10 best kinds of tourism for traveling in Mexico

Holidays in Mexico: 14 ideas for adventure tourism

If you’re a brave person, you’ll probably want to climb the snowy peak of the continent’s largest mountain, go to a deep canyon full of birds, go rafting or rock climbing. Or maybe you are more interested in strolling along the migration sites of butterflies or visiting the beaches where turtles come to spawn? TopCrop.ru tells about the most interesting places in Mexico.

Chivawa Copper Canyon

Chivawa Canyon in Mexico

Enjoy stunning views from the windows of one of Mexico’s last remaining passenger trains as it winds along the edge of the deep Copper Canyon, four times the size of Arizona’s Grand Canyon. Stop in Divisadero for a zip-line ride at the Copper Canyon Adventure Park (Parque de Aventuras Barrancas del Cobre), then hike the specially paved trails on horseback or discover the steep canyon slopes on a mountain bike. Visit Lake Arareco, near which there is a special camping area, or the Baceaki and Cusarare waterfalls. Those who are willing to descend 1,370 km and then climb back up can take a tour of the sheer cliffs of Sinforosa.

Millions of butterflies and Lake Zirahuen in Michoacán

Monarch butterflies in Mexico

You can’t claim to know this planet if you’ve never seen the millions of monarch butterflies that congregate in Ocampo and Anganguero. The picture is downright phenomenal, with butterflies forming an orange and black sea!

Lake Zirahuen

Go for a horseback ride along the Don Vasco trail, which was laid out by the Franciscan monarch, the first bishop of Michoacán, back in the 16th century, along remote lakes and waterfalls. Once you reach Lake Zirahuen, hop on a kayak or pedal boat to enjoy its vastness.

Primeval jungle in Chiapas

Red macaw

In UNESCO World Heritage-listed Arco del Tiempo National Park, you can hike through canyons 45 meters deep or go rafting on the Rio La Venta River before camping in the jungle of Lacandond (Selva Lacandond). In the Indian settlements, you can learn about how people have been living surrounded by wild and beautiful nature for centuries. Don’t forget to look up to the sky: the most colorful birds in the country, like the red macaw, are found here.

The most remote hotels in the world

Walking on the Gulf of California

A whale in Mexico

In the waves of the Gulf of California, you can watch magical whales and other underwater life from the water. You can do sea kayaking or other extreme sports here. The Gulf’s unique coastal ecosystems and 244 islands and small islands were declared a National Natural Heritage Site in 2005.

A world in pink in the Yucatan

Pink Flamingos in Mexico

Discover Chichen Itza, all the grandeur of its ancient civilization. You don’t have to wear rose-colored glasses to see the world in a pink light in Mexico: just see the flamingos on the Celestun River and at the mangrove estuary of the Ria Lagartos. Dive into a thousand incredible cenotes, deep natural sinkholes with crystal-clear water, to swim with colorful fish or snorkel with a mask. Yucatan has unique caves and dungeons that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

The highest peak in Veracruz

Volcano in Mexico

Orisaba Peak is the highest volcano in Mexico (5,700 meters high) and the third highest in North America. To discover even more of Veracruz’s mountain scenery, descend into the country’s deepest caves or along dizzying canyons, rope to dizzying waterfalls. Then kayak or raft down the Pescados, Actopan and Filobobos rivers. Follow breathtaking trails to capture rare endemic birds.

Caves and Waterfalls in San Luis Potosi

Swallow's Cave

After a canoe trip to Tamul Falls, go rafting in the turquoise waters of the Tampaon River. The Mickos Cascades, with its seven waterfalls, is the perfect place to kayak and jump off the falls. There is also Puente de Dios, a picturesque spring that has created a natural rocky cave in which the sunlight plays beautifully. Thousands of white-breasted swifts can be seen in Swallow’s Cave, which can hold New York’s Statue of Liberty, and the ancient towns of Real de Catorce, where silver used to be mined, and Shilitla, founded by Augustinians, never cease to amaze.

Alpine ski resorts in Italy

The unspoiled nature of Quintana Roo

Whale shark

Quintana Roo’s enchanting coastline and mangrove forests are more than their wild inhabitants. Swim with whale sharks on Olbos Island, an unparalleled meditation spot, or frolic with other marine life, thousands of which you’ll encounter as you kayak, snorkel or scuba dive. Then return to land and watch flamingo chicks at sunset on Pajaros Island (“bird island”).

All-in-One in Valle de Bravo

Valle de Bravo

The Valley (Mexico State), as the locals call it for short, will please any tourist: whether you’re an adventurer, a foodie, or someone who prefers to do nothing at all on vacation. Here you can walk, paraglide, go horseback riding or bird watching, and then go to the lake and do water sports, sail a boat, or just relax. Take a tour to see thousands of monarch butterflies. On the way back to the town, which still retains the atmosphere of old Mexico, you will find restaurants, hotels, colorful markets and barbecue areas.

Active Waters in Oaxaca

Turtles in Mexico

Gliding on the waves at Zicatela Beach in Puerto Escondido is best at sunrise, after which you can relax and sample local seafood. Nearby, on the small beach of Mazunta, you can see protected turtles, or stay at the Laguna Chivava campground surrounded by nature. You can also go to Huatulco, a prestigious eco-tourism center, which has been awarded the EarthCheck gold certificate for respecting the environment.

Nuevo León: for lovers of heights

The Rocks in Mexico

Cumbres de Monterrey National Park, one of the best places in Mexico for climbing, is a protected area located along the Sierra Madre Oriental mountain system. Climb up to 560 meters along the gray limestone faces of Potrero Chico, one of the best rock climbing spots on earth. Here you can rappel 27 meters down from Matacanes Canyon or fly in a freefall on a 12-meter bungee cord. Don’t miss the scenic Chiptin Falls.

Hamburg: Worth seeing and seeing

Jalisco’s pristine coastline

Beach in Mexico

Take a trip to Costalegre. It’s a chain of beaches where you can dive, snorkel and fish, or just relax in the midst of beautiful scenery. Hop on a horse or bike and hike through tropical fruit plantations and jungles, from Barra de Navidad to Pujrto Vajarta. Discover wild beaches, coves and river mouths full of birds. Visit Lake Chapal, Mexico’s largest lake.

Ancient Mayan adventure.

Cozumel Island

Mexico’s third largest island, Cosumel is surrounded by coral reefs that are part of the Mesoamerican Barrier Reef ecosystem, the second largest in the world. The secrets of the universe are hidden in the remains of ancient Mayan cities, which have been visited by thousands of expeditions. To see sea cows, fighting tapirs and the elusive sacred jaguar, go on a dive safari.

Rural Mexico in Queretaro

Sierra Gorda in Mexico

Take a hike along ancient roads that have seen Franciscan missionaries and pre-Hispanic civilizations in the Sierra Gorda region. Take a mountain bike and ride the mountain trails until you see panoramic views of the sky merging with the land. Then take a course to Peña de Barnal, one of the highest monolithic cliffs in the world, where you can rappel down or alternatively climb 274 meters – up a 10 million year old rock.

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