The most popular and spacious central beach is Slavyansky. Here perfectly developed infrastructure – sunbeds, showers, changing rooms, children’s playgrounds, water slides, sports equipment rental – there is everything you need for a comfortable holiday. The coast is pebbly and fine. On this beach is always crowded and noisy, so fans of a quieter holiday is more suitable “Guvantse. It too is well-equipped, but the people here are less. The coast is sandy, the entrance to the sea is gentle. A very picturesque beach, which has more than once received the “Blue Flag” is “Morgen. Coverage of the coast here is pebbly, sand can be found in some places. The beach area is divided into two parts by a high rock, the sea is very clean and clear. But it should be noted that the depth here rises sharply enough, so for the rest with the kids is better to opt for another beach, fortunately, the choice of places for recreation here is very large.

Lovers of historical sites will be interesting to look at the Old Town, located in the center of Budva. The most notable here are the seaside fortress wall and ancient churches. Near the old town and on the seafront there are many pubs and restaurants with a buzzing night life. There are two major nightclubs, Top Hill and Trocadero, which are very popular. For an interesting holiday with children there are slides, playgrounds and water park, one of the biggest on the Adriatic coast. Also in Budva a wide range of tours of Montenegro. Many tours around the country begin in this city.

Rest in Montenegro is considered budget and environmentally friendly. But you can rest here in a big way. The most prestigious and expensive resort is Sveti Stefan. Hollywood stars love to rest here, and the city is built with high-class fashionable hotels with service by European standards.

Herceg Novi is perfect for a family or wellness holiday. There are wonderful landscapes and a good choice of boarding houses. Also for families perfect is Ulcinj, which is famous for its budget hotels and plenty of sunshine, and Petrovac, where it’s quiet and peaceful after midnight.

Well, the Budva Riviera is rich in entertainment for all tastes. There is an impressive architecture, numerous sandy beaches and active nightlife. Anyone can find a vacation to his liking in these places.

For Russian tourists Montenegro has opened its borders. Its resorts are the perfect place for the restoration of health and sanity after the pandemic of 2020. Therefore, planning your vacation, you can safely consider the options of recreation on the Adriatic coast, among the olive groves and pine forests.

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