10 best day trips outside London, UK

10 ideas of where to go from London for 1 day

Windsor Castle

London is undoubtedly always attractive. However, if you are bored in the capital and want to go to a neighboring city or any other tempting place, then we recommend to pay attention to the 10 popular locations that you can visit in one day presented by us.



The stone megalithic structure Stonehenge in Wiltshire is a UNESCO World Heritage Site about 130 km south-west of London. One of the world’s most famous archaeological sites costs around £53 per person, including admission fee (click here for details), and will take around 6 hours to reach it.



The city of Oxford has gained its fame through the oldest institution of higher learning in the English-speaking world and throughout Europe – Oxford University. Leading rankings of educational institutions of Great Britain call it the best in the country. In addition, it gave the world about 50 Nobel Prize winners. The city has many interesting places associated with the lives of great scientists, artists, politicians who studied at one of Oxford’s colleges, which is an hour away from the capital by train. Tickets for a bus tour with an audio guide in Russian and sightseeing start at 16 pounds. More information about it is available at the following link.


Cambridge. King

Cambridge, like Oxford, is one of the oldest university centers in Europe, existing for over 800 years and has produced 120 Nobel Prize winners. Since the Middle Ages, the city has had a regular geometric layout and architectural ensembles of colleges clustered around rectangular blocks. The Romanesque Round Church, the late 15th-century Gothic Chapel of King’s College, and other fascinating sites are all here. The journey from London by train takes just over an hour and the ticket costs £17.70 one way. We recommend taking a fascinating bus tour with an audio guide in Russian. The cost is from £16.50 per person. Follow the link to book your seats in advance.

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The city of Brighton is located in East Sussex, on the English Channel. It’s 80km from London by train. Beautiful beaches, amazing architecture and all sorts of entertainment centers attract a large number of tourists. The train, which departs from Victoria Station, takes 1 hour and 13 minutes to reach the place. A one-way ticket will cost about £30. It is much cheaper to take the bus: such a trip will cost £11.


Located west of London on the River Avon, Bath is the seat of the bishop. The city is the seat of the bishop, and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which attracts tourists. Since ancient times Bath has been known as a balneological health resort thanks to its healing springs (in fact, its name is translated from English as “bath”). The hot springs, which the city owes its existence to, were flowing even before the 60s of our era. There are 4 of them in total, and the average temperature is 46°C. A train ticket to Bath costs about 36 pounds one way. Travel time is 1.5 hours. It’s longer (almost 3 hours) by bus, but cheaper: it costs £14.

Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle

A residence of British monarchs – Windsor Castle – is located in Windsor, Berkshire. For more than 900 years the castle has been an unshakable symbol of the monarchy, perched on a hill in the valley of the River Thames. The Queen and other members of the noble family continue to spend much of their free time here. To this day the castle remains an important place for meetings and solemn visits of foreign heads of state. Its luxurious interiors are decorated with paintings of prominent statesmen and works of art from the royal collection. A one-way train ticket costs about 11 pounds and the trip lasts less than an hour. Follow this link for a bus tour of Windsor that includes a Russian-language audio guide and sightseeing. Cost is from £15 per person.

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Birmingham. Council House

Birmingham, England’s city of millions, is the second most populous city in the country after London. It is home to the Anglican Cathedral, built in 1710-1725. The city has many attractive attractions, such as St. Paul’s Church, the Birmingham Museum with its own art gallery, the Museum of Transport and Underwater World, as well as the jewelry art. The City Council building is crowned by the tall Big Brum clock tower. The best way to get to Birmingham is by train: tickets start from £14 and travel time is about 2 hours.



Situated on the River Avon Stratford-upon-Avon is 35km from Birmingham, famous as the birthplace of playwright William Shakespeare. Built in 1879 the Royal Shakespeare Theatre burned down in 1926 but a new building designed by Elizabeth Scott was erected on the same site and is still standing. The opening of the theater in 1932 was attended by Edward, the Prince of Wales. In addition to the Royal Theatre, there are two other theaters in Stratford, the Swan Theatre and the Waterside Theatre. It is advisable to go here by bus, as the trip is cheaper than by train (£12 and £55 respectively). Travel time is 2.5 hours.



The city of Liverpool is famous for the legendary Beatles and its soccer team. In the 1960s Liverpool became one of the most popular centers of youth culture. As for landmarks, there’s plenty of them. Heading the list is the architectural ensemble of administrative buildings of the Port of Liverpool, recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. Other famous sights include the town hall – a grand Victorian public building in neo-Greek style called St. George’s Hall, the Wellington Column – erected in memory of the English victory at Waterloo, the “Super Lamb Banana” – a sculpture in the form of a lamb styled as a banana, and many other interesting places. We recommend visiting The Beatles Story Museum, which is popular with tourists. Detailed information about its visit and tickets can be found here. The train trip to Liverpool will take more than 3 hours and tickets will cost from 25 to 40 pounds. As for the bus ride, it will take 6 hours, but will be much cheaper from £7 per person.

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A large cultural, industrial, financial, commercial and transport center of the country, Manchester was one of the hubs of the Industrial Revolution along with Birmingham, Liverpool and London. The Gothic cathedral of XV century and the stock exchange building, built in the classicism style in XIX century are worth your attention. Fans of fine arts can visit the Art Gallery, which possesses a rich collection of English art of the XVII-XIX centuries (read more in a special article). And soccer fans can walk around Old Trafford or Etihad Stadiums and possibly meet famous players. The train journey to Manchester lasts about 2 hours and ticket prices start from £24.

Thus, we have presented 10 of the most popular places to go for a day out of bustling London. To travel around the country in comfort, we suggest you use the service of renting a personal car at attractive prices. By car, exploring the outskirts of the capital will be much easier and more economical. And remember that the cost of all trips presented above depends on the month and day of the planned trip.

15 non-trivial places outside London to visit in the UK

In case you travel to the UK, you should not limit yourself to the impressions of all the well-known sights of London.

Here are 15 of the most beloved by tourists and locals attractions in the UK outside of gray London.


1. Beaches of Cleethorpes

The most popular place according to instagram users turned out to be one you probably haven’t even heard of. Cleethorpes is a typical small English resort town located in northeast Lincolnshire. Though not an obvious tourist destination, the tiny town of about 40,000 people captivates with its coastline and sunsets, and captivates photography enthusiasts with its antique-looking buildings by the sea.

2. Edinburgh Castle

It’s not so surprising to find Edinburgh Castle, a favorite tourist spot in Scotland’s capital, on this list. The castle itself graces its surroundings, towering right in the heart of Edinburgh and offering a magnificent view of the city from its height.

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3 The Giant’s Path – Causeway Coast, Northern Ireland

The Trail of the Giants is a natural monument consisting of more than 40,000 interconnected basalt columns, which were formed by an ancient volcanic eruption. This popular among travelers mesmerizing place is like opening a portal to the ancient world.

4. Durdle Dor – West Lulworth, Dorset, England

You may not have heard of this place, but you’ve probably seen photos of the famous stone archway towering over the beach. A perfect place to relax in the summer with a memorable view of the arch and the white cliffs in the distance.

5. Eilean Donan Castle – Highlands, Scotland

Another picturesque castle in the Scottish Highlands, standing at the junction of three lakes.

6. Arthur’s Throne.

This ancient volcano, sitting 251 meters above sea level, is just outside Edinburgh. It offers unparalleled views of the city.

7. Stonehenge – Wiltshire, England

Walk in the footsteps of your Neolithic ancestors. The most famous prehistoric monument on earth.

8. Blenheim Palace – Oxfordshire, England

This picturesque structure is part of the World Heritage Site as well as the birthplace of Winston Churchill.

9. Snowdonia – Wales

Snowdonia is the name of an entire region in north Wales that is home to a national park. The reserve was founded in 1951, and today a vintage steam locomotive still runs there, offering mesmerizing views of the mountains.

It is better to look for lodging in the surrounding area in advance. A separate buzz is that the prices of local hotels do not bite so much.

10. Loch Ness – Highlands, Scotland

Loch – as the lake is called in these parts – is known to be the home of the long green monster. But seriously, the shores and views alone are enough to make you fall in love with this place forever.

Chatsworth House – Derbyshire, London

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This amazing palace is surrounded by picturesque nature and inside has 120 rooms and houses a gallery.

12. Chester Zoo – Upton, Cheshire, England

Chester Zoo contains more than 21,000 rare and exotic animals, and the park has a total area of 51 hectares. In 2015, travel service TripAdvisor recommended it as the best zoo in the U.K. and seventh in the world ranking.

13. Dover White Cliffs – Kent, England

The Dover White Cliffs have long served as a symbol for sailors approaching the shores of England. And while white cliffs are not uncommon in the southeast of England, it is the Dover Cliffs that are the most popular. A favorite destination for many British residents and tourists, it is certainly one of the most memorable natural landmarks.

14. Lalworth Bay – Dorset, England

Part of UNESCO heritage, Lalworth Bay is an amazing place that amazes visitors with its panoramic views and crystal waters.

15. Dunnottar Castle – Stonhaven/Aberdeen, Scotland

One of the most romantic places in Scotland and a favorite place of Instagram users. Standing on a cliff overlooking the sea, this medieval castle is a photographer’s dream and a history lover’s paradise.

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