10 best islands in Spain

Spain’s 15 Best Islands

The islands of Spain are an interesting tourist destination that combines several vacation destinations. The rich history and flavor are combined with the resort component. Since the country of bullfighting and flamenco consists of several regions with different cultural baggage, the sights here are for every taste.

Some islands are quite close to the mainland, so the impact on their development is corresponding. Others are adjacent to the African coast and have developed, among other things, under the influence of traditions that are alien to the European. As a result, the world has received an amazing combination – special zones of comfort and diversity, simultaneously moving with the times in terms of infrastructure and not forgetting their origins.

Spain’s main resort islands for vacation and tourism


Located in the Mediterranean Sea. It is part of the Balearic archipelago. The area is more than 3,640 km². The resorts are Santa Ponsa, Camp de Mar, Palmanova, Illetas and others. They vary in elitism, but all have well-developed infrastructure. There are more than two hundred beaches. One of the largest and most landscaped is Playa de Palma. On the northern coast there are many places for diving. The national local dish – coca – its own kind of pizza.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean. The largest island in the Canary archipelago. Its area is more than 2034 km². It offers diverse resorts: Puerto de la Cruz for family vacations, Costa Adeje for big and cheerful groups, Playa de la Arena for those who want to improve their health, etc. Attractions: Loro Parque – a multipurpose zoo, marine world and botanical garden, national park Teide, the Pyramids of Guimar.


Gran Canaria

Located in the Atlantic Ocean. It is part of the Canary Islands. The area exceeds 1,560 sq. km. Nearly half of the area is protected and protected areas. There are resorts: Bahía Feliz, Puerto de Mogán, Puerto Rico, and others. Entertainments: diving in the Yellow Submarine, visiting Palmitos Park, where a thousand and a half exotic birds live. Museums: Columbus House, Museum of Nestor the Modernist painter, Contemporary Art Center.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean. Second largest of the Canary Islands. The area exceeds 1,659 km². Its resorts are Caleta del Fustes, Costa Calma, Playa Matorral, etc. Tourist infrastructure is not developed everywhere. More suitable for a quiet holiday. A few dozen beaches. The largest – Sotavento thirty kilometers. Attractions: the cave Cueva del Llano, La Oliva village, Betancuria Museum and others.

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Lanzarote .

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is part of the Canary archipelago. Its area is more than 845 km². Its resorts include Puerto del Carmen. Costa Teguise, Costa Teguise. The best beaches are in Papagayo Bay. Places of interest: the Timanfaya Park, where there are volcanoes that have influenced the formation of the modern appearance and relief of the island, the Castillo de San José, a fortress-like building from the 18th century, the Cactus Garden, and more.



It is located in the Mediterranean Sea, part of the Balearic archipelago. Its area exceeds 571 km². Numerous clubs, a place of entertainment for young people, have made its name. Large discos are held where DJs play electronic music. Resorts: Sant Antoni, Playa de Bossa, Talamanca, etc. The beaches are about 18 km long. A nudist beach – Aigues Blanques. Places of interest: Old town, market Las Dalias, club Mambo, etc.



Menorca is a beautiful island lying in the Mediterranean Sea and belongs to the Balearic Islands. Its area exceeds 694 km². It is a biosphere reserve. There are about 120 beaches, the most popular are Caja Anna and Son Bó. Resorts: Cala en Porte, Santa Galdana bay and others. Sightseeings: Santa Agueda castle, caves near the village of Cales Coves, stone structures of various forms. The national local product is queso maon cheese.


The palm

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, it is a part of the Canary archipelago. Its area exceeds 708 km². Due to the volcanic range Cumbre Vieja, the island is divided into two sections with a different climate. The most popular resort is Puerto Naos and the most visited beach is Charco Verde. Attractions: Dali Street, the Church of the Holy Light of the 16th century, the National Park, Los Tilos – Biosphere Reserve.



Formentera is located in the Mediterranean Sea. It belongs to one of the Pitius Islands. The area exceeds 83 km². Popular beaches: Playa de Miguern, Cala Saona, Playa Llewana. Nudists are allowed on any public beach. Also a must-see: art galleries, wine farms, chapels and churches from different centuries, an Arab architectural complex, the lagoon of Estany des Peix.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean, is part of the Canary archipelago. The area exceeds 369 sq. km. Popular resorts: Valle Gran Rey and Playa de Santiago. Other places of interest are the Garahonaia National Park, the Torre del Conde, a Gothic tower, Los Organos, basalt columns, which resemble organ pipes, etc. The peculiarity of the island is the “Homeric whistle,” a shepherd’s language that allows you to speak over long distances.

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Located in the Atlantic Ocean, belongs to the Canary archipelago. The area exceeds 29 km². There are no full resort complexes, but there are a few pensions. There are only two settlements: Caleta del Sebo and a small Pedro Barba. Nature is the only attraction of the area. The cuisine consists mainly of dishes with seafood.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean, the westernmost in the Canary archipelago. Covering an area of more than 268 km². It is a biosphere reserve. The island features natural basins like Charco Azul and Charco Manso. Widespread vineyards: varieties are unique in their own way, as they have adapted to the volcanic type of soil. Attractions: “Club Punta Grande” – the smallest hotel in the world, a Baroque church, juniper forests.


Cabrera .

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, belongs to the islands of the Balearic archipelago. The area exceeds 11 km². It is part of the Cabrera National Park. The castle of the same name is the main attraction. Port – the only equipped with the latest technology place on the island. The only entertainment – hiking through the picturesque corners. There are ruins of old buildings.



Located in the Atlantic Ocean, belongs to the territory of the Canary archipelago. The area exceeds 4 km². There is no permanent population. As a tourist destination opened since 1982, is part of the national reserve. Has a unique set of plant species growing here. Walking paths are well visible, it is impossible to get lost. Working lighthouse and restaurant.


Islands Sies

Located opposite the coast of Pontevedra. The archipelago includes Monte Agudo, Faro and San Martiño. Are both a nature reserve and part of a national park. There is a limit on the number of tourists per day. There is a restaurant, an equipped area for camping, has its own store. The most popular beach is Rodas. Many natural attractions.

10 Spanish islands for a great beach holiday

Made for you a hot selection of the best Spanish islands. Told you what to do, attached an enticing photo and a link to my complete guide to each island. Get inspired, add to your bookmarks for the future.

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Spanish Beach

A beach vacation in Spain isn’t just about the Mediterranean coast, it’s also about the many stunningly beautiful islands. In the Atlantic Ocean Spain is famous for the Canary Islands, in the Mediterranean Sea, tourists are attracted by the Balearic Islands.

Each island charms in its own way, and where in Spain to spend a perfect beach vacation, only you decide! Whether it is Formentera with its gorgeous beaches, Lanzarote with its unusual lunar landscapes or Ibiza with its crazy nightlife!

1. Formentera


Peace and quiet, crystal clear sea and magnificent sandy beaches, the cleanest air with a slight scent of pine trees and amazing sunsets – that’s what awaits you upon arrival in Formentera. Ancient Romans knew of this “Mediterranean paradise”, it was a pirate’s den in the 16th century and in the sixties of the 20th century it attracted hippies from all around. Of course there are no historical sites on Formentera, and only white-washed villages and old windmills are perfectly blended with the incredibly beautiful scenery of the island.

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2. Ibiza


Ibiza, a popular island among young people around the world, is located about 6 kilometers from Formentera. This island is known for its nightclubs and all kinds of entertainment. It is ideal for those who can’t imagine their life without dancing and are ready to party till dawn. Such an audience prefers to rest at the resorts of Cala Talamanca and Playa den Bosset. In Ibiza there are also places for family vacations, such as Sant Antoni and Portinach.

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3. Gomera

La Gomera

La Gomera

The Canary Island of La Gomera is an island for those who love the beauty of flora rather than entertainment. It is ideal for tourists who want to enjoy the beauty of unusual landscapes and unique black beaches. Here you can find pristine nature, laurel forests and emerald clear sea. The island has the Garahonai National Park. The locals are distinguished by the fact that they can whistle perfectly. The language is taught in school. A special language “Silbo”, was invented by them at a time when cell phones did not yet exist. Now the locals with their unique whistling entertains tourists.

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4. Mallorca


Mallorca is the largest of the Balearic Islands. It is especially interesting in terms of flora and fauna. Here you can see the emerald sea, which surrounds the snow-white beaches, quiet green bays and dense forests. The island is ideal for both traditional beach holidays and for fans of active water sports. In addition to windsurfing and diving, it is possible to do rock climbing.

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5. Menorca


The island of Menorca is often called the little sister of Mallorca. It is quieter and calmer here. It is a biosphere reserve because of the large number of wild forests. Minorca offers a diverse landscape with reddish sands fading easily into blooming meadows and rocky deserts. The islanders are painstakingly protective of its wilderness, so there are no tall, modern buildings and most of the houses, including the hotels, are painted white.

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6. Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria

Nature lovers call the Canary Island of Gran Canaria “a continent in miniature” for its diverse landscapes. The largest resort, Maspalomas, at the southern end of the island, with its golden coastline and mild climate, is ideal for a beach holiday. A truly spectacular sight in Gran Canaria is the strip of picturesque dunes that stretches along the oceanfront. It is fun to wander along it on foot or take a trip on camelback.

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7. Tenerife


Tenerife is a place where you won’t get bored. Tenerife is a volcanic island with a great tourist infrastructure, a comfortable climate all year round, an incredibly diverse nature and a large number of beautiful beaches. Tired of the bustling resorts, you can always go inland. Picturesque valleys, majestic mountain ranges, rainforests and rocky shores, on which the waves of the Atlantic Ocean, will not leave anyone indifferent. By the way, I live here!

Biarritz, France

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8. El Hierro

El Hierro

El Hierro.

A small Canary Island El Hierro is perfect for those who want to escape from the world. The island has not succumbed to globalization and has managed to keep its uniqueness. It provides itself entirely with energy from ecological and renewable sources – wind turbines and hydro turbines. Despite the fact that the coast of El Hierro is mostly precipitous, there are still places where you can swim. These are natural pools and small bays with volcanic sand and crystal clear water. Of all the Canary Islands, Hierro is the best for diving, which easily makes up for the lack of many sandy beaches.

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9. Lanzarote


Lanzarote is an island of fire-breathing mountains. Some people think it is gloomy and uninteresting, because numerous volcanic eruptions have covered its large part of frozen lava. But it is the impressive “lunar and Martian landscapes” that have become its main attraction.

The unique landscape of Lanzarote has repeatedly become the setting for sci-fi movies about lifeless planets. Nature lovers will not get bored and will want to see the multitude of volcanic peaks and colorful lava fields, explore the volcanic caves and of course, bask on the white or black beaches of this unusual island.

10. Fuerteventura


The best beaches in the Canary Islands with light and fine sand can be found on Fuerteventura. The beautiful coast with its clear water is ideal for relaxing beach holidays and romantic walks. And thanks to the gentle, but constantly blowing wind, Fuerteventura is also known all over the world as a windsurfing center.

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